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Скачать с ютуб Travis Scott ft. Drake - SICKO MODE

Опубликовано: 6 авг. 2018 г. 22 326 688 просмотров

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Travis Scott ft. Drake - SICKO MODE

[part i]

[intro: drake]
astro, yeah
sun is down, freezin' cold
that's how we already know, winter's here
my dawg would probably do it for a louis belt
that's just all he know, he don't know nothin' else
i tried to show 'em, yeah
i tried to show 'em, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah
goin' on you with the pick and roll
young la flame, he in sicko mode

[part ii]

[verse 1: travis scott & the notorious b.I.G.]
woo, made this here with all the ice on in the booth
at the gate outside, when they pull up, they get me loose
yeah, jump out boys, that's nike boys, hoppin' out coupes
this sh*t way too big, when we pull up, give me the loot
(gimme the loot!)
was off the remy, had a papoose
had to hit my old town to duck the news
two four hour lockdown, we made no moves
now it's 4 a.m. and i'm back up poppin' with the crew
i just landed in, chase b mixes pop like jamba juice
different colored chains, think my jeweler really sellin' fruits
and they chokin', man, know the crackers wish it was a noose

[bridge: big hawk & swae lee]
some-some-some-someone said
to win the retreat, we all in too deep
pl-pl-playin' for keeps, don't play us for weak (someone said)
to win the retreat, we all in too deep
pl-pl-playin' for keeps, don't play us for weak

[verse 2: travis scott & uncle luke]
yeah, this sh*t way too formal, y'all know i don't follow suit
stacey dash, most of these girls ain't got a clue
all of these h**s i made off records i produced
i might take all my exes and put 'em all in a group
hit my eses, i need the bootch
'bout to turn this function to bonnaroo
told her, "hop in, you comin' too"
in the 305, b*tch es treat me like i'm uncle luke
(don't stop, pop that p*ssy !)
had to slop the top off, it's just a roof, uh
she said, "where we goin'?" i said, "the moon"
we ain't even make it to the room
she thought it was the ocean, it's just the pool
now i got her open, it's just the goose
who put this sh*t together? i'm the glue

[bridge: travis scott, swae lee & big hawk]
someone said
shorty facetimed me out the blue
someone said
pl-playin' for keeps
someone said, motherf*cker—someone said
don't play us for weak

[part iii]

[intro: travis scott, drake & lil juice]
astro, yeah, yeah
(tay keith, f*ck these n*ggas up!)
ayy, ayy

[chorus: drake & travis scott]
she's in love with who i am
back in high school, i used to bus it to the dance (yeah)
now i hit the fbo with duffels in my hands
i did half a xan, 13 hours 'til i land
had me out like a light, ayy, yeah
like a light, ayy, yeah

[verse 3: drake & travis scott]
like a light, ayy, slept through the flight, ayy
knocked for the night, ayy
767, man, this sh*t got double bedroom, man
i still got scores to settle, man
i crept down the block (down the block)
made a right (yeah, right)
cut the lights (yeah, what?), paid the price (yeah)
n*ggas think it's sweet (nah, never), it's on sight (yeah, what?)
nothin' nice (yeah), baguettes in my ice (aw, man)
jesus christ (yeah), checks over stripes (yeah)
that's what i like (yeah), that's what we like (yeah)
lost my respect, you not a threat
when i sh00t my shot, that sh*t wetty like i'm sheck (b**ch)
see the shots that i took (ayy), wet like i'm book (ayy)
wet like i'm lizzie
i be spinnin' valley, circle blocks 'til i'm dizzy (yeah, what?)
like where is he? (yeah, what?)
no one seen him (yeah, yeah)
i'm tryna clean 'em (yeah)

[chorus: drake & travis scott]
she's in love with who i am
back in high school, i used to bus it to the dance
now i hit the fbo with duffels in my hands (woo)
i did half a xan, 13 hours 'til i land
had me out like a light (like a light)
like a light (like a light)
like a light (like a light)
like a light

[verse 4: travis scott]
yeah, pa**ed the dawgs a celly
sendin' texts, ain't sendin' kites, yeah
he said, "keep that on lock"
i say, "you know this sh*t, it's stife," yeah
it's absolute, yeah (yeah), i'm back, reboot (it's lit)
laferrari to jamba juice, yeah (skrrt, skrrt)
we back on the road, they jumpin' off, no parachute, yeah
shawty in the back
she said she workin' on her glutes, yeah (oh my god)
ain't by the book, yeah, this how it look, yeah
'bout a check, yeah (check), just check the foots, yeah
pa** this to my daughter, i'ma show her what it took (yeah)
baby mama cover forbes, got these other b*tch es shook

(C) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Cactus Jack and Grand Hustle.

#TravisScott #SickoMode

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  • Alldayrainbows
    Alldayrainbows 8 months ago (edited) Angele El-Husseini don't worry about any negative, weirdo comments Hun.. some people have ALOT to learn in life .It seems their parents didn't teach them about respect.
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    ashlyn rose 2 months ago @Angele El-Husseini [Staff] you play x box?
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  • the.abhiram.r
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  • Kyle Krave
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    John Doe 1 month ago Wicked. I never thought that. You can tell it's all one song.
  • John Doe
    John Doe 1 month ago That's something my mom would say 😂😂🤚
  • nathan ellison
    nathan ellison 1 month ago I kept hearing it and thought they just liked playing those songs back to back lol
  • Alan Williams
    Alan Williams 1 month ago Hell yea I did
  • TraXX Boyxxx
    TraXX Boyxxx 7 months ago ᴵ ᵂᴬˢ ˢᴼ ᶜᴼᴺᶠᵁˢᴱᴰ ᵂᴴᴱᴺ ᵀᴴᴵˢ ˢᴼᴺᴳ ᶜᴬᴹᴱ ᴼᵁᵀ, ᴵ ᵀᴴᴼᵁᴳᴴᵀ ᴵᵀ ᵂᴬˢ ᴬ ᴹᴬˢᴴᵁᴾ
  • Terry Jack
    Terry Jack 6 months ago Me tooooo
  • Robert Silas
    Robert Silas 6 months ago lmao me to
  • MelsBow
    MelsBow 6 months ago YOURか TRASH kakashiiioiiidiiss
  • Cody Martin
    Cody Martin 6 months ago Good night
  • Bane Wolf
    Bane Wolf 6 months ago Wow!
  • Shyla Crowder
    Shyla Crowder 5 months ago Meeee toooooo lol
  • AF
    AF 5 months ago I can see that
  • Blank Nation 2007
    Blank Nation 2007 5 months ago Isn't it supposed to be... I mean he has the same shirt
  • Sir Babz
    Sir Babz 5 months ago I hate when people use different fonts.... but I guess I like it because it lets me know who the retards are lol
  • v gabrielle
    v gabrielle 5 months ago Sir Babz 😆
  • Prince Princesita
    Prince Princesita 5 months ago U know what u funny bro...that's what I feel
  • o0LoveLove0o
    o0LoveLove0o 5 months ago Me tooooooo
  • o0LoveLove0o
    o0LoveLove0o 5 months ago @Sir Babz lmfaooo
  • Juna Almeida
    Juna Almeida 4 months ago Yoooooooooo
  • Alex Andemichael
    Alex Andemichael 4 months ago Doo Doo’d ON!
  • Bane Wolf
    Bane Wolf 4 months ago Reality check your still piece of garbage
  • 싶다아보고
    싶다아보고 3 months ago TraXX Boyxxx hahahahahahaha
  • Max Fedotovs
    Max Fedotovs 3 months ago no shit
  • Amanda Stetler
    Amanda Stetler 10 months ago Am i the only one who actually likes travis scotts part
  • Sam D
    Sam D 10 months ago Way more than the drake ones
  • Kisha Daniels
    Kisha Daniels 9 months ago 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
  • Justin Anderson
    Justin Anderson 9 months ago so much better ngl
  • Ashwin Kalyan
    Ashwin Kalyan 9 months ago Nope
  • King Kels
    King Kels 9 months ago Yes you are 😂
  • Pablo Castillo
    Pablo Castillo 8 months ago Yea
  • Barbara Waugaman
    Barbara Waugaman 8 months ago Probs
  • Alex Ford
    Alex Ford 8 months ago Not even close
  • Joa J
    Joa J 8 months ago Amanda Stetler the whole song
  • Joel Hickenbottom
    Joel Hickenbottom 8 months ago I do too
    HERES THE ICE TEA 8 months ago nOpE
  • Jessica Camano
    Jessica Camano 8 months ago Nah
  • JGFallways16K - Purple baconhair - silū býkan
    JGFallways16K - Purple baconhair - silū býkan 8 months ago I like it
  • Dee Henry
    Dee Henry 8 months ago Nah he went Brazzzy 🤯
  • Veronika Dethlefsen
    Veronika Dethlefsen 8 months ago Yes
  • Amazely
    Amazely 8 months ago Travis is trash he tried to make a flow still weak
  • Amine Party GaminG
    Amine Party GaminG 8 months ago drake better
  • Adrian Pinnock
    Adrian Pinnock 8 months ago love it :)
  • Tone Swing
    Tone Swing 7 months ago No you’re not my G 🎸💋
  • FaZe_ Savage
    FaZe_ Savage 7 months ago Sam d drake is better than your dad
  • Jesús López
    Jesús López 7 months ago Yes
  • Madi Alvarez
    Madi Alvarez 7 months ago Nah the whole song lit
  • Leslie Davis
    Leslie Davis 7 months ago Nopeee
  • Katapillar
    Katapillar 6 months ago I’ve never heard of this dude till like 5 minutes ago
  • HeavenlyMakeupByJC
    HeavenlyMakeupByJC 6 months ago Amanda Stetler Fhehh de la semana que viene y se me hace la biopsia que me voy al doctor para mañana a ver la cita para mañana para
  • HeavenlyMakeupByJC
    HeavenlyMakeupByJC 6 months ago Sam D kwkg was a time for ya next week to be ready for a good job and then again I just got to get the kids and then I’ll try
  • HeavenlyMakeupByJC
    HeavenlyMakeupByJC 6 months ago Amanda Stetler was a great time with the hubby I love ya and love you more and more will you be able que you can do that if w
  • HeavenlyMakeupByJC
    HeavenlyMakeupByJC 6 months ago Joel Hickenbottom Jersey is the same day and you then get to see a new home from the last minute we’re going to go eat dinner with you and you can make sure I wanna go
  • Tiki Taka
    Tiki Taka 6 months ago Katapillar you live under a rock cuh ?
  • TheArmedassailant
    TheArmedassailant 6 months ago Drake looks like a mupet with the Beard...............I'm not the only one who sees e
  • Mike Kyeame
    Mike Kyeame 6 months ago Yes u are
  • Tabatha Lopez
    Tabatha Lopez 6 months ago Hell no...this is everything
  • Hybrid Functionz
    Hybrid Functionz 6 months ago I like it as well '' give me the loot"
  • Hybrid Functionz
    Hybrid Functionz 6 months ago Pretty damn lit
  • Yiling Patriach
    Yiling Patriach 6 months ago His part is my favourite actually
  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez 5 months ago I like the swae lee part
  • 5rshwillz
    5rshwillz 5 months ago nah! if there was a full version of act 2 id buy
  • Madeline Stanford
    Madeline Stanford 5 months ago Noooo
  • Cody J Martin
    Cody J Martin 5 months ago hey you
  • Elijah Fraser
    Elijah Fraser 5 months ago Amanda Stetler are you high? That’s everyone’s favorite part
  • Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner
    Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner 4 months ago I like Drake's but the beat is more hyped.
  • Adrian Sanchez
    Adrian Sanchez 4 months ago All I want is to listen to the Travis Scott part
  • Nolan Roughsedge
    Nolan Roughsedge 3 months ago Definitely not
  • E. Alexander
    E. Alexander 3 months ago All I hear is Jamba juice
  • Ghxst Blade
    Ghxst Blade 3 months ago Hell no
  • Tiffany Evans
    Tiffany Evans 3 months ago XhfetttyUT
  • Noisy Planet
    Noisy Planet 3 months ago He can't rap for shit. The flow is what makes it interesting. Drake killed it. Still a great song. "Who put this shit together, I'm the glue". TF
  • Rinpuii Tlau
    Rinpuii Tlau 3 months ago No
  • Obed Gitonga
    Obed Gitonga 3 months ago No you aint
  • Palmieri
    Palmieri 3 months ago Amanda Stetler I don’t like drakes I like travis’s
  • Ramsey Guerrero
    Ramsey Guerrero 3 months ago I think Drake's part is better
  • Xxacceptence Morriz
    Xxacceptence Morriz 2 months ago Amanda Stetler wat u meanhe ate the whole thing
  • Vincent Genovese
    Vincent Genovese 2 months ago I have no issue with liking Travis Scott's part. To suggest it is better than Drake's part though is lunacy
  • Ramsey Guerrero
    Ramsey Guerrero 2 months ago How is it better than Drake's like be honest y'all probably just saying this shit but like Drake's better
  • Xxacceptence Morriz
    Xxacceptence Morriz 2 months ago Shawty b get out the rap dam one ul for travis j one of those radio type i only listen yo rap if its on the radio lookin az
  • Xxacceptence Morriz
    Xxacceptence Morriz 2 months ago Niggas on here yall probaly fk wit 69 to lol trav a real nigga , i respect drake cuz his money my nigga make hits but i know he coulda gone harder shit dont matter trav made money off this shit so fk everybody h town 832 for life
  • Xxacceptence Morriz
    Xxacceptence Morriz 2 months ago Yall just dont understand our lingo up here thats y drake say he from h town but dont soeak our lingo i know j prince got him an drake thd man but lets have one for a real h town cat
  • Johannes van der Stuyvebode
    Johannes van der Stuyvebode 1 month ago Travis always lit af
  • IronScytherPro YT
    IronScytherPro YT 1 month ago No
  • Lyssa Baker
    Lyssa Baker 10 months ago When this song was on the radio i would always think that tgey kept changing the song🙄shouldve known
  • crazy4smokey 1
    crazy4smokey 1 9 months ago What do u mean
  • Lyssa Baker
    Lyssa Baker 9 months ago @crazy4smokey 1 i mean when it was on the radio i heard it for tye first time i didnt know it was a whole song together
  • William Law
    William Law 9 months ago @crazy4smokey 1 cause intro and middle part different flow lmao
  • Brian Norris
    Brian Norris 9 months ago Jajaja me too bro
  • Sally Magwn
    Sally Magwn 9 months ago Lyssa Baker same
  • Jaida Gibson
    Jaida Gibson 9 months ago OMG same!
  • The Løser
    The Løser 8 months ago Winters here
  • Ismael Villarreal
    Ismael Villarreal 8 months ago Yeah you should have known
  • Dionne McCrary
    Dionne McCrary 8 months ago @Lyssa Baker zzz
  • Jane cooper
    Jane cooper 7 months ago (edited) I can understand why you would think that. LOL And the beginning sounds like funeral music. 😐
  • Cello's book review With Mommy
    Cello's book review With Mommy 7 months ago ht4uulrllururlhrhy5
  • Jon Sharer
    Jon Sharer 7 months ago Fucking facts
  • Markayla Brown
    Markayla Brown 7 months ago exactlyyyy
  • Megan H
    Megan H 6 months ago Same lmao it took me forever to catch on to that 😂
  • Bane Wolf
    Bane Wolf 6 months ago Should have known what...
  • Prince Princesita
    Prince Princesita 5 months ago It make no sense bro ..gtfo
  • o0LoveLove0o
    o0LoveLove0o 5 months ago Me toooo I was like aww shit
  • b b
    b b 4 months ago You
  • Eaen Ragle
    Eaen Ragle 3 months ago Why is everyone think this came out like 10 years ago its only like 11 months old
  • Jordyn Christian
    Jordyn Christian 5 months ago this song is like the hip hop version of bohemian rhapsody
  • thedartman 11
    thedartman 11 5 months ago Jordyn Christian big facts
  • BLVE青
    BLVE青 5 months ago This comment makes me want to start punching the air
  • Darren Shannon
    Darren Shannon 5 months ago Wow I never thought of that... it really is though
  • Oscar Vega
    Oscar Vega 5 months ago Fuck no.Thats disrespect to Freddie
  • I'm an asshole
    I'm an asshole 5 months ago @Oscar Vega ahuevo brother
  • 유나양
    유나양 5 months ago FaCtS bRo
  • potatoe. jpg
    potatoe. jpg 5 months ago (edited) @Oscar Vega fuckin baby boomer
  • Mayeh Ishok
    Mayeh Ishok 5 months ago Oscar Vega ok boomer
  • Oscar Vega
    Oscar Vega 5 months ago @potatoe. jpg lol im a gen z, born 96. U Just cant compare someone who is ok to a legend
  • Oscar Vega
    Oscar Vega 5 months ago @Mayeh Ishok im 23!! Just know the facts
    CON D. ORIANO 5 months ago Nah dude, dont level this shit to epic tier song like bohemian rhapsody.
  • potatoe. jpg
    potatoe. jpg 5 months ago @Oscar Vega okay lowkey not gonna lie freddie is cool but this is still somewhat like bohemian rhapsody
  • Jordyn Christian
    Jordyn Christian 5 months ago @CON D. ORIANO i know. nothing compares to bohemian rhapsody , i just meant the mashup of different beats and songs
  • Democratic Republic Of Congo
    Democratic Republic Of Congo 5 months ago @Oscar Vega Fuck Freddie, i'd rather have Drake and Travis Scott. S I C K O M O D E >the lame ass song known as bohemian rhapsody
  • sarah
    sarah 5 months ago how dare you
  • Lauren
    Lauren 5 months ago this song is not even similar or comparable to Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Tiffany Kersh Palmer
    Tiffany Kersh Palmer 5 months ago For real tho lol
  • Brett Mclachlan
    Brett Mclachlan 5 months ago It works
  • A O
    A O 4 months ago Lol smh
  • Regular Ass YouTube
    Regular Ass YouTube 4 months ago (edited) maaaaan, freddie would be rolling in his grave if he heard stupid shit like that
    CHRONIC DRO 4 months ago @thedartman 11 big facts you're stupid
    CHRONIC DRO 4 months ago @potatoe. jpg lmao how does that make him a baby boomer. Idiot
  • Sinatra ArTanis
    Sinatra ArTanis 4 months ago Jordyn Christian 😂😂😂 I love both 🌸
  • 131untouchable
    131untouchable 4 months ago doesn't transition so flawlessly like Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Radev4
    Radev4 4 months ago Niggas been doing this shit since at least the '90s e.g. Gang Starr - "I'm The Man."
  • Tamás Csiba
    Tamás Csiba 4 months ago Thats under pressure by logic
  • YouTube User
    YouTube User 4 months ago Oscar Vega no you’re a millennial
  • Jacob A
    Jacob A 3 months ago Actually it would be more closer to "Wings- band on the run"
  • Verbal Rift
    Verbal Rift 3 months ago Jordyn Christian
  • Rey Parker
    Rey Parker 3 months ago (edited) Production wise, yes. I wouldn't say so lyrically.
  • Astro Snipezz
    Astro Snipezz 2 months ago Logic did it first
  • Aaron Mitchell
    Aaron Mitchell 2 months ago @Oscar Vega these youngins dont know great music.
  • Oscar Vega
    Oscar Vega 2 months ago @YouTube User millennial is before 95 bruh know ur facts
  • YouTube User
    YouTube User 2 months ago Oscar Vega Ok luv I’m 2002 looks like we’re in the same generation
  • Felicia Marable
    Felicia Marable 2 months ago Word up
  • soulja_scoob
    soulja_scoob 2 months ago That's mad disrespect
  • ovoym
    ovoym 2 months ago Aaron Mitchell i agree. music was better when jerry lee lewis married his 13 year old cousin.
  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores 2 months ago Delete.
  • Savage A1
    Savage A1 2 months ago yes im punching the air
  • Athallah Naufal Hafizh
    Athallah Naufal Hafizh 1 month ago So truee, since both are overrated af
  • Alan_H479
    Alan_H479 1 month ago Jordyn Christian you’re right but no where as good as bohemian rhapsody tho
  • Daniel Clarke
    Daniel Clarke 1 month ago Jordyn Christian that’s disrespectful. I love this song but Freddy would lol at you if he heard that
  • scottperry2000
    scottperry2000 1 month ago Are u dumb or r u stoopid
  • Clari Sutcliff
    Clari Sutcliff 1 month ago Jordyn Christian take that back rn
  • Osmar & Jinsoul Xd
    Osmar & Jinsoul Xd 1 month ago @Oscar Vega callate el osico
  • Tyler Monroe
    Tyler Monroe 9 months ago Y’all remember hearing this the first time? Just remember
  • Maryjane Modesto
    Maryjane Modesto 9 months ago Today my first time listening
  • Prime Side
    Prime Side 9 months ago @Maryjane Modesto ur noob
  • Adriana Crowley
    Adriana Crowley 9 months ago Yeah it was the best
  • Leaked101
    Leaked101 8 months ago i heard it when deji slapped jake paul in a edit i was that sht slaps lmao
  • cellosia leigh
    cellosia leigh 7 months ago I couldn't even listen to the whole thing hahahahaa
  • Halia M.
    Halia M. 7 months ago I was like tf is this
  • Enrique Lopez
    Enrique Lopez 7 months ago I loved it but not no more
  • reylon rivera
    reylon rivera 7 months ago first time I heard it I forget drake was in it til his second verse
  • Natalia Templin
    Natalia Templin 6 months ago Tyler Monroe i gave you 669 likes :)
  • Cosita Hermosa of Love
    Cosita Hermosa of Love 6 months ago Was wack then it caught on
  • reality
    reality 6 months ago “what the fuck”
  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson 5 months ago Yup i was in my room late at night by myself, and i was making the stank face the whole time😂
  • Juna Almeida
    Juna Almeida 4 months ago 🤪
  • linyiah hello
    linyiah hello 4 months ago Leaked101 same
  • linyiah hello
    linyiah hello 4 months ago I think I was on tik tok and I heard the remix with the grinch doing that ahhhhh
  • teggemonster559
    teggemonster559 3 months ago Weak
  • Jeremiah Reyes
    Jeremiah Reyes 3 months ago Don't tell me what to do.
  • deema jihad
    deema jihad 2 months ago i was sitting on the toilet
  • Sean Martyn
    Sean Martyn 2 months ago The first switch up had me shook
  • T s
    T s 1 month ago Yup
  • T s
    T s 1 month ago @cellosia leigh oi
  • Garo
    Garo 1 month ago I was getting high af with 2 of my compadres from work 👍
  • spirit
    spirit 1 month ago I didnt really like drakes part at first but at Travis’s part i was really hyped
  • Maunica McDaniel
    Maunica McDaniel 6 months ago Travis Scott: Shorty FaceTimed me out the blue... Kylie Jenner: 👀👀👀
  • ketty putri
    ketty putri 6 months ago LOL
  • Orlando Coronel
    Orlando Coronel 5 months ago Yo lol
  • MoobTubeTV
    MoobTubeTV 5 months ago Uhhh..
  • anne afriyie
    anne afriyie 5 months ago RaaAhse and shIiYne
  • Sintija Sevko
    Sintija Sevko 3 months ago And Travis Scott: I might take all my exes and put them all in a group Kylie Jenner: 👀👀👀👀👀
  • Thamie Charlez
    Thamie Charlez 3 months ago Stormie: 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  • Tsar R
    Tsar R 10 months ago I might take all my exes and put em in a group
  • Cian Markey
    Cian Markey 10 months ago Jos
  • TalkToMeNice88 Banks
    TalkToMeNice88 Banks 10 months ago Tsar R Facts
  • Alexus Watkins
    Alexus Watkins 10 months ago YOOO🤣😈
  • SalsaTime101
    SalsaTime101 9 months ago Broooooo I got to many... you’ll need a fucking plane for that shit
  • Bryant Hernandez
    Bryant Hernandez 9 months ago SkyLimit123 or a smart car
  • SalsaTime101
    SalsaTime101 9 months ago You want 20ish bitches in a smart car... fuck no
  • faith always
    faith always 9 months ago They'll talk so much shit on you lmao
  • sportsteve24
    sportsteve24 9 months ago Has anyone tried this?
  • Christina Benincasa
    Christina Benincasa 9 months ago When your brother talks too much hahahahaha Everyone likes my jokes yeah
  • JGFallways16K - Purple baconhair - silū býkan
    JGFallways16K - Purple baconhair - silū býkan 8 months ago fuckin right 👌
  • Kate’s World
    Kate’s World 8 months ago Ok the weird thing is that the song was at that part when I read this
  • Young Rayze
    Young Rayze 8 months ago did it already
  • lil 3peat
    lil 3peat 8 months ago Risky
  • Tsar R
    Tsar R 8 months ago @lil 3peat worth it
  • Season Carnahan
    Season Carnahan 7 months ago So true😂
  • Jose Guapo
    Jose Guapo 1 month ago Wtf
  • Nathos01 _
    Nathos01 _ 3 months ago this song was so overplayed i forgot how good it actually was
  • Hector G
    Hector G 10 months ago 4:42 The saddest skkrtt i've ever heard :/
  • Mr Telitsas
    Mr Telitsas 9 months ago Y Tyngsboro
  • lil purpp
    lil purpp 9 months ago I didn't hear nun?
    NOISYBOYGAMES 9 months ago Prob better then urs
  • TJ West
    TJ West 9 months ago Legit sad af, Skrrrrrrrrrrt 😢
  • Cristina Tejeda
    Cristina Tejeda 9 months ago @lil purpp It's in the background music
  • Amena Begum
    Amena Begum 9 months ago Lool
  • ciccino
    ciccino 9 months ago (edited) thats the saddest one
  • Col Friday
    Col Friday 9 months ago Tide Pod And Chill Put headphones on
  • Roldan Jamir Buenaventura
    Roldan Jamir Buenaventura 9 months ago skkkkkkkkkkrtt
  • Brittney James
    Brittney James 9 months ago Lol it is to
  • KingCristhian2003
    KingCristhian2003 9 months ago Eidjf Sidjd what
  • Gary riffo
    Gary riffo 8 months ago Musica cristiana
  • BaconOrButter
    BaconOrButter 8 months ago It was more like a skhoo skooooooooo
  • joao cunha
    joao cunha 6 months ago WTF i didnt even notice that lol
  • Majiachar ?
    Majiachar ? 6 months ago Maria im Drunk
  • dipti hatewar
    dipti hatewar 6 months ago Heard for the first time after U pointed it out xD
  • Jax Herer
    Jax Herer 6 months ago @ciccino 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • parallel s3m
    parallel s3m 6 months ago Skit LMAO
  • Blank Nation 2007
    Blank Nation 2007 5 months ago @lil purpp I thought I was deaf._.
  • Vine Vine
    Vine Vine 5 months ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    JACK PULICE 7 months ago The song that every 12 year old fortnite player puts in their stream.
  • Kottonkandy09
    Kottonkandy09 7 months ago They got good taste
  • Reed G
    Reed G 7 months ago Kottonkandy09 Yea bro he says like its a bad thing. Kiddos rock this shit
  • Pucumido
    Pucumido 6 months ago you forgot mo bamba
  • J P
    J P 6 months ago Must watch a lot of 12 year old streamers 💀😂
  • Dixie Normous
    Dixie Normous 6 months ago Dude is 89 y/o watching young ppl stream forknife
  • salaheddine Ayoubi
    salaheddine Ayoubi 6 months ago Rekt by others
  • Palmieri
    Palmieri 3 months ago Damn they ruined this song meming it it was and is good
  • Gerardo Herrera
    Gerardo Herrera 3 months ago I’m a 11...
  • Elena Vernet
    Elena Vernet 1 month ago FACTS