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Скачать с ютуб Equinoxe 5 (extended) - Jean-Michel Jarre

Опубликовано: 9 янв. 2017 г. 264 048 просмотров

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  • sheshellssheshells
    sheshellssheshells 7 months ago Reminds me of sitting on my parents grey carpet, aged 5, before they divorced - playing with Lego ... stereo was twice the size of me ... when Jean Michel Jarre was on there was a sense of a transportation to another world . With this music I could fly almost . It’s one of the most positive memories of a horrible time .
  • Witek M
    Witek M 1 month ago Amazing, had similar experience, the same family problem, sitting on wooden floor, playing Lego but listening to Vangelis!
  • Loai
    Loai 2 months ago This music was great 40 years ago. Still great today. Will be great 100 years from now. Will still be a great in the next life as well.
  • Muttley
    Muttley 1 year ago Had a transplant 30 years ago and took my Walkman (yes all right!) with me to hospital and this music got me through some tough times.
  • XHALE303
    XHALE303 9 months ago Millenial kids: Why did u take a walking man with u to the hospital?
  • alienozi
    alienozi 4 months ago That's kinda Cyberpunk my duude
  • widbear
    widbear 1 year ago Fantastic, still sounds great 41 years later
  • Marcelo De Simone
    Marcelo De Simone 1 year ago Este tema, como así todo el álbum Equinoxe, fue el que me impulsó a explorar la música electrónica y le agradezco infinitamente a este gran genio que lleva el nombre de Jean Michel Jarre..un verdadero genio musical, uno que abrió el camino a una nueva era musical y que después de 50 años de carrera, sigue vigente y sigue sorprendiendo con su fantástica música. Crea universos sonoros, donde albergan melodías magistrales, ritmos y secuencias siderales, sonidos de otras galaxias y dimensiones...un artista inigualable!!. Bravo JMJ!!!.
  • Stefano Pavone
    Stefano Pavone 1 year ago Bon anniversaire, Jean-Michel Jarre! :) 70 ans!
  • franck lucas 29
    franck lucas 29 1 year ago inoubliable, toujours aussi frais cette musique
  • Villiago
    Villiago 1 year ago J'adore surtout la musique electronique par Jean Michel Jarre! C'est superbe et le mot est faible!
  • Zeibekka
    Zeibekka 1 year ago my first ever album for my cassette-playing Walkman---I was such a happy kid with this playing in my ears & the beautiful Greek countryside flying past me as I was riding the bus to see my family in the Peloponnese
  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 1 year ago (edited) Still get the feels from this - I first heard this when I was 6, I was 48 a couple of days ago. It still makes the hairs on my arms stand up. In those 42 years I have felt great joy, and great pain. This is what pure joy sounds like to me.
  • Masao Hata
    Masao Hata 2 years ago Que música. Que coisa fantástica. Já se vão 40 anos desde que foi lançada e ainda não ouvi nada mais fantástico que este som.
  • Juliano Fernandes C.
    Juliano Fernandes C. 1 year ago Também adoro essa música, foi a minha escolhida para a entrada da formatura na faculdade!
    PAULO NISHI 1 year ago verdade, nao canso de ouvir essa musica, parece me que estou viajando pelo cosmos
  • Ally Leake
    Ally Leake 1 year ago Manifique.... extraordinaire .... vunderbah...
  • Moises Gomes da Silva
    Moises Gomes da Silva 11 months ago Sensacional
  • Leidamar Cirilo
    Leidamar Cirilo 3 months ago @Moises Gomes da Silva Caramba!!!! Esta música me fez lembrar a época mais bonita e interessante da minha vida. Me marcou muito e eu adoro. Sempre a ouço. O artista é extraordinário, sem igual!!!!
  • Christoph Cl
    Christoph Cl 1 year ago 40 years on and it still leaves me speechless
  • clazza65
    clazza65 1 year ago Nothing compares to JMJs music.
  • Muttley
  • Oscar Luis Garcia
    Oscar Luis Garcia 1 year ago (edited) Equinoxe 5 still rules !!!
  • PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre
    PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre 1 year ago Tema do gol o grande momento do futebol
  • Jake t. Snake
    Jake t. Snake 1 year ago Masterpiece 👌🎹🎶💿
  • MultiMrPhill
    MultiMrPhill 1 year ago Ja.
  • Thomas
    Thomas 8 months ago Irre und genial was der J. M. Jarre dort kreiert hat , war immer toll, wird immer toll sein , gibt es heute nicht mehr , außer vielleicht früher Tangerine Dream
  • Buck Tarbrush
    Buck Tarbrush 6 months ago The man is a genius.
  • Fred Libby
    Fred Libby 4 months ago THE FATHER OF TECHNO,
  • Silvio Lopes
    Silvio Lopes 1 year ago A única droga capaz de fazer alguém "viajar" sem correr riscos...
  • dwayne lucier
    dwayne lucier 3 months ago I lost this music when I was 20 and had no idea whatsoever how to refind it, I knew it was great but could not remember what it was called, one day I was working on an apartment building and I herd it in some anonymis window, in the next building, I told my boss I was going to the source of that sound,, like it or not ( some things are more important than money ),,they gave me the cover and I memorized the picture,, but later still could not find because I forgot to get the name of the band,,years later I told the story to a new friend ,,and he gave me ,,( because he understood )one of the original recordings,,Jean Michel JARRE Equinox
  • Muji Raharja
    Muji Raharja 6 months ago Can't say anything...the best space music
  • x7video
    x7video 1 month ago Its like: Mozart, Bach and Jarre. JMJ is way up there, he even invented his own type of music. I love vocal trance now, that would also not been here without JMJ. Still 40 years later when i listen to Equinoxe i concentrate with closed eyes to fully grasp the music. It is so beautiful and moving. Perfection.