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Скачать с ютуб Loading The Old Freightliner - The Hard Way

Опубликовано: 13 нояб. 2013 г. 7 994 748 просмотров

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It's all fun and games 'til someone loses a fuel tank. I don't know if this truck had locking diff's or if they were just not able to engage them, but having the rear axles locked-up probably would've saved a lot of headaches this day. I don't know if this truck rolled to the show on this trailer or not, but it looks to me, had everything gone smoothly, that it would've scraped the tanks on the transition from the ramp to the deck anyway. Luckily the bad decision to charge the ramp when there are literally just inches of room for error didn't prove fatal to the driver or that cool old 1971 White/Freightliner cab-over. One smart decision was made there though, notice how the nice polished reefer was moved forward out of the danger zone before all the real drama started. Shot at Truckin' For Kids in Irwindale, California on Sunday October 6th, 2013.

  • Red Fredrickson
    Red Fredrickson 5 years ago I have never seen so much stupid in one place before !
  • maurizio ballini
    maurizio ballini 1 year ago Red Fredrickson ma perché a retro marcia no?
  • Remington Steel
    Remington Steel 1 year ago Red Fredrickson that’s exactly what I was going to say.... wow!
  • Remington Steel
    Remington Steel 1 year ago Red Fredrickson they have absolutely no clue about anything in the way of how that truck works.
  • robert traylor
    robert traylor 1 year ago i agree stupid and stupider
  • Mr. Noodle
    Mr. Noodle 1 year ago You ever been to america?
  • The kens Gladiador
    The kens Gladiador 1 year ago Cuánto pendejo jaja
  • Red Eye
    Red Eye 1 year ago Red Fredrickson you can't fix stupidity but you can num it with a 2x4.
  • Dave Stratton
    Dave Stratton 1 year ago Some people's kids.
  • RJ 1999
    RJ 1999 1 year ago Never been to the Democratic national convention then have you
  • A Vida é uma Viagem
    A Vida é uma Viagem 1 year ago Kkkk
  • Esteban Navarrete
    Esteban Navarrete 11 months ago Red Fredrickson
  • Phil Z
    Phil Z 11 months ago Dumbasses do what dumbasses do
  • Josh Stitzinger
    Josh Stitzinger 11 months ago Just noob....hahahahahaha....
  • Robert Rowland
    Robert Rowland 10 months ago Absolutely an over abundance of SHTUPID on display here.
  • Dr. Westside
    Dr. Westside 10 months ago Turn on C-SPAN .
  • Michael Langdon
    Michael Langdon 10 months ago They should just drive that truck home ON the road just like it’s built to do. Trying to load a big truck like that is asking for trouble.
  • Ricky Landry
    Ricky Landry 10 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • 2675gordo
    2675gordo 10 months ago Just open ur eyes at ur family reunion! Haha that was toooo easy.
  • school bus driver love kids
    school bus driver love kids 10 months ago In my opinion I seriously think the truck didn't have no insurance on it number to the using wrong kind of ramps to load that kind of truck they needed the ramps that had traction tracks on them.
  • Speedo Lover
    Speedo Lover 10 months ago Fuck throw it in reverse
  • KFStreich
    KFStreich 9 months ago Red, try reading YouTube comments, stupid hangs out there quite often
  • Yriy Gurkovsky
    Yriy Gurkovsky 9 months ago Idiots
  • raw gamer 1117
    raw gamer 1117 9 months ago agreed
  • aldin jhonson
    aldin jhonson 9 months ago 😁😁😁
  • Adam Franklin
    Adam Franklin 9 months ago Bingo
  • Adrian Tomlin
    Adrian Tomlin 9 months ago @Remington Steel Exactly fuckin rookies. Dismantling a perfectly good piece of American trucking history!! Dumbasses!!
  • Adrian Tomlin
    Adrian Tomlin 9 months ago @Red Eye Right on red!!! Lol!! Or something bigger like 4 x 4!!!
  • Adrian Tomlin
    Adrian Tomlin 9 months ago @Michael Langdon I totally agree with ya. They probably don't even have a fricken CDL!!
  • Adrian Tomlin
    Adrian Tomlin 9 months ago @Speedo Lover Amen bro!!
  • Adrian Tomlin
    Adrian Tomlin 9 months ago @KFStreich KF Streich that ain't no shit!!!!
  • Donald Bartram
    Donald Bartram 8 months ago For sure...!
  • Donald Bartram
    Donald Bartram 8 months ago They should stick to picking avocados they already have the hats for it
  • บอย กะ เบน
    บอย กะ เบน 7 months ago Red Fredrickson very much stupid in the world any one not done
  • Thomas Man
    Thomas Man 6 months ago Herdsman goats!
  • Earl BLACKJACK Martin Jr
    Earl BLACKJACK Martin Jr 6 months ago Hee heee. Ah haaa. Who the heck is that bunch. Looks like invasion of the ant people from planet mock mock quinum. I could have saved them alot of agony. Me an uncle crambone could work that one out, good grief. Thats what ya call fee fi fo fum an 2 makes 5.
  • david thurman
    david thurman 6 months ago You could tell that was a shit show smmfh
  • Anca Bordianu
    Anca Bordianu 6 months ago robert traylor 5
  • Bill Dougan
    Bill Dougan 6 months ago They could only find videos, on loading it the 'wrong' way. 🤦
  • jose guzman
    jose guzman 6 months ago Is you first time you see 🤣😂🤣😂
  • Shogunate Pena
    Shogunate Pena 6 months ago @Donald Bartram I thought only punk kids talked shit on these message boards.
  • David Caskey
    David Caskey 6 months ago If one of them guys would have had a match they wouldn't have to worry bout what to do with the fuel in the tank lol
  • Emerson Carlos
    Emerson Carlos 6 months ago hueheuheueheuheuhuhheuheuheuheuhueheuehueheuh
  • Paťa Kovář
    Paťa Kovář 5 months ago @Red Eye this is 6x4 so they must went backwards.
  • Bobby Tucker
    Bobby Tucker 5 months ago @RJ 1999 You nailed that one, dude! Lmmfao!!
  • bill p
    bill p 5 months ago notice the color
  • Terence Harry
    Terence Harry 5 months ago Couldn't have said it better
  • Abdul Haris Zakaria
    Abdul Haris Zakaria 5 months ago Agreed
  • Александр Александров
    Александр Александров 5 months ago @robert traylor With his brains, only the rink to drive who put him behind the wheel! It was possible to immediately roll a loader onto the trailer and everything would be in order.
  • April Brooks
    April Brooks 4 months ago Why just drive it home?
    ANTÔNIO ALVES OFICIAL 4 months ago Inscreva-se no meu canal
  • jsarkozy
    jsarkozy 2 months ago totally agree...this is what I would call a Moron Convention...absolutely frightening...wonder how people this stupid can survive in this world??!?!?...some people should not be allowed to go outside. and, yes, the other comments about condoms?...bang on correct.
  • April Brooks
    April Brooks 2 months ago Here's Another Thing? I Hope They Don't Let Or Got That Mothafucka Behind The Wheel Of That Truck To Drive Semi Trucks? Cuz He Doesn't Know What The Hell He's Doing With The One He's Behind The Wheel Of? But If They Do? I Feel Bad For The Ones Who Got To Drive Beside That Mothafucka in Their Cars And Shit? Especially The Ones On Motorcycles? Cuz They're More at Risk With That Mothafucka Behind The Wheel Of A Semi Truck? And Not Only That? All Of Us Got To Worry Too? Cuz If That Mothafucka Drive Trucks? He Could Be Hauling Sum ⚠️☠️Hazardous☠️⚠️ Chemicals? Or Sum Shit Like That? And That Ain't Gonna to Nothing Funny At All? if He Has A Wreck? Or Some Shit Like That With Those Type Of Chemicals He Could Be Hauling? Cuz It's Gonna To A Whole Lot Of People Dead? If Not Fucked Up For Life? Especially That Live Close To The Crash Scene? If Something Like That Dose Happens?
  • April Brooks
    April Brooks 2 months ago @Remington Steel Mane You Should See My Comment Of What I Have Said?
  • Chris Adams
    Chris Adams 2 months ago Everyone there needs help all had to is back on the trailer omg smh
  • Chris Adams
    Chris Adams 2 months ago Or lock the back axle in
  • Chris Adams
    Chris Adams 2 months ago Dummy could push it with the lift
  • Melad Henes
    Melad Henes 2 months ago how come where are from
  • Ryan Alloway
    Ryan Alloway 2 months ago You are so right man who is this moron
  • Linh Linh
    Linh Linh 1 month ago ..
  • -Ryano- Ryan
    -Ryano- Ryan 1 month ago Red Fredrickson just truckers havin fun
  • evan m
    evan m 1 month ago Thank you. Have a great day. You sir have best come to of the day
  • evan m
    evan m 1 month ago Mr. Noodle calm down.
  • evan m
    evan m 1 month ago The kens Gladiador claro. Y por eso no nos quieren aquí. Por pendejos. Pero esos son del barrio.
  • -Ryano- Ryan
    -Ryano- Ryan 1 month ago KFStreich welcome to the stupid club shhhhh don’t tell anybody it’s got to be kept top secret
  • -Ryano- Ryan
    -Ryano- Ryan 1 month ago school bus driver love kids doesn’t matter how much traction you got if wheels ain’t touching they ain’t grabbin Longer ramps
  • Оле Г
    Оле Г 1 month ago Резина у него лысая.
  • kritsos
    kritsos 3 weeks ago me too !!
  • Russell Metzger
    Russell Metzger 3 weeks ago I have. At Universities
  • محمد الكرعاوي
    محمد الكرعاوي 2 weeks ago ثقل الطابوقه جواهر ابو جواهر
  • gary scandle
    gary scandle 2 weeks ago Yes you have you just watched it
  • Joseph Deffendoll
    Joseph Deffendoll 6 months ago Using condoms would have prevented all of this.
  • Pedro trucao Araujo
    Pedro trucao Araujo 6 months ago Vai ser burro assim é só embarcar de ré seus cabeças de bagre
  • Carlson Maxwell
    Carlson Maxwell 6 months ago fuck😉😉😉😉
  • A Romero
    A Romero 6 months ago Fukn idiot behind the wheel
  • infinite lost
  • Alex Gray
    Alex Gray 5 months ago They did use condoms as breath mints, latex fresh gets them lady's every time
  • infinite lost
    infinite lost 5 months ago @Alex Gray AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAHHHAHHHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!
  • Melad Henes
    Melad Henes 2 months ago and more
  • cwlundy3
    cwlundy3 3 weeks ago lol
  • Joe DeMasters
    Joe DeMasters 3 weeks ago HAHAHAHAHA
  • Tailgunner Blue
    Tailgunner Blue 1 week ago I doubt it, there's no shortage of stupidity in this world!
  • wayne chernick
    wayne chernick 4 hours ago I laughed so hard. I couldn't believe stupidity wow!
  • Trucker 101102
    Trucker 101102 5 months ago A: put it in reverse and back it on B: Put it in a different gear and get more momentum C: find someone who knows what they’re doing
  • Raymon Cerda
    Raymon Cerda 5 months ago I was just about to say the same thing plus you couldn't pay me enough to stand in front of a truck coming at me like that this guys have a death wish
  • Blac Boi Que dawg
    Blac Boi Que dawg 4 months ago All the above
  • Medolino2009
    Medolino2009 4 months ago (edited) A.) would work for sure... how is it possible truck driver didn't stop trying after two tries... it was clear that differential of that truck was not made for this maneuver... it was hard to watch
  • Chinnoy Barrette
    Chinnoy Barrette 2 months ago A. Put it in reverse
  • April Brooks
    April Brooks 2 months ago Here What Gets Me? They Think Since That White Freightliner Has Got A Cummins Motor? Either A M11 Or N14 Cummins Motor? They Think Loading The Hard Way? Would Be Easy LOL LOL LOL 😁😁🤣😆😄😆😄 But Come To Find Out? That Wasn't The Right Option TSK TSK TSK😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
  • Shane Peart
    Shane Peart 2 months ago Same thing I am saying too put it in reverse
  • Melad Henes
    Melad Henes 2 months ago put less oil on tires they are so greasy
  • ryan webb
    ryan webb 1 month ago C
  • Michael Hatcher
    Michael Hatcher 1 month ago Exactly right
  • adjustable Hammer
    adjustable Hammer 1 month ago Reverse wouldn't work as the rear axle crests the Ridge it would lift up and spin the same way the front driving axle lifts going forward
  • Alex462047
    Alex462047 4 weeks ago (edited) Reverse wouldn't work because the forward drive axle will still come off the ground. It would have been better winched or pushed up the first bit. Bloody mutton-heads! P.S. They could find a forkie to rescue the stricken truck after the fact. They might have called him to give it a push to begin with.
  • isaac202023
    isaac202023 2 months ago 3:28 the best would have tried in reverse!
  • jay dirt
    jay dirt 2 months ago I was think the same thing
  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 6 months ago First time I've seen the 12 STOOGES load a truck !!! Pretty funny stuff !!! Not sure it's legal to have that much stupid in one place ...... wow.
  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 2 months ago Meh . It's Texas
  • MrPaw45
    MrPaw45 1 month ago @Random Dude Really? Info says it's California.
  • Isaiah Knott
    Isaiah Knott 1 week ago More like the 12 fukstix
  • Vo So
    Vo So 5 months ago They simply exceeded the concentration of idiots in this square.
  • Wientz
    Wientz 6 months ago If only they had a few more guys waving and gesturing, they might have wrecked the truck even sooner!
  • Blac Boi Que dawg
    Blac Boi Que dawg 4 months ago Lol
  • Bad Ron
    Bad Ron 6 months ago Also, pretty obvious the "driver"(?) had no idea what the lever marked "Interlock" was for.
  • Liam Murphy
    Liam Murphy 6 months ago locks the diffs but not the axles, still allows a wheel to spin.
  • juan perico de los palotes
    juan perico de los palotes 6 months ago Al bloquear los diferenciales, permite que el movimiento salga por ambas ruedas de aquel que esté en el suelo. No se arranca por el que está en el aire.
  • S D
    S D 2 months ago Bad Ron neither do i😂
  • Matt Stanford
    Matt Stanford 1 month ago I think he did have diff locks on, he just had f.a traction with no weight on drive. Reversing up or towing it up (like they did in the end) after the third try would've been the go.
  • Motorhead Maverick
    Motorhead Maverick 1 month ago They deserved it. Going cheap and not hiring an RGN trailer to move it. Dumb Ass.
  • juan perico de los palotes
    juan perico de los palotes 1 month ago (edited) En los camiones el bloqueador hace que ambos puentes tiren a la par. No es como el bloqueador de las máquinas que bloquea la rueda derecha y la izquierda para que giren a la par con la corona del diferencial. En este caso, si hubiera estado activado el bloqueador, como ambos ejes tienen ambas ruedas sobre piso firme, hubieran logrado subir ese camión a la plataforma. O bien el mecanismo estaba malo o el chofer andaba pasado de copas y no sabía activar esa función.
  • Mark Haynes
    Mark Haynes 1 week ago Motorhead Maverick yup but that’s the way trucking is going. It’s all cheap freight nowadays. And idiots like this just make it worse.
  • Elisa Ramírez
    Elisa Ramírez 1 day ago @Mark Haynes tjfhhyhhggggghgdgflkgyfkekkdkdolfifkkjfhhfnymdzodjfghdjfkgkuhgybuvfdngf juanita tjfhhyhhggggghgdgflkgyfkekkdkdolfifkkjfhhfnymdzodjfghdjfkgkuhgybuvfdngf Hfjhj😬🐆😑🐆🙏🙏🙏😳
  • Denton customs
    Denton customs 4 months ago 16 seconds in and I dont need to watch anymore lol. I know how this ends.
  • my name
    my name 2 months ago this.
  • TheScrappingJeahaha
    TheScrappingJeahaha 6 years ago the video should be titled watch some idiots destroying an old freightliner
  • FourwheelerArmin x
    FourwheelerArmin x 1 year ago No it shouldnt
  • Adrian Tomlin
    Adrian Tomlin 10 months ago @FourwheelerArmin x Yea it should!!!
  • Michael Langdon
    Michael Langdon 10 months ago I agree. It should be because some idiot doesn’t know how to load a truck onto a trailer and if it was me I would’ve just driven that truck home from the show.
  • FourwheelerArmin x
    FourwheelerArmin x 10 months ago They were trying to load it dickhead
  • Adrian Tomlin
    Adrian Tomlin 10 months ago @Michael Langdon Michael I totally agree!!!
  • husien jasem
    husien jasem 10 months ago Track frightliner is very good
  • Adrian Tomlin
    Adrian Tomlin 10 months ago @FourwheelerArmin x t They should not even own this old truck if they're that fricken stupid!!!!
  • Michael Langdon
    Michael Langdon 10 months ago FourwheelerArmin x well they were being stupid about it! Do you even know how to drive truck? No! And neither do these guys in the video! That guy in the truck deserves to have his ass run off for doing something that stupid like that! And honestly they should’ve just driven that truck home on a public road instead of trying to trailer it home! If I was his boss I would fire him before lunchtime! Simple as that! Think about the expense of having to order a new fuel tank! If they would just drive the truck on a public road then it would’ve saved them all the trouble and expensive damage!
    Mr SHAFIQUE 10 months ago Shame they damaged a beautiful truck
  • FourwheelerArmin x
    FourwheelerArmin x 10 months ago Michael Langdon how did they destroy it dickhead?
  • Ryder Randol
    Ryder Randol 6 months ago Yes
  • Danidu 213
    Danidu 213 6 months ago Andresandresafdresbndre de gghhhfgj456bg5g
  • beto berthold
    beto berthold 6 months ago That's why I say that at NASA there are only German engineers! because American only has money!
  • Lucas Leon
    Lucas Leon 6 months ago Michael Langdon I would charge the guy for damages and fire his ass.
  • Lucas Leon
    Lucas Leon 6 months ago Michael Langdon very nice truck btw
  • Luke Becker
    Luke Becker 5 months ago @Michael Langdon i would have done the same
  • asd asd
    asd asd 5 months ago 1 it's a truck show i think the driver is the owner. 2 it sounds impressive like a 2 stroke. If so it'd chew that much fuel it's not funny I'll think you'll find trailering it maybe a much cheaper option.
  • Satenik Sargsyan
    Satenik Sargsyan 5 months ago Aramena
    ANTÔNIO ALVES OFICIAL 4 months ago Inscreva-se no meu canal
  • my name
    my name 2 months ago they destroyed that poor girl smh.
  • Isaiah Knott
    Isaiah Knott 1 week ago @FourwheelerArmin x you're like 2 years old get the fuck off YouTube. Bitch
  • The Master Tanker
    The Master Tanker 6 days ago @FourwheelerArmin x those idiots didnt have a clue how to load it
  • The Master Tanker
    The Master Tanker 6 days ago @FourwheelerArmin x it literally landed on its axle that probably bent it a little and maybe even damaged the oil pan
  • Amc Abbott
    Amc Abbott 6 months ago should have just backed it on, but this was way more fun to watch.
  • Alex Ruzgus
    Alex Ruzgus 6 months ago Throw a piece of wood under the tire. That will always work!
  • SnarrDarr
    SnarrDarr 6 months ago So let me get this straight. The whole time, it could of been pulled with a chain, and a help with a forklift at the rear end, but instead, you guys just decided "Hey, lets try charging it up there a few times, even though it hasn't worked the first 2."
  • Lucas Leon
    Lucas Leon 6 months ago SnarrDarr lol right?
  • Thomas Katsoulakis
    Thomas Katsoulakis 6 months ago Band des cons,bien fait pour vôtre empty head.If they could buy a bit of intelligence........
  • Ivor Zulim
    Ivor Zulim 6 months ago "And this is kids, how you do not load vintage truck"
  • Dimas Boyka
    Dimas Boyka 1 month ago Ох и дибилы. На такой трейлер и на таком тягаче задом заезжать нужно.!)))))
  • Kubuś Prosiaczek
    Kubuś Prosiaczek 6 months ago Why not to Drive on to trailer on reverse? Much more torque on reverse and different angle. But You need A Brain to notice that.
  • Anton Hopfenreiter
    Anton Hopfenreiter 6 months ago My first thought!
  • DC PJ
    DC PJ 5 months ago My thought too
  • The Trucker Nelson Channel
    The Trucker Nelson Channel 4 months ago Kubuś Prosiaczek my thoughts exactly.
  • Eduardo Roxas
    Eduardo Roxas 4 months ago I think about it at first failed attempt
  • Melad Henes
    Melad Henes 2 months ago in reverse would make more disasters
  • S D
    S D 2 months ago Kubuś Prosiaczek wow I’m super stupid I never thought that😂
  • Azim AZ landscaping and snow removal inc
    Azim AZ landscaping and snow removal inc 1 month ago Not on trailer smartass.. going backwards nope
  • Mr D
    Mr D 6 months ago “History never dies” .... until you give it to these clowns
  • Николай Григорьев
    Николай Григорьев 6 months ago Дятлы! )))
  • Paradise Road
    Paradise Road 4 years ago ...definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result...
  • John Montoya
    John Montoya 10 months ago Morons ha
  • Adrian Chupp
    Adrian Chupp 10 months ago Aint no crap in that.
  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 6 months ago Apparently it works for OVERLY STUPID too !!!
  • Greg Allman
    Greg Allman 5 months ago The poor thing has been happily driving around for decades and then this. Love the sound of the engine.