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Скачать с ютуб TOP 33 BEST DIY TOOLS and IDEAS 2017-2018

Опубликовано: 28 нояб. 2018 г. 3 496 680 просмотров

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Welcome to my channel Mr Novruz where you will learn how to make hand made crafts, presents, toys,life hack, The main thing is that one can make it at home and with one's own hands

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  • Mr Novruz
    Mr Novruz 1 year ago Hi Guys!
  • Xinix Xagnix
    Xinix Xagnix 1 year ago Thnx 4 your inspirations Mr.N :D
  • Tiffany Hackerspace, LVL1 Sec'y
    Tiffany Hackerspace, LVL1 Sec'y 1 year ago Soooo, are you the metalstuffs creator in the video??? If yes: GAWT DANG, you are a clever man, sir!!!
  • 고미
    고미 1 year ago Mr Novruz ㅊㅑㅑ
  • Sergey Konovalov
    Sergey Konovalov 1 year ago @고미 О ВЕЛИКИЙ РУКОЖОП !!!
    LibertaMENTE com LEANDRO MOTTA 1 year ago Saudações muito bacana seu vídeo e o conteúdo do seu canal. No meu Canal aqui no YouTube, eu ensino HIPNOSE CLÍNICA gratutitamente, os vídeos estão na Playlist:
  • Sora d29
    Sora d29 10 months ago Hi
  • 上杉博
    上杉博 7 months ago Tiffany Hackerspace p
  • charles patton
    charles patton 4 months ago thought i could learn something here, oh, i did learn the music sucks. nobody explaining anything. doing good work though. just wish i knew what the steps were. OH, NOT EVERYONE IS A WELDER. how does any of this video teach anyone anything????
  • charles debono
    charles debono 4 months ago 5
  • charles debono
    charles debono 4 months ago I’I’ve has always had fun
  • Stephen Kelly
    Stephen Kelly 4 months ago @charles patton You obviously have no skills of your own the man shows you all the relevant steps using very simple tools and a small welder all you have to do is make your own measurements up to fit the size you would like the project to be if you had a brain. I bet your american.
  • Carlos Alberto Andrade
    Carlos Alberto Andrade 1 week ago gostei muito do vidio
  • Soran Darin
    Soran Darin 9 months ago One of the primary inventor is Mr Newroz every one can laern from His skills of making Tools. Great Respect to your efforts and your Works.
  • Виталий Александрович
    Виталий Александрович 1 month ago сука
  • Tiffany Hackerspace, LVL1 Sec'y
    Tiffany Hackerspace, LVL1 Sec'y 1 year ago It was worth watching this whole video just to learn how to tighten a hose with wire and a screwdriver!!! You, sir, are a BRILLIANT man!! :-)
  • Ninjabdou
    Ninjabdou 7 months ago It's better to leave the sound of the tools than adding music
  • Феликс Синица
    Феликс Синица 1 year ago (edited) 8:46 лайк, у кого в гараже (кладовке) такой же угольник! И вообще это станок для изготовления кочерги. На кочергах можно заработать миллионы!
  • D3 bunker
    D3 bunker 1 year ago Give a arc reactor for this man
  • agg man
    agg man 1 year ago Perfect tools! Thanks!
  • John Stgermain
    John Stgermain 10 months ago (edited) Lol fell a sleep when watching this then at 1:32sound it like I had a message on my phone or someone calling me lol
    JULIAN SANBY 9 months ago Amazing how you can turn what seems like useless old scrap into tools and gadgets with a bit of imagination. Superb tool use, most people couldn't do this if they had a fully equipped workshop!
  • Da ve
    Da ve 1 week ago But most of the tools he's copied and made his own, saves him cash but does it cud be cheaper to buy the tool 😆
  • Manabozo
    Manabozo 4 months ago The everyday life of a millwright.
  • Johnny B Yacono
    Johnny B Yacono 7 months ago and I thought I was the smartest. Great video
  • Hassan Al-Mosawi
    Hassan Al-Mosawi 1 year ago Thanks for showing and sharing that
  • Virgil Owen
    Virgil Owen 1 year ago Came upon this by accident. Once I started watching it well I was behind by a little over an hour and a half for the rest of the day. Great video.
  • Gavin H
    Gavin H 1 year ago (edited) crack head wearing gloves around a drill press and a bench grinder....50% of the credibility went right out the,get those gloves closer to that drill bit and add that one to another brilliant idea
  • 김경택
    김경택 7 months ago Use scrap metal. You're recommending a great industrial engineer! ^^
  • Жоржик 1
    Жоржик 1 8 months ago Ооооо! Так вот он - канал говноDIY!!!!! Так вот кому мы должны быть благодарны за материалы для Крастера и Доктора!!!))))
  • Maksim Torin
    Maksim Torin 1 year ago Мужик красава... такое ожущениние что он в гараже рожждён))))
  • truth betold
    truth betold 10 months ago This definitely was a cool video to watch .... I definitely learned a few tricks that will help me out at the hardware store I work at .... Thanks for the video Mr. novruz
  • David Hunt
    David Hunt 10 months ago Fantastic music, good ideas
  • MrTuco Martins
    MrTuco Martins 6 months ago Damn, it's so good to be a man and enjoy watching it. Tools are something every man loves.
  • Jeff Dufour
    Jeff Dufour 2 months ago Any real man at least lol