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Скачать с ютуб All The Rumors And Spoilers About Rise Of Skywalker We Know So Far

Опубликовано: 12 июн. 2019 г. 739 653 просмотра

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The lead-up to Star Wars Episode IX is proving to be pretty exciting, and leading to plenty of wild speculation. Strap on your helmets, nerf herders, you're in for a bumpy ride as we explore some of the latest spoilers and rumors from a galaxy far, far away.

Disney decided to clean house in a big way ahead of The Force Awakens, declaring that all Extended Universe materials were no longer considered Star Wars canon. The Mouse House then set about creating its own line of short stories, comics, and books to tie in with the new continuity, and one such release might just include a huge clue about a major Episode IX character. In Poe Dameron #27, a conversation Poe has with Rey and Finn seems to confirm that he's been unwittingly channeling the Force all this time.

Marvel's Poe Dameron comics overlap with J.J. Abrams' The Force Awakens. #26 explained how Dameron survived that crash and filled us in on what he did between then and rescuing Rey and Finn from the First Order, but it was the following issue that really got readers talking. In it, Dameron admits that he's been able to tap into some kind of "energy" while flying, prompting both Rey and Leia to suggest he's been using the Force.

The seeds of this reveal were actually planted in the 2015 series Star Wars: Shattered Empire, according to CBR. It's in this prelude to The Force Awakens that we learn how Luke Skywalker gave remnants of The Great Tree, a natural conduit of the Force, to Dameron's parents, who used them to grow a new tree at home on Yavin 4. Dameron even mentions growing up around this tree, further foreshadowing a connection to the Force.

You'll need to take this Rise of Skywalker rumor with a generous sprinkling of Crait's finest surface salt, because it originated from an unverified source. According to The Sun, Ewan McGregor will return as Obi-Wan Kenobi for the upcoming trilogy closer, though Disney is reportedly keen to keep that fact under wraps. Keep watching the video to see all the rumors and spoilers about Rise of Skywalker we know so far!

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Is Poe Force-sensitive? | 0:15
Will Ewan McGregor return as Obi-Wan? | 1:32
Keri Russell's mysterious role | 2:42
How big a part will Lando play? | 4:08
Is Han Solo alive? | 5:25
Returning, Yoda is? | 6:42
Leia's story ends | 7:51
Will Rey's parents be revealed? | 9:08
Could Darth Vader return? | 10:25
Richard E. Grant's mystery character | 11:37
The Emperor Strikes Back | 12:47
Will Kylo Ren defeat the Emperor? | 14:13
The Knights of Ren | 15:29

  • Looper
    Looper 9 months ago Are you getting hyped for Rise of Skywalker yet?
  • Adnan MOHAMAD
    Adnan MOHAMAD 9 months ago Yep
  • Emilio Manuel De Pedro
    Emilio Manuel De Pedro 9 months ago Yes. I hope this culminates everything presented on A New Hope
    GASTER_ EXTERMINATUS 9 months ago NO, I want episode 7, 8, 9 to NOT be cannon, I want legends back. MY BRAIN BROKE MY LIFE SHORT MY EGO GONE MY NUT SAD
  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 months ago don't worry fam. we have canon, inclusive of old republic, and post endor content. I, myself, am waiting for either a Starkiller, Kyle Katarn, or KOTOR multi-movie series.
  • Calvin Lee
    Calvin Lee 9 months ago meh
  • Sage 421
    Sage 421 9 months ago I lost interest after Rogue 1.. Rogue 1 was good but after they killed off Han Solo and Skywalker went out like a fart in the wind I lost all interest in Star Wars I'm done with it
  • Jeffrey Thomas
    Jeffrey Thomas 9 months ago You left out the scruffy part when you called us nerf herders damn it haha
    GASTER_ EXTERMINATUS 9 months ago (edited) "Like a fart in the wind" -Sage 421
  • Don Won
    Don Won 9 months ago Looper another shit Star Wars movie. No.
  • Arshdeep Oberoi
    Arshdeep Oberoi 9 months ago Not hyped. Super hyped
  • Lars Schietecat
    Lars Schietecat 9 months ago (edited) Yes but I hope lando will have more screen time than admiral ackbar
  • Dhruvajyoti Sahu
    Dhruvajyoti Sahu 9 months ago Definitely
  • Arm Ore
    Arm Ore 9 months ago No.
  • Thegodshamar
    Thegodshamar 9 months ago No
  • daniel niemeyer
    daniel niemeyer 9 months ago so thy make the books non cannon and them steal from them. This unknowingly tapping into the force makes poe a rip off of corrian horn. they butchered lukes character in last Jedi. he spent two movies telling everyone there was good in Vader. a man who had killed millions and we are supposed to believe he tried to kill ben because he sensed evil in him? they are making new star wars by destroying the old. the trailer of rise seems to hint that Anakin was not the chosen one. the fact that ray is not related to anyone important is the only thing that keeps her from being bad fanfiction. she is unexplainably good at everything. she is loved by everyone who meets her, that is important. only one missing is a connection to established cannon character. but can you have to ghosts from one person? they already are stealing from the books so my guess is palpitine will be a clone.
  • cvc
    cvc 9 months ago no i am not
  • Deadpool
    Deadpool 9 months ago (edited) Well actually, he wouldn't have cheated on leia, as he may have met her AFTER impregnating Kera.
  • Miguel Cruz
    Miguel Cruz 9 months ago (edited) Round head Ryan Johnson ruined Star wars universe for me
  • The Culinary Mercenary
    The Culinary Mercenary 9 months ago Looper Rey herself said her parents are no body.
  • Curly Fries 1223
    Curly Fries 1223 9 months ago No
  • Juan Cantu
    Juan Cantu 9 months ago Looper/Star Wars ended at "Return Of The Jedi" for me.
  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 9 months ago Hell yeah 🌿💨🥃🍺
  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez 9 months ago looper, why are you watching mike zeroh??
  • Arturs Sers
    Arturs Sers 9 months ago Naa Star Wars ir wack :( not getting my money
  • gregorde
    gregorde 9 months ago No. TLJ basically killed my interest.
  • Balsology
    Balsology 9 months ago Not Excited one bit. Fuck this movie. There is no motivation to watch these movies. No plot. Nothing to care about. NOTHING!
  • gta87fb
    gta87fb 9 months ago Nope
  • Brian Peppers
    Brian Peppers 9 months ago Trying to but the butthurt is still strong. I still haven't quite gotten over the dumpster fire that is The Last Jedi...
  • Alex Zabala
    Alex Zabala 9 months ago Ironically, all these haters who DON'T want to watch the new Star Wars movies are.....watching NEW Star Wars related videos...HAHA HAHA
  • J Lock
    J Lock 9 months ago Absolutely not. That lame fight scene at the beginning of this clip reminded me how truly awful TLJ was. Can't wait for The Joker.
  • West World
    West World 9 months ago Of course. But most need to understand that Palpatine is not the main villain in Ep IX or the architect of everything. JJ Abrams is not going to reveal the main villain in a teaser. Snoke is the main villain of Ep IX. Snoke is very alive & well. Snoke was force projecting in TlJ. Snoke created Rey. He was never going to die in TLJ. Qira is REy's mother and Rey was created accidentally when Snoke manipulated midichlorians to stop Qira from dying. Zorri Bliss ..... is Qira. Qira & Snoke are the biggest surprises of Ep IX ... not Palpatine or Anakin or Obi wan who will all be in the film. The Rise of Skywalker ... is actually .... the Rise of the Chosen ON.e Darth Vader #25 confirms Palpatine created Anakin. Anakin was the Chosen One and he killed his dark lord creator.. rey is the new Chosen One.
  • Mark Masson
    Mark Masson 9 months ago I'd rather watch my own shit cool.
  • James Vannier
    James Vannier 9 months ago Even if Episode IX just happened to be the best SW movie ever ("Never tell me the odds!"), it would still only be the movie Disney should have given the fans for Episode VII. Honestly, if they cram together even half the stuff mentioned here, it'll be a mess
  • West World
    West World 9 months ago @James Vannier GTFO. A New Hope will always be the best Star Wars film. TFA & ESB are fighting it out for the #2 spot. TFA follows the canon from George Lucas. Palpatien created Anakin. Snoke is the new Palpatine Rey is the new Anakin Finn is the new Padm Qira is the new Shmi. Luke is the new Obi wan & Yoda Kylo Ren is the new Darth Vader. JJ Abrams & Lawrence Kasdan knew before they wrote TFA & Solo, that: 1. Ankain is a Palpatine 2. The Chosen ONe is related to or created by the most powerful dark lord in the galaxy Oh look. Snoke is the most poweful dark lord in the galaxy, & Rey is a mysterious slave from a desert planet who could be "A New Hope" or "The Chosen One." The Rise of ... The Chosen One. TROS will be better than TFA and will finally explain everything that most dumbass fans never saw in the Prequels, OT and the Sequels.
  • up1oader1
    up1oader1 9 months ago Not really. The characters are just not compelling. A hero that is infallible and a villain that is a whiny pushover is not that interesting. It’s hard to get excited given the recent bad movie storylines
  • Amit Divecha
    Amit Divecha 9 months ago Nope! After The Last Jedi, NO!
  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 9 months ago NO! After the abortion called Last Jedi I along with millions of others are done with Star Wars.
  • Billy Carrier
    Billy Carrier 9 months ago Wait... people are excited?
  • Twinblades
    Twinblades 9 months ago No TLJ was fucking garbage lmao
  • Cyquest
    Cyquest 9 months ago No. JJ Wars Sucks.
  • Glen McGuiness
    Glen McGuiness 9 months ago no not really, after seeing the last jedi i don't care anymore
  • JM Studios
    JM Studios 9 months ago @Skippy Peanutbutter You're making insults thats when you start losing the debate.
  • JM Studios
  • JM Studios
    JM Studios 9 months ago @Skippy Peanutbutter Ain't nothing wrong with enjoying one of the best movie franchises of all time.
  • JM Studios
    JM Studios 9 months ago @Skippy Peanutbutter I'm the mirror reflecting back on you.
  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson 9 months ago maybe I will buy it at the car boot sale
  • Fun as Ducks
    Fun as Ducks 9 months ago No, I groaned when the trailer appeared before Endgame. I will be skipping Star Wars and its plot armor.
  • Fun as Ducks
    Fun as Ducks 9 months ago @daniel niemeyer or a hologram.
  • Princess2Warrior
    Princess2Warrior 9 months ago @Thomas Bludis TFA is garbage like TLJ, you idiot.
  • Lee Phoenix
    Lee Phoenix 9 months ago Im afraid the boycott will be quite operational when episode 9 arrives.....
  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 9 months ago @Sage 421 Right behind you on that Sage you nailed it.
  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 9 months ago @Miguel Cruz He Ruined it for all of us Miguel.
  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 9 months ago @Juan Cantu Me too.
  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 9 months ago @gregorde It killed it for us ALL!
  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 9 months ago @Balsology Total Truth Bas! No true Star Wars fan cares about any of this pig Feces!
  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 9 months ago @Brian Peppers No an Abortion performed with a rusty full knife!
  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 9 months ago @Thomas Bludis No your wrong and Les is right. Just wait!
  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 9 months ago @Thomas Bludis No it's the end of a shit trilogy with stupid, boring, bland characters. I would take 100 jar jars over 1 Rose Tico! Not only were the character lame but the story and plot were stupid and weak as well. SOLO failed for one simple Reason: Back lash for Last Jedi!! No real Fan cares about this Trilogy.
  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 9 months ago @Aman M S Well if you eat Feces long enough I guess you get a taste for it 😜.
  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 9 months ago @cvc No one is CVC no one is
  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 9 months ago @Daniel Rodriguez Hell NO 🤮!
  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 9 months ago @Balsology At Last!!! Somebody gets this stupid, shitty, waste of time and film Trilogy! They make the hated Prequels look like Gone with the Wind 😜.
  • Wes Grant
    Wes Grant 9 months ago Looper nope. Disney wrecked Star Wars. The only good part of this movie is that it is part three ending this hot mess and hopefully putting Star Wars to rest for good, preventing any more Disney damage.
  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 9 months ago @Wes Grant You have a kind heart. But it isn't going to happen. Just be thankful this pile of pig Feces is over.
  • Statics
    Statics 9 months ago @Alex Zabala just checking if they still killing this franchise or not, after tlj all hope was lost for this or upcoming trilogies, they missed clear opportunities for making good stories and character arcs and closure to the old fan favorites....and all they came up with is shit.... effects wise is an improvement to the originals but come one, hollywood and disney writers should know by now how to manage stories by now..... star wars is less profitable now than when lucasfilm owned it.... how is that even posible (?
  • TLJ is good
    TLJ is good 9 months ago @GASTER_ EXTERMINATUS legends has to much baggage
  • TLJ is good
    TLJ is good 9 months ago @Don Won you haven't even seen it. You're everything wrong with the fandom.
  • TLJ is good
    TLJ is good 9 months ago @daniel niemeyer it's not stealing if it's technically theirs...
  • Jibroni UK
    Jibroni UK 9 months ago Looper - no! I am not interested or hyped at all because I know I am not watching this trash anymore.
  • Shawn Franco
    Shawn Franco 9 months ago No
  • Armin Tabari
    Armin Tabari 9 months ago NO!
  • Crash Tv
    Crash Tv 9 months ago Looper No they ruined it with the last Jedi
  • MrJoefrazier85
    MrJoefrazier85 9 months ago Nope the star wars saga has already been concluded. I don't know what this abomination is but they can shove it up their ass
  • Evelyn Sanchez
    Evelyn Sanchez 9 months ago No
  • Ken Chen
    Ken Chen 9 months ago nope, I'm however hyping for the next Alita movie
  • Paul Floyd
    Paul Floyd 9 months ago No.
  • George B
    George B 9 months ago Nope, not looking forward to more writing that contradicts itself and is just ridiculous.
  • Marcello Dini
    Marcello Dini 9 months ago Nope
  • Der Geffert
    Der Geffert 9 months ago No really really not. I don't understand why anybody want to see how Star Wars will get raped again
  • daniel niemeyer
    daniel niemeyer 9 months ago The Culinary Mercenary I do not think she is brave enough to leak info Disney does not want out.
  • Nathaniel Havicus
    Nathaniel Havicus 9 months ago where does jar jar binks gonna fit in to this? I heard he has about an hours worth of screen time on TROS.
  • Travis Mason
    Travis Mason 9 months ago Mary Sue Rei will not save this ruinous trilogy..
  • Firebrand
    Firebrand 9 months ago No, it's going to be SHIT
  • Vincent Andritsis
    Vincent Andritsis 9 months ago No Disney destroyed Star Wars turned Luke into a bitch and Rey into an op Mary Sue
  • Firebrand
    Firebrand 9 months ago @Thomas Bludis To keep track of the BS they keep putting out. It's shit like this that helps me remember why its so bad and how good other productions are.... helps give context.
  • Daeduluus
    Daeduluus 9 months ago not in the least since Ruin Johnson
  • Firebrand
    Firebrand 9 months ago @Daeduluus Franchise was fucked long before Ryan Johnson came along....
  • Daeduluus
    Daeduluus 9 months ago @Thomas Bludis always find it hilarious all the trolls attacking the real fans of the star wars canon not this disney garbage.
  • Daeduluus
    Daeduluus 9 months ago @Thomas Bludis Lol minority haha Solo says hi hahaha
  • Film Broke Video
    Film Broke Video 9 months ago Dont care
  • Daeduluus
    Daeduluus 9 months ago @Thomas Bludis keep telling yourself that
  • Jari Sipilainen
    Jari Sipilainen 9 months ago nope just hope it go fast and they can start make new stories without need follow canon.if they follow cannon we allready know what happen LOL
  • Serg Flores
    Serg Flores 9 months ago fuck no ever since the last jedi i have no reason to watch rey mary sue beat everybody
  • Michaël Vaerenbergh
    Michaël Vaerenbergh 9 months ago No
  • Angry old Man 1981
    Angry old Man 1981 9 months ago no
  • Bob MiLaplace
    Bob MiLaplace 9 months ago Nope
  • bunta666
    bunta666 9 months ago No, after the TLJ I lost my faith in Disney being able to keep the soul of Star Wars alive.
  • Timothy27778
    Timothy27778 9 months ago Nope. I'll watch the prequels again.
  • Brandon Madden
    Brandon Madden 9 months ago That’s going to be a NO for me dog...
  • Silencer Man
    Silencer Man 9 months ago NO.
  • Ernesto Cro
    Ernesto Cro 9 months ago No
  • Jim Bass
    Jim Bass 9 months ago (edited) Thomas Bludis your reasons for Solo failing are awful and naive. It is a Star Wars film ffs. Star Wars has millions of fans around the world. You say it was due to a Summer release? All three original films had Summer releases, and the prequels weren’t released at Xmas either. Disney only do this to grab more cash and give their films a greater chance of success. Solo failed because of TLJ. To say otherwise is utterly ridiculous. Also this film lost LOADS more than you suggest. Production costs estimated at $250m plus marketing. Disney only took 60% max of the box office, the theatres take the rest. You do the maths, wake up and smell the coffee...
  • Offical Harry Weldon Youtube
    Offical Harry Weldon Youtube 9 months ago I hated the force awakens. Why does everyone like JJ Abrams? He sucks. He's made more bad movies than good ones, and ruins his own show.
  • Andrew Alcorn
    Andrew Alcorn 9 months ago Looper for what?
  • Jayal
    Jayal 9 months ago No, The Last Jedi killed off the only Skywalker left that I care about.
  • Edward st.antoine
    Edward st.antoine 9 months ago nope it will be shit
  • Oleg Shore
    Oleg Shore 9 months ago I will not see SW-9. I'm done with Star Wars. Ruin Lohnson killed it, JJ could not not revive it, even if he were as good as they say he is.
  • Odin the German Shepherd
    Odin the German Shepherd 9 months ago Unfortunately NO
  • Uncompetative
    Uncompetative 9 months ago Looper Nope.
  • BAHAYSINING Fil Delacruz & Janos Delacruz
    BAHAYSINING Fil Delacruz & Janos Delacruz 9 months ago Hell NO. But please enjoy your mary sue saves the universe film
  • Uncompetative
    Uncompetative 9 months ago Janos Delacruz will you be happier if Luke saves the galaxy by eradicating the Sith?
  • BAHAYSINING Fil Delacruz & Janos Delacruz
    BAHAYSINING Fil Delacruz & Janos Delacruz 9 months ago @Uncompetative i would be happier if the last jedi had a more coherent story. :)