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Скачать с ютуб The Graham Norton Jan 29 2016 Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Zeta-Jones,...

Опубликовано: 2 февр. 2016 г. 5 539 391 просмотр

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  • Pop Culture-sy
    Pop Culture-sy 1 рік тому (змінено) An Irish, A Brit, A Canadian, An American, and a Welsh goddess
  • Bryan M
    Bryan M 1 рік тому sy ..... What about the Canadian?
  • Alisha Blakaway
    Alisha Blakaway 1 рік тому Bryan M Ryan is Canadian.
  • Nixijo Kenzi
    Nixijo Kenzi 6 місяців тому Actually the Welsh goddess is British too..the “Brit” is English...and British!
  • Jack de la all Trades
    Jack de la all Trades 5 місяців тому walk into a talk bar...
  • OpenLinz
    OpenLinz 4 місяці тому Pop Culture-sy Technically Canadian is American
  • Caitlin Holland
    Caitlin Holland 4 місяці тому OpenLinz no canada and america are two different countries
  • OpenLinz
    OpenLinz 4 місяці тому @Caitlin Holland Canada and the U.S. are two different countries. I never stated otherwise. However what I wrote was technically Canadians are Americans since America is the continent not a country. There is no country just called America. The country is named The United States of America. The wording is on front of U.S. passports and other official documents
  • Caitlin Holland
    Caitlin Holland 4 місяці тому OpenLinz ohhh gotcha
  • Scott Fay Omalley
    Scott Fay Omalley 4 місяці тому @OpenLinz north America is a continent America and Canada are separate countries
  • OpenLinz
    OpenLinz 4 місяці тому @Scott Fay Omalley Yup North America is a continent as I wrote that previously. Hence why the country inside the continent is called The United States of America. Not just America There is no country called just America. That's more or less slang that people use to identify the U.S. but it's not on government documents so it's not the official name
  • Scott Fay Omalley
    Scott Fay Omalley 4 місяці тому @OpenLinz you said America is the continent. Also just to clear everything up for the mentally challenged people America/USA=country Canada=country North America=continent that consists of USA and Canada how do people not know basic knowledge.
  • EMMOzone Rider
    EMMOzone Rider 4 місяці тому @Scott Fay Omalley Are you seriously that stupid? America is a CONTINENT! Canada and the USA are located on it's Northern Hemisphere aka North America. Please educate yourself before going on with pure nonsense in matters you have no fucking clue about.
  • Ossarian
    Ossarian 4 місяці тому @EMMOzone Rider 9/11 was staged too
  • Michael Fleming
    Michael Fleming 4 місяці тому Wheres the American 🤔
  • Scott Fay Omalley
    Scott Fay Omalley 3 місяці тому @EMMOzone Rider they are called the America's
  • Amorphis Bob
    Amorphis Bob 3 місяці тому And they're all in comic book movies
  • Mr. NotSoCreative
    Mr. NotSoCreative 3 місяці тому Michael Fleming Will Smith...
  • pooleroes
    pooleroes 2 місяці тому Somehow I was expecting, while reading your comment, to find "go into a pub" at the end of it.. I can't tell why. but it sounded like that kind of story LOL.
  • Freya Bailey
    Freya Bailey 1 місяць тому Nixijo Kenzi No she’s welsh. Born in Wales. Idiot.
  • nobody ever
    nobody ever 1 місяць тому @Freya Bailey Wales is part of Britain...
  • Freya Bailey
    Freya Bailey 1 місяць тому zwombi China is apart of east Asia but you don’t call them East Asian. It’s not that hard to call her welsh since that’s what she is...
  • nobody ever
    nobody ever 1 місяць тому @Freya Bailey you've opened my eyes
  • Mr Wolfe
    Mr Wolfe 2 тижні тому The anglosphere having a conversation!
  • Snikpoh 1390
    Snikpoh 1390 1 рік тому Ryan Reynolds makes anything hilarious. Will Smith makes everything smooth. Annnd movie.
  • Mykahl Summers
    Mykahl Summers 9 місяців тому Snikpoh 1390 total dream team
  • Kc Link
    Kc Link 8 місяців тому Call it hilariously Smooth.
  • Holden Mcgroine
    Holden Mcgroine 4 місяці тому they haven't? seems like they'd be fine working together. will smith could be a deadpool villain lol
  • Michael Fleming
    Michael Fleming 4 місяці тому They were in the hitch together
  • andre rodman
    andre rodman 3 місяці тому I just had the same thought, why has no one put these 2 guys in a comedy together!!!!!!
  • MatthewvMayo
    MatthewvMayo 2 місяці тому That would break all of the records for total sales.
  • Muhammad Abdul Malik
    Muhammad Abdul Malik 1 місяць тому * Cough deadpool deadshot crossover cough
  • Sora Gardiner
    Sora Gardiner 1 місяць тому stfu
  • c4blew
    c4blew 1 рік тому Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pratt should do a movie just being themselves!
  • Alma Gustavsson
    Alma Gustavsson 1 рік тому c4blew with Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr... 10/10 would watch!!
  • Lovisa ivarson
    Lovisa ivarson 1 рік тому And Anthony mackie
  • Acnologia TheGod
    Acnologia TheGod 1 рік тому c4blew like the movie this is the end?
  • rapheALtoid
    rapheALtoid 1 рік тому Those three plus Dwayne Johnson!
  • Grazie 25
    Grazie 25 1 рік тому Omg id watch that over and over again
  • Lou Lestat
    Lou Lestat 1 рік тому (змінено) So basically you want Netflix to pay these guys to go on a top gear esque road trip/race and film it beautifully? Let’s petition lol!
  • GG getting creative
    GG getting creative 1 рік тому Can we just get everyone from Marvel and Will Smith just all make a three hour long movie with each other just talking and pranking each other no scripts no nothing just them being them
  • isimi kehinde
    isimi kehinde 1 рік тому With Jamie Foxx
  • Carlos Gavilanes
    Carlos Gavilanes 1 рік тому and I`d paid to wacth it in 3D IMAX D-Box even if it has no special effects
  • Rekay Rutherford
    Rekay Rutherford 1 рік тому c4blew B. V
  • Epsilon
    Epsilon 1 рік тому Make it like the hangover where they are searching for Paul Rudd and I’ll watch
  • Simon Andrade
    Simon Andrade 1 рік тому Starlord and Deadpool crossover
  • Elientjuh
    Elientjuh 1 рік тому Oh my got!!! This movie is gonna get so expensive if it ever happens
  • Govind Kaushik
    Govind Kaushik 1 рік тому That's what they do in every movie.
  • shooglechic
    shooglechic 1 рік тому I would watch the heck out of that
  • Carm N
    Carm N 1 рік тому Yes.
  • Gunberries เกมณ์
    Gunberries เกมณ์ 11 місяців тому i love that
  • Hewo random person behind the screen :3
    Hewo random person behind the screen :3 11 місяців тому I'd watch that 🤔
  • Superpiair1
    Superpiair1 11 місяців тому I think that would be boring. At least 2 of them are too much alike. You need diverse characters.
  • Superpiair1
    Superpiair1 11 місяців тому @rapheALtoid Thats not an actor in my book
  • C Winegardner
    C Winegardner 11 місяців тому Just follow them around a city for a few hours lmao
  • Mayank Sharma
    Mayank Sharma 10 місяців тому Thats gnna be the best movie ever
  • Jeremie Evans
    Jeremie Evans 10 місяців тому I AGREE
  • NerdGirl72
    NerdGirl72 8 місяців тому That would be hilarious
  • JP Tyson
    JP Tyson 8 місяців тому (змінено) Add chris hemsworth, chris evans, brie larson, anthony mackie and just give them a show let them talk about whatever they want and thats it!
  • Kc Link
    Kc Link 8 місяців тому Not with Chris.
  • Chelsey Shang
    Chelsey Shang 7 місяців тому Anthony Mackie joined the chat.
  • A.E. Jabbour
    A.E. Jabbour 7 місяців тому I'd be there., For sure.
  • Velha Guarda Tricolor
    Velha Guarda Tricolor 6 місяців тому They already do!
  • Poe Addams
    Poe Addams 6 місяців тому Add RDJ in there and we have a movie.
  • miss loublou
    miss loublou 6 місяців тому YES!
  • saurabh raj
    saurabh raj 6 місяців тому @Alma Gustavsson that would be whole movie of RDJ babysitting chris 😂
  • Marvel Is good
    Marvel Is good 6 місяців тому Oh and paul rudd
  • Benji Winger
    Benji Winger 5 місяців тому Keanu Reeves is a naturally cool guy... slam him in there too
  • Dudepool
    Dudepool 4 місяці тому I'm afraid if you let Will "Be Himself", he's going to start shoving his son in my face again...
  • Godly Child
    Godly Child 4 місяці тому And Jamie Foxx!
  • Dudepool
    Dudepool 4 місяці тому crickets chirping Can I substitute that for a Sam Jackson please? Or a Donald Glover?
  • DanielJJ
    DanielJJ 4 місяці тому Sounds like the beginning of an idea.  For the proposed movie: How about get these actors, running for their lives from rabid fans (like fans with actual rabies and mental disorders) and each of them gets picked off, one by one, and then the last one says some movingly deep, thought provoking speech before he gets destroyed .. roll credits.  Sounds worthy of some pretentious, Hollywood-snob film award of some kind?
  • Juls
    Juls 4 місяці тому c4blew, add Ryan Gosling’s abs and it would perfect 🥰
  • Matthew Ison
    Matthew Ison 4 місяці тому @GG getting creative cant because will Smith has a contract with DC already.
  • Nhlanhla Shamase
    Nhlanhla Shamase 3 місяці тому And anthony mackes
  • widad samman
    widad samman 3 місяці тому And jake gyllanhaul (I think I misspelled his name sorry)
  • Radhakrishna S P
    Radhakrishna S P 3 місяці тому And Kevin Hart
  • Martin L.
    Martin L. 3 місяці тому (змінено) Don’t forget Pauly Shore,Steve Martin,Eddie Murphy,Alfonso Ribeiro.....Like a “expendables”comedy film.
  • Caitlin Maxfield
    Caitlin Maxfield 1 місяць тому Yes, but not Chris Pratt
  • The Real McCoy
    The Real McCoy 2 тижні тому agreed..👍
  • James Estelle
    James Estelle 2 тижні тому You all have ruined the original comment and turned it into an Avengers cast interview.
  • Sicarius Peremo
    Sicarius Peremo 1 тиждень тому Hitler and Trump, so we have an excuse for smashing the tv, and get a new one... And before someone says: "Yeah but Hitler is dead", well yeah, look at Trump, so is he!
  • HeliRy
    HeliRy 1 рік тому If Canada could be a person, it would be Ryan.
  • Shav
    Shav 1 рік тому holy shit ur right
  • Xavier Dupuis
    Xavier Dupuis 1 рік тому Yeah, we wished but no...
  • Beth W
    Beth W 1 рік тому can you fight, on skates?
  • Christopher O'Neil
    Christopher O'Neil 1 рік тому As a Canadian, I can confidently stand by this assessment.
  • David Olden
    David Olden 1 рік тому (змінено) He could be, but then we'd have to apologize for it. (KIDDING -- We're very proud of him :) )
  • Jeska
    Jeska 1 рік тому Ryan Reynolds-Bieber ... Not sure how that happened.
  • Susan Stent
    Susan Stent 1 рік тому Of course, ever see a hockey game??
  • Crystal Logik
    Crystal Logik 1 рік тому Nah, he's too politically incorrect to be Canada. Canada is a nation of pussies and offended douchebags lol.
  • Princess Lemmy
    Princess Lemmy 1 рік тому You look like a retarded Klan member- one that's even more retarded than they already are.
  • 18numbers
    18numbers 1 рік тому Crystal Logik im sorry if someone hurt you from Canada, Americans have hurt people too same with the rest of the world no ones perfect but i hope you get past that to benefit from everything the world has to offer :) especially food cause food
  • Crystal Logik
    Crystal Logik 1 рік тому Food is an overrated element of multiculturalism. Canadians roll over while their government creates more and more authoritarian laws and they say nothing about their prime minister, or even worse they defend him against against the claims that he's a sexual harasser. I agree, America has its problems, but at least they have the first amendment.
  • Nicole Cox
    Nicole Cox 1 рік тому I need to visit then.
  • Cliff Riley
    Cliff Riley 1 рік тому Gosling or
  • draquone
    draquone 1 рік тому Canada hoooot
  • nick amador
    nick amador 1 рік тому or king of D.Y.I :}
  • Cliff Riley
    Cliff Riley 1 рік тому And we thank America for
  • iam aaron
    iam aaron 1 рік тому Forgive them Wayne
  • Cliff Riley
    Cliff Riley 1 рік тому Wayne's
  • Productions CEO
    Productions CEO 1 рік тому Well, I would definetly live in that country
  • J J
    J J 1 рік тому Canada is not that cool
  • absolute757
    absolute757 1 рік тому Canadians r move there if it wasnt so cold
  • Cliff Riley
    Cliff Riley 1 рік тому @David Olden Right then who is lost? Certainly not a
  • Cliff Riley
    Cliff Riley 1 рік тому @Crystal Logik You obviously haven't been to Canada. Yes we are nice and apologetic. but that is our way. But piss us off.........battle begins. Don't ever put Canada to task......just look at your
  • Crystal Logik
    Crystal Logik 1 рік тому @Cliff Riley My history? I'm Australian. Fuck Canada.
  • Mr. NotSoCreative
    Mr. NotSoCreative 1 рік тому HeliRy You spelled Justin Bieber wrong
  • Osouf Miller
    Osouf Miller 1 рік тому I want to see Ryan Kevin Hart the rock and Will smith do a segment together
  • Félix Dion
    Félix Dion 11 місяців тому Crystal Logik Take a chill pill buddy
  • LeChevalierduLys
    LeChevalierduLys 11 місяців тому I wish !!! lol
  • Sandy Gilfillan
    Sandy Gilfillan 11 місяців тому HeliRy qu
  • Brayden Frye
    Brayden Frye 11 місяців тому What about vanossgaming
  • Sigmund Q. Freud
    Sigmund Q. Freud 11 місяців тому Probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said about Canada.
  • tmb132000
    tmb132000 11 місяців тому Absolutely
  • HouseMDaddict
    HouseMDaddict 11 місяців тому That's giving Canada way too much credit.
  • Robyn Millar
    Robyn Millar 11 місяців тому Crystal Logik but he’s Canadian eh? Lol
  • Rem
    Rem 9 місяців тому Crystal Logik Youre Australian? 😂😂
  • Kathy Ford
    Kathy Ford 9 місяців тому Ryan definitely is Canada
  • Meadows
    Meadows 9 місяців тому I'm sorry but Canada personified is Linus' from Linus' tech tips.
  • Depositron
    Depositron 9 місяців тому Only because John Candy is dead... but yes.
  • Vegan Vocalist
    Vegan Vocalist 8 місяців тому Ryan is a very funny dude ;D
    MINIGIRL007 H 8 місяців тому American here, who lived in the UK..i agree lol
  • Marius Ipad
    Marius Ipad 7 місяців тому so yall got nose job?
  • Celtic Lass
    Celtic Lass 7 місяців тому @Crystal Logik You've clearly never traveled to Canada, and yet have a negative opinion about all of us. Interesting. Well, you can keep your bigotry wherever it is you live, and leave us all alone. Sorry.
  • Badger0fDeath
    Badger0fDeath 7 місяців тому @Celtic Lass I've visited Canada and i loved it. But he does have a point, Canada is being morphed into something different by pc politicians and is being colonised by migrants. Parts of Vancouver look like China, and there are whole neighbourhoods of Edmonton where you won't hear English spoken, and that's just out west.
  • Crystal Logik
    Crystal Logik 6 місяців тому @Celtic Lass Is this your first day on the Internet? I wasn't making a factual statement about Canucks, I was shitposting. Y'know, being an asshole just to trigger people?
  • milk
    milk 6 місяців тому yeah not really
  • colton johnson
    colton johnson 6 місяців тому @Crystal Logik do you live in canada
  • Crystal Logik
    Crystal Logik 6 місяців тому @colton johnsonCan you read? I already said where I live.
  • colton johnson
    colton johnson 6 місяців тому (змінено) @Crystal Logik no im retarded but i sea a aussie with bit of sand up in the down under eh
  • colton johnson
    colton johnson 6 місяців тому (змінено) @Crystal Logik but i will say this seriously though yes canada is experiencing some shit going on right now but alot of us are done with this pc culture and politics but this year elections is sticking your hand a shit bucket, dont group all canadians together , cause then your no better then a npc
  • M L
    M L 5 місяців тому Crystal Logik HUUUUNNNEY you say you’re here to trigger people, but then you act surprised when it happens ^_^
  • Joshua Schenk
    Joshua Schenk 5 місяців тому Or Jim Carey
  • MyUser Name
    MyUser Name 5 місяців тому Naah
  • LRakelle AK
    LRakelle AK 4 місяці тому @Crystal Logik AHEM SHAWN MENDES WHO
  • Jordan Shaw
    Jordan Shaw 4 тижні тому @Crystal Logik you must be American 😂😂
  • ktelle
    ktelle 1 тиждень тому Celtic Lass sorry to you. i’m sorry you live in canada. i’m from the uk and lived in canada for five years. i left and never went back. i have never in my life felt so unsafe, so objectified, and so ostracised than i did in canada. there was so much daily sexual harassment from aggressive canadian men, even though i was a teenager at the time. the canadians that i met were racist, misogynistic, and passive aggressive. when i reported being stalked to the police, i was laughed at and gaslighted. the quality of health case was absolutely appalling, the infrastructure was ridiculously bad, and the food was horribly oversweetened (even basic things like bread). every country including mine has its problems, but it never ceases to absolutely enrage me when i see canadians acting like their shit don’t stink. you all run around perpetuating this myth that you’re such unassuming, sweet people, but that couldn’t be more wrong. if i can help it i will never return to canada.
  • belgian beer
    belgian beer 2 роки тому Seriously this show is so much better than any American show
  • Yaning Wu
    Yaning Wu 2 роки тому yus
  • V.I.P Slayer
    V.I.P Slayer 2 роки тому Well. You cant compare this with Conan....
  • muja MR
    muja MR 2 роки тому what about ellen?
  • Júlia Moreira
    Júlia Moreira 2 роки тому Yes!!!!
  • Bong de Pano
    Bong de Pano 1 рік тому freedom lover I though I'm the only one who noticed, haha
  • Lainter
    Lainter 1 рік тому (змінено) A show where everybody yells out extremely loud and talks about american atereotypes. This is the definition of an American tvshow
  • Matt Reeves
    Matt Reeves 1 рік тому +Laurent Paredis there is only one American though :-)
  • Football&Hoops
    Football&Hoops 1 рік тому ryan is de facto American,canadians are all Americans in principal.
  • Fart Knocker
    Fart Knocker 1 рік тому No. Canadians are NOT American. I'm an American that lives one hour from the US/Can border. I love Canada, great neighbors with their own identity and they're way smarter. BTW, "RUSH" is Canadian...just love that band.
  • Football&Hoops
    Football&Hoops 1 рік тому Fart Knocker bruh give me a break
  • Ctwo First
    Ctwo First 1 рік тому Just about any British show is better than any American show.
  • Mario Archuleta
    Mario Archuleta 1 рік тому belgian chocolate kuz he is funny most woman love t laugh ithelps with love .... duh
  • I got the Magic
    I got the Magic 1 рік тому ellen is shit
  • Captain Reth The Intergalactic Gamecat
    Captain Reth The Intergalactic Gamecat 1 рік тому Fart Knocker Canada is still part of the North America continent. So, yeah, Canada is still American. We, in the U.S., easily forget that U.S.A. stands for United States of America. Which does not mean that we alone are Americans. American, has become a sort of official slang for people who live in the United States. Oh, and get ready... Russians are Asians.
  • DontEvenTry
    DontEvenTry 1 рік тому 'talk show/ American talk show' you mean
  • Gettatown
    Gettatown 1 рік тому Better than any American talk show
  • Matt M
    Matt M 1 рік тому Sorry, moron. Canadians are in fact North Americans.
  • brmbkl2015
    brmbkl2015 1 рік тому knock it off with the pedanterie. canadians are americans? Tell that to the mexicans scared to be found in your america. Im sure Immigration will take them very seriously when they say "but buddy, we're all american really...?"
  • Masie Jawed
    Masie Jawed 1 рік тому Happiness only real when shared nope
  • W/L winner Loser
    W/L winner Loser 1 рік тому Hell no
  • Gromit801
    Gromit801 1 рік тому Back in the 60's Johnny Carson was a bit like this, where the guests would stay after their one on one. On a given night you might have Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Don Rickles, all on the couch.
  • Robbie Linton
    Robbie Linton 1 рік тому Graham Norton is the master of talk show entertainment. Praise him.
  • Simon Ericsson
    Simon Ericsson 1 рік тому Russians are from "Eurasia" (yes that's an actual word). But you are kind of right since most of Russia is placed in northern part of Asia. Still pretty sure Russians refers themselves as Europeans. Good talk.
  • arx754
    arx754 1 рік тому Aren't Russians commonly called "East Europeans"? That is how I've always referred to them and countries surrounding them.
  • arx754
    arx754 1 рік тому Carson was closer to Norton than today's US talk shows, but he still didn't come close to Norton's program. And, in the US, nowadays, there's very little "talk" on late-night talks shows because each guest only gets about 5 minutes at most. I only discovered Norton's program through You Tube, and I instantly became a big fan. And, no, there's nothing like this on US tv nowadays or "ever". Norton is unique. ANd, I find Norton's mix of guests as one of the best things about it. I don't think a couch full of American actors would be nearly as entertaining. I must say that the "quick wit" of the UK guests makes a big difference. There are exceptions (I found Krasinski to be quite witty), but they are few and far between.
  • Chuck H
    Chuck H 1 рік тому As an American. I agree
  • John Hogan
    John Hogan 1 рік тому Nah cummon... it's Norton and he could be from anywhere. I do think he's my favourite but I watch a lot more Colbert et al from the US
  • Cliff Riley
    Cliff Riley 1 рік тому 100% agree. Actors and actresses are just people and they need to relax like we all do.
  • Summit X
    Summit X 1 рік тому Happiness only real when shared No Fart Knocker is not jerking your chain, I am Canadian and sorry to say on large we are not universally the same as Americans Especially now with mentally unstable ass hat running the States. Canadians are not we against them believers and we are not paranoid thinking someone has to be waiting around ever corner with a gun to attack so we should all need to carry one too. We accept that we have laws and regulations with a purpose to make a good and fare life for everyone. We know those laws are enforced by police and regulators, we may not all love it but mostly respect those that do those jobs. I am not saying all Canadians fit in this box and I am not saying every American fits in a different box but there is most definitely differences to know between the two countries.
  • mugen1333
    mugen1333 1 рік тому I'm american. I concur.
  • Cliff Riley
    Cliff Riley 1 рік тому Mugan try watching Canadian comedy. We never strayed to far from the nest when we became a country. Our humor has British overtones. And Ryan Gosling had Russell Crowe peeing his pants with his humor....
  • LorentzNic
    LorentzNic 1 рік тому Like 1000x better
  • Acnologia TheGod
    Acnologia TheGod 1 рік тому belgian beer no just stop
  • Pee B Bee
    Pee B Bee 1 рік тому Not Ellen😕
  • GG getting creative
    GG getting creative 1 рік тому Yep
  • Ryan Black
    Ryan Black 1 рік тому @brmbkl2015 scared to be found here? Nigga they rushing to be here.
  • xjellybeans x
    xjellybeans x 1 рік тому Agree: except James Corden. His is exceptional!
  • Don Toine
    Don Toine 1 рік тому Woah woah woah woah.... maybe, but woah woah there. Be more specific please, there's plenty of amazing shows... well there were plenty of amazing shows.
  • Sherry Decker
    Sherry Decker 1 рік тому @Fart Knocker geography, Canada is a part of the Americas. Therefore, being a part of the Americas makes everyone from North America to South America, American. The US just hijack the word.
  • DinoThunderlung
    DinoThunderlung 1 рік тому @Sherry Decker To be fair, the US 'hijacks' the word because "US" is short for USA. Which is United States of America. We have "America" in our name! Of course, I'm not saying this gives us the right to steal the title of "American" like a spoiled brat in grade school, but that is why it happens!
  • Jake Riley
    Jake Riley 1 рік тому Well there's the Late Late Show with James Cordon but he's English.
  • Danny Anderson
    Danny Anderson 1 рік тому @Fart Knocker I think he means "American" in the classical sense of being from the continent of North America. Y'know, really clever like.
  • music loversaxgirl
    music loversaxgirl 1 рік тому @Football&Hoops North Americans yeah. But Canadian.
  • HouseMDaddict
    HouseMDaddict 11 місяців тому Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn't
  • Daniel Crowe
    Daniel Crowe 10 місяців тому Only an Irishman could provide what Graham does. Our humour is and sensibilities are different to any other.
  • 21stcenturyenigma
    21stcenturyenigma 10 місяців тому Mmm not true at all since most American shows are the ones being watched world wide on satellite.
  • 21stcenturyenigma
    21stcenturyenigma 10 місяців тому @Matt M Sorry Canadians aren't Americans but they and Americans are both North Americans .
    ADAM STEELE 10 місяців тому Simon Ericsson : It looks like you're taking out of your Uranus (it's actually a true statement).
  • Lucy Atkinson
    Lucy Atkinson 9 місяців тому what about her? her show sux hard
  • Jelley
    Jelley 9 місяців тому Definitely better than any American talk show that's for sure. I'll take Norton over of the USA late night hosts every time. And I'm American
  • Yahaira Kuiperi
    Yahaira Kuiperi 8 місяців тому Agreed
  • Billy Beane
    Billy Beane 8 місяців тому @muja MR really? Ellen?
  • Billy Beane
    Billy Beane 8 місяців тому @Ctwo First keep trying to convince yourself there bud...
  • Billy Beane
    Billy Beane 8 місяців тому @DontEvenTry that I'll agree with. Since Conan got booted and Jay and Dave retired U.S. (didnt say American) talk shows have turned to shite
  • Billy Beane
    Billy Beane 8 місяців тому @Summit X compared to the mentally unstable asshat running canada???
  • Murrraaayyyyyy
    Murrraaayyyyyy 7 місяців тому Yes because they invite all the big stars on 1 show. American shows only have 1 celeb on 1 show
  • Shon Allen
    Shon Allen 7 місяців тому @Gettatown Watch the old school Arsenio Hall show, back in the 90's.
  • Gettatown
    Gettatown 7 місяців тому @Shon Allen Him and Letterman were great, but I was referring to modern American talk show
  • Misheel Bayasgalan
    Misheel Bayasgalan 7 місяців тому james Corden is pretty good
  • GenericUsername
    GenericUsername 7 місяців тому 1 simple reason=very little political bullshit shoehorned in cough Jimmy Fallon cough Jon Oliver cough
  • Tommy2shoe811
    Tommy2shoe811 6 місяців тому belgian beer ya can’t compare this to a good porn
    LEVI OLIVER 5 місяців тому @Football&Hoops
  • Darin Kaintz
    Darin Kaintz 5 місяців тому True
  • Walrus Latte
    Walrus Latte 5 місяців тому @DinoThunderlung we didn't steal it. Stealing implies someone else wanted it. Our neighbors do. not. care.
  • sean smith
    sean smith 5 місяців тому Apparently everyone has forgotten about Craig Ferguson
  • Mr. Whiskers
    Mr. Whiskers 5 місяців тому Not to come to American talk shows defense (because they are bad these days), but this talk show is better than any other talk show on the globe.
  • LRakelle AK
    LRakelle AK 4 місяці тому all the British liking 😂
  • Tis Thefool
    Tis Thefool 4 місяці тому @sean smith I didn't even know about him till recently. already agree with you.
  • kaiser der variante
    kaiser der variante 3 місяці тому @V.I.P Slayer conan is good too
  • aSAD Hollow
    aSAD Hollow 3 місяці тому Colbert /Conan/Ellen
  • Manni-
    Manni- 3 місяці тому Mainly due to the number of celebrities on an episode. A few good late night 1 on 1 shows in the US that compete
  • Lovisa Maanmies
    Lovisa Maanmies 2 місяці тому Obviously.
  • Meri B
    Meri B 2 місяці тому muja MR omg how dare you ? 😩
  • David Joyce
    David Joyce 1 місяць тому Fart Knocker you are a US American. Canadians are Americans too. They live in North America. A US American saying Canadian Americans aren't American is like a South African saying an Egyptian isn't African. Makes literally no sense at all. You guys suck at geography
  • smiley satanson
    smiley satanson 1 місяць тому yeah tou dont feel that false laugh like on jimmy fallon you get a guy thats sassy and talks back in a joking way to them
  • chitownlokito
    chitownlokito 1 місяць тому Fart Knocker Canadians are not Americans? Get this.. America is a continent so any one living in the American Continent is American. That includes Mexico. Which these 3 countries are in North America.
  • Shanshan HE
    Shanshan HE 1 місяць тому @V.I.P Slayer oh god, Graham is so much more pleasant to look at.
  • brandon lantier
    brandon lantier 1 місяць тому @Jelley Now yes but best ever was Craigy Ferg hands down
  • Jelley
    Jelley 1 місяць тому @brandon lantier you know what. I might agree with you there. I miss Ferguson. But also. I absolutely love conan.
  • SP3CTRA StarShooter
    SP3CTRA StarShooter 1 рік тому The amount of charm on that couch is beyond
  • Youtube C Gamer
    Youtube C Gamer 6 місяців тому tobey jones??
  • Noah Blakemanツ
    Noah Blakemanツ 4 місяці тому @Youtube C Gamer has charm
  • AndЯew
    AndЯew 1 рік тому How was Catherine Zeta Jones never a bond girl it's beyond me
  • Andrew Perry
    Andrew Perry 1 рік тому AndЯew Would've been perfect...
  • Bobby Retro
    Bobby Retro 1 рік тому AndЯew as beautiful as she is, she really can’t act.
  • SJW Destroyer
    SJW Destroyer 1 рік тому Why would she stoop so low by playing a bond girl?
  • Lessli Silverman
    Lessli Silverman 1 рік тому Are you serious?
  • Rudolph Rudolph
    Rudolph Rudolph 1 рік тому @SJW Destroyer Someone with the name, "SJW Destroyer" suddenly care how women are portrayed? I figured you'd say something like, "Yes! I love tits! And when women don't have much dialogue in films! Just show tits and ass, and that's all of women we need to see!"
  • Shiori Stapleton
    Shiori Stapleton 1 рік тому Tbh, I think theres no need
  • Areyousaying idontknowmyname
    Areyousaying idontknowmyname 1 рік тому Since you pointed this out i could actually imagine her as a actual bond villain or a female bond / agent.
  • MrChannelforwatching
    MrChannelforwatching 1 рік тому AndЯew She was Michael Scott's dead wife in Threat Level Midnight so that's something at least
  • Dan Pilapil
    Dan Pilapil 1 рік тому @Kandice M well she could perhaps play a role like Olga Whatsherlastname in Quantum of Solace, or like the last Bond girl in Spectre (whatshernameagain). They got to play key roles and not just love making scenes with 007
  • Dan Pilapil
    Dan Pilapil 11 місяців тому @EasternBloke I was referring to the french woman. The one Bond saved in the mountains? The one he made love with inside the train after they've disposed of Batista? The woman he's with almost the entire freaking movie and not just the funeral scene? LEL
  • Mykahl Summers
    Mykahl Summers 9 місяців тому While she is definitely gorgeous enough to do that, she’s a trained dancer and singer who also acts AND is gorgeous. Throwing her in a sexy dress and putting her in a bond movie would be a waste of her talents.. mind you the women in Bond Movies lately have been a lot more badass and don’t seem to just be there for eye candy anymore. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe it would be cool if she was like SUPER badass and was shoulder to shoulder with Bond instead of second lead.. she’s too much of a matriarch to be in the background!
  • Mykahl Summers
    Mykahl Summers 9 місяців тому (змінено) Areyousaying idontknowmyname EXACTLY. She’d have to be in a role that was just as tight as Bond’s. THAT I would wanna watch!
  • Yahaira Kuiperi
    Yahaira Kuiperi 8 місяців тому She should be!
  • SaltyBoi UWU
    SaltyBoi UWU 6 місяців тому @MrChannelforwatching you mean Michael Scarn, right?
  • MrChannelforwatching
    MrChannelforwatching 6 місяців тому @SaltyBoi UWU Oh god how could I make this mistake?
  • Just Awake
    Just Awake 5 місяців тому I honestly just assumed she would have been one.
  • OMGclueless
    OMGclueless 4 місяці тому Once she made Entrapment with Sean Connery, making her a bond girl would have just seemed like a cheap trick.
  • Willa-jane's opinion
    Willa-jane's opinion 2 місяці тому She's definitely Stunning! One of my favourite Hollywood woman
  • Moutaz Ibrahim
    Moutaz Ibrahim 2 місяці тому @Bobby Retro have you watched Zoro ????
  • Janica Agpaoa
    Janica Agpaoa 1 місяць тому @OMGclueless I love entrapment omg
  • Matt Rempel
    Matt Rempel 1 рік тому "And of course Ryan married beautiful Blake, sexiest man in the world." "Oh ya she is the sexiest man in the world"
  • ricardo soto
    ricardo soto 2 місяці тому Now I get Deapools International Women´s Day reference!!!
  • Jimin's Whitening Soap
    Jimin's Whitening Soap 1 місяць тому 😂😂
  • The Indoor Kites
    The Indoor Kites 1 рік тому I loved that when Graham asked why he had just got married even though they were together for 26 years, he immediately followed with “sorry, this is none of my business, it’s just interesting.” It was a very cute and gentleman way of saying it. He has my respect over all those prying annoying hosts.
  • Ema Oulhissane
    Ema Oulhissane 5 днів тому The Indoor Kites because usually he doesn't ask personal questions. Such a great host
  • Amelia B
    Amelia B 2 роки тому Kathrine: "awww there's something wonderful about that..." Graham: "...and moronic."
  • R R
    R R 1 рік тому L. Anna no bitch
  • Fathiya Rahmani
    Fathiya Rahmani 1 день тому Men and women perspective in a nutshell 😂😂
  • Ashiee D
    Ashiee D 2 роки тому together 26, married 1 hahahahaha
  • the girl in question
    the girl in question 1 рік тому goals
  • Hewo random person behind the screen :3
    Hewo random person behind the screen :3 11 місяців тому And sadly, probably the beginning of their relationships demise 😕
  • OldBoy
    OldBoy 11 місяців тому u know, just making sure she's the one
  • deeznuts Yayyayyaya
    deeznuts Yayyayyaya 7 місяців тому @OldBoy bwhhahahah whilst seeing and fucking other women
  • James Grey
    James Grey 7 місяців тому @deeznuts Yayyayyaya you're an idiot! Not all men are cheating dogs.
    CALEB JACOBS 1 рік тому Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds should do a movie together just like Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson did in the hitman's bodyguard.
  • Keisha Hall
    Keisha Hall 5 місяців тому (змінено) Ageed. That was a great movie.
  • founditnow54
    founditnow54 1 місяць тому I love that movie
  • Jordan Sullivan
    Jordan Sullivan 1 рік тому I love that Graham gives the guests such great material to work with. Celebrity interviewers like Jimmy Fallon etc. always seem to create such an unnatural and forced environment where celebrities answer really uninteresting questions. People love stories, and that's what I like about this show :)
  • Myat Htoo
    Myat Htoo 1 рік тому u should watch Craig Ferguson...
  • Edeinawc
    Edeinawc 1 рік тому Craig Ferguson is pure bliss. Of course, a scot, not very fitting with the regular USA talk show format.
  • nick amador
    nick amador 1 рік тому WELL PUT :}
  • Lessli Silverman
    Lessli Silverman 1 рік тому Yup, Craig was really good too.
  • xjellybeans x
    xjellybeans x 1 рік тому Agree
  • cy park
    cy park 1 рік тому They should learn from korean variety shows
  • Tyrant Lizard King
    Tyrant Lizard King 1 рік тому I was watching this and just going "This is so much better than American Talk Shows" lol
  • Darius Assogba
    Darius Assogba 10 місяців тому true
  • Mykahl Summers
    Mykahl Summers 9 місяців тому Whaaaat? I mean I love this show but Jimmy Fallon is awesome in his own ridiculous ways. He’s got a charm about him that’s pretty unmatched I think; he’s adorable! I always have fun watching those interviews. But again, really love this show too. I love that all the guests are interactive and it’s not just a 5 minute spot for each of them. It seems like the back and forth is welcomed and he often has people on the show that have worked together before so they already know each other and have a natural chemistry etc. It’s definitely well put together 😊
  • Wax Santiago
    Wax Santiago 6 місяців тому Obviously they research about their guests.
  • Philip Roa
    Philip Roa 4 місяці тому It also helps that he gets them liquored up.
  • jayvee vicente
    jayvee vicente 4 місяці тому Thats why this show isnt everyday...
  • doubleT84
    doubleT84 3 місяці тому Will and Ryan should do interviews with Sean Evans, though ...
  • Steve Mazz
    Steve Mazz 3 місяці тому johnny Carson was the best talk show host in history.... HE made "almost" every guest the center of attention, the most important person in the world for 7 minutes. Best straight man ever.
  • James Edwards-Marche
    James Edwards-Marche 1 рік тому (змінено) 11:08 Will - "As my grandmother said, that's the only thing that can come out of it..." Graham - "Wise man!" Will - "......"
  • David Linn
    David Linn 11 місяців тому i was hoping someone caught that!
  • Yemima Hutapea
    Yemima Hutapea 11 місяців тому Hahahah
  • liam.summers01
    liam.summers01 11 місяців тому Same 🤣
  • fujokingg
    fujokingg 11 місяців тому I thought I just heard it wrong. How embarrassing 😂😂 and Will is like "hm".
  • Cat C.G
    Cat C.G 11 місяців тому i heard "ma'am" (?)
  • lyndsey chesham
    lyndsey chesham 10 місяців тому I think he was calling Will a wise man?
  • Christian Rhymes
    Christian Rhymes 10 місяців тому actually if you listen he finishes with "Wise man... wise man WILL SMITH" ... he's not calling his Grandma a wise man, he's calling Will a wise man
  • Bradley James
    Bradley James 7 місяців тому @Christian Rhymes not even close.. he was starting a new sentence with "Will Smith".. he clearly was half listening or maybe heard Grandfather instead of Grandmother, and just jumped to his response. Either way, awkward to correct on live tv.
  • Refat Rabadi
    Refat Rabadi 6 місяців тому Wise man for taking his grandma's advice
  • Shahooda Al_Qurashi
    Shahooda Al_Qurashi 6 місяців тому Refat Rabadi people are not sharp enough these days
  • i1mz
    i1mz 6 місяців тому Cat C.G we don’t say “ma’am” in the UK 🤣
  • Casioo24
    Casioo24 5 місяців тому @i1mz what do you say?
  • nobody ever
    nobody ever 1 місяць тому @Casioo24 we actually do
  • Bart Kicktown
    Bart Kicktown 1 рік тому I want Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds in a movie together so bad. They're like the Canadian and American versions of the same person. Make it happen, Hollywood, I'm waiting. Break the production studio barrier and give us a Deadshot/Deadpool crossover.
  • TheMGhandi
    TheMGhandi 1 рік тому I think we all prefer Hancock cuz he's the closest thing to a black superman we'll ever get.
  • Megan McAlexander
    Megan McAlexander 1 рік тому I don't think any production company could afford them both in one movie
  • TheEthanEdge
    TheEthanEdge 11 місяців тому @TheMGhandi earth 23 superman was black.
  • Yahaira Kuiperi
    Yahaira Kuiperi 8 місяців тому You know Deadpool would fix Suicide Squad 2 QUICKKKKK
  • Paladium
    Paladium 8 місяців тому Yeeees
  • Dakota Tenhet
    Dakota Tenhet 7 місяців тому The fresh prince of Quebec
  • Jay El
    Jay El 6 місяців тому Will isn't Deadshot anymore.
  • Creven Devoss
    Creven Devoss 3 місяці тому I think I remember reading in one of the many Marvel/DC comics crossovers that deadpool was part of the suicide squad for a little bit
  • Josh Caudillo
    Josh Caudillo 1 місяць тому @Creven Devoss I think you mean Deathstroke. Marvel made Deadpool as a parody to Slade Wilson, which is why his name is Wade Wilson.
  • Creven Devoss
    Creven Devoss 1 місяць тому @Josh Caudillo I know deadpool is a parody of deathstroke but dc and Marvel did a crap ton of crossovers in the day I remember when a major dc villain darkseid threw away the infinity gauntlet like it was trash bc it didn't work in the DC universe I remember when Thor tried to appear normal by wearing glasses (back when Nick fury was still that white guy not Samuel l Jackson lol) and he bumped into Clark Kent and Lois Lane and I think in one of these many crossovers that deadpool trying to get in the pants of every suicide squad member that he tried to join them or did join them for a bit he figured he couldn't lose since he couldn't die and if he came close to dying he would get to see and continuing flirting with death so he saw it as a win win for him if I remember correctly
  • Joanie Linton
    Joanie Linton 2 роки тому Graham Norton should just present everything.... forever
  • Brennen Conlee
    Brennen Conlee 1 рік тому Agreed.
  • Ruvienna Nicolaas
    Ruvienna Nicolaas 11 місяців тому That would be amazing!!
  • Daniel Crowe
    Daniel Crowe 10 місяців тому Yeah
  • Bendik Haukdal
    Bendik Haukdal 1 рік тому Will and Ryan is a great bromance
  • Denisemilanifan
    Denisemilanifan 1 рік тому Forreal
  • Catherine Poirier
    Catherine Poirier 1 рік тому Ryan's "Sorry aboat that" timing was impecable 🇨🇦 😂
  • shooglechic
    shooglechic 1 рік тому I am in tears over that.
  • Sathya Priya
    Sathya Priya 11 місяців тому I didn't get it 🤔😐
  • Paulafan5
    Paulafan5 8 місяців тому Ryan trolling people with that fake over-the-top accent...
  • Margot
    Margot 5 місяців тому when
  • Lenalee Walker
    Lenalee Walker 1 рік тому wait...... he is dobby? my whole life was a lie
  • Scott A
    Scott A 1 рік тому Lenalee Walker Now THAT is a hilarious comment. Thanks for giving me a great laugh!
  • Walka_Of_Sauce_ 5
    Walka_Of_Sauce_ 5 1 рік тому @zac woah lol
  • The Birds
    The Birds 11 місяців тому Hahahaha 😁 😁😁
  • Cassandra Gidney
    Cassandra Gidney 6 місяців тому "And then about a year ago somebody leaked the footage..." whispered "Was it you?" Ryan's high pitched "Nooooooo."