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Скачать с ютуб TOP 10 | Incredible LIVE LOOPING ARTISTS in The Voice

Дата премьеры: 10 мар. 2020 г. 6 829 574 просмотра

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These talents are not just amazing singers, but they use their voices to make music with Live Looping!
What’s your favorite performance? Let us know in the comments below👇

🚨 This video features the following performances:
1. Sam Perry sings “When Doves Cry” by Prince (Australia, 2018)
2. MB14 sings “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio (France, 2016)
3. Joana Lisboa sings “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson (Portugal, 2018)
4. Amanda Braga Gomes Torrado sings “All The Things She Said” by t.A.T.u. (Germany, 2019)
5. Rudebeats sings “No Diggity” by Blackstreet (Netherlands, 2016)
6. Hannah Featherstone sings “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone (France, 2019)
7. Ірина Гросу sings “Royals” by Lorde (Ukraine, 2017)
8. Филипп Лебедев sings “Beggin’” by Madcon (Russia, 2019)
9. Jedd Wilson sings “Gangsta's Paradise” by Coolio (South-Africa, 2019)
10. Ерлан Баибазаров sings “Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man (Ukraine, 2020)

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  • Morgan
    Morgan 2 месяца назад French judges understood that he use looper on the second sound. But Portuguese judge says that they are 1 maybe 2 or 3 maybe 4 to sing rofl 😂
  • Morgan
    Morgan 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Ashley phillips I'm not saying that. Plus he is not great for you but can be great for another person😑
  • Manisha Jain
    Manisha Jain 2 месяца назад @Ashley phillips you're Portuguese. aren't you ?
  • Hopje
    Hopje 2 месяца назад @Ashley phillips dude how you don't know mb14
  • Miguel Azpur Guerra
    Miguel Azpur Guerra 2 месяца назад That was hilarius
  • Andrea C
    Andrea C 2 месяца назад Made me cry hahahha
  • Todd Jenkins
    Todd Jenkins 2 месяца назад He was saying how many loops, he knew what was going on.
  • skYP3dr0 #LTS
    skYP3dr0 #LTS 2 месяца назад @Ashley phillips mb14 is a legend
  • oules
    oules 2 месяца назад Why i understand u, man?
  • Timothe 2610
    Timothe 2610 2 месяца назад @Ashley phillips Salut je suis Francais et je l'ai eu dans mes recommendation
  • Timothe 2610
    Timothe 2610 2 месяца назад @Ashley phillips And shut-up : One french don't = all french
  • André das babes
    André das babes 2 месяца назад Manisha Jain why xenophobic?
  • Jamil Akkari
    Jamil Akkari 2 месяца назад But the one judge that did not turn did not know that he thought it was more than one person I watched it live
  • Nicole Magliozzi
    Nicole Magliozzi 2 месяца назад He instantly recognized when there was a new voice added and was able to hum each melody. That actually takes a lot of skill. Doesn’t really say much if he didn’t recognize it was all from a machine.
  • Peter Andrei Resurrected
    Peter Andrei Resurrected 2 месяца назад @Ashley phillips what are you talking about? MB14 is amazing.
  • Wartoz 35
    Wartoz 35 2 месяца назад Ty mb14 ❤️ 🇫🇷
  • alex ribeiro
    alex ribeiro 2 месяца назад (изменено) yup we portugueses are idiots so. portugueses? something like that
  • Poznański Skurvol
    Poznański Skurvol 1 месяц назад bcs portugise and greek are the stupidest ppl in EU
  • nico nico
    nico nico 1 месяц назад @Poznański Skurvol That totally free dude '-'
  • Kim Chu nin
    Kim Chu nin 1 месяц назад @Ashley phillips he's mb14 you don't know talent
  • Narcoseptic
    Narcoseptic 1 месяц назад because portugese is looping different voices while french one is clearly same voice she is changing her voice per loop
  • Nuno Cardoso
    Nuno Cardoso 1 месяц назад I'm portuguese and I fucking died laughing. Those judges have 0 talent and are the most musically retarded people on these shows. I'm kinda embarrassed but at the same time it's funny because the whole portuguese version of The Voice is so bad it's comedic
  • Henk Sjoerdson
    Henk Sjoerdson 1 месяц назад @Ashley phillips Mb14 legit one of the best in the scene better study up kech.
  • Miyona
    Miyona 1 месяц назад @Ashley phillips that french singer is not a singer he's a beatboxer so yes he's not that great in singing
  • datchad
    datchad 1 месяц назад @Ashley phillips It's free ;)
  • Sora
    Sora 1 месяц назад @Todd Jenkins lmao, no he didn't. That's why he was so surprised when he turned around.
  • Lan'Euel Santiago
    Lan'Euel Santiago 1 месяц назад @Ashley phillips What are you serious? Talk to Saro, Tioneb, MB14, Rythmind, Wawad, Beatness They are world looper champions HAHA
  • Lan'Euel Santiago
    Lan'Euel Santiago 1 месяц назад I'm not a french btw
  • Gonçalo Araújo
    Gonçalo Araújo 1 месяц назад cuz they r shit singers why do u think they r there we're only 10 million. The good ones need to do something ahahahah
  • Christopher Ramirez
    Christopher Ramirez 1 месяц назад @Ashley phillips lol you getting bullied
  • Ashley phillips
    Ashley phillips 1 месяц назад @Christopher Ramirez It is funny to watch lol bunch of simps ;)
  • Ashley phillips
    Ashley phillips 1 месяц назад @Christopher Ramirez bullied is an udnerstatement i feel insulted xD
  • Momo Vivi
    Momo Vivi 1 месяц назад Mb14❤️🇫🇷
  • Ervis Basha
    Ervis Basha 1 месяц назад Morgan je suis sur qu’ils savent même ce que c’est 😂 ?
    MD SHABAZ ANSARI 1 месяц назад Actually that particular looper used different sound of girl. So how can anyone judge so quickly thay are not different human
  • Nxlann
    Nxlann 1 месяц назад The French are the best, sorry for you c:
  • AkimmWouy
    AkimmWouy 1 месяц назад wasnt that great??? mb14 is a legend. even me from malaysia know him a legend beatbox.
  • Bernardo Fedranta
    Bernardo Fedranta 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Ashley phillips do you even don't know saro?
  • André das babes
    André das babes 3 недели назад @Poznański Skurvol 😑😐
  • Ludovic Philippe
    Ludovic Philippe 2 недели назад I'm french and i'm come here to defend Portuguese judges. First, we have the video, so we don't have to guess if it's one or more singer, and two, she don't use the loop station as a beat-boxer, she use it to simulate accapela vocals band ( check pow wow - le chat or Mr. Sandman - The Chordettes). So I think if the judges knows more vocals band than beatboxer, it's alright, the name show is The Voice by the way....
  • Moto Moto
    Moto Moto 2 недели назад @Hopje i discovered MB14 on swiss beatbox lol
  • Arakne G
    Arakne G 2 недели назад The best comment I've seen on youtube so far
    HHH HHH Неделю назад Hopje he sing like shit bro
  • TU TE CALMES oui
    TU TE CALMES oui Неделю назад On est là poto
  • Mange T’es morts
    Mange T’es morts Неделю назад Stop rage kid
  • timgie Hannover 96
    timgie Hannover 96 Неделю назад Spanisch
  • Jackson Alves
    Jackson Alves Неделю назад (изменено) So, in Brazil it is pleonasm to call Portuguese a donkey ..... Kkkkkkk Por isso no Brasil é pleonasmo português de burro..... Kkkkkkk
  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson 5 дней назад Sam Perry Smashes all of them.. no contest..
  • maiky silva
    maiky silva 2 дня назад A gente tenta não fazer piada com Portugal, mas eles insistem kkk
  • Hades Rios
    Hades Rios 21 час назад Melhor comentário. HAUhau
  • M40A3 KIB
    M40A3 KIB 2 месяца назад Do we talk about the low cost version of MB14 in the end ? --' dont try to copy the god !
  • Jordzyy
    Jordzyy 2 месяца назад He at least deserve one
  • Xygen
    Xygen 2 месяца назад Sure men 😁
  • MartellXXL
    MartellXXL 2 месяца назад And out of tempo lol.
  • 100 subs without a video?
    100 subs without a video? 2 месяца назад MB14 is a legend
  • Jad Hibri
    Jad Hibri 2 месяца назад
  • Virya Dika
    Virya Dika 2 месяца назад agreed
  • Sv
    Sv 2 месяца назад Just take a look what he does nowadays, thats soo old, like 4 years ago^^ I recommend really
  • Luca Corcione
    Luca Corcione 2 месяца назад Really.... you cant capy the god. Cheapest version of the last one
  • Anoniem
    Anoniem 2 месяца назад Dont copy MB14, cus you can't copy a god
  • Melissa Mayhaps
    Melissa Mayhaps 2 месяца назад I kinda feel bad at his face when no one turned but why would you go in with an exact copy? Even the normal song auditions aren't an exact copy most times.
    GENESIS 3 2 месяца назад Agreed
  • The Green Goblin
    The Green Goblin 1 месяц назад He didn't copy him :/
  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer 1 месяц назад D-low: aeeeingk aeeeeeiinnnggg ki aeeiinnnng
  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer 1 месяц назад D-low: aeeeingk aeeeeeiinnnggg ki aeeiinnnng
  • Iwa
    Iwa 1 месяц назад Y'all know MB14 didn't write gangsta paradise right? MB14 is way better true, but stop talking crap about people cuz you people got no talent except talking rubbish.
  • M40A3 KIB
    M40A3 KIB 1 месяц назад ​@Iwa hey tard, listen carrefully then and u will understand it's a fxcking copy. He tried to do exactly the same, the order of instrumentals, the vocolise etc etc. The difference is, one version is amazing, one is a poor copy.
  • Iwa
    Iwa 1 месяц назад What do you expect him to do? Play gangsta paradise in another genre? It's a cover, and even if it was indeed a copy; that doesn't make it "poor" nor bad. If copying it is so easy, let me get a look at your mighty skills, trashtalker boi. MB14 did a cover of gangsta paradise, and when he did no coolio fan was saying hurhur "poor copy". If you want so much to defend the people you admire, do so by supporting them, not by criticizing other people.
  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer 1 месяц назад For more comments watch how people die inside :)
  • ocean_man
    ocean_man 1 месяц назад Mb14 is our God just like the beatboxdr codfish 🤣
  • Jasvir Mahal
    Jasvir Mahal 1 месяц назад U r right
  • Vnatic _
    Vnatic _ 1 месяц назад saro is the best one
  • Habib K
    Habib K 2 недели назад (изменено) Not a god your crazy
  • Vincent Dumas
    Vincent Dumas 2 недели назад MB14 was the worst of this compilation. Sam Perry was way over everyone else.
  • Luis Jayanata
    Luis Jayanata 2 недели назад @Iwa A different arrangement at the VERY least, he copied the structure and sounds as M40A3 said, there are many ways to do arrange the song in a loopstation style but this guy decided to copy MB14 100%. MB14 made a cover which was clear because he was the first one to arrange it in the style of looping AND in this specific arrangement, this copying is basically like if 2 producers remixed a song and had the same sounds for the drops, same arrangement .etc which is blatantly copying.
  • Zreerag K N
    Zreerag K N 5 дней назад @Iwa understand the difference between copying something blatantly and covering a song, sure Gangsters Paradise isn't MB14's work...its obvious that it's a cover, but the processing done on the RC505 is an original style of looping by him... Ffs multiple people have done this exact song's cover on the loop, but everyone had a different approach to it rather than blatantly copying a routine structure by structure...that's why that guy was criticised, not because people thought it was MB14's song🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Mancy-san
    Mancy-san 2 дня назад @MartellXXL lol I was very confused so I kept counting, then I searched if someone other noticed
  • MAXWELLY oefner
    MAXWELLY oefner 2 дня назад he even copied the vocal scratch at the end. but MB14 did it better i guess
  • EmpatiX binImRagemode
    EmpatiX binImRagemode 2 дня назад When u order mb14 on wish 😂
  • Extravagance Gaming
    Extravagance Gaming 2 дня назад BERIWAMM
  • Elijah Clark
    Elijah Clark 3 недели назад Imagine Codfish was in the voice and all the crowd will be blown away.
  • DBR2108
    DBR2108 3 недели назад Yeah! Imagine Vocodah(Audical)
  • Zed Evil
    Zed Evil 3 недели назад Hahahhahahaha Saro ils best
  • travis bisaya ko hahahaha beatbox
    travis bisaya ko hahahaha beatbox 2 недели назад Hahaha imagine tomazacre
  • Under Piker
    Under Piker 2 недели назад True.
  • Therese Abis
    Therese Abis 2 недели назад How about the Mad Twinz 🤭
  • _Tipo -noni
    _Tipo -noni 2 недели назад Am with u bro that will be awesome
  • Liheg ._.
    Liheg ._. 2 недели назад Sbx / The Voice crossover XD
  • kapil Singh
    kapil Singh Неделю назад but just think of tom thum
  • matthew mosquera
    matthew mosquera Неделю назад (изменено) Then sing "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" or "No Diggity"...
  • • • • • • • • •
    • • • • • • • • Неделю назад His singing voice is kinda crap though. No range.
  • TheGamer 210
    TheGamer 210 Неделю назад Bro what about d-low
  • Micah Johnson
    Micah Johnson 6 дней назад YES THEY WOULD!! He is amazing!
  • Shion Fernandes
    Shion Fernandes 5 дней назад Autotune would just be like that's my job 😂
  • Pablo Tapia
    Pablo Tapia 4 дня назад D-Low....
    JULIANO JOSE 4 дня назад Hehe
  • Ray Ree
    Ray Ree 1 день назад u compare him to them lol ,he is one of the best beatboxer in the world 🤣
  • Eirik Sundal
    Eirik Sundal 1 день назад He hella overrated. Nocap
  • real. king
    real. king 6 часов назад Oh yes
  • EclipseTragg
    EclipseTragg 2 дня назад They would never let this on the voice america. its too augmented, too difficult to tell raw vocal talent.
  • Martomias
    Martomias 2 месяца назад (изменено) MB14 is in my opinion the best Looper with Saro Watch "Swissbeatbox"
  • Mr Hubs
    Mr Hubs 2 месяца назад I'm aggre with u
  • Night_Rose_94
    Night_Rose_94 2 месяца назад In my opinion, they are both overrated
  • mb 1
    mb 1 2 месяца назад @Night_Rose_94 so for u who's the best looper? You make no sense Ps:MB14 is the best in my opinion
  • guillaume perrin
    guillaume perrin 2 месяца назад Take a look on sxin 😉
  • _iMNL YT
    _iMNL YT 2 месяца назад Rhythmind,SO SO,NME?
  • _iMNL YT
    _iMNL YT 2 месяца назад @mb 1 Rhythmind? SO SO? NME?
  • Eren Kırkıl
    Eren Kırkıl 2 месяца назад u re right
  • Omoshiroi Senpai
    Omoshiroi Senpai 2 месяца назад French are so good at looping for ex. Saro, Rythmind, MB14, Beatness and ETC
  • Vuong Le
    Vuong Le 2 месяца назад Sung Hyun brez and also alexinho too
  • mb 1
    mb 1 2 месяца назад (изменено) @_iMNL YT i agree with u but the guy said that Mb14 and saro are overrated and that's totally wrong
  • _iMNL YT
    _iMNL YT 2 месяца назад @mb 1 bruh both of them are more experienced than todays loopers
  • mb 1
    mb 1 2 месяца назад @_iMNL YT exactly we can even say that they gave a great push to the loopstation society
  • 정석우
    정석우 2 месяца назад Inkie
  • Madnez
    Madnez 2 месяца назад Saro is a beast
    TGA GAMING 2 месяца назад MB14 All the way
  • Gêtoz
    Gêtoz 2 месяца назад Esh !
  • Fariz Izzaim
    Fariz Izzaim 2 месяца назад I think... Rythmind?
  • Umbu Rodi M. A Nani
    Umbu Rodi M. A Nani 2 месяца назад Saro is a legend, but i like mb14
    IWHOWASDATXD VAguero 2 месяца назад @_iMNL YT SO SO?😂 NME is the only one i can agree with
  • _iMNL YT
    _iMNL YT 2 месяца назад @IWHOWASDATXD VAguero it's my opinion busta
    IWHOWASDATXD VAguero 2 месяца назад @_iMNL YT fair enough
  • cuzsb cares
    cuzsb cares 2 месяца назад Thanks to his appearance in the voice i've discovered grand beatbox battle. Still my favourite looper!
    JOMAR DIAZ 2 месяца назад Mb14 is the best
  • そいまらに
    そいまらに 2 месяца назад @Night_Rose_94 lmao overated? Do u even watch sbx videos bro
  • Aleš Bárta
    Aleš Bárta 2 месяца назад Tom Thum and NME are best loopers for me.. and Inkie in his own strange way :)
  • Pro Music
    Pro Music 2 месяца назад Sxin is underrated af,watch his loops
    RAWBEAT LOOPS 2 месяца назад N M E
  • SaltyGamer 503
    SaltyGamer 503 2 месяца назад Yup i love both of them and yeah im already subed
    RIZAL GAMING 2 месяца назад Yes
  • Toijp
    Toijp 1 месяц назад I agree
  • triop
    triop 1 месяц назад Saro makes some sort of mainstream festival type of music, which everyone seems to love, me included but don't forget there are other loopers out there who play on his level like Rythmind and NME.
  • Mom Say No
    Mom Say No 1 месяц назад Martomias Inkie 🖕🏻
  • Sam Lakin
    Sam Lakin 1 месяц назад Martomias Inkie is underrated
  • Ridak Birgi
    Ridak Birgi 1 месяц назад U r right
  • Robot Gamer
    Robot Gamer 1 месяц назад Aggred
  • Anak So2
    Anak So2 1 месяц назад in my opinion is NME
  • kiritolightning
    kiritolightning 1 месяц назад nah dont compare anyone in the beatbox community are just god
  • Leonardo Kdz
    Leonardo Kdz 1 месяц назад Ver películas conlobiaba
  • Ghost Official Channel
    Ghost Official Channel 1 месяц назад Saro rythmind 😊
  • Rahmat Syarief
    Rahmat Syarief 1 месяц назад Yes ,me to
  • Roberto Ottaviani
    Roberto Ottaviani 1 месяц назад d low and codfish are amazing too
  • noit Mrj
    noit Mrj 1 месяц назад Saro my neighbor, when he started beatbox I ve congrats him, 2 year later world champion...
  • THe Beakillz BEATBOXER
    THe Beakillz BEATBOXER 1 месяц назад SOSO is best
  • Alsko
    Alsko 1 месяц назад c'est la France les meilleur !!
  • SeeWhyAt
    SeeWhyAt 1 месяц назад NMEs my favourite and I really like Rythmind and SoSo but MB14 is a much better singer and his musicality is on another level. And even one more above that and the reason he doesn’t compete anymore, SARO is untouchable in battles.
  • ᖫTjᖭ Veͥccͣhͫio
    ᖫTjᖭ Veͥccͣhͫio 1 месяц назад mhh, mb14, saro, rhytmind the best
  • Colin Newman
    Colin Newman 4 недели назад SO SO.
  • Kauê Rocha
    Kauê Rocha 3 недели назад @_iMNL YT they are really overrated, in my opinion the 2019 loopstaton battles were really bad
  • Kauê Rocha
    Kauê Rocha 3 недели назад @RAWBEAT LOOPS saro
  • F34liukikki
    F34liukikki 3 недели назад Gene Shinozaki is already an artist of the loopstation
  • Тот самый Тип
    Тот самый Тип 3 недели назад True
  • bx man
    bx man 3 недели назад Wtf you guys clearly dont watch enough bbx loop battle to ignore People like inkie nme tioneb rythmind or even balance
  • Méline_crp
    Méline_crp 3 недели назад 🇫🇷🇫🇷🔥✌️
  • İsmail Nördal
    İsmail Nördal 2 недели назад Saro, Ryhtmind, Inkie, Nme, MB14 for sure
  • Tyler Peacock
    Tyler Peacock 2 недели назад NME, Inkie, Saro, MB14, and Rythmind. Those are my tops. Hard to say who gets top though
  • 12345 67890
    12345 67890 2 недели назад Мв 14👍👍👍
  • Vince Adam Bertiz
    Vince Adam Bertiz 2 недели назад esh
  • •Narcavia•
    •Narcavia• 2 недели назад mb14 makes more sounds with the mouth, and Saro makes more sounds with the looping.
    ΣΑΙΚΟ Неделю назад @mb 1 They are both copies, they are both overated, both are talented but not Godlike in any-way.! Learn your history before making ignorant comments everybody: :) /watch?v=4GRt-LQzdbA
  • cake boh
    cake boh Неделю назад of course
  • Владимир С
    Владимир С 6 дней назад Saro is a God, but my heart likes MB14 better
  • Davis Choy
    Davis Choy 2 дня назад Maybe a good looper but my God his rap is trash
  • Kavish Garach
    Kavish Garach 1 месяц назад Mb 14 and Sam perry blong to Swiss beatbox community and they are the best
  • The_knacki
    The_knacki Неделю назад Exactement
  • Azailicy 123
    Azailicy 123 23 часа назад (изменено) loopstation artist goes on voice everybody presses button out of curiosity
  • Eduardo Silva Feitosa
    Eduardo Silva Feitosa 2 месяца назад Jedd Wilson got a great voice, but he is a "CTRL + C" by MB14.
  • -xlnt player
    -xlnt player 2 месяца назад Jedd is a bad parody of MB14
  • Eduardo Silva Feitosa
    Eduardo Silva Feitosa 2 месяца назад @-xlnt player The parody isn't good, I agreed it. But his voice is better.
  • -xlnt player
    -xlnt player 2 месяца назад @Eduardo Silva Feitosa man😂 you apparently have not heard about the possibilities of the MB voice, he does incredible things with his voice
  • Eduardo Silva Feitosa
    Eduardo Silva Feitosa 2 месяца назад @-xlnt player Yes, MB and Jedd, both ones got amazing voices, but when we listen about the estabilization and song notes, Jedd havr other beats.
  • Nicholas Antonius
    Nicholas Antonius 2 месяца назад @Eduardo Silva Feitosa Then you should heard more about MB14.
  • Eduardo Silva Feitosa
    Eduardo Silva Feitosa 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Nicholas Antonius I heard him enoughtly to know Jedd got a great voice. :)
  • Charlie_Freyja
    Charlie_Freyja 2 месяца назад Eduardo Silva Feitosa en largement moins bien. Notre MB est le meilleur
  • Eduardo Silva Feitosa
    Eduardo Silva Feitosa 2 месяца назад @Charlie_Freyja Aprenda a falar em inglês! Com toda certeza 'MB14 is the King' , mas na música "Gangsta's Paradise", a voz de Jedd foi bem mais estável e com menos falhas. MB14 falhou algumas vezes. Quando comparamos o loopstation, MB14 foi melhor
  • Just Jhxnny
    Just Jhxnny 2 месяца назад (изменено) Eduardo Silva Feitosa faea tchamau, pas fahua ta oe chalala. For me MB14 is more technical 😇
  • Eduardo Silva Feitosa
    Eduardo Silva Feitosa 2 месяца назад @Just Jhxnny Yes, MB14 is the King. And I loved when u used sound of "Dragon Ball Z".
  • NaKaKoS_
    NaKaKoS_ 2 месяца назад MB14 is a bad parody of saro
  • Just Jhxnny
    Just Jhxnny 2 месяца назад (изменено) Eduardo Silva Feitosa hah, have a nice day or night.
  • Yellow Pillow
    Yellow Pillow 2 месяца назад And his voice scratch is terrible
  • TheDarkness
    TheDarkness 2 месяца назад And CTRL + V
  • Stephen Wong
    Stephen Wong 1 месяц назад and that is why nobody took him hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
  • Francesco Leardini
    Francesco Leardini 3 недели назад Yeah
  • Isaias Roberto
    Isaias Roberto 4 дня назад A voz dele foi mais estável, só que o que o MB14 consegue fazer com a voz é incrível, tu viu os efeitos dele no final da música? Exige grande habilidade e controle vocal pra fazer aquilo
  • Lucas Jäger
    Lucas Jäger 2 месяца назад The one guy stole everything from mb14
  • Andrey1S Andrey1S
    Andrey1S Andrey1S 1 месяц назад Yep
  • Senor Weetbix cunt
    Senor Weetbix cunt 1 месяц назад Who
  • Anes Dif
    Anes Dif 1 месяц назад Nah they are friends and they battle eatch other
  • Caroline Stafford
  • Cheems Domg
    Cheems Domg 1 месяц назад he is from the same country as me, so I obviously loved him so much lmao
  • Виктор Бакинец
    Виктор Бакинец 1 месяц назад In the end, a guy from Kazakhstan participates in the Ukrainian show Voice Ерлан Баибазаров — “Feel It Still”
  • Rodrigo Dantas
    Rodrigo Dantas 5 дней назад So wholesome
  • Suwendi Su
    Suwendi Su 1 месяц назад Loopstation exists The band behind : Am i a joke to you?
  • Aldo Ronquillo
    Aldo Ronquillo 2 недели назад Makes their job easier lol
  • lunaticbalouch1
    lunaticbalouch1 2 месяца назад The girl with "feeling Good" song doesn't needs that loop thingy, her voice is already outstanding "wow"
  • Justin Barabas
    Justin Barabas 2 месяца назад lunaticbalouch1 definitely a he
  • Sandman
    Sandman 2 месяца назад yeah, I think the looping made it worse.
  • Tourette it up !
    Tourette it up ! 2 месяца назад Justin Barabas her name is Hannah so it’s safe to say it’s a she
  • Justin Barabas
    Justin Barabas 2 месяца назад @Tourette it up ! that's like saying Caitlyn Jenner's name is Caitlyn so it's safe to say it's a she, when we all know it's a he.
  • Renee Eagan
    Renee Eagan 2 месяца назад Justin Barabas dude google people before your claim your stupidity as truth. She’s all woman she just has a deep voice.
  • Not Ninja Turtle
    Not Ninja Turtle 1 месяц назад i only want to know,who is she?
  • Gabriela González
    Gabriela González 1 месяц назад @Justin Barabas Caitlyn is a woman so I don't get you
  • Isaias Roberto
    Isaias Roberto Неделю назад Looping requires a lot of skill and musical experience to use, more than simple singing
  • Girodani
    Girodani Неделю назад Isaias Roberto you just need a little practice, good hearing and timing. The rest is just talent
  • ALBO Beatbox
    ALBO Beatbox 1 день назад Bruh in South Africa he copied MB14 wtfff im so mad how dares him
  • WileyCoyote69
    WileyCoyote69 2 месяца назад Not impressed with the judge who turned simply BECAUSE it was a Looper, before she'd even sung a note.
  • GFK9
    GFK9 2 месяца назад WORD. Technically anybody could do it. I am not saying it doesn't require talent to use, but eventually we are talking about singing competitions indeed.
  • GFK9
    GFK9 2 месяца назад Btw that was a Dutch judge. I am from Amsterdam myself, and she is not considered to be the smartest person in the world. She is literally like a real life doll, so they say lol. No disrespect, but she shouldn't have been on this particular show.. Her knowledge doesn't match with it, unfortunately
  • Mohamed Muaxxam batuburi
    Mohamed Muaxxam batuburi 2 месяца назад Tell you something. I am not trying to justify them or anything. First, they only get accepted into the auditions if they are good singers. Second, looping itself needs a lot of control and have to start and end every beat perfectly for the song to work. That needs practice and talent and to come on a platform this big, if they are not confident, they wouldn't dare. Third, knowing that they do looping, they are allowed to do the auditions only cause they are talented. When all things considered, its gonna be a great audition and having a looping artist in your group is an upper hand. Thats why you see some judges go for it as soon as they know its a looping artist.
  • GFK9
    GFK9 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Mohamed Muaxxam batuburi That wasn't the case with that blonde girl. I know her, she just didn't think about it and went for it. Why do u think she is not on this show anymore? They knew she wasn't the right judge for this show
  • SeeWhyAt
    SeeWhyAt 1 месяц назад Mohamed Muaxxam batuburi I have a looper myself and after 6 or so months I still suck ass. I’ve always thought that anyone that can beatbox loop well will always go far on these shows which MB14 showed cause he made the finals and is one of the best loopers in the Beat-box scene. The looping itself seems to always be really popular with audiences because it sounds great and is very different.
  • Cas Van De Riet
    Cas Van De Riet 1 месяц назад She ain't judge no more, she sounded retarded indeed
  • the Vegetable Chef
    the Vegetable Chef 2 недели назад @GFK9 what a load of nonsense
  • Mr AZ
    Mr AZ Неделю назад Well, the shows called "The Voice" so i get why judges turned so fast.. Because looper use their own voice..
  • Tank
    Tank Неделю назад WileyCoyote69 well, the judges are supposed to turn on the people that THEY feel they can coach. with a looper, the right song makes them incredible. its cool
  • MR Min
    MR Min 3 недели назад Sam: The unique one MB14: King of looping
  • Alin Cortel
    Alin Cortel Неделю назад saro and nme: am i joke to you?
  • Med YopYop
    Med YopYop Неделю назад @Alin Cortel Saro the God of Loop NME the creativity of loop
  • Луки Дэй
    Луки Дэй 2 месяца назад (изменено) Ну концовка Выдающиеся, Потап в конце взял микрофон, начался корпорат
  • Вадим Гизатулин
    Вадим Гизатулин 1 месяц назад так это тату
    XAN XAN 1 месяц назад The Kazakh guy at the end tho🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿
  • pierredm
    pierredm 2 месяца назад (изменено) The judges really need to make a random looping hand sign to show they get the point to the audience, how clever, and well everything goes fine.. until he starts rapping (edit / thanks)
  • Jack Watson
    Jack Watson Неделю назад Rapping*
  • Graham. L
    Graham. L Неделю назад Don't think they'd show raping
  • Davis Choy
    Davis Choy 2 дня назад My God that rap voice was trash. The beatbox was the only good part.
  • Azailicy 123
    Azailicy 123 23 часа назад Davis Choy he is pretty good but that was like years ago. I like how mb14 sings now
  • Arthur
    Arthur 2 месяца назад MB14 is the best, there's no question
  • Stormierbody841
    Stormierbody841 2 месяца назад For beatboxing yes but Saro is a master of the loop station
  • Umbu Rodi M. A Nani
    Umbu Rodi M. A Nani 2 месяца назад Saro is a legend but i like mb14
  • tibo danielski
    tibo danielski 2 месяца назад Noo
  • Young AI
    Young AI 2 месяца назад Stormierbody841 mb14 is not Even close one of the best bearboxers. Maybe the most musicall one
  • MeR IEm
    MeR IEm 2 месяца назад Of course mb14
  • Nicki
    Nicki 2 месяца назад His voice was great, however it was a poor song. And great looping, but nowhere near the best of this bunch Sam Perry had a great song for his voice, allowed to explore the vocal range.
  • Nunuche Follette
    Nunuche Follette 2 месяца назад Saro for ever !!!
  • VICtorian071
    VICtorian071 1 месяц назад Arthur can't sing. Terrible...
  • Toijp
    Toijp 1 месяц назад Yes
  • Toijp
    Toijp 1 месяц назад @VICtorian071 you are haha
  • Ridak Birgi
    Ridak Birgi 1 месяц назад U r right
  • the gamer boy
    the gamer boy 1 месяц назад @Young AI srsly dude he is continously in gbb for 2 years what is your meaning fir one of the best Beatboxers?
  • Young AI
    Young AI 1 месяц назад @the gamer boy even other beatboxers say that he has to improve his beatboxing skill. (and he did).
  • the gamer boy
    the gamer boy 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Young AI you mean percussions well he can as much as he needs. No one can manipulate their voice like him. Beatboxing is not just about percussions.
  • the gamer boy
    the gamer boy 1 месяц назад @Young AI you have the wrong idea of what beatboxing is and whoever told you this even if he is a popular beatboxer he is dead wrong
  • the gamer boy
    the gamer boy 1 месяц назад @Young AI and yeah we have to support the musical aspect of beatboxing which is pleasant to the ears, better structure and rhythm, it is the only way beatbox will evolve and be considered a genre of music (and not making random noises as fast as possible which make no sense)
  • Zan Yourbae
    Zan Yourbae 1 месяц назад (изменено) Omg guys he said there not in the world
  • Can this guy get laid?
    Can this guy get laid? 1 месяц назад @Nicki no sam Perry's best performace was his first but Mb14 all performance are good so stfu
  • Divinity Krash
    Divinity Krash 1 месяц назад Arthur merci
  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki 1 месяц назад Saro
  • Yazo
    Yazo 1 месяц назад For beatboxing yes, But this is singing competition not beatboxing
  • AngelElyn22
    AngelElyn22 1 месяц назад Sam Perry
  • Waildur
    Waildur 4 недели назад Arthur not even close
  • Adidas Nike
    Adidas Nike 3 недели назад Yes
  • Jayden van der Veen
    Jayden van der Veen 3 недели назад He is so bad its just pathetic
  • Luca Hidalgo
    Luca Hidalgo 2 недели назад Sorry but no, sam is the next level
  • Adidas Nike
    Adidas Nike 2 недели назад He can sing he can rap and beatbox he is the best
  • Adidas Nike
    Adidas Nike 2 недели назад @Yazo he can sing
  • Adidas Nike
    Adidas Nike 2 недели назад @Luca Hidalgo no
    SUZAKU Неделю назад Imagine NaPoM, D-Low, Tomazacre or others at The Voice or Gtw 😂