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Скачать с ютуб Climbing the slippery mountain with the Oshkosh M1070 in worse conditions

Опубликовано: 7 окт. 2014 г. 7 384 851 просмотр

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Check out this new video with added diff locks...

  • Chicken Soup
    Chicken Soup 4 years ago The driver is a total idiot.  He should have gone on Youtube and read the comment section for professional advice
  • Ariel n
    Ariel n 4 years ago +Chicken Soup what professional advice can you give
  • laplante149
    laplante149 4 years ago +Ariel n He already gave some, go on youtube and get it lol
  • Glepacos HET
    Glepacos HET 4 years ago +laplante149 ;)
  • pawel
    pawel 3 years ago Chicken Soup he should go back and try again and drive faster
  • Patrick Baptist
    Patrick Baptist 2 years ago LOL
  • supersimon126
    supersimon126 3 years ago Shoutout to the engines cooling system
  • MindBlossom
    MindBlossom 3 years ago It was probably turbo charged.
  • Kyle Bartruff
    Kyle Bartruff 3 years ago I think these are detroit 2 stroke powered so they are blown and often turbo.
  • Insta kurd today
    Insta kurd today 3 years ago supersimon126
  • Reverend D
    Reverend D 3 years ago They're fairly coldblooded, just getting them to operating temp is often hard, I'm sure it was nice and warm after that though lol...
  • NE
    NE 2 years ago (edited) detroit diesel. american power! 16 cylinder turbo 27.9 liters of displacement
  • Corby
    Corby 2 years ago Nelson V its a Detroit diesel 8v92
  • Анатолий Чернявский
    Анатолий Чернявский 2 years ago supersimon126 if
  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee 1 year ago NE_ Too bad Chevy can't put an "American Made" diesel in their light trucks instead of that Japanese Isuzu. (Duramax)
  • SS 81
    SS 81 1 year ago @NE HET's and just trucks in general have never used a 16 Cylinder engine in America.The only 16 Cylinder Diesel in the Military is a Cummins in the M48 and M60 Patton Tanks.HET's either have a 8V-92 Detroit Diesel or C18 CAT.
  • Tony’s mobile repair
    Tony’s mobile repair 1 year ago Those rigs have heavy duty system especial for this
  • mtnman1984
    mtnman1984 1 year ago You would barely see the fan clutch come into play with these in Iraq. These Oshkosh trucks with the 2-strokes are incredibly durable.
  • IP Televizija
    IP Televizija 1 year ago no it has air cooling
  • Alan Benzo
    Alan Benzo 1 year ago And the tranny, I figured it would take a shit with force like that.
  • Moses Bagumira Bwengye
    Moses Bagumira Bwengye 1 year ago The engine never gives up....what's the displacement driving 4 live axles at a go?
  • Michael Root
    Michael Root 1 year ago @Andrew Lee when it comes to the automotive industry Japan does it best
    THE NO FILTER GUY!!!!! 1 year ago The best Russians build the best....
  • Kt Singson Kuki
    Kt Singson Kuki 1 year ago supersimon126 amazonedocumantry
  • die warlock
    die warlock 1 year ago @NE cat power bitch
  • die warlock
    die warlock 1 year ago @Corby you have no clue goof
  • shortthrow50
    shortthrow50 1 year ago die warlock you don’t know the sound difference between an old 2 stroke diesel vs a cat engine? While you are on YouTube correcting people when you are the dumbass, search 2 stroke Detroit’s. And then search cat motors. Won’t be hard at all to tell the difference
  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown 11 months ago Oshkosh M1070 powered by Detroit Diesel 2 stroke 8v92ta 500hp with Allison transmission. New model M1070A1 powered by CAT C18 700hp with Allison transmission.
  • snattle rake
    snattle rake 11 months ago (edited) @die warlock fuck you it is a Detroit diesel 8v92 and I'm not a goof that was my old account dumbass
  • odd maner
    odd maner 11 months ago @NE 8 cylinder.....dont know were you got 16
  • Jsru Wan
    Jsru Wan 11 months ago รทาถ
  • Welliton José
    Welliton José 10 months ago supersimon126
  • Nikostos Niklaas
    Nikostos Niklaas 9 months ago @Kyle Bartruff - Wow - Just wrote somewhere on top here about this engine and here I see you have written exactly the same about this engine.
  • Nikostos Niklaas
    Nikostos Niklaas 9 months ago Would have been great to see what the effect would have been if it was powered by a German Deutz Diesel blower fan cooled. In the 1980's we ran underground on the Wagner Equipment St5B and St8B Swedish scooptrams with these Deutz Diesel engines and it was nothing for the scoops to pull-up the inclines with an 8ton load of ore.
  • Nikostos Niklaas
    Nikostos Niklaas 9 months ago Also on the mines then in the 80's we had the Oshkosh Trucks powered by either Caterpillar or Cummins engines. Our Michigan wheel loaders were powered by the Detroit Two Stroke Diesel engines with blower chargers.
  • Leen Moh11
    Leen Moh11 9 months ago @SS 81 .nnnkoi
  • SS 81
    SS 81 9 months ago @Bobby Brown DD-92 Detroits in the HET run 500 HP and 1,470 Torque,the C18 Caterpillar in the rebuilt M1070's is 500 HP and 1,996 Torque,NOT 700 HP.
  • SS 81
    SS 81 9 months ago @Nikostos Niklaas Deutz Air Cooled...That thing would Overheat before the Detroit would fuck up.I own a Man Kat l 8×8 with the Air Cooled Deutz,I don't trust it under alot of RPM's.