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Опубликовано: 7 сент. 2017 г. 7 689 883 просмотра

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  • PuppyPawsPlays
    PuppyPawsPlays 1 year ago Knock knock who’s there who who who what are you a bunch of owls?
  • Borjana Bogdanovic
    Borjana Bogdanovic 1 year ago funneh:I'm lying XD😆😆😆😆😝
  • Lulu Gamer
    Lulu Gamer 1 day ago 20:22 Joke: Knock Knock, Who's there?, I Love Doctor. I love Doctor who? YOU LOVE DOCTOR WHO?
  • Dennis Keane
    Dennis Keane 1 month ago Funneh said to the giant zombie “are you throwing up your blunch 😆
  • Lili Gonzalez
    Lili Gonzalez 5 days ago You mean lunch
  • Cynthia Ivana
    Cynthia Ivana 1 month ago funneh:brains brians cough cough me: did you say bruh or brians
  • Maleny Lora
    Maleny Lora 2 months ago Me: you could of just go through the door 😂 lol
  • Ramma Ali
    Ramma Ali 2 years ago Funneh you should do a challenge on roblox on a obby that you CANT go om ths levsl things ti respawn you will hust start from ths star all over again
  • Matilda Lassila
    Matilda Lassila 1 day ago Funneh: Draco be the Sacrifice Me: LOL LEL LUL XD xD Xd xd
  • Glimmer Sparkel
    Glimmer Sparkel 7 months ago Ariel Let It Go funny joke and never heard laughing so hard I can't even breathe
  • Caitlynn Hobday
    Caitlynn Hobday 1 year ago “He’s evil he put that cheese pizza slicer over my head”-Draco 😂😂
  • Manuel Almodovar
    Manuel Almodovar 8 months ago I said that
  • Maria Ramos
    Maria Ramos 1 day ago funneh: WERE ARE YOUR FACE
  • Cøffee
    Cøffee 2 years ago I WISH I MET YOUU
  • Cøffee
    Cøffee 2 years ago PLZ I'M A PELB PELB ME!!!
  • roblox fun
    roblox fun 1 year ago IM TREESUWAN
  • Tim Flier
    Tim Flier 1 year ago Me too
  • Mugcup the Cup or mug
    Mugcup the Cup or mug 1 year ago I messaged her in messager its Possible
  • Karla Oliveira
    Karla Oliveira 1 year ago I’m a pleb too
  • Harjen hiwa
    Harjen hiwa 1 year ago IM TREESUWAN dude Funneh draco lunar rainbow are in Canada
    HAITI HAITI 18 hours ago Hi I am name a DANA ok
    HAITI HAITI 18 hours ago Jojo yes ok good
  • Pascal Couti
    Pascal Couti 15 hours ago Zombie,s
  • Sophie Keenan
    Sophie Keenan 5 months ago Knock knock “who’s there” boo “boo hoo” why r u sad
  • melwardmooyer
    melwardmooyer 5 months ago I told someone that joke before
  • Jennifer Ramos
    Jennifer Ramos 4 months ago I told that a lot to people
  • Cassandra Aguilera
    Cassandra Aguilera 4 months ago U stole meh joke UwU
  • Wahid Mirzad
    Wahid Mirzad 1 year ago nook nook whos there? *coughs"
  • midnight karly
    midnight karly 9 months ago Draco cracks me up XD funneh u need to fix him from de big saw XD he just ran in to it I can’t stop laughing 😆
  • Regi Gonti
    Regi Gonti 10 months ago I just put all the gum i had on my house when the funniest moment comed
  • Kayla Jimenez
    Kayla Jimenez 2 years ago Knock knock (who's there )? cows go (cows go who )? no silly cows go Moo
  • Itz Kawaii Wolf playz
    Itz Kawaii Wolf playz 1 year ago Me: knock knock Funneh: who's there? Me: a potato Funneh: a potato who? Me: a potato with blue hair! Funneh!!
  • Jose Castaneda
    Jose Castaneda 2 weeks ago When they been at the level when the show California has a zipline virus I think Jack has a kimono virus pictures
  • Melanie Rafferty
    Melanie Rafferty 2 months ago Why did the cow get popcorn Cause he was gonna watch a moooovie
  • xX_Nitro Phizz_Xx
    xX_Nitro Phizz_Xx 2 months ago I get it _XD
  • EAP706
    EAP706 2 months ago Lol
  • rui tavares
    rui tavares 1 month ago Lol
  • John Carlo Alivio
    John Carlo Alivio 9 months ago funny i goudbsomthing in there its a secret when you go back on the vent there us a secret door in it and you found a bage i cant talk rn but go back plssss😱💖😊