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Скачать с ютуб Jay Rock - Vice City feat. Black Hippy

Опубликовано: 10 сент. 2015 г. 28 497 902 просмотра

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Jay Rock
Vice City feat. Black Hippy

Album Available NOW: 90059 -

Top Dawg Entertainment presents:

A Psycho Films Production

Directed by Joe Weil
Produced by Christian Sutton, Sam Canter, Tyler Sobel-Mason
Director of Photography David Bolen
Edited by Jack Begert and Tyler Sobel-Mason

  • Kedar Lovett
    Kedar Lovett 3 years ago Q's voice literally makes it impossible for him to make any bad songs
  • Sonny JW
    Sonny JW 3 years ago Fr. 💯
  • Assfghjgrsfg Nnkywsdfg
    Assfghjgrsfg Nnkywsdfg 3 years ago love the username imma edit that out he never does tho
  • Mandy Kidd
    Mandy Kidd 3 years ago i completely agree
  • Mergo's Very Wet Nurse
    Mergo's Very Wet Nurse 3 years ago get down jutsu I agree
  • Young Sinatra
    Young Sinatra 3 years ago get down jutsu He had the best flow on this track imo
  • Zanuel Moore
    Zanuel Moore 3 years ago Honestly
  • Tyrese Hemingway
    Tyrese Hemingway 2 years ago Young Sinatra its kendricks flow used on the whole track
  • Satelllliiiiiiiteee
    Satelllliiiiiiiteee 2 years ago watever u want or overtime
  • Karim Hussein
    Karim Hussein 2 years ago Tyrese Hemingway or its how jay probably wanted the songs flow to go, idk
  • professor weedington
    professor weedington 2 years ago Young Sinatra they literally all have the same flow intentionally
  • Julio Ornano
    Julio Ornano 2 years ago Tyrese Hemingway not necessarily..theres plenty of songs that have people sticking to a paticular phrase word or flow
  • Nosa Izevbigie
    Nosa Izevbigie 2 years ago Fo real
  • Lotty
    Lotty 2 years ago Kedar Lovett "damn near 30 still set trippin cuz where u from ima see about it" that part gets me hype to this day
  • codtopus
    codtopus 2 years ago Lotwheels 04 lol I love q but he stopped gang banging when his daughter was born
  • Lotty
    Lotty 2 years ago codtopus Tru
  • Yeaa Maan
    Yeaa Maan 2 years ago Straight 🔥🔥🔥 Blue Island Texas Onna Rise. Go checc it. You can hate it you can love it it don't matter long as you listen.
  • janitorwilco
    janitorwilco 2 years ago Ima Edit That Out made mmz
  • janitorwilco
    janitorwilco 2 years ago Ima Edit That Outp
  • janitorwilco
    janitorwilco 2 years ago Ima Edit That Outside
  • Four TheVill4in
    Four TheVill4in 2 years ago +codtopus I mean he has to a be a father figure that's call growing up plus he's above that life now
  • Anxiety Music
    Anxiety Music 2 years ago No doubt!
  • Bright Burn
    Bright Burn 1 year ago Jlrsnake13 i like both of those songs
  • Elijah the profit
    Elijah the profit 1 year ago why does no one mention that schoolboy Q accused his daughter of stealing his rollie and flexing in kindergarden 😂😂😂
  • Captive Retro
    Captive Retro 1 year ago Think my daughter flexin. She in kindergarten
  • Joe Murray
    Joe Murray 1 year ago Think my daughter *flossing she in kindergarten
  • turd ferguson
    turd ferguson 1 year ago Man thats messed up
  • braylon young
    braylon young 1 year ago @Captive Retro f8uygyuugcgccgygc f8uygyuugcgccgygc f8uygyuugcgccgygc is my my name on it up reminding us of the corporate corporate corporate corporate corporate corporate corporate corporate corporate corporate corporate tax tax cuts to to see ya nudes ya nudes if we are to see ya soon stay in a lil mood and possibly at your doorstep highlighter to be on rims of huffy I need you to the fifth estate gyyggyygycygyyu
  • ZaX
    ZaX 1 year ago cause that was a typical schoolboy line 🤣🤣 gotta love it 🤷🏾‍♂️🔥🔥🔥
  • Brushogun
    Brushogun 11 months ago @braylon young hell yeah motherfucker
  • Nonexistent Logic
    Nonexistent Logic 11 months ago I think Braylon had a stroke
    OTM TIGGER 10 months ago 🔥
  • Strictly Rahmen
    Strictly Rahmen 10 months ago favorite line in the song if im honest.
  • cloud on cloud 9
    cloud on cloud 9 9 months ago means the same thing [email protected] Murray
  • iG3ntl3man
    iG3ntl3man 8 months ago Cuz we kno it straight facts...
  • Bree Mo
    Bree Mo 8 months ago facts lol
  • Miklos Kovács
    Miklos Kovács 8 months ago @braylon young Underrated comment of the millenium
  • Oshe Shango
    Oshe Shango 8 months ago She was gonna give it back lmao
  • Mandy Mau55
    Mandy Mau55 6 months ago I love him and his daughter so much!! Haha they’re adorable!
  • cloudscholar22
    cloudscholar22 6 months ago Elijah the profit lmaoooo. Kids will be kids!
  • Dan Brickell
    Dan Brickell 6 months ago @braylon young YYYYYYEEEEETOPOLIS YEETARDS YEET'NITE!
  • Maxwell Russell
    Maxwell Russell 5 months ago @Bryant don't speak on a real G's daughter like that, she only a young one
  • Michael Saldivar
    Michael Saldivar 5 months ago Bryant he was speaking on a perspective on his own life saying those things would probably happen if he lost it all. Watch his interview with Charlamagne tha God
  • Marlon Powell
    Marlon Powell 5 months ago Those were literally my favorite bars from Q in his verse!😂
  • daniela luhrs
    daniela luhrs 4 months ago thats the hardest bar
  • Obnoxious Kool-Aid
    Obnoxious Kool-Aid 3 months ago @braylon young what??? 😂😂😂
  • braylon young
    braylon young 3 months ago Wait! I don’t remember writing this shit on here. More and likely pocket texting.
  • T. Smith
    T. Smith 2 months ago 😂😂😂 Hands down my favorite line...
  • Dasheroo
    Dasheroo 2 months ago @braylon young oh shit i think ive seen shit like this before, im pretty sure we're witnessing either an obvious troll OR someone having an actual mental breakdown fuck man i hope this dude is okay ive seen videos where people go REAL crazy and start posting shit like this they always use weird patterns but none of it makes any sense.
  • Lawrence Wandick
    Lawrence Wandick 1 month ago Just blew my high on a whole new level
  • Ana Isa
    Ana Isa 3 weeks ago cause he’s the goat. no questions asked mane
    CRISPY I 3 weeks ago Elijah the profit what????,
  • tyguy2936
    tyguy2936 1 week ago The most modest flex I've ever heard!
  • CJ
    CJ 1 year ago (edited) Ab - soul's verse - 70% Jay rock's verse - 80% Kendrick Lamar's verse - 75% ScHoolBoy Q's verse - 95% Ab - soul's entrance -200%
  • Matthew Norris
    Matthew Norris 1 year ago Ain no lie on Souls entrance..shook the cam lol
  • Vagos Sunderground blablabloublias
    Vagos Sunderground blablabloublias 1 year ago Agreed lol
  • Paul Hacker
    Paul Hacker 1 year ago Jay killed them all in my opinion
  • Francisco Davis
    Francisco Davis 1 year ago Paul Hacker naw q kept it too real with that fool the cops line thats was some real nigga shit lmao
  • ART Ificial Studio
    ART Ificial Studio 1 year ago Lol schoolboy said Philosophies is too big of a word. 95% trash
  • Remi Nice
    Remi Nice 1 year ago 999%
  • iSwiggity
    iSwiggity 1 year ago Alex Brandon your fucking retarded. He said that those people say big words not the actual word. Don’t disrespect Q one of the best
  • Louis M.
    Louis M. 1 year ago @iSwiggity kwl 2 b ignit
  • dbaksh3917
    dbaksh3917 1 year ago K.Dot's entrance was cool to