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Скачать с ютуб DRAW WITH YOUR WEAK HAND - Princess Leia

Опубликовано: 1 июн. 2015 г. 279 011 просмотров

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“Artist draws with her weak hand! YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!” is the click bait title of this video. So, enjoy watching me struggle and damage my wrist and brain as I try drawing with my left hand. What do I draw next?
And HEY…!

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  • Fer G
    Fer G 4 years ago even with her left hand she draws better than me!
  • Vinicius Miranda
    Vinicius Miranda 4 years ago Pois é, seria tu BR? Indeed, are you brazilian?
  • Fer G
    Fer G 4 years ago No, actually i am mexican;)
  • Vinicius Miranda
    Vinicius Miranda 4 years ago Ahh, nice, never met someone from mexico before, buenos dias señorita!
  • Fer G
    Fer G 4 years ago @Vinicius Miranda bom Dia pra você também I don't know if thats correct (i used google translate) :)
  • Vinicius Miranda
    Vinicius Miranda 4 years ago yeah it´s correct. :)
  • Fer G
    Fer G 4 years ago @Vinicius Miranda :)
  • SaucyDuckfeather
    SaucyDuckfeather 4 years ago Same...
  • Samantha Cator
    Samantha Cator 4 years ago Same
  • cebruthius
    cebruthius 4 years ago Same
  • Michael Downing
    Michael Downing 4 years ago how about drawing something but a mirror is in front of you and you can only look at the reflection of the picture. ??
  • ItsAlejandraYo
    ItsAlejandraYo 4 years ago great idea!
  • Dramawind
    Dramawind 4 years ago That's pure sadism!
  • Michael Downing
    Michael Downing 4 years ago sadistic or funny.. either way great entertainment :) lol :P
  • Dramawind
    Dramawind 4 years ago Wow, that was a fast reply. It will sure be fun. I once tried to press the correct button in the elevator by only looking at the mirror and I just couldn't. I looked like a complete idiot. Imagine trying to draw like this...
  • MrShi Shi
    MrShi Shi 4 years ago +Michael Downing like a giant blind contour...
  • Trash Site
    Trash Site 2 years ago Michael Downing that s a good idea
  • Mrinthezone
    Mrinthezone 4 years ago I love how you stuck through with the agony of using your non-dominant hand. It actually wasn't too bad. I love all the vids you post, I can learn and laugh at the same time!! Keep up the great work!!
  • Mary Doodles
    Mary Doodles 4 years ago @DBR086 Thanks. IT MAKES MY BRAIN HURT
  • ellia fabia
    ellia fabia 4 years ago I'm a lefty and it's so funny to whatch this 'cause what looks and feels unnatural for you looks and feels natural for me ^^
  • Wilson The Coconut
    Wilson The Coconut 4 years ago I'm a lefty too
  • ana sabrina ahmad fauzi
    ana sabrina ahmad fauzi 4 years ago twinsies
  • scooterfromhell
    scooterfromhell 3 years ago Same
  • Brandon C
    Brandon C 3 years ago I'm lefty too 😄
  • Melissa Ramirez
    Melissa Ramirez 3 years ago ✋ Same, I cringed. NOT IN A BAD WAY!
  • Duckie LooLoui
    Duckie LooLoui 3 years ago I rarely see left handed artists.
  • Herbherth
    Herbherth 4 years ago Well, after I try very, very hard and study a lot, I would do something similar to what your left hand did (and yet be very proud of myself =D)
  • Bloo Bell
    Bloo Bell 4 years ago @HerbherthK Same here :D
  • Hannah.Pascoe
    Hannah.Pascoe 4 years ago Could you draw Disney princesses all part of the avengers!
  • JayBay
    JayBay 4 years ago Cool idea.. DO THIS MARY 🙋
  • Cody Leonard
    Cody Leonard 4 years ago I also support this.
  • Nicole Santos
    Nicole Santos 4 years ago I'd love to see what princess is chosen as the hulk LOL
  • Papa-louigi
    Papa-louigi 4 years ago Yeah!
  • JayBay
    JayBay 4 years ago @Nicole Santos I'd say Tinkerbell would be Hulk. Have you ever seen Tink get angry? Not fun lol (not really a princess tho)
  • cosmic dog
    cosmic dog 4 years ago yes please!
  • Kimmy Kim
    Kimmy Kim 4 years ago Oh hey that's what my art looks like when I draw with my dominant hand.
  • Joe Rabone
    Joe Rabone 4 years ago Your left handed drawing is better than my left handed drawing... I'm left handed!
  • Toast Echo
    Toast Echo 4 years ago 2:52 me every time I draw.
  • Meludox
    Meludox 4 years ago +Orial Eclipse Same.
  • Maja
    Maja 4 years ago Can you try to paint with both hands at the same time? :-)
  • Mary Doodles
    Mary Doodles 4 years ago @rainiar Weird. I like.
  • Daniel Campbell
    Daniel Campbell 4 years ago YESS!!!;)
  • Kris Paints
    Kris Paints 4 years ago Please do so.
  • bruh sound effect 3
    bruh sound effect 3 4 years ago Yaaaaaass
  • Dustin Lane
    Dustin Lane 4 years ago @rainiar @Mary Doodles DOOOO IIIIIIIT
  • Kelstiki
    Kelstiki 4 years ago I like how sullen Leia looks in the left-hand drawing! :)
  • Brandon Kelly
    Brandon Kelly 4 years ago My comment featuring in this video makes me feel famous.
  • Kris Paints
    Kris Paints 4 years ago True that.(ProVo)
  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 4 years ago When I was watching this it literally made me feel like my left hand was weak and numb, I don't even know why, I'm right handed too so imaging drawing with my left hand just made it go all weird ahah
  • Peregrination
    Peregrination 4 years ago The "Age 29" was a nice touch. I love your sense of humor. Now go hang that on your fridge.
  • Kranz Fafka
    Kranz Fafka 4 years ago I think both drawings look nice, the weak hand drawing seems to be drawn in a rather easygoing or messy style, and the other Leia looks a little bit more snobbish, because she is drawn so neatly.
  • Melon Strawberry
    Melon Strawberry 3 years ago Is it bad that I like more the left one?!
  • Noel
    Noel 3 years ago I like it too
  • Barajas
    Barajas 4 years ago Still better than what I can draw with my dominant hand.
  • Jessica Margie Gutierrez
    Jessica Margie Gutierrez 3 years ago Try to draw with both hands at the same time!
  • Ruby
    Ruby 4 years ago Kinda random but you remind me of Martina from eat your kimchi lol
  • Janice Tan
    Janice Tan 4 years ago yeah! even the voice sounds alike! only if she had pink hair..she's Martina's doppel ganger !
  • Nhuwashere
    Nhuwashere 4 years ago Omfg I thought that she looks very familiar... Lollllll
  • Pearline
    Pearline 3 years ago I know right? They would probably be best friends omg
  • Daniel Campbell
    Daniel Campbell 4 years ago The way you draw with your left hand is the way I draw with my right hand... Yeah I'm that bad no offense... Lol