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Скачать с ютуб Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho

Опубликовано: 8 февр. 2017 г. 340 147 просмотров

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  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo 1 month ago You know when its a good pirate song if there is a "yo ho" in the title
  • Davide Angelini
    Davide Angelini 5 days ago Lorenzo i very true
  • scullema
    scullema 1 week ago part of me thinks Hans Zimmer sold this soul to the devil to make such masterpieces
  • Someone on the planet Earth
    Someone on the planet Earth 3 days ago Please give this franchise the ending it deserves
  • Vili
    Vili 2 months ago I cant believe that this legendary music has just 2.3k likes
  • Gontran Dutry
    Gontran Dutry 2 weeks ago Go see another channel with this song, there is more likes.
  • Pauline Bn
    Pauline Bn 2 weeks ago 3 k 😉
  • Lil Gemini
    Lil Gemini 3 days ago 3.5 k
  • bibojojo io
    bibojojo io 10 months ago Yeah, hans Zimmer is a God
  • Mumtaz
    Mumtaz 6 months ago Yo Ho. :)
  • kongogi666
    kongogi666 6 months ago listen to this
  • Alexandru Popa
    Alexandru Popa 4 months ago No, don't listen to that crap. Keep liking the concept of pirates of the Caribbean!!!!
  • Seaton
    Seaton 1 week ago 247 people thought this was up is down when liking the video
  • Fierce Vinegar
    Fierce Vinegar 2 months ago 2:05 where it goes down
  • Vader fandango
    Vader fandango 4 days ago The ending is AMAZING !
  • Damsey Gallopin
    Damsey Gallopin 4 days ago 2:18 part 2
  • The Splinter Cell
    The Splinter Cell 4 weeks ago Name it- "Outro song for Pirates of Caribbean"
  • Phillip Bekkevold
    Phillip Bekkevold 1 month ago If u like this you should listen to up is down