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Скачать с ютуб Extreme Rancho Relaxo 2015!

Опубликовано: 26 апр. 2015 г. 1 375 562 просмотра

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  • Hugo Suarez
    Hugo Suarez Год назад 2015:just sipping a beer while making a awsome vid! 2018:just siping a beer and ruining my channel!
  • Phantom Striker
    Phantom Striker 7 месяцев назад Fact:True
  • Atticus Mann-Romey
    Atticus Mann-Romey 3 года назад Long ago, the 9 classes lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the pyro nation attacked. Only the STAR_, master of all 9 classes could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he vanished. 100 years passed and my brother and I discovered the new lazy engineer. A Rancho Relaxo engineer named Muselk. Although his lazy engie skills are great, he had a lot to learn before he can save anyone. But I believe, Muselk can save the world.
  • Atticus Mann-Romey
    Atticus Mann-Romey 3 года назад +Muselk
  • the__wolf
    the__wolf 3 года назад Spyatar the last knife bender
  • iRaveX
    iRaveX 3 года назад Noice
  • Brandon Morris
    Brandon Morris 3 года назад The last taunt bender
  • Wayno
    Wayno 3 года назад Spoiler, TF2 turns into Overwatch and Seagull becomes the master. Just like the airbender series and Overwatch... :-;
  • muurd
    muurd 2 года назад +Atticus Mann-Romey End of the movie Muselk went with the rest and killed us
  • TheElectricMedic 101
    TheElectricMedic 101 2 года назад He was frozen in the ice riding his pet chair apa
  • Snab
    Snab 2 года назад amazing!
  • Darky_ Magy
    Darky_ Magy 2 года назад Atticus Mann-Romey NAH HE'S A TRYHARD
  • Just A Dude
    Just A Dude 2 года назад (Speech 100)
    TSWCM Год назад Haha he’s fortnite now
  • Mr Lag.
    Mr Lag. 8 месяцев назад No he got cancered by Fortnite
  • Outta my way manlets
    Outta my way manlets 5 месяцев назад sobbing
  • William Ou
    William Ou 5 месяцев назад @Wayno Spoiler 2, Muselk ditches first-person shooters entirely to save his paycheck
  • RandomRoadDog
    RandomRoadDog 2 года назад I miss this
  • Közy
    Közy Год назад Me to. :(
  • Pizzario
    Pizzario Год назад Lucky Shot Fortnite is such a horrible game with a trash community. Why play a game that needs teamwork and actually still has ideas to talk about when you can use clickbait and horrid content. Time to leave
  • Cab Fish
    Cab Fish Год назад Just go to MoreMuselk
  • Dudez01
    Dudez01 3 года назад Waiting for 2016 edition
  • Macdonald Clown
    Macdonald Clown 3 года назад Me too
  • Craxxis Wabisuke
    Craxxis Wabisuke 2 года назад GamerGuy205 waiting for the flippin 2017 edition
  • Siobhan
    Siobhan 2 года назад o
  • Mr. Ashtinamatone
    Mr. Ashtinamatone 2 года назад and 2017
  • Ash
    Ash 2 года назад He has moved on to overwatch;-;
  • dylan
    dylan Год назад 2018 edition please
  • nickomeinegh
    nickomeinegh Год назад waiting for the flippin 2018 edition
  • The unprofessional Gamer
    The unprofessional Gamer 8 месяцев назад 2019 edition
  • LaCroix
    LaCroix 10 месяцев назад 2019? End me please
  • Sgt Loser
    Sgt Loser 4 года назад Honey, hold my beer, I'm gonna try some stupid life-threatening stuff some random guy taught me on the Internet. Relax, it's gonna be fine.
  • the meme police
    the meme police 2 года назад lands it ah oh crap forgot mah chair and more important my beer noooo
  • 101MATTK
    101MATTK 4 года назад I'm just shittin' here on my Rancho Relaxo.
  • Harrison Gould
    Harrison Gould 5 месяцев назад 2019 anybody
  • Muselk
    Muselk 4 года назад I know my channel was a lot smaller back when I did extreme rancho, but it feels good to bring it back :)
  • Typhova
    Typhova 4 года назад @Muselk now that im your first reply again, you should do a combo between tryhard tuesday and high stakes
  • Pharbos
    Pharbos 4 года назад @Muselk please notice me senpai
  • TdogRedman
    TdogRedman 4 года назад @Muselk Klesum
  • Spark
    Spark 4 года назад @Muselk What about extreme pool party?
  • Bilal the Saff
    Bilal the Saff 4 года назад Tsh! MUSELK, SHMUSELK!! AM I RIGHT GUISE? insecurity intensifies
  • EnderSpy
    EnderSpy 4 года назад @TheYosparky he would need help from an enemy soldier because there arent any extreme flare jump spots
  • bram vissers
    bram vissers 4 года назад @Muselk plz do more man i love it
  • Spark
    Spark 4 года назад @EnderSpy It would be quite a challenge ;)Pool party is just that much more extreme.
  • Cieron Porter
    Cieron Porter 4 года назад Like dis video and other rancho relaxo so that one day ranch relaxo 2036 edition will be real
  • Alan Carlton
    Alan Carlton 4 года назад Please do more
  • Jones Naylor
    Jones Naylor 4 года назад @Muselk Pls do a top 10 load out for heavy.
  • David Dang
    David Dang 4 года назад Plz do more ranching relaxo I loved it when you made the first videos on it.
  • P-into Dog
    P-into Dog 4 года назад For celestias sake plz contenue this
  • Raven
    Raven 4 года назад @Koala Yogurt I figured default, sandvich, and running urgently would be the loadout. Most heavies use that so...
  • SolipsistWerewolf
    SolipsistWerewolf 4 года назад Continue! I love trying to get to these spots, and then sit there and browse the Internet in the background until I get votekicked.
  • Vincent Sissom
    Vincent Sissom 4 года назад @Muselk Well, I noticed something in the last 2 maps you did for this video:  They were going to send you to spectate mode for being AFK.  Try to find servers that don't have that feature in them.  I hate to have you not drinking beers.
  • Relixxx
  • Becchi
    Becchi 4 года назад @Muselk MOAR...pls
  • Unlit
    Unlit 4 года назад @Muselk Now extreme rancho trainsaw lazer relaxo.
  • Hacksaw Tom
    Hacksaw Tom 4 года назад Please do more I love trying to recreate these and being just as useless.
  • Squash
    Squash 4 года назад You should do a tutorial on how to get to the pit! Also, this would be the best series ever!
  • Noral games
    Noral games 4 года назад @Bow Ty hsvbdjndiobdhwujdhekdgvdwetdsrcxrhkiooppoooogyeiehdywiriñqpqweryyiosaasddggjkkkñzxcvnudeubgxwtratudfhycgrdyfhgtjctbhbfyvgvtvfdhfsdfedfxddcdgfgyhv
  • Lykos
    Lykos 4 года назад @Muselk Hey Muselk is it a good vid idea for a complete battle orientated medic :D
  • Deathwish9x_XBL
    Deathwish9x_XBL 4 года назад At least I now know that at least once a year he goes on his server. Maybe.
  • Zod
    Zod 4 года назад @Muselk use the pyro pooolllllllllllll
  • Azuren
    Azuren 4 года назад MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I demandith thy to make MOAR!!!!
  • artt
    artt 4 года назад i remember when it came out I was so happy. it was only about 1 and a half years ago
  • CallumTV
    CallumTV 4 года назад @Muselk u r mlg rancho relaxo engineer better then  star better then jerma better then any over tf2 youtuber
  • Camdyn Standley
    Camdyn Standley 4 года назад Its a great series but you need to have the the fat engie doing this.
  • Milk's
    Milk's 4 года назад @Muselk how did you get the dispenser down there?
  • Jacob McLaurin
    Jacob McLaurin 4 года назад Yes definitely.
  • Mark White
    Mark White 4 года назад @Muselk  How the hell did you find that spot?  Can you exploit it please :D
  • Octosquidy
    Octosquidy 4 года назад @Muselk could you pretty please give the song name at the end of most o your videos, it was at the end of this one and im dying to hear the whole thing
  • Mark White
    Mark White 4 года назад @Octosquidy You do know that  the song is in the description  
  • Octosquidy
    Octosquidy 4 года назад wait... but i looked... is it..... i am actually retarded... but is it actually there? D: oh my god kill me
  • Mark White
    Mark White 4 года назад @Octosquidy Its called our hearts collide (iamsleepless) 
  • Octosquidy
    Octosquidy 4 года назад thanks a ton dude!
  • Mark White
    Mark White 4 года назад @Octosquidy No probs :D 
  • AlexTheRebel97
    AlexTheRebel97 4 года назад @Muselk do extreme rancho on trainlasersaw (if it's possible anyway)
  • ChillyPluto
    ChillyPluto 4 года назад Do slow motion when you get eaten by the cart. And add mmmm whatcha say. It's the best thing ever.
  • JazzApple
    JazzApple 4 года назад @Muselk that was small? lol
  • DerpyPenguin 312
    DerpyPenguin 312 4 года назад @Muselk i actuality  jumped when the cart went FLYING at you XD
    WILOCAT ! 4 года назад @Muselk CAN YOU DO A RENCHO RELAXO WITH THE POOL PARTY taunt  ( Pyro )
  • B_Valentine
    B_Valentine 4 года назад @Muselk CAN YOU DO RANCHO RELAXO WHIT THE OCOLUS RIFT?
  • DerpyPenguin 312
    DerpyPenguin 312 4 года назад @Muselk muselk, how did you put the dispenser down at 0:46
  • Bruh
    Bruh 4 года назад +balint1081 he could use the first person taunt command
  • Memelord Bob
    Memelord Bob 4 года назад +Cade Lebow with oculus rift
  • Bruh
    Bruh 4 года назад +SwordKirby OMG yes! plus evry time a famous youtuber does oculus rift they get lots off views, therefore making money! so we could help out good ol' Muselk
  • ColdWolfHunter
    ColdWolfHunter 4 года назад Muselk I plz be ur friend for tf2 I got the rancho also.
  • HOO
    HOO 4 года назад +Muselk dammit muskle the video was a success, NOW BRING BACK THE SERIES DAMMIT, IT'S BEEN 2 MONTHS
  • KedTaczynski 587
    KedTaczynski 587 4 года назад Do rancho relaxo on payload High tower please
  • Dawn Petal
    Dawn Petal 4 года назад Make more extreme rancho relaxo! It's Awesome!
  • Myric
    Myric 4 года назад +Muselk i was the one who found that glich on frontier
  • Neo
    Neo 4 года назад MORE EXTREME RANCHO REALAXER!!!!
  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson 4 года назад BRING IT BACK PLEASE
  • Axodus
    Axodus 4 года назад +Muselk MAKE A SERIES
  • KedTaczynski 587
    KedTaczynski 587 4 года назад MOAR NOW
  • Aristeo Martinez
    Aristeo Martinez 4 года назад +Dustin Chancey nope muselk did you just want to be cool lol
  • Cole DeRossett
    Cole DeRossett 4 года назад Make it a series!!!!
  • CampioneDi17
    CampioneDi17 4 года назад :D yaya!
  • Zakoji
    Zakoji 4 года назад +Azuren maketh*
  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando 4 года назад Pls make more!
  • CampioneDi17
    CampioneDi17 4 года назад :D
  • TimberJackEB
    TimberJackEB 4 года назад +Muselk you need to get eaten by the cart while playing the occulus rift.
  • CampioneDi17
    CampioneDi17 4 года назад :D
  • Barach Gaming
    Barach Gaming 3 года назад +Muselk You should do more of these
  • Rolku Super Son Of A Sheppard
    Rolku Super Son Of A Sheppard 3 года назад Y U NO MAKE MORE EXTREME RANCHO RELAXO!??!?!?
  • CampioneDi17
    CampioneDi17 3 года назад :( tough break, no pun intended
  • Sakarias Marttila Letth
    Sakarias Marttila Letth 3 года назад +Muselk GIVE US MOAR
  • Jimbob The Wise
    Jimbob The Wise 3 года назад +Muselk Extreme Rancho Relaxo 2016?
  • Jensen R
    Jensen R 3 года назад more
  • Sweg
    Sweg 3 года назад Rancho-Relaxo 2016?
  • gongagunka
    gongagunka 3 года назад Extreme Buckening. Do it, I don't care.
  • sonihero349
    sonihero349 3 года назад Keep it going
  • Sexy Guy
    Sexy Guy 3 года назад when are more Ranchos coming :)
  • senk
    senk 3 года назад +Muselk keep it going
  • Le Pyro Style
    Le Pyro Style 3 года назад +Muselk MORE RANCHO RELAXO PLS ITS COOL
  • Jack Oppen
    Jack Oppen 3 года назад More zombies and more extreme rancho relaxo
  • [ prens ]
    [ prens ] 3 года назад +Jack Oppen tru
  • Jarod Cogbill
    Jarod Cogbill 3 года назад Engineer is credit to team!
  • kudden 03
    kudden 03 3 года назад bring it back
  • Le Pyro Style
    Le Pyro Style 3 года назад BRING IT BACK!
  • Harvey Eede
    Harvey Eede 3 года назад BRING IT BACKKKK PLLLLLZZZZZZZ
  • Dexaphobia 808
    Dexaphobia 808 3 года назад mooore! please!
  • The Real GOC
    The Real GOC 3 года назад please do more
  • Apooloo Poo
    Apooloo Poo 3 года назад Want the fat engi stomach for free apollogaming
  • Hans Jerome Beltran
    Hans Jerome Beltran 3 года назад King rozz and rozzy maybe I spelled the name wrong
  • Ben Tim
    Ben Tim 3 года назад if you can find any new spots that would be awesome. I actually really enjoy these videos
  • XplosiveAsh
    XplosiveAsh 3 года назад #ExtremeRanchoRelaxo2016
  • Dat Medic!
    Dat Medic! 3 года назад Hey musilk, I found a new rancho spot
  • Catherine Chung
    Catherine Chung 3 года назад Muselk
  • Dead Willow
    Dead Willow 3 года назад Muselk please do more extreme r&r!!
  • Le Pyro Style
    Le Pyro Style 3 года назад YEAH
  • Jurasic Ark423
    Jurasic Ark423 3 года назад this was the best one in my opinion
  • CloudySpy 2
    CloudySpy 2 3 года назад do a 2016 one of this
  • njuju
    njuju 3 года назад Hi Muselk
  • E. Gordbort
    E. Gordbort 3 года назад Can we have rancho relaxo 2016?
  • Maza_Love
    Maza_Love 3 года назад Muselk what is the song at the beginning of the video
  • Dylan McKay
    Dylan McKay 3 года назад Can you do more
  • Ronjustin Daclan
    Ronjustin Daclan 3 года назад lol im just a lazy engineer shitting here xD
  • Thomas Anderton
    Thomas Anderton 3 года назад please bring it back :-)
  • Ronjustin Daclan
    Ronjustin Daclan 3 года назад we miss it :(
  • Noah Mayer-Perez
    Noah Mayer-Perez 2 года назад BRING IT Back
  • astralis -
    astralis - 2 года назад can u make a extreme rancho at 2017
  • Trippmeup
    Trippmeup 2 года назад what do you use as your kit for this?
  • The Random Pineapple
    The Random Pineapple 2 года назад Probably not. We probably get a Extreme Lucio spots series coming up. Sigh
    STRIK3R 2 года назад Muselk any rancho relaxso spot on swiftwater or any new spots at all yet but just do us a favor and...... BRING THIS SERIES BACK GOD F*CKING DAMMIT
  • Ken. JR
    Ken. JR 2 года назад Muselk is awsome
  • Gatolf
    Gatolf 2 года назад Muselk Wheres my extreme rancho relaxo 2017?
  • Jmr 10s
    Jmr 10s 2 года назад Supreme leader wants Rancho Relaxo 2017
  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 2 года назад Muselk RANCHO RELAXO 2017 XXXXTTTRREEEEMMMMEEEEEE
  • Tristen Nucleous
    Tristen Nucleous 2 года назад BRING IT BACK
  • menno dehaan
    menno dehaan 2 года назад Muselk can't believe this was 2 days ago
  • Deadly Tuxedo
    Deadly Tuxedo Год назад r u depressed inside u keep saying stuff like "I'm usless" just wondering
  • SuperPlushieLuigi
    SuperPlushieLuigi Год назад do it again
  • • vonz •
    • vonz • Год назад Muselk ii
  • Sans טּ_טּ
    Sans טּ_טּ Год назад Muselk How'd you get to those places?
  • zakaria Hassan
    zakaria Hassan Год назад Muselk %. @. ZZ. Zz|%
  • zakaria Hassan
    zakaria Hassan Год назад Typhova QQQQQ
  • Memeless Boi
    Memeless Boi Год назад Muselk master of the extreme rancho relxo
  • NorthernLaw
    NorthernLaw Год назад I remember the good old Rancho relaxo
  • Richleth
    Richleth 5 месяцев назад When is your content going to be of higher quality again?
  • Fotoradar 606
    Fotoradar 606 Год назад 2:08 hey that's my sniping spot Xd
  • pireamáineach
    pireamáineach 4 года назад "You get my scraps moose lick!" - Uncel Dan, teh veary goud sentry man...
  • Jakub Przybylski
    Jakub Przybylski 4 года назад im want to have Rancho Relaxo;-;
  • KittyCatGuyPerson
    KittyCatGuyPerson 4 года назад Buy it then.
  • Jakub Przybylski
    Jakub Przybylski 4 года назад @KittyCatPlays im dont have money
  • KittyCatGuyPerson
    KittyCatGuyPerson 4 года назад Then get a job.
  • Jakub Przybylski
    Jakub Przybylski 4 года назад @KittyCatPlays im to young
  • KittyCatGuyPerson
    KittyCatGuyPerson 4 года назад If you're too young to get a job, you're too young to LEGALLY play TF2
  • Jakub Przybylski
    Jakub Przybylski 4 года назад @KittyCatPlays im not THAT young
  • KittyCatGuyPerson
    KittyCatGuyPerson 4 года назад TF2 is rated Mature.
  • Max Damsell
    Max Damsell 4 года назад +KittyCatPlays no its not. watch the release trailer.
  • Twoshupirates
    Twoshupirates 3 года назад +KittyCatGuyPerson ratings have nothing to do with Legality in video games. If you think they do, you are too young to play tf2 as well.
  • Half-Dead
    Half-Dead 3 года назад +Jakub Przybylski Okay guys! Let's all give this obvious beggar a rancho relaxo...(Sarcasm)
  • Ivan Horvat
    Ivan Horvat 3 года назад I will give you a free rancho relaxo.... FOR A KEY!
  • Jakub Przybylski
    Jakub Przybylski 3 года назад @ThePancakeLord Phoceus PootOS okay so do you wanna a trade or what
  • Half-Dead
    Half-Dead 3 года назад @Jakub Przybylski He said for a key
  • Jakub Przybylski
    Jakub Przybylski 3 года назад @JzCraftFCR ye, and im got hat worth of a key,so gimme
  • Lance Smith
    Lance Smith 3 года назад +Jakub Przybylski What is your steam username
  • Jakub Przybylski
    Jakub Przybylski 3 года назад @Lance Smith JakubekXD im know very original
  • Paolo Hibaler
    Paolo Hibaler 3 года назад do you want to have good English too? I'm kidding
  • PartOfTNT
    PartOfTNT 3 года назад +FurReal Gaming It does. In order to play a game legally, you gotta have same age or over. Though you won't go to jail for being too young, you'll just get banned off the game or something, I don't know. Though usually, people who created the game don't care.
  • milomaractus
    milomaractus 4 года назад "Im just SHITTIN here on my rancho relaxo." sigh
  • Thies Zimmermann
    Thies Zimmermann 1 месяц назад It's 2019 now. Just end my suffering. Why can I not forget this.
  • LeMustache
    LeMustache 4 года назад 4:12 ,,This was amzing" xD
  • Jurgio
    Jurgio 4 года назад I actually think this would be a hilarious series. So please make it one! ^^
  • yeebass
    yeebass 4 года назад Aw man I really thought you'd go along with my Extreme Pyro Pool Party idea :(
  • The Man Who Jacks Off With His Hands
    The Man Who Jacks Off With His Hands 4 года назад "shiting on a nice cold beer"~muselk 669
  • CaptainHoovcan
    CaptainHoovcan 2 года назад Bring this back. Jesus this is honestly the best content I've seen on YouTube...
  • ayy lmao
    ayy lmao 6 месяцев назад 2019?