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Скачать с ютуб Testing the 4x diff locks uphill a slippery mountain with full load

Опубликовано: 16 дек. 2018 г. 8 137 просмотров

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Just added the last diff lock on the front axle. Now all axles have wheel to wheel differential locks. In such a situation I had to put chains on the tires first. But now we can just spin tires😃 and up we go

  • Sem Noel
    Sem Noel 8 months ago what country is that?
  • syahri Chanel
    syahri Chanel 1 year ago
  • 神楽坂Ф
    神楽坂Ф 1 year ago Very good!!👍
  • Brent COS
    Brent COS 1 year ago Excellent! Diff locks make all the difference. Did you add selectable diff lockers or are they always locked?
  • Glepacos HET
    Glepacos HET 1 year ago Hi they are all selectable. I use 1 air switch for each axle with a beeping sound and light, so you know when its activated.
  • Brent COS
    Brent COS 1 year ago @Glepacos HET What a great setup. Do you mind sharing what it cost (parts + labor) per axle to add the diff locks? I thought the HET came with lockers on all the axles. 👍
  • dale gosnell
    dale gosnell 6 months ago @Glepacos HET like u dont know which ones u turned on or not have to have a alarm u are some special kinda stupid
  • Glepacos HET
    Glepacos HET 6 months ago (edited) @dale gosnell well it's better to have enough safety when it's engage than to forget and leave it on and break the differentials. It would be great if you can show me 1 m1070 from 1993 to 2003 with the differential lockers on each axle. Awaiting for your response dude, cause you haven't done any research.
  • Glepacos HET
    Glepacos HET 6 months ago @Brent COS the newer Hets came with lockers on all the axles after 2003 i think.
  • Nordmoretruck
    Nordmoretruck 5 months ago Raw! What engine?
  • Strijd streka
    Strijd streka 1 year ago haha, ik kijk naar die filmpjes en denk dit land lijkt op suriname...haha, i am watching these videos and thinking this country looks a lot like Suriname..turns out, it is. haha mi yere a accent:differential lock.
  • marko paquetty
    marko paquetty 5 months ago what a machine !! only needs a cat c-18 engine or volvo 16 liters ... jeje