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Опубликовано: 16 окт. 2018 г. 14 157 749 просмотров

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Séan Garnier
2X Football Freestyle World Champion
3X Football Freestyle French Champion
2X Futsal French Champion
1vs1 World Vice-Champion
1vs1 France Vice-Champion
Red Bull Athlete
Urbanball Ambassador
Founder and member of S3 crew.

Special thanks to Neymar Jr, as usual, he is playing the game and he is always open to doing an amazing session.
Obrigado :)

#seangarnier #urbanballer #neymar #freestyle #redbull

  • Séan Garnier
    Séan Garnier 1 year ago Can Neymar be à freestyler?
  • Kanal 1
    Kanal 1 1 year ago Séan Garnier Neumark Jr= sean
  • Kanal 1
    Kanal 1 1 year ago Séan Garnier ❣
  • VorteX
    VorteX 1 year ago Make the next video with SALAH
  • Kanal 1
    Kanal 1 1 year ago Séan Garnier love
  • Futverser
    Futverser 1 year ago LoL LoL LoL LoL
  • Futverser
    Futverser 1 year ago @VorteX he is sooo bad salah
  • Stanzin Stobdan
    Stanzin Stobdan 1 year ago Yes he has skills of juggling around the world...
  • Pierluigi Mattiolo
    Pierluigi Mattiolo 1 year ago It's wonderful to see how neymar it's interested in your skill and how focus was he when you explain him your skills... altough he's neymar(one of the most skillful player in the world) he keep being modest. That's why he's a champion and he'll be one of the greatest ever
  • StOle ee
    StOle ee 1 year ago like
  • Cristiano RONALDO
    Cristiano RONALDO 1 year ago You are better than Neymar
  • Abdikadir Muhamed
    Abdikadir Muhamed 1 year ago Go next with Sergio kun Agüero
  • Pacy ACE
    Pacy ACE 1 year ago Séan Garnier you should try to meet Ronaldo
  • [Batya] Олег Пінчук
    [Batya] Олег Пінчук 1 year ago woow
  • Noam 2508
    Noam 2508 1 year ago Met les sous titres en fr
    RINKY TOSIBA 1 year ago Love you neymar
  • toMeK 123
    toMeK 123 1 year ago Of course
  • Aaron Dsouza
    Aaron Dsouza 1 year ago Hi i am also a lefty like u sean g
  • 95L Junior
    95L Junior 1 year ago Mon idole c neymar depuis mes 3 ans aujourd'hui g 12 ans et mon rêve c de le rencontrer et le défier
  • Enguer foot
    Enguer foot 1 year ago Tu as de la chance c mon rêve de voir neymar
  • yLeoツ
    yLeoツ 1 year ago Legenda portugues poha
    ALL ROUNDER 1 year ago yes but after practising 3 months.😁😂😂
  • Taiga Kagami
    Taiga Kagami 1 year ago Crack Neymar chanceux c’est mon idole
  • Black Hat
    Black Hat 1 year ago Séan Garnier C’est dans ce genre de video qu’on vois la différence entre wass freestyle et Sean Garnier , le professionnalisme, sean ne fait pas de putaclic « JE DRIBBLE NEYMAR » c’est pour cela que j’ai lâcher prise avec wass
  • Damian
    Damian 1 year ago LUV U SÉAN😍 FROM ITALY
  • X A D
    X A D 1 year ago Séan Garnier "à" c’est comme sa qu on reconnait que t’est francais
  • Fernando Borges
    Fernando Borges 1 year ago
  • liedson irineu
    liedson irineu 1 year ago Yesssssssssssssss
  • Mustafah Onguti
    Mustafah Onguti 1 year ago Every Brazilian can be a freestyler except willian not that he lacks ability I just think he has terrible decision making but I digress.
  • Ronald Yamba
    Ronald Yamba 1 year ago Salut Séan Garnier j'ai vue tu as fait une vidéo avec un ancien joueur c était Rivaldo. Pourrais tu faire une avec Ronaldo R9?
  • Mazan Labeeb
    Mazan Labeeb 1 year ago Neymar is a good freestyler
  • Liorr Ben Hayun
    Liorr Ben Hayun 1 year ago u should do one with messi
  • mateus antunes
    mateus antunes 1 year ago Nem sei o que vê falou mas é sim🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
  • Dark Wizard
    Dark Wizard 1 year ago Yes
  • galou Alex
    galou Alex 1 year ago meet Ronaldinho
  • Gabriel Marques
    Gabriel Marques 1 year ago Séan Garnier yes
  • Barbe Noire
    Barbe Noire 1 year ago Tu sais pas jouer
  • Anshul Jayara
    Anshul Jayara 1 year ago Yes neymar can be a freestyler.
  • Chetan Thapa
    Chetan Thapa 1 year ago Séan Garnier sir are you coming in india
    CRIZZY GAMES 1 year ago Yes
  • abdul latif
    abdul latif 1 year ago perfect
  • Kavish Sunassee
    Kavish Sunassee 1 year ago (edited) Make it with the Egyptian king... Mo Salah😍😍😍 But are the best with all your better do a video with your clone... Just kidding man🤣
    TWIN BROTHERS FREE FIRE TIPS 1 year ago Play with ronaldhino
  • sabitri timalsina
    sabitri timalsina 1 year ago Séan Garnier when will you come nepal?
  • nirmal kumar bhowmick
    nirmal kumar bhowmick 1 year ago Yes bro
  • Ꭻσɛl ca
    Ꭻσɛl ca 1 year ago Séan Garnier of course y not man !
  • Ꭻσɛl ca
    Ꭻσɛl ca 1 year ago Séan Garnier bro Next video with Ronaldo plss man I love u so much than the sea !!!
  • Gustavo Sebastián
    Gustavo Sebastián 1 year ago Track 1:31 please
  • Muyib Hasan
    Muyib Hasan 1 year ago Séan Garnier l want RON.
  • Sajat Kalra
    Sajat Kalra 1 year ago Yes he can definetly
  • Sajat Kalra
    Sajat Kalra 1 year ago @Pierluigi Mattiolo Done
  • yeon n
    yeon n 1 year ago Séan Garnier I want that ball please. 😭😂
  • Mandeep Bro
    Mandeep Bro 1 year ago Hi bro Can be a freestyler?
  • Nikhil Gaikwad
    Nikhil Gaikwad 1 year ago Yes
  • Azhar MY
    Azhar MY 1 year ago Séan Garnier yeah
  • Aryan Messi
    Aryan Messi 1 year ago Séan Garnier Video with Messi pls
  • Kaushik Mustafi
    Kaushik Mustafi 1 year ago He'll be
  • Ayush Khadka
    Ayush Khadka 1 year ago Sean dybala next plzzz
  • Ayush Khadka
    Ayush Khadka 1 year ago DYBALA next
  • Anuranjan Thakur
    Anuranjan Thakur 1 year ago Sean go to Ronaldo please we want a video
  • Zen
    Zen 1 year ago no?
  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 1 year ago Ronaldo pls
  • Devika Thapa
    Devika Thapa 1 year ago Make the next video with messi
  • sachin sj
    sachin sj 1 year ago make video with CR7
  • Legend
    Legend 1 year ago @Pacy ACE y that rapper
  • Ayan ZK
    Ayan ZK 1 year ago I want this Ball He is my idol 😭
  • Nabil Rahman
    Nabil Rahman 1 year ago Yes
    MASSIVE GAMERX 1 year ago Yessss
  • Pallav Kalita 7
    Pallav Kalita 7 1 year ago Yeah!
  • عزي AZZY
    عزي AZZY 1 year ago He is
  • Nghĩa Đỗ
    Nghĩa Đỗ 1 year ago Ha ha Messi can freestyle ha ha :))
  • Ameen Nazir
    Ameen Nazir 1 year ago Yes
  • marcodoncarlos
    marcodoncarlos 1 year ago Yes he can be a freestyler. Please look at Giroud when he gets high passes and more. He can handle the ball near to perfection.
    VĒNØM GÅMÎNG 1 year ago Yes, he has got some damn skills...he could easily become a freestyler
  • Lil 4PF
    Lil 4PF 1 year ago Des français parlé français non
  • neymar jr
    neymar jr 1 year ago Yes I can!!!!!!
  • Epic Gamers
    Epic Gamers 1 year ago Séan Garnier sean your chanel need tk show skills slowly
  • Shamil Sha
    Shamil Sha 1 year ago make next video with Cristiano Ronaldo
  • RkayFootball
    RkayFootball 1 year ago Yes
  • chet narayan shrestha
    chet narayan shrestha 1 year ago Sean pls make video with ronaldo
  • Arconizon
    Arconizon 1 year ago Can Ronaldo be a freestyler?
  • レガテ
    レガテ 1 year ago セアンガルエニーフリースタイルめっちゃ下手なんだから調子乗んな
  • Φίλιππος Κοκκινόφτας
    Φίλιππος Κοκκινόφτας 1 year ago Yesl
  • Φίλιππος Κοκκινόφτας
    Φίλιππος Κοκκινόφτας 1 year ago @VorteX yes
  • Randy A
    Randy A 1 year ago Messi
  • Valentin le rouquin qui aime le pain Mgt
    Valentin le rouquin qui aime le pain Mgt 1 year ago Stp fait tes vidéos en français
  • Panamecity 75
  • Panamecity 75
    Panamecity 75 1 year ago A par gratter de l'oseille t une belle sardines
  • Valentin le rouquin qui aime le pain Mgt
    Valentin le rouquin qui aime le pain Mgt 1 year ago F
  • Vanesa de lima Lima
    Vanesa de lima Lima 1 year ago Vanessa
  • jão Almeida. DG jão Almeida DG
    jão Almeida. DG jão Almeida DG 1 year ago Séan Garnier já já neymar ta fazendo estes dublês nos caras
  • jão Almeida. DG jão Almeida DG
    jão Almeida. DG jão Almeida DG 1 year ago Séan Garnier admiro muito VC cara.
  • Tio Goku black
    Tio Goku black 1 year ago Faz com messi
  • mike okol
    mike okol 1 year ago Séan Garnier yep
  • denis lantos
    denis lantos 1 year ago Follow me... Dont Follow me or this will happened (panna)
  • cr7 .cr7
    cr7 .cr7 1 year ago Next do with ronaldo
  • cr7 .cr7
    cr7 .cr7 1 year ago See you later with ronaldo
  • zebia fomn
    zebia fomn 1 year ago Yes even he better than you 😂
  • Ahmed AlJabure
    Ahmed AlJabure 1 year ago 😆😆😆
  • Corrales Racing
    Corrales Racing 1 year ago Impresionante dos maquinas juntas 👍
  • Aprillina Zhafira
    Aprillina Zhafira 1 year ago Séan Garnier can
  • Nduvho Mulidzi
    Nduvho Mulidzi 1 year ago Yes
  • Как бы известный В узких кругах
    Как бы известный В узких кругах 1 year ago Séan Garnier hah) sure no)
  • jamal deśimpĺé
    jamal deśimpĺé 1 year ago please make a video with messi😥😥
  • Atish Mahali
    Atish Mahali 1 year ago Séan Garnier yeah off course
  • ドメスティック近藤
    ドメスティック近藤 1 year ago It is easy for Neymar to be a freestyler.
  • Noah Makin
    Noah Makin 1 year ago Mais quel vidéo de votre parts c'est bien
  • Thập cẩm TV
    Thập cẩm TV 1 year ago DO KIM PHUC VIỆT NAM
  • Nirmal Bhujal
    Nirmal Bhujal 1 year ago He is already a freestyle
  • Saji K K
    Saji K K 1 year ago Yes I like ur black ball
  • ferpeso
    ferpeso 1 year ago Neymar is the player most skillful in the World, learn fast.
  • Alex White
    Alex White 1 year ago No,you ar3 King!
  • koya ndiaye
    koya ndiaye 1 year ago Sean garnier tu es cool comme mon pere
  • games vip J.P.H
    games vip J.P.H 1 year ago Br
    VAM OFFICIAL 1 year ago yes
  • Eliot L'herondel
    Eliot L'herondel 1 year ago Sortie de la vidéo mon anniv bien joué stp le ballon
  • Iruth Rutha
    Iruth Rutha 1 year ago What challenge want to do
  • Laura Vasquez
    Laura Vasquez 1 year ago Ovio
  • Sama shoto
    Sama shoto 1 year ago Je t adore ton frère à était mon coach
  • Suman Sadhu
    Suman Sadhu 1 year ago Yes why not!!!😃😃😃😃😊😊😊😉😉
  • RM!! Kpop ARMY FOR LIFE!
    RM!! Kpop ARMY FOR LIFE! 1 year ago Of course not
  • RM!! Kpop ARMY FOR LIFE!
    RM!! Kpop ARMY FOR LIFE! 1 year ago see The game Netmar
  • DRyZoX is cute ツ
  • Ibrahim El-Rafie
    Ibrahim El-Rafie 1 year ago Does anyone know the track used at 2:10 ?
  • K E
    K E 1 year ago With Salah please my idol
  • DROPA 2
    DROPA 2 1 year ago Séan Garnier lançamentooo 01/11/2018
  • Android Musik
    Android Musik 1 year ago Séan Garnier please with angel di maria
  • Sifiso Fistaz
    Sifiso Fistaz 1 year ago Hi Mr Sean Garnier call please ronaldinho to freestyle with You
  • Sifiso Fistaz
    Sifiso Fistaz 1 year ago Please make video with messi ronaldinho cristiano ronaldo
    Mufyyy PRODUCTION 1 year ago Séan Garnier 
  • funny vedios
    funny vedios 1 year ago Hi sean
  • funny vedios
    funny vedios 1 year ago I need your urban ball
  • funny vedios
    funny vedios 1 year ago I need a urban ball
  • funny vedios
    funny vedios 1 year ago Can you give me plllzz😘😘😘😘😘
  • funny vedios
    funny vedios 1 year ago I am a big fan of you
  • funny vedios
    funny vedios 1 year ago Plz
  • funny vedios
    funny vedios 1 year ago Plz sean
  • وليد ستار
    وليد ستار 1 year ago ممكن تنزل فيديو تعلمنا بعض الحركات
  • Jijo
    Jijo 1 year ago et tu sait tu peut parler francais ou meme mettre les sous titre en francais
  • Mongi Marenya
    Mongi Marenya 1 year ago OOBVIOUSLY
  • Bibi Kapemda
    Bibi Kapemda 1 year ago Enguer foot il chie Comme toi! Rêve pas de voir une personne
    LE PETIT SPEED 1 year ago Fr🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
    MD. N. R. HEMEL KHAN 1 year ago next Ronaldinho
  • Mike Jean
    Mike Jean 1 year ago pls messi ok go to messi
  • Mike Jean
    Mike Jean 1 year ago ples
  • Tyler Little
    Tyler Little 1 year ago
  • Kelvin More
    Kelvin More 1 year ago I know is your you sweet like sugar in know me is me is alright me is alright me and you get wrong you get wrong
  • marijo todorić
    marijo todorić 1 year ago you could never meet ronaldo but it would be cool
  • Albert Mwania
    Albert Mwania 1 year ago Lomina
  • joelle b
    joelle b 1 year ago how to win it ???
  • Filip Konakovic
    Filip Konakovic 1 year ago mrs bre,sramte bilo
  • opasni mrav
    opasni mrav 1 year ago Yes
  • Asif Khan
    Asif Khan 1 year ago yes
  • VITINHO Game
    VITINHO Game 1 year ago Sou seu fã
  • Adistha Channel
    Adistha Channel 1 year ago Salam from indonesia
  • JerrY_com
    JerrY_com 1 year ago yecccccc he's really good he must try the new trick in the game
  • Chief Leef Gamer
    Chief Leef Gamer 1 year ago Can you pin your own comment??
  • Gui Gui
    Gui Gui 1 year ago BRASILL
  • Pritish sharma
    Pritish sharma 1 year ago Please Sir I need football shoes
    PAULO_ HENRIQUE 1 year ago Vai se foder kkkkkkkk
  • Enzo Emilo
    Enzo Emilo 1 year ago Pk tu fais plus de vidéo en anglais
    PAULO_ HENRIQUE 1 year ago @Enzo Emilo toma nu cuuu
  • anat cognee
    anat cognee 1 year ago Parle français ptn😑😑
  • the S SS
    the S SS 1 year ago Go to mahrez
  • new tab
    new tab 1 year ago Maybe
  • Gabriel arcanjo
    Gabriel arcanjo 1 year ago Goood
  • ArN -yarodox
    ArN -yarodox 1 year ago Sean pArle francais
  • Sarvam shah
    Sarvam shah 1 year ago Séan Garnier yes
  • ki yoon
    ki yoon 1 year ago Vous auriez du faire un duel de panna
  • شيمو شيمو
    شيمو شيمو 1 year ago ما هذا يا نيمار
  • Mr J
    Mr J 1 year ago I think he could but he doesn't variate his juggling skills
  • omit lalompuia
    omit lalompuia 1 year ago Séan Neymar can do your tricks
  • Bithereum The Next Bitcoin
    Bithereum The Next Bitcoin 1 year ago watch this because see you in channel atta halilintar, i like ur channel
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    Clinton Hasnu 1 year ago Black pink
  • Futsal Maniac
    Futsal Maniac 1 year ago
  • Zotei Tochhong
    Zotei Tochhong 1 year ago Almost
  • Sharvesh Kumanan
    Sharvesh Kumanan 1 year ago Meet Neymar avian
  • Kes Lendez
    Kes Lendez 1 year ago Séan Garnier he really can
  • Isma Izec
    Isma Izec 1 year ago Yes neymar can be a free style
  • MLG R8DR805
    MLG R8DR805 1 year ago Most definitely
  • Sadaam official
    Sadaam official 1 year ago Santi cazorla meet next
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    ANAS 10 1 year ago i want messi
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    circuit board 1 year ago ronaldo
  • parazlyed boy
    parazlyed boy 1 year ago Sèan Garnier I think he can
  • Gambian's Home
    Gambian's Home 1 year ago Y not
  • Malati Zebrati
    Malati Zebrati 1 year ago Ciao....sono un ragazzo italiano puglia...avrei una richiesta da farti....per favore....
  • Jatin Jain
    Jatin Jain 1 year ago Messi
  • Obimma CHIDUBE
    Obimma CHIDUBE 1 year ago Yes
  • Obimma CHIDUBE
    Obimma CHIDUBE 1 year ago @Cristiano RONALDO No Njr is better
  • Albert Egea
    Albert Egea 1 year ago Oui
  • Future hai football
    Future hai football 1 year ago Who wants with Ibra 😀😀
  • masole theodore
    masole theodore 11 months ago Yes
  • Dimka Nazar
    Dimka Nazar 11 months ago Fait contre ronaldo
  • Ethio Tech Tube
    Ethio Tech Tube 11 months ago he is the best one he is gterater than every one
  • FB Tvee
    FB Tvee 11 months ago Definitely yes!
  • abal- abal
    abal- abal 11 months ago i fromm indonesian i like you
  • Abian Girang
    Abian Girang 10 months ago Y
  • Abian Girang
    Abian Girang 10 months ago Y
  • Mohammed Babikir Abdo Abdo
    Mohammed Babikir Abdo Abdo 10 months ago Yes he can
  • Valdeci Ramos
    Valdeci Ramos 10 months ago Qual a música que passa nesse vídeo alguém sabe?
  • Silene Oliveira
    Silene Oliveira 10 months ago is that even a question?
  • raouf freestyle
    raouf freestyle 10 months ago abonnez vous a ma chaine youtube
  • Arya Mh
    Arya Mh 10 months ago he already is a freestyler
  • Memes only by ham
    Memes only by ham 10 months ago He can be a diver for swimming
  • Luís Miguel
    Luís Miguel 10 months ago Should do with the greatest Zidane, Maradona. It Will be awesome. They dont have the agility, but they masters the panna. You are humiliiated on a good way 😉
  • Markus Babbel
    Markus Babbel 10 months ago Invite Joe simunic the best techniqu for a defender. Believe me. ;-)
  • DENVIL gaming
    DENVIL gaming 9 months ago Yes
  • nba nda
    nba nda 9 months ago Yes
  • Yuniqe Medsam
    Yuniqe Medsam 9 months ago I actually think he easily could
  • Jose Carlos De Brito Lima
    Jose Carlos De Brito Lima 9 months ago I love neymar
  • Matheus Liborio
    Matheus Liborio 9 months ago Sean vê cr7
  • alan villapando miranda
    alan villapando miranda 9 months ago Yesv
  • Sanku Kaï
    Sanku Kaï 9 months ago 1st of all can he be a football player?
  • teddy ondieki
    teddy ondieki 9 months ago @toMeK 123 hey get hazard
  • krisna wicaksono
    krisna wicaksono 9 months ago Neymar jr Better
  • pollumG
    pollumG 9 months ago No
  • cosa nostra omerta
    cosa nostra omerta 9 months ago Neymar=Freestyle!
  • Alfusainey Samateh
    Alfusainey Samateh 9 months ago Of Course he's the king of dribble
  • David Flores
    David Flores 9 months ago Séan Garnier soung 4:25 plis name
  • Action Hero
    Action Hero 9 months ago He is better than you
    FIZA RIZAL 9 months ago Yes
  • Thiago Silva
    Thiago Silva 8 months ago No
  • andi amo
    andi amo 8 months ago Yes
  • Hernanto Nugroho
    Hernanto Nugroho 8 months ago Stupid questions
  • VinIssues
    VinIssues 8 months ago Easily
  • Aleksa Djordjevic
    Aleksa Djordjevic 7 months ago Djotafreestyle is best freestyle in world RS
  • JaviGaSo CB7P
    JaviGaSo CB7P 7 months ago Séan Garnier yes
  • Chuji Young
    Chuji Young 7 months ago good
  • Lc
    Lc 7 months ago T français
  • Lc
    Lc 7 months ago C le correcteur automatique
  • m ali
    m ali 7 months ago Yes
  • Minhazul Hossain
    Minhazul Hossain 7 months ago yes
  • di laga belguim
    di laga belguim 6 months ago @VorteX salah bad in frestayle 😂
  • Uptightspidy 12
    Uptightspidy 12 6 months ago Séan Garnier yes
  • Roberto Nice
    Roberto Nice 5 months ago Neymar is good but Aubameyang will make better freestyler! Please get; Nicolas Pépé 🤙🏼
  • Zainal Abidin
    Zainal Abidin 5 months ago #YOUTUBEATTAURBANBALLER Yes he can but need more practise
  • MDIH A
    MDIH A 4 months ago لا
  • Maghriibii JR
    Maghriibii JR 4 months ago @Cristiano RONALDO jajajajajaja
  • Hisyam Zuki
    Hisyam Zuki 4 months ago C.Ronaldo brother
  • Mohammad Mirajul Isalm
    Mohammad Mirajul Isalm 4 months ago i love you bro. please reply to this garnier
  • fionn Tumulty
    fionn Tumulty 3 months ago Yea
  • Alex Silva
    Alex Silva 3 months ago Queria ver vc e Ronaldinho x Sean
  • Atom Konjengbam
    Atom Konjengbam 3 months ago Yo
  • MR MKK
    MR MKK 3 months ago Yeah
  • Kev Sma
    Kev Sma 2 months ago @Cristiano RONALDO his freestyle skillz better than all football players........ Cr7, messi, neymar sry but true
  • I’m george THE SkAtEr
    I’m george THE SkAtEr 2 months ago Ye
  • Vishal Vishal
    Vishal Vishal 2 months ago Dude make a video with ronaldinho gaucho
  • Muhammad Fergiawan
    Muhammad Fergiawan 1 month ago You nub!, Me pro!!!!
  • Ahmad densy
    Ahmad densy 1 month ago He already freestyle lol
  • Qomar Anwar
    Qomar Anwar 1 month ago Lionel messi?
    KARIM ABDELHEDI 1 month ago @Kanal 1 coucou
  • Supada Ray
    Supada Ray 1 month ago Yes
  • Jk legeng Gaming
    Jk legeng Gaming 1 month ago Not can he is a freestyler
    KAMRAN STARS 1 month ago
  • fresh 7
    fresh 7 2 weeks ago Yes
    PRAVEEN BHATT 2 weeks ago But u r fire bro I need yours like on this comment
  • Hoàng Hiếu
    Hoàng Hiếu 1 week ago Can lingard?
  • Mario Dumi
    Mario Dumi 1 day ago Sure
  • Gildete Cupertino
  • MrRicke
    MrRicke 6 months ago kkkkkkkkkk
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    Joao Vitor 5 months ago Kkk
    GILL CLIPES 5 months ago Kkk Brasil
  • Victor Gustavo
    Victor Gustavo 5 months ago Kkk
  • Feliciano Nunes coelho
    Feliciano Nunes coelho 5 months ago Kkkkk
  • Valdemar Lazaro
    Valdemar Lazaro 5 months ago Kk ne
  • Inacio Dias
    Inacio Dias 5 months ago BRASIL QUE REINA KK
  • railsson de souza barros
    railsson de souza barros 5 months ago K
  • JoaoDtx
    JoaoDtx 5 months ago Eu entendi
  • CR. ExTrEmE
    CR. ExTrEmE 5 months ago kkkkk
  • F e l p sz
    F e l p sz 5 months ago ¿
  • િ ી vitor
    િ ી vitor 5 months ago 👍🏻😆
    ŁØRĐ ZX 5 months ago Kkkk
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    INTZ BIEL 444 4 months ago Kkkk
  • Thiago Martins
    Thiago Martins 4 months ago Kkkkkk
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    kaioh Thomaz 2 months ago Kkk
    ROTTWEILER B9 2 months ago Vdd kkk
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    Ricardo Jesus 2 months ago É mesmo
  • Ricardo Jesus
    Ricardo Jesus 2 months ago Nossa
    KAMRAN STARS 1 month ago
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    Lauine Sthefany 3 days ago Kkkkkk
  • Johnny Garcia
    Johnny Garcia 7 months ago All those redbull freestylers should thank ronaldinho for having a job.
  • mohaimen khan
    mohaimen khan 6 months ago amen
  • shimul sarkar
    shimul sarkar 6 months ago And jay jay...
  • ImZeno XD
    ImZeno XD 2 months ago caie
  • Kold
    Kold 2 months ago Rivelinho.
  • Gui Letras
    Gui Letras 7 months ago Beleza, tem legenda até em coreano, mas não tem em português.
  • Paulo Fernandes
    Paulo Fernandes 6 months ago E um filha da puta quem n pois.
  • Archimède Joël yombo
    Archimède Joël yombo 6 months ago 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 chora não
  • Gustavo Gutiérrez
    Gustavo Gutiérrez 1 month ago kkkkkkk
    RAYUGA 9 months ago Neymar is my favourite footballer , love from India 🇮🇳🇧🇷
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    SKILL- out 6 months ago Iam Malayali
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    M4.L 6 months ago I am Nárnia
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    Yasuo ML 6 months ago I am innevitable
    YTB_SOSO 6 months ago Love neymar from French
  • Drink me If necessary reason
    Drink me If necessary reason 5 months ago Yasuo ML bruh 💀
  • R.O.T.A
    R.O.T.A 5 months ago I an brazilliam is neymar crazzy
  • zishan BUTT
    zishan BUTT 5 months ago RAYUGA i am a Pakistan 🇵🇰
  • Salman Zaidi
    Salman Zaidi 5 months ago you are write bro
  • Henrique
    Henrique 4 months ago I am brazil
  • N Nithin
    N Nithin 3 months ago I am from Kerala
  • L3ite
    L3ite 2 months ago Love from Brasil!
  • mj
    mj 1 month ago Pucha Laude koi tere se
  • Michel Romero
    Michel Romero 1 year ago Sean garnier vs Ronaldinho Gaúcho agora !!!
  • Léo Monarca
    Léo Monarca 1 year ago Michel Moreiraromero sim
  • Léo Lima
    Léo Lima 1 year ago UP
  • Anderson 21
    Anderson 21 1 year ago Up!!
  • Life of Belquis Zada
    Life of Belquis Zada 1 year ago How Question it was never he go to challenge Ronaldoinho
  • wade pak!!!!!
    wade pak!!!!! 1 year ago Gg
  • Laryssa Maxh
    Laryssa Maxh 1 year ago Dois feraz
  • LP CRF
    LP CRF 1 year ago Tomou 2 lençol do Vinícius Jr imagina o que o bruxo vai fazer com ele KKKKKKKKKKK
  • Jhones Dias
    Jhones Dias 1 year ago Up
  • Vinícius de Oliveira
    Vinícius de Oliveira 1 year ago (edited) Nesse jogo o sean garnier estava lesionado contra o vinicius junior
  • peafnd felipe
    peafnd felipe 1 year ago ronaldinho ta velho mais espero q o monstro ainda jogue como jogava antes
    PH TITO 2 weeks ago Meu penis
  • Erick Gabriel14z
    Erick Gabriel14z 5 months ago 2:50 toma essa aqui pai kkkkkkkk
  • Pedro Souza
    Pedro Souza 5 months ago Br é foda memo kkkkkkk
  • L. Renckmann
    L. Renckmann 3 months ago vim nos comentários buscar alguém falando sobre isso kkkkkk
  • Erick Gabriel14z
    Erick Gabriel14z 3 months ago @L. Renckmann kkkkkkkk
  • shimul sarkar
    shimul sarkar 6 months ago Asking a brazillian if they can freestyle is like asking for fire to be hot..
  • N1y1211
    N1y1211 6 months ago same for Africans
  • Liên Quân mobile Tv
    Liên Quân mobile Tv 6 months ago Fuck
  • RNIK tube
    RNIK tube 2 months ago @N1y1211 but Africans are very deprived. Not saying brazil is very prosperous , neymar comes from the slums too , but atleast they get water , and food. Africans are malnutritioned. If they were given nutrition , they would be as good as Brazilians.
  • N1y1211
    N1y1211 2 months ago @RNIK tube Africans get plenty of food and water some r just in poverty
  • RNIK tube
    RNIK tube 2 months ago @N1y1211 bro africa is a vast continent so it would be wrong of me and you to classify them as deprived or not. Let's just hope they become free styling legends
  • Ryuga Zeus
    Ryuga Zeus 1 week ago @N1y1211 can i know why you talking about africa 🤦🤦🤦🤦
  • Trippy DJ
    Trippy DJ 7 months ago The real Question is: Can Neymar speak English
  • Christine clare
    Christine clare 6 months ago I don't think so
  • Carlos Seilaoque
    Carlos Seilaoque 6 months ago Why neymar cant speak english?
  • Game of Chronicles
    Game of Chronicles 6 months ago You laugh at his English he laughs at ur bank balance 😂
  • RNIK tube
    RNIK tube 2 months ago He can speak Portuguese tho.
  • Richard Ortega
    Richard Ortega 2 weeks ago RNIK tube also Spanish
  • Panorami Radiosi
    Panorami Radiosi 9 months ago Aye Neymar Doing His English Homework Ya’ll 😆
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    Play Hard 1 year ago Quase nngm comentou só curtiu!
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    canal de tudo 1 year ago Aqui tioo
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    Gabriel newba 1 year ago A bolada na mulher ;-; kkkkkkkjkjkjjjj
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    Gustavo Carvalho 1 year ago E nois
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    Felps 11ツ 1 year ago @canal de tudo ae
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    Fernando Borges 1 year ago
    LK CANELA 1 year ago 🏆🏆🏆🇧🇷🇧🇷 GANHOU DE 1Á 0 VAI BRASIL
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    Matheus Jr 1 year ago Bora Neymar
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    Andrey 021 1 year ago Euuu
    TEAM RED ESPORTS 1 year ago Aqui Caralho kk
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    Pedrinho SCCP 1 year ago Slv
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    Julio vs Julio 1 year ago To aq
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    Talisson Sousa 1 year ago Eae
  • Talisson Sousa
    Talisson Sousa 1 year ago Essa levantada
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    ttv GyNoX 1 year ago Pois é mano!!!
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    Guilherme 7 months ago Coroio
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    irineu junior 7 months ago Que tal...nao
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    Isaque Santos 6 months ago Opan
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    Mc Bulita 5 months ago Slv
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    Felipe 5 months ago Fodasse
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    Diogo Nunes 1 month ago Tmj
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    Isaias Santos 1 month ago Brasil ganhe
    KAMRAN STARS 1 month ago
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    Kaio 13 3 weeks ago Aqui e Brasileiro 💚💛💙🇧🇷
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    Boogie 8 months ago The thumbnail is just funny 😂😂😂 Neymar is the King of Freestyles 💯💯💯♨
  • Sr.Meliødas
    Sr.Meliødas 8 months ago Yes
  • Amr T2 عمروتيتو
  • debendra gurung
    debendra gurung 4 months ago 0:06 - 0:09, mute looks like he is doing freestyle rap
  • Jericho Legend
    Jericho Legend 9 months ago I am the english comment yall been lookin for
    SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE 9 months ago Thank you ,you r a good man
  • Michael J.F.
    Michael J.F. 9 months ago Long live jah
  • tri setyo bayuaji
    tri setyo bayuaji 9 months ago Scrol down and finaly find you :v
  • Aidan S
    Aidan S 9 months ago Michael J.F. RIP X I can’t believe it’s been more than a year
  • AX L
    AX L 11 months ago The real question is :Can a freestyler be a soccer player?
  • Der Main Himself
    Der Main Himself 11 months ago Martin Kiss i think he could,he just need fitness and good shots/Passes. He would easy destroy footballdefender with those skills.
    HIIIPOWER 000 11 months ago Arschclown Johnson no he wouldn’t
  • Der Main Himself
    Der Main Himself 11 months ago HIIIPOWER 000 your opinion. :D
  • king ryuga
    king ryuga 11 months ago @Der Main Himself he needs speed and agility to get past a defender
  • Rikistiki 12
    Rikistiki 12 10 months ago Ask ronaldinho
  • Sony Sam
    Sony Sam 9 months ago Q:Can anyone be anyone? A:o yeah he just has to become anyone. Meh so easy.
  • Akagami
    Akagami 9 months ago Oh maan i see nobody knows about pro football . If you havent clue of room football , you havr no chance
  • xborg2011forlife
    xborg2011forlife 9 months ago Soccer? Are you fucking kidding me?
  • Grindz
    Grindz 9 months ago Arschclown Johnson he bit freestyles are not gonna be direct as in dribble with speed because they stop to do the skills
  • Smattless
    Smattless 9 months ago Sure, I bet he would be great to watch in the lower rankings, but there is a reason he's not playing for a big team.
  • Fried Miracle
    Fried Miracle 8 months ago *football
  • Ozzi 111
    Ozzi 111 8 months ago Soccer player ??? you mean Football player
  • Matthew Chena
    Matthew Chena 8 months ago He actually was for Auxerres but he injury problems so his career ended too short
  • nawfal effendi
    nawfal effendi 8 months ago @Rikistiki 12 indeed
  • nawfal effendi
    nawfal effendi 8 months ago @Ozzi 111 Soccer in USA..Football in Europe..simple as that...ehehhee
  • nawfal effendi
    nawfal effendi 8 months ago @Matthew Chena ahh i see
  • Ozzi 111
    Ozzi 111 8 months ago @nawfal effendi Only idiots who don't call the sport by its real name call it soccer .... simple as that... I'm from u.s and I don't disrespect the most beautiful sport in world by calling it soccer.... I call it how it was meant to be, I call it FOOTBALL by it's real NAME
  • Rosilda Rodrigues
    Rosilda Rodrigues 8 months ago Nao emtemdi
  • Peter Pasveer
    Peter Pasveer 8 months ago Never
  • Abdikarim Gedi
    Abdikarim Gedi 8 months ago Ronaldinho can answer that question
  • Nicolas Maz
    Nicolas Maz 8 months ago Martin Kiss sean Was a pro player When he was younger
  • Creak W#
    Creak W# 7 months ago @Ozzi 111 right fucking soccer my ass they think they can call cake "in my ass sweet" like stop it assholes
  • LJ Jr
    LJ Jr 7 months ago No he can't
  • Faisal Sindi
    Faisal Sindi 7 months ago No they can’t because in the field they can’t use their skills they need more exercise and fitness
  • Jose Suarez Year 8
    Jose Suarez Year 8 7 months ago No he can’t it’s an opinion yes but you see the f2 and there shots pass and footwork’s amazing but any freestyler need the physicality and the Brain to make them work harder
  • Alpha Ghost_316
    Alpha Ghost_316 7 months ago AX L gotem
  • Luis Alvarez
    Luis Alvarez 7 months ago Is Football hdpm 😠😠😠
  • Sly
    Sly 7 months ago FOOTBALL NO SOCCER
  • Alper896
    Alper896 7 months ago @Der Main Himself his skills is useless in a real soccer game. He needs a lot of strength and much better fitness. He also needs to improve a lot on passes, shots. He also needs to practice postioning and more stuff.
  • Sani Saddam
    Sani Saddam 7 months ago Hmm
  • Sairish X
    Sairish X 6 months ago AX L not all the time lmao 😂
  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 6 months ago @xborg2011forlife its a fucking word. Deal with it
  • Vic Sosa
    Vic Sosa 6 months ago @Ozzi 111 Lol calm your tits...
  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 6 months ago AX L FOOTBALL PLAYER Not soccer
  • Xavier Smith
    Xavier Smith 6 months ago Yes, Neymar
  • Ashuram Tv
    Ashuram Tv 6 months ago Calm down Canadians/Americans
  • abhishek kumar
    abhishek kumar 6 months ago @Ozzi 111 excellent
  • Jack HD
    Jack HD 6 months ago @Fried Miracle soccer*
  • Skabor
    Skabor 6 months ago @Der Main Himself Haha absolutely not. "He just needs fitness" Yes he just need 5 years of regular training to even be able to play 45 minutes...
  • Dani Zarate
    Dani Zarate 5 months ago Hes too fat and no speed
  • iam theking
    iam theking 5 months ago @Der Main Himself Lol you can have as much skill as u want, if u don't have the football IQ to learn how to play by Strategie and teamplay it doesn't mean anything. Also, he probably lacks passing skills, Longshots, pace and a lot more important things.
  • Joe D.
    Joe D. 5 months ago @Der Main Himself I thought it would be like that but NBA gave basketball freestylers chances they couldn't do shit
  • camolambo X
    camolambo X 5 months ago Football not soccer it's football
  • njuey
    njuey 5 months ago Physical ability gain through years practice and ton of experience, freestyler had no chance. Freestyle skill can be obtain in less period
  • TToTToTT
    TToTToTT 4 months ago i see f2freestylers, they can play football pretty good too... so i think the answer is yes, they can play.. but maybe not pro level football
  • Ici Cest Rose Hill
    Ici Cest Rose Hill 4 months ago More than speed n agility to just pass a defender ,a freestyler needs body n legs strength
  • sam clark
    sam clark 4 months ago It's football
  • sam clark
    sam clark 4 months ago @nawfal effendi 90% people say football, only 10% say soccer cause they don't know what is football
  • Angelo Maraboli
    Angelo Maraboli 4 months ago NOPE!
  • Angelo Maraboli
    Angelo Maraboli 4 months ago @Rikistiki 12 Ronaldinho is in a league of his own! Neither Messi nor Ronaldo are up to par with him when it comes to natural talent!
  • Naisum Solih
    Naisum Solih 4 months ago seangarnier is a former proffesional footballer who retired due to injury
  • Emilio BLANCO
    Emilio BLANCO 3 months ago (edited) Sean Garnir did play at Troyes and Auxerre, without any particular success, and all thé injures he had ruines his career, so no, he couldnt
  • Kachu
    Kachu 3 months ago Ozzi Chan different countries call it different things just give it up
    KAMRAN STARS 1 month ago
  • DCUO Earthjustice Indi
    DCUO Earthjustice Indi 1 month ago SoCcEr
  • CR7-Yuri RONALDO
    CR7-Yuri RONALDO 7 months ago Cadê os BR Brasil aqui🙆‍♂️
  • Ultra unboxer 350 Tor-browser
    Ultra unboxer 350 Tor-browser 8 months ago (edited) Neymar signs name sean: "I'm gonna be giving this out for the people to win" Neymar continues to wright "to my friend sean" 😂
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro
    Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro 9 months ago Neymar can be a actor
  • Kinda Al Ayoubi
    Kinda Al Ayoubi 8 months ago ahhahahaahaha
  • André Gustavo
    André Gustavo 8 months ago Q
  • GamingApple Boy88
    GamingApple Boy88 5 months ago When you see this in your recommended in 2019 and you realise that you can’t win the ball 😔😔 🤣🤣
  • Ahsan Junayd
    Ahsan Junayd 4 months ago True😂🤣