2: Snoop Dogg - "In Love With a Thug" 04:42
3: Snoop Dogg ft" /> 2: Snoop Dogg - "In Love With a Thug" 04:42
3: Snoop Dogg ft" /> 2: Snoop Dogg - "In Love With a Thug" 04:42
3: Snoop Dogg ft" />

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Опубликовано: 11 дек. 2016 г. 6 889 360 просмотров

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1: Snoop Dogg - "Sixx Minutes" 0:00
2: Snoop Dogg - "In Love With a Thug" 04:42
3: Snoop Dogg ft. Dr.Dre,Hittman & Six-Two -"Bitch Niggaz" 08:25
4: Snoop Dogg ft. Nate Dogg, Tha Eastsidaz & Master P - "Lay Low" 12:44
5: Snoop Dogg ft. C-Murder & Mr.Magic - "Buck' em" 16:30
6: Snoop Dogg ft. Dr.Dre - "The Wash" 19:18
7: Snoop Dogg ft.Knoc Turn'al - "The Way I Am" 22:41
8: Snoop Dogg ft. Master P - "Snoop World" 27:28
9: Snoop Dogg ft. Uncle Chucc - "Neva Have To Worry" 32:48
10: Snoop Dogg ft. 2pac - "2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted" 37:12

  • Trenerze Trenerzowski
    Trenerze Trenerzowski Год назад This is the real rap. I may sound like an old grandpa but nowadays the artists don't know how to make good music.
  • Chukar Sammy
    Chukar Sammy Год назад you have never been so right, everyday i am playing this old school raps Dr dre, 2pac, nate dogg, big etc
  • Sudha Saini
    Sudha Saini Год назад bro I understand u. and I am only 16 lol.
  • Jah Jays
    Jah Jays Год назад (изменено) still some good rappers nowadays. i’m into old and new school 👌🏼
  • Soph
    Soph Год назад Awh the beats are pretty good just nothin goin on.
  • Frederico Garcia
    Frederico Garcia Год назад There are some good new age rappers just need to search for them. Try Anderson Paak, Kate Tempest, Fliptrick....
  • Areg Ohanjanyan
    Areg Ohanjanyan Год назад Agree with you,thats why i make this playlist. We must keep real Rap & Hip-Hop
  • Ossonshit
    Ossonshit Год назад youre not alone #grandpasintheir20'sUnite
  • Drazen Mrkaljevic
    Drazen Mrkaljevic Год назад oh it was different back in day when I was 14, two years ago...
  • Shevyshenko Sneijpers
    Shevyshenko Sneijpers Год назад @Sudha Saini i an 5 years old nd i think s ane
  • YoutubeCommenter
    YoutubeCommenter Год назад I'm 15 and I totally agree with you. I basically grew up with this song when my dad played it in the car and nowadays music is just all pop or autotune.
  • Gumbile Heartbazz
    Gumbile Heartbazz Год назад Feel you Good rapers now 2
  • ying6 9yang
    ying6 9yang Год назад hi . you have th same on deezer ? :)
  • Nesta Brothers
    Nesta Brothers Год назад you sound like an old mdfk
  • Young C
    Young C Год назад nah im 19 and I bump this.
  • Just A Soul
    Just A Soul Год назад u not grandpa today rap is shit its all gay shit and no lyrics
  • yung skrti
    yung skrti Год назад Check out joey bada$$(pro era), ybn cordae, denzel curry, J.I.D, mac miller, mick jenkins, flatbush zombies, the underachievers, TopDawgEntertainment( kendrick lamar, jay rock, schoolboy q, Isaiah Rashad, ab-soul, SZA), Dreamville (J.cole, Bas, Omen, Earthgang). Maybe i forgot someone, but still all of these are amazing artist who still care about the culture and are very good. They just aren't that much appreciated by todays generations.
  • Bradley Harding
    Bradley Harding Год назад @Nesta Brothers fell me
  • hans Praag
    hans Praag Год назад @Chukar Sammy I'm too yo old school shit like al day
  • Potion Maker
    Potion Maker 11 месяцев назад This is kinda insulting as a modern artist. We do what we can and these songs are untouchable. We only hope to leave behind a legacy like these guys did
  • Daryll santos
    Daryll santos 11 месяцев назад im with you
  • Jose Rios
    Jose Rios 11 месяцев назад Trenerze Trenerzowski facts
  • chbrules
    chbrules 10 месяцев назад Are you telling me 6IX9INE isn't good music?! =O
  • Michael
    Michael 10 месяцев назад "My dick will be stuck in your wind pipe" or is it "bitch nigga bitch nigga"
  • Half Life Mostly Dead
    Half Life Mostly Dead 10 месяцев назад That is true, nowadays too many open their mouth or show themselfs before of thinking or loving.
  • xRafinha
    xRafinha 10 месяцев назад Amuses me that someone could think Snooop Dogg makes real rap.
  • Fred Herbert
    Fred Herbert 10 месяцев назад Jah Jays if you was in Detroit, then yo ass would be DEAD!!
  • marc darala
    marc darala 9 месяцев назад Smooth joint of mornin with sun and good songs from France
  • Mohamed Ab
    Mohamed Ab 9 месяцев назад so much respect to you😎
  • Fred Herbert
    Fred Herbert 9 месяцев назад Mohamed Ab if you was in Detroit, then yo ass would get fucked up.
  • Agniva ghosh
    Agniva ghosh 9 месяцев назад Today what is new .. tomorrow will be old.. all raps are good..
  • De.Ville
    De.Ville 8 месяцев назад No disrespect og but these youngstas changed the game poorly and sadly the ones coming up out the real gutta living the West coast life style are being unrecognized and shunned
  • Fred Herbert
    Fred Herbert 8 месяцев назад De.Ville Dabully for example
  • Roberto Stan
    Roberto Stan 8 месяцев назад Scott Storch is back grandpa!
  • Dardae
    Dardae 8 месяцев назад No you just don't look hard enough. Old head cant get past just radio play.
  • Iván Kuntz Ampuero
    Iván Kuntz Ampuero 8 месяцев назад (изменено) there are good songs now too, but the songs of 1994-1998 were very good it´s true
  • Sake_MORX
    Sake_MORX 8 месяцев назад Rappers' dictionary now is only Brrrr Ayyye
  • Emanuele Gasparini
    Emanuele Gasparini 8 месяцев назад 1 track?
  • AlexAR
    AlexAR 7 месяцев назад not a fan of rap but yeah, those song are good
  • Kimosabe
    Kimosabe 7 месяцев назад (изменено) @Fred Herbert if your ass be in Holland, you would be dead.....wtf dude, what's your problem? Detroit is dead, used to be something......now it's nothing.
  • TheAliShow
    TheAliShow 7 месяцев назад Trenerze Trenerzowski lil pump know his stuff chek him out
  • Kino Movies
    Kino Movies 7 месяцев назад True
  • Subie Life
    Subie Life 7 месяцев назад Chukar Sammy same bro
  • Subie Life
    Subie Life 7 месяцев назад Too much auto tune these days
  • Vinnie
    Vinnie 7 месяцев назад Trenerze Trenerzowski im Born 2007 but still music nowadays is real shit
  • Sami Rifai
    Sami Rifai 4 месяца назад im 23 and i totally agree
  • Little Tecca
    Little Tecca 4 месяца назад nowadays its just auto tune
  • Francisco Puga
    Francisco Puga 3 месяца назад Yes they do. Every generation swears theirs was the best, but the best is yet to come and as technology advances. The better it gets.
  • YoungEaglez
    YoungEaglez 3 месяца назад They do man, just dig deep there are a lot of good rappers out there
  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 3 месяца назад That's closeminded
  • Trinity Michler
    Trinity Michler 2 месяца назад Trinity agree
  • rosa sandoval
    rosa sandoval 2 месяца назад Trenerze Trenerzowski that’s facts bro
  • Zane Heyl
    Zane Heyl 1 месяц назад Hear hear. Coming from 25 year old
  • Compton G
    Compton G 2 недели назад You don't have to listen to lyrical rap all the time. Sometimes I just want my head 2 bop.
  • Eric Uriel Padilla Serrano
    Eric Uriel Padilla Serrano 2 года назад Who´s smoking while listening? 😎
  • jodi kent
    jodi kent 2 года назад Yep
  • jodi kent
    jodi kent 2 года назад All day every day!!
  • Alban G
    Alban G 2 года назад From holland good hazee!!!!! light it
  • EverythingHipHop
    EverythingHipHop Год назад smoke day everyweed
  • thomas tisseur
    thomas tisseur Год назад 🙋
  • Drako Ramirez
    Drako Ramirez Год назад Og Reggie bomb
  • Juan Quezada
    Juan Quezada Год назад From Chile smoke weed evrday.
  • Gamercatsz
    Gamercatsz Год назад If by smoking you mean masturbating. Me
  • dogonin1
    dogonin1 Год назад Fumando bareta desde Colombia para el mundo
  • Malesela Precious
  • diogo soffarelli
    diogo soffarelli Год назад smokin from Brasil
  • Pedro A. Y
    Pedro A. Y Год назад Deus abençoe o Chile Hermano, 420 everyday
  • Laxen
    Laxen Год назад cowardly fucks that use weed to escape reality are the only people smoking while listening mate...
  • justin abraham
    justin abraham Год назад No one bitch
  • wiz125 SG
    wiz125 SG Год назад yea yup😎👌
  • Maja
    Maja Год назад Eric Uriel Padilla Serrano hellooo -___-
  • Jeanfrancois Langlois
    Jeanfrancois Langlois Год назад EverythingHipHop all night every day
  • Jeanfrancois Langlois
    Jeanfrancois Langlois Год назад ho yeah mele mele...
  • abdel ff
    abdel ff Год назад Me smoking from tunisia
  • Ahmed Afif
    Ahmed Afif Год назад best song for smocking :) Snoop Dogg - "Sixx Minutes" 0:00
  • Ramon Ganzales
    Ramon Ganzales Год назад Eric Uriel Padilla Serrano брат, привет тебе из России
  • bob montagne
    bob montagne Год назад who ain't, my Bruddah, who ain't hittin' dat bubonic chronic. Yeeeeeaaaaah
  • Zansekai
    Zansekai Год назад Damn, you guys are so cool.
  • Last Human with the Brain
    Last Human with the Brain Год назад Im very stoned
  • bob montagne
    bob montagne Год назад H3ctic not escaping reality dickhead, enhancing it
  • Костян Котяра
    Костян Котяра Год назад smokin from Ukraine. I Like it !
  • Last Human with the Brain
    Last Human with the Brain Год назад you're funny
  • Костян Котяра
    Костян Котяра Год назад I now. I just Like smocke weeeeeeeed!!!!
  • Костян Котяра
    Костян Котяра Год назад I love it
  • Guy Guy
    Guy Guy Год назад Who is on coke right now yeah
  • Tam Dam
    Tam Dam Год назад answered twice = wannabe xD
  • boogie van
    boogie van Год назад Eric Uriel Padilla Serrano UR MOM
  • Matheus Link
    Matheus Link Год назад Ye
  • soadrock18
    soadrock18 Год назад who's not?
  • Francesco Maglio
    Francesco Maglio Год назад Eric Uriel Padilla Serrano oh yeah man
  • Stefano Piscitelli
    Stefano Piscitelli Год назад Im smoking right Now in Amsterdam 😎✌ this music is perfect
  • Stacy
    Stacy Год назад Crave for "likes" much?
  • Areg Ohanjanyan
    Areg Ohanjanyan Год назад Passing joint from Armenia ;))))
  • VidsK
    VidsK Год назад or listening while smoking
  • Quemes Tasdiciendo
    Quemes Tasdiciendo Год назад Smoking good Paraguayo in Argentina XD
  • Nerkec
    Nerkec Год назад Riiiight here my boy. Glass hits hash :D Shout out to all the smokers out there!
  • VidsK
    VidsK Год назад 32:48
  • Sharvez Singh
    Sharvez Singh Год назад lol
  • 47most SOON
    47most SOON Год назад Eric Uriel Padilla Serrano Only the most quality
  • Kenz
    Kenz Год назад Listen what
  • Ultimately_Everything
    Ultimately_Everything Год назад Of course i am it's Snoop he's the best homie to listen to when smoking
  • Mart
    Mart Год назад 😏 got me there
  • Sabri bn
    Sabri bn Год назад Smoking . Eating . Masturbating . Sleeping and music Thats my life
  • JONATHAN-kun
    JONATHAN-kun Год назад Say no to drug
  • Creative Life
    Creative Life Год назад Me and your cougar mom 😂 I love me a older woman
  • Bradley Harding
    Bradley Harding Год назад @Ramon Ganzales don't know
  • Bradley Harding
    Bradley Harding Год назад What
  • Bradley Harding
    Bradley Harding Год назад @Kenz old school
  • Marco Palacios
    Marco Palacios Год назад Porros no!!! Zumitos si!!!!
  • Emiliano M
    Emiliano M Год назад Smoking From Uruguay! SNOOP DOOG!
  • ii Kolin
    ii Kolin Год назад Don't smoke
  • Santiago
    Santiago 11 месяцев назад Me too n.n
  • stijn kerschaever
    stijn kerschaever 11 месяцев назад Eric Uriel Padilla Serrano !
  • vPrDx-WeeD *
    vPrDx-WeeD * 10 месяцев назад Manga Rosa ! Every Day BR hir
  • nick reinle
    nick reinle 10 месяцев назад Eric Uriel Padilla Serrano 420 soon🍁
  • Suicide Bunny
    Suicide Bunny 10 месяцев назад Yeaa
  • KarlKreationHD
    KarlKreationHD 10 месяцев назад Rolling it !
  • nail lian
    nail lian 10 месяцев назад Eric Uriel Padilla Serrano training while listening imma smoke later haha 🤣
  • Young Fresh
    Young Fresh 8 месяцев назад from brazil smoking a lot weeeed
  • Jan Franzen
    Jan Franzen 8 месяцев назад Yoo
  • Harutyun Kamalyan
    Harutyun Kamalyan 7 месяцев назад julian marley - boom draw, magna canta - ritmo, enigma - callas went away, supermax - realityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  • jo keri
    jo keri 7 месяцев назад finland suomi perkele!
  • Raven Star
    Raven Star 6 месяцев назад You know it!
  • elsilviukillerr
    elsilviukillerr 5 месяцев назад @EverythingHipHop smoday everyweed xd
  • Mafia Gun
    Mafia Gun 5 месяцев назад Yes for sure homezz. 😎
  • Охотник На Шайтанов
    Охотник На Шайтанов 5 месяцев назад Я насвай закидываю 😎
  • Soyol Mergenbileg
    Soyol Mergenbileg 5 месяцев назад smoke weed bro
  • jean michel ROSSI
    jean michel ROSSI 4 месяца назад smoke weed every day !!! ;-)
  • Cook Lopez
    Cook Lopez 4 месяца назад Ueye
  • Love Machine
    Love Machine 4 месяца назад Yes im
  • Juan Rivas
    Juan Rivas 4 месяца назад Fumando bazuco
  • Michelle Gonzales
    Michelle Gonzales 4 месяца назад 🇵🇪
  • svampebob007
    svampebob007 4 месяца назад Snoop would be proud :)
  • MAN RA
    MAN RA 4 месяца назад Me now morning 9 in swizerland
  • Dom
    Dom 4 месяца назад yaah man
  • MAN RA
    MAN RA 4 месяца назад Im smoking 🧜‍♂️
  • MAN RA
    MAN RA 4 месяца назад @Alban G Netherland
  • MAN RA
    MAN RA 4 месяца назад @diogo soffarelli smoking from Zürich
  • Jair reimann
    Jair reimann 3 месяца назад Eric Uriel Padilla Serrano u alr knoowwww
  • hemp liyan
    hemp liyan 3 месяца назад @EverythingHipHop gh
  • Benjamin Benni
    Benjamin Benni 3 месяца назад @Alban G haze is boring get zombie haze this is lit
  • Juan Rivas
    Juan Rivas 3 месяца назад Crack cocaine
  • UnderBridge Rock
    UnderBridge Rock 3 месяца назад I wasn't, but I will now
  • TheReal OX Its worth the art
    TheReal OX Its worth the art 3 месяца назад Right now homie🔥
    xXxXB4TANGXxXDR0G4H 2 месяца назад Everyone in my family gettung high
  • edith .w.m. van goethem
    edith .w.m. van goethem 2 месяца назад ME !!!!
  • edith .w.m. van goethem
  • Bromlab
    Bromlab 2 месяца назад @Ahmed Afif ye i also like to smock
  • Boston Lay
    Boston Lay 1 месяц назад smoked before listening but close enough
  • James Lucas
    James Lucas 1 месяц назад Who is not?
  • Simpiejismitnieks
    Simpiejismitnieks 1 месяц назад In high this is woosw
  • Anthony Deliso
    Anthony Deliso 1 месяц назад Me
  • Beh Basha
    Beh Basha 1 месяц назад Damn I quit
  • TK
    TK 3 недели назад still keep blazing in Tokyo
  • Roberto Menjivar
    Roberto Menjivar 2 недели назад Me bro 😙🌴🌲🌳🌿🌵😎
  • kevin könig
    kevin könig 2 недели назад That coment is 2 years old but i smile while read it😂
  • Da Funky Zookeeper
    Da Funky Zookeeper 6 месяцев назад I love Snoop’s flow. His way of talking reminds me of Bootsy.
  • cleitom Masetti
    cleitom Masetti 11 месяцев назад muito bom, belas músicas cleitinhoWeed from efapi
  • Ws Valerio
    Ws Valerio Год назад Smokin up to dis leave a like if u doing the same homiez!
  • garrison0532082
    garrison0532082 5 месяцев назад happiness is having just enough shake to roll a nice afternoon blunt. peace and love to everyone
  • Ying Young
    Ying Young 4 месяца назад leaf
  • MAN RA
    MAN RA 4 месяца назад @Ying Young Black Leaf
  • Ying Young
    Ying Young 4 месяца назад @MAN RA leaf man, leaf
  • ryu dragon
    ryu dragon 2 месяца назад sometimes i wonder: why do african americans and whites in america sing rap ?? because in most singers 80% are rubbish !!! Most American rappers only rhyme about killing each other or threatening, just rhyming calling women a bitch, only rhyming about money and showing gold chains, and most American rappers have lyrics that look more like a Porn movie! !! In Brazil rap has 95% rhyming about social problems, Brazilian rappers rhyming about corrupt cops, about racism, about poverty, about the story of slavery, etc. This is how American rappers sold to illuminatis should rhyme, not sing disgusting pornographic songs and threatened one another !!!
  • Azamat Murzatov
    Azamat Murzatov 9 месяцев назад 2019??
  • Karina Cruz
    Karina Cruz 6 месяцев назад Here
  • Pan Paweł
    Pan Paweł 6 месяцев назад Yaaas
  • Junior Barra
    Junior Barra 6 месяцев назад Opa
  • Alexander Schoor
    Alexander Schoor 6 месяцев назад no it comes from 2023!
  • Максим Грачев
    Максим Грачев 5 месяцев назад Wo-haaa😁
  • Vicente Vega
    Vicente Vega 4 месяца назад For you to listen this in Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1E6ThMuxebFwoTa4WMdImR?si=NNovQ2LeR7-LcgO8pQao5Q
  • Oktay Kaya
    Oktay Kaya 4 месяца назад Azamat Murzatov p
  • millanoa70
    millanoa70 4 месяца назад Budapest HipHop's here
  • drayfus 007
    drayfus 007 2 месяца назад 2077
    xXxXB4TANGXxXDR0G4H 2 месяца назад @drayfus 007 Wrong generation
  • Raven Star
    Raven Star 6 месяцев назад This guy brings back the memories of enjoying this music under a night sky around a drum fire 🔥
  • lightuptheworld333
    lightuptheworld333 Год назад mumble rap no but in the first part he sounds so high that he is mumbling a bit... dope azz song fo sho.... NUF RESPECT
  • Utku B. ÖNDEŞ
    Utku B. ÖNDEŞ 4 месяца назад I love this guy! Like a drug
  • Rezidiv Frisch
    Rezidiv Frisch 6 месяцев назад ❤️🤖🐕Forever Robert &Dia ❤️
  • Rahul Ranjan
    Rahul Ranjan 2 года назад the flow is just awesome
  • 302 MindSET
    302 MindSET 2 года назад so smooth so natural so dope
  • Jumix Beats
    Jumix Beats 2 года назад Yes it is:D So fucking relaxed.
  • Lela Elam
    Lela Elam Год назад Rahul Ranjan W
  • Tiffany 562411
    Tiffany 562411 Год назад Rahul Ranjan Nah the flow is better than awesome. it's PLATINUM DOPE
  • King Ramesez
    King Ramesez Год назад That first song is smooth af. I miss the old Snoop. Especially since I'm an old school artist myself who loves inspiration.
  • Hugo Almeida Lima
    Hugo Almeida Lima 6 месяцев назад @King Ramesez, that ish is off of Snoop's sophomore LP 'Tha Doggfather'. Dre had left Deathrow, so he wasn't a part of the production but that album still had dope joints. 'Snoop's Upside Ya Head' & 'Vapors' were my shit. I played the fuck outta that CD. #MEMORIES
  • Mc Fakts
  • Ashley Gregg
    Ashley Gregg 5 месяцев назад This fucking album so fucking awesome this shit is on repeat 😊🤩🤩🤩
  • Fernando Cesar
    Fernando Cesar 5 месяцев назад PORRADAO ! VALEU ! FERNANDO - RIO DE JANEIRO (BRAZIL)
  • Sempre que você ler os comentários eu estarei lá !
    Sempre que você ler os comentários eu estarei lá ! 8 месяцев назад Old School New School music Snoop 🇧🇷
  • Das TIER
    Das TIER 10 месяцев назад Just listening to this is incredibly relaxing
  • Mariah Francois
    Mariah Francois 8 месяцев назад Omg I found this song on a old vintage music player list That my dad had back then I have never heard this before lol
  • MarieHopkinson Music
    MarieHopkinson Music 4 месяца назад welcome to the matrix
  • Ross Guscott
    Ross Guscott 4 месяца назад Good taste, this was when I was younger, they dont make music like this no more that's for sure
  • Adolfo González
    Adolfo González 2 месяца назад encontraste un tesoro hermano!!
  • Yungstar Aka Lean
    Yungstar Aka Lean 3 месяца назад I need a blunt Who too?
  • Brian See
    Brian See 2 года назад Snoop and dre aint no joke these two are legends in tha game
  • Lil Shadow
    Lil Shadow 8 месяцев назад Don't forget about biggie smalls bro,He has some g shit too
  • vondahe
    vondahe 6 месяцев назад There’s no one next to Snoop. None.
  • Vladyslav Boychenko
    Vladyslav Boychenko 6 месяцев назад @vondahe snoop and dre are studio gangstars, they are good, but far from legends. Legends die young like 2Pac and Eazy E
  • grand e
    grand e 5 месяцев назад Yeah even tho eazy e nearly murdered their asses
  • themadrapper101
    themadrapper101 3 месяца назад This idiot said Snoop and Dre are far from legends
  • themadrapper101
    themadrapper101 3 месяца назад Dre changed the rap game like 3 times
  • rushhhed
    rushhhed 3 месяца назад @Vladyslav Boychenko and biggie too
  • Digitol
    Digitol 2 года назад (изменено) Mom: "Darnel! Boy get your ass up for school!" Me: 27:51 Mom: "Are you listening to me!?" Me: 27:42
  • Andrew Daigler
    Andrew Daigler 2 года назад Good one
  • Areg Ohanjanyan
    Areg Ohanjanyan Год назад :DDD
  • ak475008396
    ak475008396 4 месяца назад Just blew your cover now we know you are likely to be under 18. Born after 2000... A 30y/o guy wouldn't be told to go to school by their mom... Seems like it's past your bedtime dog.
  • Vina Laught
    Vina Laught 5 месяцев назад SonTung-MTP Ft. Snoop Dogg
  • Khurlee Tumenolzii
    Khurlee Tumenolzii 6 дней назад That's right. That was it. I'm needs his rhythm. Yes