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Опубликовано: 4 нояб. 2018 г. 2 481 092 просмотра

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While there are more than enough concept ideas out there, We wanted to research personal transportation machines that you can ACTUALLY BUY right now, not just gawk over the idea of ownership in the future. So here is the list of futuristic transportation machines that are really and truly available for sale, many of which surprisingly are available on Amazon.
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0:45 Action Blink S2-
2:25 Cocoa Motors Walk Car-
3:56 Torrot Velocipedo -
5:26 X1 Explorer-
7:23 Swagtron T1 Hoverboard- Hyundai E4U
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  • TechnoNerd
    TechnoNerd 1 year ago Here at TechnoNerd, we upload videos regularly about Futuristic Technologies, Latest Gadgets, and Trending Inventions. If you are a fan of these too then click here and subscribe now: FIND US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook- Twitter- Google Plus-
  • dasari kumar
    dasari kumar 1 year ago TechnoNerd kevvu bro
  • Guru kripa deco nd cat
    Guru kripa deco nd cat 1 year ago TechnoNerd y
  • RIPing PUMA
    RIPing PUMA 11 months ago Do you also regularly use thumbnails or pictures that are very different from your actual video to get more views? I find this irritating and bothersome. I will now request CNN and other leftist media to defend my case and make a big deal out of this...because I can't simply move on with life after seeing this clickbait hurt so many, many people.
  • Riandy Del Rosario
    Riandy Del Rosario 11 months ago TechnoNerd how i wish to have one of this but its to expensive hayst #Philippines
  • GB3770
    GB3770 10 months ago its not a fucking hoverboard if it doesnt hover...duh.
  • youareonthetube1
    youareonthetube1 8 months ago hov·er /ˈhəvər/ verb 1. Remain in one place in the air. wheel /(h)wēl/ noun 1. A circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move easily over the ground. Never buy a vehicle of any kind from a manufacturer that doesnt know the difference between AIR or GROUND Such as number one in this video. SOOOOooooooooo........ Whos gonna tell them that those are wheels under their thingy? And that its NOT up in the air. That is gonna be one very hard to have conversation.
  • Odane Thomas
    Odane Thomas 2 months ago The United States is not a continent you idiot Canada and Mexico is on that continent too and they are not apart of the United States.
  • J Neilson
    J Neilson 1 month ago 7:10 your Canadian is showing! FERDA
  • Odane Thomas
    Odane Thomas 1 month ago @J Neilson funny thing I am not even Canadian I am Jamaican
  • J Neilson
    J Neilson 1 month ago @Odane Thomas Why do you think I was talking to you? The narrator in the video has a strong Canadian accent.
  • Odane Thomas
    Odane Thomas 1 month ago @J Neilson but a Canadian wouldn't call north America the United States now they know better than that.
  • Typhoon792
    Typhoon792 7 months ago LOL, "so successful that it's no longer available". Yeah, that's how that works.
  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 1 month ago All of their manufacturing budget was used up paying out injury and death lawsuits.
  • Pure Luck
    Pure Luck 1 day ago This video is full of shit
  • Super -sim
    Super -sim 1 year ago Small wheels would not work, we have tree roots, pot holes and mostly uneven surface comparied to the prefect smoth surface in the video
  • may ayache
    may ayache 3 months ago thats cuz you live in a 3rd world country or a poor area
  • Mwafrika Halisi
    Mwafrika Halisi 2 months ago @may ayache Surely, what rich people would ride on these toys on the highway inhaling fumes from the traffic?
  • *Starless
    *Starless 2 months ago you must be from New Orleans... XD
  • Maiku Tsukino
    Maiku Tsukino 1 year ago Rocket Skates= So successful that they entirely sold out and are no longer available. Well, either they were not so successful or the creators don't like to make money by making more.
  • Jo N.
    Jo N. 2 months ago Right?!
  • Timmy Farrelly
    Timmy Farrelly 1 week ago @Jo N. what? He Zzzzz right though!
  • roadstar499
    roadstar499 1 day ago probably law suits pending ...
  • ariszomo widiyanto
    ariszomo widiyanto 1 year ago walking is still the best 😀
  • Horatio Jones
    Horatio Jones 1 year ago I agree 100% but there are some cases where you could be injured or disabled and you may need assistance to go even short distances. Otherwise most of these are toys are for people who have more money than sense.
  • D L Johnson
    D L Johnson 9 months ago If you are not trying to get anywhere quickly. If you work 7 miles away then walking is not the best option.
  • Jason Bourne The CIA Agent
    Jason Bourne The CIA Agent 9 months ago ariszomo widiyanto I can imagine police using this lol
  • luvbig41
    luvbig41 9 months ago Yep walking or riding a bicycle. I predict more out of shape people in the future,
  • Reforged Criterion
    Reforged Criterion 8 months ago @luvbig41 None of these have the weight capacity for out of shape people.
  • youareonthetube1
    youareonthetube1 8 months ago @Reforged Criterion You are missing the pointer. look ahead. Those who use it are going to become the out of shape people that can no longer use it.
  • Reforged Criterion
    Reforged Criterion 8 months ago @youareonthetube1 BS.. Those who are sitting at home doing nothing are the out of shape people. This gives people who are too far to walk the ability to get to work without showing up sweaty and stinky. Alternative transportation frees up parking spaces and stops people from taking cab rides.. You have nothing to fear unless you're a cabbie.
  • youareonthetube1
    youareonthetube1 8 months ago @Reforged Criterion yeah. okay. You changed focus midway through your text from exercise to cabbie and environmental stuff. Then emotional stuff. Inclusive of make believe stuff. You're kinda all over the place there. As for people at home doing nothing. Of course they are out of shape. As for people exercising. Ofcourse they are in shape. You stated the obvious. Both of which would be a truth without any of these garbage machines in the dynamic.
  • Reforged Criterion
    Reforged Criterion 8 months ago @youareonthetube1 And you're just blindly screaming everyone is going to get fat if they use these alternative transportation devices.. Learn to moderate your food intake. Or just say screw it and drink beer and be a chubby guy like me. Who cares! And my point about cabbies is valid. People have always had options. It's just cool to see new gadgets that go outside the box whether or not they are actually viable.
  • Reforged Criterion
    Reforged Criterion 8 months ago @youareonthetube1 If you were born a bit over 100 years ago you'd be the guy screaming that cars make you fat.. why can't you just walk or ride a horse like a normal person.. waaah.. People are riding powered roller blades.. last I checked you had to be fairly fit and have great balance to use roller blades. Even them being powered you'll still work muscles that you normally won't just walking. And I think we're all agreed that the rolling tablet is a flat out joke. No one with half a brain is going to buy that crap. But the one legit aspect of the rolling tablet is how compact it is, how they've managed to move a human being at walking speeds for an hour with a device that is no bigger than a small laptop is cool as hell, even if it isn't really yours or my own cup of tea. I'm leaning more toward light weight e-assist pedal vehicles like the ELF or the PEBL although I want to build my own that is modeled after a horse carriage, pickup truck with storage (pink barbie powerwheels ftw), buggy cart or classic car instead of this futuristic pod nonsense everyone is going crazy over.
  • youareonthetube1
    youareonthetube1 8 months ago @Reforged Criterion Actually. Thats not even close to what was in the text I added to the thread. Thats just you saying something then giving me credit for it. Each time you add a text you are making things up. I suggest that you read the text then see if your comment has anything to do with it. Because it hasnt. As of this comment. You are not even actually talking to me. You havent been after the first half of your first comment. You have created an alternate subject path, and you are responding to your own creation. Nothing else. Basically you are talking to you. Anyone reading this thread can see that. Which is why I suggest that you read it.
  • youareonthetube1
    youareonthetube1 8 months ago @Reforged Criterion (sigh) Do you even realise that you are NOT having a conversation with other people. You are literally creating stuff to move your own imaginaings forward as you see it. Please read your own text. Then read the one you say you are responding to. Draw a line from response to response sentence forms. each of your responses are connected to your own sentences. You are talking to you. I havent been able to say anything since the second comment.
  • Reforged Criterion
    Reforged Criterion 8 months ago @youareonthetube1 Troll harder noob. Way to keep responding with complete gibberish.
  • youareonthetube1
    youareonthetube1 8 months ago @Reforged Criterion=adhominem
  • Kelly Rayburn
    Kelly Rayburn 7 months ago (edited) @luvbig41 Where I live people steal bicycles. Get a bike. Then in a couple of weeks get a new one to replace the one that's stolen. Two weeks later... You get the idea. Walking a mile in the heat might be fine for the young. But for older people, that can be quite a chore. And if you work a 2 or 3 miles from where you live, walking is not an option once you get much past 35. Heck, it wasn't an option for me when I lived a mile from worked when I was 25. Every once in a while, sure. Every single work day? That crap gets old REAL fast. You get home and all you want to do is just sit and rest for 15 or 20 minutes instead of doing things around the house that need to be done.
  • renegade_ace
    renegade_ace 6 months ago no
  • †ANGÉ|†
    †ANGÉ|† 3 months ago I ripstick, skateboard, scooter, bike, and electric mini bike around, I like walking but you can’t pop wheelies and grind while killing distance like that.
  • Rana Ahmad
    Rana Ahmad 3 months ago ,jقلصيي عهصف باصلا
  • Godfrey Patrick
    Godfrey Patrick 3 months ago Exactly
  • Joshua Lewis
    Joshua Lewis 2 months ago @Reforged Criterion are u an idiot?
  • Joshua Newton
    Joshua Newton 2 months ago ariszomo widiyanto : Unless you have a long distance to travel.
  • Debanshu Roy
    Debanshu Roy 1 month ago Totally agree with you. These products make you lethargic and lazy , if God has provided us with legs there surely must be some God use of it rather than. Kicking asses as usual
  • bangmeister2012
    bangmeister2012 1 month ago Unless you're overweight
  • Viktor Magnusson
    Viktor Magnusson 2 weeks ago yeah they forgot about walking when they made that laptop thing becuase oh god is walking more convenient
  • Guago Guago
    Guago Guago 1 day ago Before you buy anything in the world you will die from coronavirus.
  • Jorge Villalobos
    Jorge Villalobos 3 months ago They can carry all the weight you're going to gain by using them.
  • DR Paquette
    DR Paquette 9 months ago most of this was good until you hit the hoverturd!
  • SandyRiverBlue
    SandyRiverBlue 2 months ago (edited) Walkcar: Close to 9 miles per hour on what looks like 45mm wheels. Yep, that's smart, you'll be lucky if you only faceplant the first time you hit a pebble.
  • Molalign Meagher
    Molalign Meagher 3 months ago I love how they don't tell us the price for the very expensive ones, but do for the cheap ones
  • peng109
    peng109 1 year ago (edited) None of these will do well in NYC where I live. The roads are full of cracks and potholes.
  • Virgil Williams
    Virgil Williams 1 year ago I guess their working with the hospital industry to get more patients, after the accidental falls, and spills of these products. More patients, means more money for them. Lol
  • Saphire 67
    Saphire 67 3 months ago Agree, been to New York saw some of the biggest potholes i've ever seen !
  • Thrashaero
    Thrashaero 1 month ago perhaps the velocipedo would work
  • BlissGacha
    BlissGacha 9 months ago Do we just watch this video to be upset at the fact that we don’t have enough money to buy all of this cool stuff
  • mrkooze
    mrkooze 2 months ago sold out and no longer available, sounds like a discontinued flop!
  • Ralfs Zeihmanis
    Ralfs Zeihmanis 3 months ago 2:29 hit a pebble and you dead
  • Przemek Przemek
    Przemek Przemek 3 months ago 10 minutes of commerials :(
  • 3D Printwiz
    3D Printwiz 1 year ago I can see it now. People in the future will be 300 lbs overweight. LOL
  • Tansar Naveed
    Tansar Naveed 1 year ago how many price
  • Picolas Cage
    Picolas Cage 11 months ago woohoo I can't wait goodbye walking forever mmmm donuts
  • Reforged Criterion
    Reforged Criterion 8 months ago And none of these devices can carry 300 lbs.
  • Peter P
    Peter P 5 months ago So we will become the people in wall ie
  • thomas gabele
    thomas gabele 4 months ago without teeth
  • David Lamb
    David Lamb 1 year ago Clickbait so gets an automatic thumbs down.
  • Jon Mason
    Jon Mason 1 year ago David Lamb they get paid on thumbs down or up so I give them nothing if they falsely advertise like that
  • spacemanvw
    spacemanvw 9 months ago Yes it is correct: a thumbs down is as good for the youtuber as a thums up - so if you wants to punish them don't give them anything
  • roadstar499
    roadstar499 1 day ago most important features like how far per charge? or charge times is not mentioned in some of these... why?
  • Frank Pichardo
    Frank Pichardo 1 year ago Make the X1 Bine with pedals and I’ll buy it!
  • edmaluf
    edmaluf 9 months ago Thanks for the click bait thumbnail! (Note to myself: don't click on anything else from this channel)
  • The main cause of warps in all of reality
    The main cause of warps in all of reality 1 month ago I agree full heartedly, but for the love of God, please change your pfp.