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Скачать с ютуб How To Clean An Engine

Опубликовано: 18 дек. 2013 г. 3 844 209 просмотров

Скачать видео: Скачать MP3: Если кнопки скачивания не загрузились НАЖМИТЕ ЗДЕСЬ или обновите страницу Greg - Your Car Angel shows the proper way to clean an engine. An engine detail should be done carefully because you are spraying water where there are electrical connections. They get fully protected using aluminum foil. This video will walk you through the exact steps you need to take. A final dressing of Trim Shine is applied to get the professional touch.
For a faster but more dangerous way to clean your engine watch my other video:
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  • Daniel Ortego
    Daniel Ortego 2 years ago (edited) Your method is very sound, and I appreciate you posting it so that folks can learn. I've been detailing my own vehicles and engines for about 55-years. I have tried various methods and solutions, and for me, it does make a difference. In fact, I just finished detailing my 2013 Volkswagen BUG, and it looks better than new, especially the engine compartment. I was pleasantly surprised to see that you and I are using the same finishing spray from Stoner! I do use a different cleaner but in the end, mine comes out looking just as well as you're finished work. Heck, with the right technique I'm able to do it right from my chair. I'm not able to stand so I have to improvise.
  • Dotti Champion
    Dotti Champion 2 years ago Daniel Ortego n
  • Sean Gordon
    Sean Gordon 2 years ago Dotti Champio
  • Mamat Ismail
    Mamat Ismail 2 years ago ytre
  • Kennedy McGovern
    Kennedy McGovern 2 years ago un...hook...the battery?
  • Randy Savage
    Randy Savage 2 years ago Kennedy McGovern Why?
  • Kennedy McGovern
    Kennedy McGovern 2 years ago To avoid having to wrap all of the electrical components with tin foil
  • Freddie Villanueva
    Freddie Villanueva 2 years ago Daniel Ortego l
  • lambro dimitroff
    lambro dimitroff 1 year ago Daniel Orteg
    KC CHONG 1 year ago Daniel Ortego Japanese vs African
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    Inem Bohay 1 year ago
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    dogukan Ozdemir 1 year ago P
  • Daniel Floro
    Daniel Floro 1 year ago Daniel Ortego p
  • Robert Karkos
    Robert Karkos 1 year ago Dean Martin roasts
  • Crx018
    Crx018 5 years ago Does that Trim Shine make the engine bay greasy when you touch it ( like armoral ) ) ????? ... I wouldn't want road dust to stick everywhere ..
  • Tom Morrisey
    Tom Morrisey 6 days ago Kias have deep spark-plug wells also. Don’t ask me how I know! 🤣
  • Lab Junkie
    Lab Junkie 1 year ago Or Save on tinfoil and clean the whole engine with the toothbrush 👍🏻
  • joesantm
    joesantm 1 year ago Like it good job Angel 👍👍💯
  • Mark Gerber
    Mark Gerber 1 year ago (edited) I have actually heard the opposite when buying a car. If you see an engine that looks real clean, it could be hiding problems that exist, like oil leaks etc. and that it is best not to buy a car that looks spotless under the hood. That was just one recommendation from an article about buying used cars. Nice video though.
  • heartms98
    heartms98 7 months ago i agree
  • Dee Timeless
    Dee Timeless 6 months ago It's an interesting question. Depends on the person seeing it. My guess is the majority of people, as a general rule, unconscously think positively of the mechanical condition when seeing anything clean. Clean is great, but it's wise to make sure the fundamentals are good: maintenance records, leaks, rust, vibrations, condition of fluids etc.
    SUPERNOVA 5 months ago Cleaning an engine will NEVER hide an oil leak. It's nearly impossible to ever get it that clean, if you look over an engine that has leaks you will still see the residue on the edges of gaskets.
  • Mark Park
    Mark Park 1 month ago 90% of maintenance is Cleaning. If you aren't keeping it clean, you're also not maintaining it like you should be. It is impossible to take pride in something and not clean it. If it's dirty, you are letting things go unmaintained until they fail.
  • Jack Spratt
    Jack Spratt 1 year ago I use Super Clean (the purple stuff) I also take my wheels off to get to the sides of motor and other parts. Coca Cola Company uses Coke as their cleaner. its the acid . Thanks for the vid
  • Christopher Marshall
    Christopher Marshall 1 year ago One fatal flaw: The alternator can be damaged. I have seen this happen.
  • Taljinder Chahal
    Taljinder Chahal 2 years ago I appreciate you for uploading this video. I wanna ask one question. I have semi truck Volvo D13 2017 and it's having lots of sensor. Do you have any ideas how to clean Volvo ?
  • Tim Lee
    Tim Lee 2 months ago He need can of Raid. He got lot of bugs
  • King Brilliant
    King Brilliant 3 months ago WD40 is also great as an engine detail spray. And its hydrophobic!!
  • Murali Madupu
    Murali Madupu 2 years ago Exlent vedio, I learnt many things to clean my Honda CIVIC
  • MICKIN310
  • Cristian salpor
    Cristian salpor 2 years ago excelent video, thanks I'll do this for my engine compartinent, I have the same truck, Toyota Tundra 2002 Black one, I believe you help me alot with your video, Thankyou
  • Compost Corner
    Compost Corner 2 years ago good job ,it's always a pleasing look when you achieve the end result 😁👍
  • Ivan Liao
    Ivan Liao 10 months ago Oh wow. I’ve been using a power spray to clean engines for a while, everyone said I was crazy.... lol.
  • vmvlkc
    vmvlkc 2 years ago Wow, that engine compartment does look great. You really know what you're doing
  • Hunter Hays
    Hunter Hays 2 years ago I had recently cleaned my engine bay and I had no clue how big of a difference that shine would make! Thank you for the video!
  • Joy Mahmood
    Joy Mahmood 1 year ago amazing, astounding, astonishing, awesome, breathtaking, sensational, remarkable, spectacular, stupendous - Thank you bro!
  • Earth Orbiter
    Earth Orbiter 1 year ago Really good job. Well done. And your right about the presentation of a clean engine and an increase in sell price.