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Скачать с ютуб Hollywood Celebs wishing you a happy birthday

Опубликовано: 10 янв. 2013 г. 837 160 просмотров

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a compilation of a few celebs (selena gomez, lady gaga, jack black, adam sandler, rihanna, justin bieber) wishing you a happy birthday! ;)

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis 5 years ago Let's just crop out all of this video, but just leave in the Jack Black bit.
  • MrSF247
    MrSF247 5 years ago I concur! Jack's voice, then, be gold!
  • marín langestraat
    marín langestraat 5 years ago Hell yeah! Jack for pres!
  • simonsgirl11
    simonsgirl11 5 years ago Just hilarious
  • jericho gardner
    jericho gardner 5 years ago 1:20 I'm not surprised no one came to the concert.
  • Henri V
    Henri V 5 years ago Haha! Nice one! :D
  • SonnyGTA
    SonnyGTA 1 year ago jericho gardner hahahahahha
  • Dominelle Borden
    Dominelle Borden 1 year ago Pfftthahhahaa! Yup!
  • Denis Miljančić
    Denis Miljančić 7 months ago Hahaahha good one
  • Mercy Ege
    Mercy Ege 5 years ago jack blacks was the best 
  • NONO
  • Dan
    Dan 4 years ago +NONO are you retarded?
  • Rocko DSS
    Rocko DSS 4 years ago Damn ! Jack Black got the voice yo!
  • unfinishedBridges
    unfinishedBridges 5 years ago Anyone else end the video as soon as Bieber showed up?
  • Barbara Juliano
    Barbara Juliano 6 years ago Notice how Bieber has no audience? LMAO
  • Melanie Scott
    Melanie Scott 5 years ago Lmao! Seriously i was crackin up! 👏👏👏
  • Samuel Kim
    Samuel Kim 4 years ago *Sniff Justin made me cry, his voice ruined my day :( I need a rehab and a new birthday -_-
  • Animeditor09
    Animeditor09 4 years ago Who is the last woman? Someone tell me.
  • Julia
    Julia 4 years ago STAWP! 😂😂😂
  • mzhollyhood iowa
    mzhollyhood iowa 4 years ago Ellen lmao
  • raju sitaula
    raju sitaula 3 years ago 'nk
  • Δανάη !
    Δανάη ! 2 years ago Oh I guess its your mother
  • Georgia Cash
    Georgia Cash 2 years ago Animeditor09 its Rihanna
  • Brendan _ L18
    Brendan _ L18 1 year ago That aint get no sleep cuz yall lady is her
  • _ moonlightbae _
    _ moonlightbae _ 1 year ago Haha
  • Georgia Cash
    Georgia Cash 1 year ago Rihanna
  • Mr. Tambourine
    Mr. Tambourine 5 years ago Everything was going fine... and then... Justino appear and ruin everything
  • Lisa Wade
    Lisa Wade 2 years ago No he did not Ruben 👅👅👅👅👅👅👅
  • Jaiden Benson
    Jaiden Benson 1 year ago Ruben Losada Alva
  • mcrider719
    mcrider719 6 years ago Hahaha. . Bieber trying to follow Jack Black.. Should have been left out of this.
  • samoangirl01
    samoangirl01 5 years ago Its not even my birthday but, I LOVE IT!♡
  • Ulrik Claesson
    Ulrik Claesson 4 years ago Not possible to use to congratulate people since it's some little boy in the last part that destroy the whole thing....
  • Ryan Frostad
    Ryan Frostad 6 years ago Ugh good video up until that little idiot appeared at the end...
  • Maritha Andersen
    Maritha Andersen 6 years ago exactly what I was thinking!
  • wooffun
    wooffun 5 years ago what a dck u r
  • Ryan Frostad
    Ryan Frostad 5 years ago @rsfff What are you babbling about?
  • wooffun
    wooffun 5 years ago @Ryan Frostad You pion brain can't fathom that you are indeed a moron. Cute. They have institutions for maladjusted people like you
  • Ryan Frostad
    Ryan Frostad 5 years ago @rsfff A person who was offended by me insulting the little twit Beiber and who can't even spell properly is insulting me.  If you are not 14 years old which I'm guessing you are I take pity on you.
  • Maritha Andersen
    Maritha Andersen 5 years ago yup, the world has changed into 2kinds, the beliebers and the nonbeliebers, dealwith it, haha :)
  • wooffun
    wooffun 5 years ago @Ryan Frostad No I'm a mother, a humanitarian, a human. I don't think you've learned anything in  your life at all. Absolutely nothing. He's a child. You hate him because why? Because he's pretty? Because your gf liked him? He's a human being. Egging his own house as a teenager hardly grants you.. a nobody the privelidge of berating someone. If I misspell it's because I have a severely disabled child pawing at me 24/7. it's the internet.. it's youtube.. who cares! I graduated college. I do amazing things. What do you do besides troll and put down people whom you don't know and whom to be completely socially acceptable? you seriously need to grow up. No, I do not own one of his albums, No I am not a hater. Just sick of jealous idtios trolls posting bs on the internet.. hiding behind a screen. Or at least I pray you are hiding and you don't act like a tool in public and embarrass your family.
  • wooffun
    wooffun 5 years ago @Maritha Andersen Maritha No, it's called being a grown up. It's called having a brain. There is no you are a fan of or not of. I see no reaosn for anyone in the world to be a bully. Bullying a kid.. is just despicable to me. Or anyone for that matter
  • Ryan Frostad
    Ryan Frostad 5 years ago @rsfff Whoa cool down.  I insulted a spoiled non-talented douche bag celebrity not you.  I'm not jealous of anything I just don't think he has any talent and the only reason he's popular is because young tween girls like his looks. Do yourself a favor and take your own advice.  "It's youtube...whocares!"  I'm allowed to have an opinion and I stated it.  I didn't attack you.  You're telling me I need to grow up and you're the person who personally insulted me with a childish insult which you didn't even spell correctly.  No in fact I don't act like a tool like Justin Beiber in public.  I just sit back and laugh at him being the tool he is.  The next time you childishly insult someone on youtube at least make sure you spell it correctly. You're hilarious...
  • Ryan Frostad
    Ryan Frostad 5 years ago @rsfff Oh yeah and I still pity you.
  • Maritha Andersen
    Maritha Andersen 5 years ago what? I'm not bullying no one, I just agreed with the post that said they liked the video untill JB appeared at the end, I probably would have said the same thing if someone else was there that I didn't like, this time it just happend to be him, nothing more, nothing less... you on the other hand are insinuating I'm brainless and not grown up! and you don't even know me! how grown up are you then, if I may ask? I agree with Ryan on this one, but I have also been feeling sorry for Bieber, being so young and public and all, and think he should be allowed to be the youngster he actually is, and not be hung out in all the papers/magazines/tv there is, but I guess that ship has sailed for him, right? so don't come her and insult me with your 'no worth to me' opinions! oh, and don't go ahead and say something about my english either, I'm norwegian, there's bound to be a few errors!
  • Hanna StellaMala
    Hanna StellaMala 5 years ago ahahhaha same here, I was looking something for my kid... :D
  • Lisa Wade
    Lisa Wade 2 years ago Ryan Frostad hey
  • Denis Rivarola
    Denis Rivarola 6 years ago JACK BLACK
  • Robin Forster
    Robin Forster 5 years ago IS BACK ;)
  • Aisha Alghareeb
    Aisha Alghareeb 6 years ago adam sandler xD
  • Trang P
    Trang P 6 years ago omg .. Black Jack .. so good , so funny :)))
  • blaine fisher
    blaine fisher 3 years ago Jack black was the best one by far lol
  • Bryce Bryant
    Bryce Bryant 5 years ago Jack black is a best
  • Atoreta
    Atoreta 6 years ago my bff will enjoy this video in her birthday XD Thanks ♥
  • Nadia Reacts
    Nadia Reacts 2 years ago thank you so much i was looking for some famous celebrities singing happy bday because in thanksgiving is my bday and i need this for my bday party playlist and im turning 17 this year tbh and also thank you so much i really apreciate it