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Скачать с ютуб THE PERFECT DEAGLE HACKS?!? (CS GO Overwatch Funny Moments #14: Wallhacks, And THE OVERWATCH RAP!!!)

Опубликовано: 10 мар. 2017 г. 96 827 просмотров

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This guy just does not give a fff-....... CS GO overwatch cases. A special place. For special people. They give us funny moments, at least. And inspire me to rap. Heh.

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  • Mantrousse
    Mantrousse 3 years ago OVERWATCH IS BACK MATE! WATCH: FOLLOW ME M8:
  • Riley Barber
    Riley Barber 3 years ago You talk about the guy not knowing he was top mid, but the T was running so he did hear him. The same with tunnels when you claimed trigger bot, he was running top tunnels
  • Ricardo Francisco
    Ricardo Francisco 3 years ago that doesnt change the fact that he was hacking xD
  • TechCyrus
    TechCyrus 3 years ago I love you Mantrousse (Pala)
  • Arash Sharifi
    Arash Sharifi 3 years ago play vs pasha
  • Riley Barber
    Riley Barber 3 years ago Lol, you reply to my comment as if I actually claimed he wasnt hacking :)
  • Ricardo Francisco
    Ricardo Francisco 3 years ago well, what can i say, i love drama xD
  • Rafael Teixeira
    Rafael Teixeira 3 years ago Mantrousse I WUANTTT O OVERWATCH NOT CS GO OVERWATCH, ly😘
  • joe walsh
    joe walsh 3 years ago Mantrousse Hahah you are using the swedish national song in the end in background😂👍🏼
    SPEC1AL 3 years ago lol i notised that as well
  • Lucass Allibaba
    Lucass Allibaba 3 years ago Mantrousse s
  • snooterhooter
    snooterhooter 3 years ago Mantrousse so you legit used the Swedish national anthem as background music lol
    SFC STREET 3 years ago SONG!?
  • Ishan Rai
    Ishan Rai 3 years ago Mantrousse didn't you notice the bhop script?
  • Iris Btw
    Iris Btw 2 years ago give me you,re cs 1.6 download link plz
  • Hugo Schmidt
    Hugo Schmidt 3 years ago Why is the Swedish national anthem song in the back XD??
  • Hugo Schmidt
    Hugo Schmidt 3 years ago Pala! :O XD
  • Velika Vuka
    Velika Vuka 3 years ago sure.
  • TheDiamondEX
    TheDiamondEX 2 years ago My thought exactly
  • ArenDoX
    ArenDoX 2 years ago Yea! Why?
  • Okko Suomela
    Okko Suomela 3 years ago Why is there the swedish national anthem in the background?lol
  • Mantrousse
    Mantrousse 3 years ago is jus nice me ear men
  • mickayyy
    mickayyy 3 years ago no pala pls
  • HAM
    HAM 3 years ago wat
  • alinjo
    alinjo 3 years ago is yust pure yoy :)
  • Lamperouge
    Lamperouge 3 years ago because swedes are cheaters
  • Jabez Agaya
    Jabez Agaya 3 years ago is it just me or he really is using bhop script
  • Brode
    Brode 3 years ago Blyat TV Think he was too he didnt even know how to strafe but he was hitting hops and gaining speex
  • Sike
    Sike 2 years ago Jabez Agaya bhop Is ez
  • Hodzza
    Hodzza 3 years ago is it just me or is the swedish national anthem playing in the background????
  • Josef
    Josef 3 years ago yeah lol
  • Sike
    Sike 2 years ago HodzzaGaming ♚ CS:GO & More ♚ u
  • Diffy
    Diffy 3 years ago haha anyone else hearing the swedish national anthem in the back? XD
  • killtez
    killtez 3 years ago (edited) omg finally pala the freestyle champ
  • Dopey Marksman
    Dopey Marksman 3 years ago Loving the overwatch and road to global series, keep em' coming pala :D
  • Ignas Acc
    Ignas Acc 3 years ago I love these overwatch series! I'm glad, that they're back.
  • TheRealGetrad
    TheRealGetrad 3 years ago great vid, love the edit with the audio cutting on and off at funny moments haha cleaver
  • cherz
    cherz 3 years ago Hey Pala! Greetings from Montenegro! Love your vids :D
  • Locis
    Locis 3 years ago Finally a overwatch, I love this series, you make the most fun overwatch videos.
  • martin marmbäck
    martin marmbäck 3 years ago Love How you have the swedish national anthem as backround Music, du gamla du fria
  • Hypno-
    Hypno- 3 years ago (edited) I must have replayed the fist second of this video atleast 20 times.Its weirdly satisfying.I cant explain it...
  • g4uyjhuyhjn
    g4uyjhuyhjn 3 years ago when is there gonna be more videos in tibia with LEX THE GOD <3
  • jose serra
    jose serra 3 years ago "The perfect deagle hacks" Its called aimbot #clickbait
  • __Sebbe___
    __Sebbe___ 3 years ago Do i hear the Swedish national anthem in the background XD
  • Shorne Pubique
    Shorne Pubique 3 years ago (edited) I spent so much time reading about this game from 1.6 onward, I read maps, I learned calls, I learned the proper placement and play by plays. I spent hundreds of hours reading and thousands playing, trying to get good.. countless hours grinding on Deathmatch with inferior hardware just trying to get to a point where I could stay alive and MAYBE even get a kill forward more hours and time than I care to admit, and I can now hold my own. All of the Griefing as a noob I faced and the performing under pressure... learning and dealing with team mates who hated my noob ways, I was determined to push on, (when I started there was no youtube showing you how to play)... When I vs cheats I think back to all the time I spent on the game and my love for the game and I feel like turning my back on it and now I am trying to pick out the things that I can transfer from it that I can maybe use in other games/life activities. I like these overwatch videos Mantroussey, I do watch other overwatch videos made by other creators. Keep up the good work :D
  • Andrei Popa
    Andrei Popa 3 years ago Why so lazy to make 2 ow sessions? jk, keep up the good job, greetings from Cluj-Napoca :D
  • BmwBaws
    BmwBaws 3 years ago Mantrousse. Bhop is an other external assistance