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The Boy Next Door: The deal

What’s happening in this “The Boy Next Door” movie clip?
Claire returns home and sees the dent in Garrett's car. He and Kevin don't tell Claire what happened and assure her they're both fine. She finds them watching TV with Noah. He follows her into the kitchen where she tells him about the photos. He tells her he took a video of their night together, and if she wants it, she has to go to his house. Claire does go over later that night, but Noah promises to give the video only if she continues sleeping with him. She refuses and leaves.

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What’s the movie “The Boy Next Door” about?
Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez) separates from her husband Garrett (John Corbett) because he is cheating on her. Noah (Ryan Guzman), 19, moves next door, recently orphaned by the death of his parents in a car accident. He becomes friends with Claire's son Kevin (Ian Nelson). Noah is attracted to Claire and catches her watching him undress during a fishing trip. One day, Noah calls Claire to help him cook and they end up sleeping together, but she regrets and decides to end their relationship. Some time later, Noah tries to rape Claire but she pushes him away and demands that he stay away from her and Kevin. He then blackmails her with a video of them having sex. She asks her best friend Vicky (Christin Chenoweth) to lure Noah away from his house so she can get the sex tape back. She finds pictures of her everywhere in Noah's home and other damning items. She discovers Vicky's body and tries to call the police, but Noah prevents her from doing so. She accuses him of killing his own parents, he replies that his mother committed suicide after her father cheated on her and that he retaliated by cutting the brakes on his father's car, killing him and his mistress. Noah takes Claire to a barn where he has tied up Garrett and Kevin, threatening to kill them. Eventually, Claire stabs Noah in the eye and Noah tries to strangle her, but she pulls a lever which drops a motor on him and kills him.

Credits: © 2015 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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