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Скачать с ютуб ABANDONED Truck Finds New Home After 24 Years

Опубликовано: 25 сент. 2017 г. 2 813 766 просмотров

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We rescue this Dodge truck from wasting away!


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All music by Joe Cocker:
With a Little Help From My Friends
Space Captain
Honky Tonk Women

  • Blake Brady
    Blake Brady 2 years ago Who else thinks it's satisfying to pressure wash a truck they pulled out of the woods or somethin like this one
  • Canadian Colin
    Canadian Colin 2 years ago I certainly do
  • Apocalypse92
    Apocalypse92 2 years ago Not only that but is it just me or do they always find the coolest cars and trucks with absolutely perfect patina on them
  • mgtowfish73
    mgtowfish73 2 years ago Givin it that first shot of tlc!
  • joa
    joa 2 years ago main reason wh i watch them
  • joa
    joa 2 years ago i also love it how they are sort of giving it life
  • Davyn Hainstock
    Davyn Hainstock 2 years ago Porn
  • The Last Phoenix
    The Last Phoenix 2 years ago Blake Brady yep
  • 814chappy
    814chappy 2 years ago Blake Brady I got hooked
    PAKTRA PRODUCTIONS 1 year ago as orgasmic is that feels to my OCD I couldn't bring myself to destroy all of the history
  • Manuel Arriola
    Manuel Arriola 1 year ago lol Blake Brady. i was looking this comment.. its very Satisfying
  • Alco Pop
    Alco Pop 1 year ago I could watch that all day ...In fact I nearly have....
  • interesting outdoors
    interesting outdoors 1 year ago I do 😃
  • Martin Rico
    Martin Rico 1 year ago I’m hard
  • Don Lunn
    Don Lunn 1 year ago I used to be a fitter working on heavy plant.One of my favourite jobs was using the Steam cleaner or pressure washer before I worked on a vehicle.Some of the guys hated it.Me? I loved it.
  • Don Lunn
    Don Lunn 1 year ago I hasten to add I was cleaning the vehicle,before working on it,not myself.Lol!
  • Unknown folkz
    Unknown folkz 1 year ago its very sastifying to see a classic truck come out and be cleaned.
  • no profile picture whatsoever
    no profile picture whatsoever 1 year ago Me.
  • Bob Burro
    Bob Burro 1 year ago right on
  • raymond noya
    raymond noya 1 year ago Awesome !
  • Atharva Kadam
    Atharva Kadam 1 year ago Blake Brady me
  • Ranjith Kodikara
    Ranjith Kodikara 1 year ago Rangith.kodikara
  • Carlos Celis
    Carlos Celis 1 year ago I found a 1982 Jeep Wagoneer Brougham 5.9L 4x4 v8 in a similar state. First thing I did, just like here, tires, wash outside and steam clean inside.
  • Tristan Gonzalez
    Tristan Gonzalez 1 year ago Ramito. El dela. Monta a una mujer en mi vida
  • christopher19691
    christopher19691 1 year ago lol i was just about to say how i find this satisfying in a weird way
  • Jeremy Cole
    Jeremy Cole 1 year ago I about said the same thing haha
  • theaussiegunnut
    theaussiegunnut 1 year ago Pressure porn.
  • Rdly Kryk
    Rdly Kryk 11 months ago "three eighteen" likes Blake, I can't displace that number. Those engines were hard to hurt.
  • Life with Ashanti
    Life with Ashanti 11 months ago Me
  • 1world1blood
    1world1blood 10 months ago Hahaha i thought i was the only one until i saw this post HAHAHAHA
  • Ron Steurer
    Ron Steurer 6 months ago Absolutely it is my friend. Like a poor old dirty man getting a clean shower and shave after going months.
  • Graziano Monaco
    Graziano Monaco 6 months ago Blake Brady kkjjjhhhfskj. 😒. Ma se asggc. x!nc;kkhds# Suo Lu8 Il!,kjce &
  • José Aguirre
    José Aguirre 4 months ago Do everyone have a pressure-wash fetish or something?
  • Big Plus
    Big Plus 3 months ago ລລລລລູຄໍ
    - PIMPINAINTEAZYO 2 years ago Nothing more satisfying than watching years of neglect get washed "away".
  • pablo Ibarra
    pablo Ibarra 3 weeks ago Muy buen video
  • dangerous toys56
    dangerous toys56 2 years ago (edited) for sitting that long, it looks in really great shape, dont see any rot holes or any rust for that matter- shoot even the trim n front bumper are really sharp. nice score!👍
  • French Canadian Bastard
    French Canadian Bastard 2 years ago The rocker under the door on the passenger side, pretty nasty holes,
  • joa
    joa 2 years ago alot does need replacing still tho
  • giberish9
    giberish9 2 years ago Interesting triangular shaped symbol.
  • MoparProud
    MoparProud 1 year ago giberish9 That's called a fratzog
  • Donald Hungate
    Donald Hungate 1 year ago You are so lucky to find a truck in this condition. These old Dodge trucks have a nice style to them. I believe they called it "wind swept". Anyway looks good to me.
  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 9 months ago I was going to say the same thing! You would have thought a truck from the 1960's that had been sitting in the same spot since 1993 would have been rotted out from the weather and everything. Then again, it could have been in a state where they don't get a ton of weather that would cause a lot of rust. I live in upstate New York so if you drive a car on the street for about ten years, the bottom rusts out because of all of the salt we use on the roads in the winter.
  • Estela Genero
    Estela Genero 1 month ago LA VOZ DE PORTIVA
  • johnny jp
    johnny jp 2 years ago WHO ELSE FELT CLEANER AFTER WATCHING THIS? :)
  • Turkeydoodlers L.
    Turkeydoodlers L. 2 years ago johnny jp I did :)
  • johnny jp
    johnny jp 2 years ago HA!!!!!!!! WHEW!!!!!! :)
  • Sterling Price
    Sterling Price 1 year ago I needed a cigarette after watching.
  • Empty Head
    Empty Head 1 year ago Very satisfying to watch 👍
  • JM G
    JM G 1 year ago Amusant!!!! Joecoeckerenmusique de fond!!!!choixheureuxet gonflé !!!!!
  • thawautchai chamnanpana
    thawautchai chamnanpana 1 year ago @Empty Head นคร
  • Jesica Gomez
    Jesica Gomez 10 months ago Ha usado un teléfono totalmente diferente para que tenga 👆🏻👮‍♀️😐🤬🤬😐🏘🙄📲☺
  • Chris Hinnant
    Chris Hinnant 3 months ago This is the first time I ever felt super clean before showering 😂😂😂
  • CMW18
    CMW18 2 years ago Jeez sitting for 24 years? That paint is indestructible
  • Moorthi Advocate
    Moorthi Advocate 1 year ago I am agree
  • Randy Bingham
    Randy Bingham 9 months ago not like now days paint washesnoff like mud
  • Jojo Searcy
    Jojo Searcy 1 day ago Cuz mopar us high paint back in the days better then what the use now a days
  • Random Stuff In Oregon
    Random Stuff In Oregon 1 year ago I'm always amazed watching old tires get lifted or pulled out of the ground after so long.
  • MostlymoparIH
    MostlymoparIH 2 years ago Righty loosey lefty tightey.
  • Ronald Burgess
    Ronald Burgess 2 years ago MostlymoparIH A MoPar exclusive!
  • MostlymoparIH
    MostlymoparIH 2 years ago Welcome to the Brotherhood of Muscle.
  • Ronald Burgess
    Ronald Burgess 2 years ago MostlymoparIH Been there since the first "Hemi Under Glass" and Bill Golden's "Little Red Wagon" tore up the 1320 on 2 wheels.
  • Krisco Dangus
    Krisco Dangus 2 years ago MostlymoparIH Dodge realized that since the rotation on the tires on the drivers side was counter clockwise, they would put counterclockwise threads on the one side so that if the lug nuts came loose, they would self tighten instead of loosening up even more. #moparingenuity
    SERGYOO O 2 years ago MostlymoparIH i
  • brad dovel
    brad dovel 1 year ago only a few will get that
  • Ricky Edwards
    Ricky Edwards 1 year ago MostlymoparIH lol that's right I mean left
  • Amber Allen
    Amber Allen 1 year ago MostlymoparIH on the driver side of my 68 200 is lefty tighty righty loosey
  • DeanMk1
    DeanMk1 1 year ago ...only on the left side of the vehicle MostlymoparIH
  • Chris Pappas
    Chris Pappas 2 years ago Truck: Finally a damn shower!
  • snappybones
    snappybones 2 years ago If that truck could talk there would be a lot of gratitude given to you just for the bath. R.I.P Joe Cocker.
  • Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus
    Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus 2 years ago Best power washing transformation ever, and the Joe Cocker music is totally on point.
  • Carolina Man Jr
    Carolina Man Jr 2 years ago It cleaned up well
  • Robert Atwood
    Robert Atwood 2 years ago That's cool as s*** man my very first pickup truck was a 1970 three quarter ton camper special natural 383 727 torqueflite it was a rocket ship dude would love to have another one
  • Shakespeare_Hall
    Shakespeare_Hall 1 year ago Yup I have owned many cool cars and never regretted selling any of them until 10 years ago I had a 1978 IH Scout II and sold it and regretted it ever since until last week I bought another 78 Scout and I know I won't be selling this one It is just too cool a truck man !
  • zookster4
    zookster4 6 months ago Me too mine was a 68 Adventurer w/ 383 1/2 ton and I took down a few chevelles, novas, mustangs etc. It sure was fast.
  • Old Iron RC
    Old Iron RC 2 years ago great video, nice truck, good find.
  • joa
    joa 2 years ago agreed
  • Lily Stidham
    Lily Stidham 2 years ago cyanidetube 9 p11111111111 w ssh ex exec qqqq1 wed
  • Gear Head games 22
    Gear Head games 22 2 years ago cyanidetube the dodge rmanes
  • Jose Schoop
    Jose Schoop 2 years ago cyanidetube o
  • Mohd Pemadam
    Mohd Pemadam 1 year ago cyanidetube
  • Gappie Al Kebabi
    Gappie Al Kebabi 1 year ago great comment, nice picture, good likes
  • Bandit one
    Bandit one 1 year ago What's up cy,we seam to have the interest in classic rust,and the ratrod towtruck looks sweet
  • Allen McKinney
    Allen McKinney 2 years ago This is like one of those videos of things that's satisfying to watch.
  • Ynnel?!
    Ynnel?! 2 years ago Went from a hunk of yard junk to nearly presentable with a simple power wash. I'd like to see a new Dodge pull that off.
  • J M
    J M 1 year ago El Video se tiene que llamar "COMO LAVAR UNA CAMIONETA SUCIA"
  • Andy Rivas
    Andy Rivas 11 months ago Correcto Contigo camarada
  • Lucas Landola
    Lucas Landola 8 months ago Segun el video hace años q estaba parada esa camioneta lavo y estaba nueva la pintura los paragolpes ..
  • Diego Alberto Pérez
    Diego Alberto Pérez 1 year ago (edited) That's Dodge made in my country. '70,'72 my favorite dark green and a Perkins motor🇦🇷
  • Randy Spearman
    Randy Spearman 2 years ago I have always been a mopar guy but not necessarily into the d100's until recently, now we have 2 running and driving. Very cool truck.
  • MostlymoparIH
    MostlymoparIH 2 years ago Great vid Pal. You and your dad work real well together hope you appreciate what you got and I'm knot talking about the truck. I watched got a cup of Jo and listened to Joe. Good job.
  • Jacob Nordskog
    Jacob Nordskog 2 years ago Wow she looks good, the cleanup is one of my favorite parts of bringing home a car that sat for years great video!!