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Скачать с ютуб Extreme Fastest Big Tree Stump Shredder Modern Technology. Tree Roots Stump Removal & Wood Chipper

Опубликовано: 25 нояб. 2018 г. 1 168 616 просмотров

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Big Tree Stump Shredder Modern Technology 2018 in action. Tree Roots Stump Removal & Wood Chipper Processor Intelligent Machine.

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  • Kenneth Hume
    Kenneth Hume 1 year ago The first shredder was making a right dog’s breakfast of the wood fed to it .
  • Richard Simpson
    Richard Simpson 10 months ago You got that right Kenneth!
  • george Matthews
    george Matthews 2 months ago they should buy a tub grinder much better than this under powered chipper
  • Russell Dawkins
    Russell Dawkins 9 months ago The one starting at 9:00 looked to be the best designed—the most effective—and it didn't slow down like most of the others, some of which looked marginally powered.
  • David Michael
    David Michael 2 months ago yeah, fer dead bodies!
  • Richard Simpson
    Richard Simpson 2 months ago @David Michael SOOO! Try it OUT, Please, Big Mouth!
  • David Michael Heavenly Music
    David Michael Heavenly Music 2 months ago @Richard SimpsonNO! You try it out...small mind!!
  • ACADMan
    ACADMan 9 months ago God bless men who shred things...and wimmin', too.
  • Baz Cuda
    Baz Cuda 3 months ago (edited) I feel an Ent moot coming on. "I've known many of these trees since they were saplings."
  • Todd Radunsky Photography
    Todd Radunsky Photography 4 months ago 10:20 = me eating my thanksgiving dinner 2019.
  • Live & Love
    Live & Love 1 year ago Last ones the best second to last WASTE of time.
  • Richard Simpson
    Richard Simpson 1 year ago They're ALL a waste of time!
  • Daver G
    Daver G 1 year ago When I was in high school I worked in a mill,and they had this thing called "The Hog" and you could run 2 foot thick trees through it,it'd tear a 10 ft log in a couple seconds into little pieces. The electric motor running it was about 8 feet in diameter and very wide.
  • Joe Arnaz
    Joe Arnaz 3 months ago Daver G girthy
  • Paul Hollier
    Paul Hollier 6 months ago "Trees to toothpicks, while you wait!"
  • Eastern Cowboy
    Eastern Cowboy 10 months ago Some of that was great firewood put through the chippers.
  • Just Steve
    Just Steve 5 months ago The inability to focus on anything else worthwhile brought me here.
  • Davey Jones
    Davey Jones 1 year ago (edited) GOOD? Yes. But "Fastest"?? I don't think so....
  • Elaine Jones
    Elaine Jones 2 months ago That first one certainly was
  • ross m
    ross m 1 year ago Some of the shredders appear to be a bit under powered
  • epistte
    epistte 9 months ago They are overfeeding them and then they bind up. They probably run fine at the proper feed rate.
  • Richard Simpson
    Richard Simpson 2 months ago @epistte FEED RATE has little to do with it! The POWER of the CHIPPER DOES!!
  • epistte
    epistte 2 months ago @Richard Simpson The chipper doesn't have unlimited power, so the feed rate is designed to work together with the chipper at a proper feed rate, especially at a high volume or very dense wood. If they increase the feed rate more than the chipper can handle and the machine bogs down because the chipper cannot keep up. The system must be in balance.
  • JB PJr
    JB PJr 1 year ago That second one seemed to bind up when it got a little too much dirt.
  • frankpinmtl
    frankpinmtl 4 months ago You know there are some woodworking guys out there, watching this video, shedding a tear and saying: "You know how many nice living slab table tops I coulda made outta that???"
  • Bert van der Kooij
    Bert van der Kooij 1 year ago Extreme fast ????
  • Richard Simpson
    Richard Simpson 10 months ago NOPE! That's for sure!
  • Richard Simpson
    Richard Simpson 10 months ago (edited) That first one knows how to EAT'EM! Up & Spit them Out! It even made it on there TWICE Again at 9:00! Way to go CHAMP!
  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 2 months ago Want to see a chipper? IP in Ticonderoga has a couple, if my memory serves me they can eat an 8ft x 24in log in 1.2 seconds and yes a guy did fall into one.
  • Hugh Thomas
    Hugh Thomas 2 months ago (edited) 0:18 Jimmy Hoffa
  • Thetreetroll
    Thetreetroll 3 months ago if we used something like this for state executions I bet there would be less crime.
  • Josephine Bennington
    Josephine Bennington 2 months ago I can them screaming in agony.