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Скачать с ютуб The Weeknd - Reminder (Official Video)

Опубликовано: 16 февр. 2017 г. 271 038 499 просмотров

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Reminder (Official Video)
Taken from the album Starboy

XO Official Store:

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Directed by Kid Studio
Produced by Vince Tran & Ryan Hahn

Music video by The Weeknd performing Reminder. © 2017 The Weeknd XO, Inc., Manufactured and Marketed by Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • DiamondMixy
    DiamondMixy 3 months ago (edited) Can we just accept the fact that Asap Rocky and Travis Scott are in the same video.
  • L B
    L B 2 months ago Yahaha...ditto!
  • B Bom
    B Bom 1 month ago Bruh do you even know one of the other guys in the vid?
  • chelsea.
    chelsea. 1 month ago @B Bom French Montana? lmao
  • Agente Bhours el dios del ban
    Agente Bhours el dios del ban 1 month ago And drake
  • Keerstin Weikel
    Keerstin Weikel 1 month ago They have beef too..
  • Vandicoup
    Vandicoup 1 month ago And Drake.
  • Modina Shokeye
    Modina Shokeye 1 month ago And Bryson tiller
  • Anabrenda Hall
    Anabrenda Hall 1 month ago And yg
  • ogey uwu
    ogey uwu 1 month ago LeBron James They don’t have beef. It’s beef made up by their fanbases and the media. ASAP Rocky AND Travis Scott are chill with each other.
  • Julian Plascencia
    Julian Plascencia 1 month ago DiamondMixy 😂😂
  • Crimson Hunter
    Crimson Hunter 1 month ago @ogey uwu well i always hope for a song where they work together
  • Xavier Rainey
    Xavier Rainey 1 month ago DiamondMixy you’re forgetting some other important people
  • football lover
    football lover 1 month ago ans tiller
  • Crimson Hunter
    Crimson Hunter 1 month ago @football lover do you mean bryson tiller
  • ogey uwu
    ogey uwu 2 weeks ago Crimson Hunter eh might not be likely but i hope so!! i’ve been waiting for a while now
  • BBK113
    BBK113 2 weeks ago And they both ass
  • Elijah Medina
    Elijah Medina 2 weeks ago and drake and yg
  • strip4laflame
    strip4laflame 2 weeks ago Keerstin Weikel do they really? Travis don’t got nothing against nobody 😂😂
  • Rac Cim
    Rac Cim 1 week ago Can we just accept the fact that you put Asap Rocky and Travis Scott in the same comment?
  • 김상연
    김상연 1 week ago and drake !!!
  • Rafiul Rasheen
    Rafiul Rasheen 1 week ago @Crimson Hunter that shit would be flames. Cactus Jack x A$AP Mob
  • Mohamed Zahran
    Mohamed Zahran 1 week ago @B Bom chill. Its because they kinda look like each other.
  • Will Carroll
    Will Carroll 1 week ago B Bom fucking nav lol @ 1:45
  • Rifat Ahmed
    Rifat Ahmed 1 week ago Drake too
  • Summer Party
    Summer Party 1 week ago 🤯
  • astronomie
    astronomie 6 days ago i was thinking the same lol
  • Q7
    Q7 5 days ago @strip4laflame Yeah, especially in Never Catch Me (OG extended version)
  • W.A.N. T.E.D
    W.A.N. T.E.D 5 days ago So what ? 😐
  • Ruben Unzueta
    Ruben Unzueta 5 days ago I don’t think anyone was refusing to accept it lmao
  • edgar Gonzalez
    edgar Gonzalez 5 days ago Drake
  • Chris
    Chris 4 days ago Nav
  • Nathan Carder
    Nathan Carder 3 days ago Asap Rocky - Drake - Belly - Montana - Travis Scott - Nav are the ones I recognised
  • Edgar Mejia Cruz
    Edgar Mejia Cruz 3 days ago DiamondMixy A$AP FOR LIFE
  • Edgar Mejia Cruz
    Edgar Mejia Cruz 3 days ago Travis ass asf
  • BeatZ Music
    BeatZ Music 3 days ago Drake
  • Darian Luu
    Darian Luu 3 days ago Bro I thought ASAP rocky was a clone of Travis but this video confirms it was all a lie
  • lil isaiah
    lil isaiah 2 days ago You'll be even surprised with the version with asap rocky's verse on. More 🔥🔥 than this
  • Dojo Mojo
    Dojo Mojo 1 day ago Metro Booming
  • Milito Macoute
    Milito Macoute 1 day ago Want some more
  • day6creation breathing
    day6creation breathing 1 day ago LET THE CAT OUTTA THE BAG......
  • Tahnia Deshields
    Tahnia Deshields 1 day ago Metro Booming
  • leandro henrique
    leandro henrique 1 day ago realmente estavam sim com participações de Drake, ASAP Rocky, Travis Scott, Bryson Tiller, YG, French Montana, Metro Boomin, Belly, Nav e o empresário de The Weeknd, Cash.
  • leandro henrique
    leandro henrique 1 day ago @B Bom Drake, ASAP Rocky, Travis Scott, Bryson Tiller, YG, French Montana, Metro Boomin, Belly, Nav
    CEMPS 1 day ago Drake too and YG
  • Lenny Summers
    Lenny Summers 1 day ago Keerstin Weikel 😑this is 3 years old
  • Loedwig Hasugian
    Loedwig Hasugian 18 hours ago love this comment
  • J Garcia
    J Garcia 4 hours ago were?? i didnt see travis
  • Loedwig Hasugian
    Loedwig Hasugian 4 hours ago @J Garcia on the hangar
  • Lenny Summers
    Lenny Summers 23 minutes ago J Garcia u blind hes right in front of the camera at some places
  • theultimaterom
    theultimaterom 2 months ago Pretty sure he uses the same tunnel in "Blinding Lights".
  • F goon
    F goon 2 months ago theultimaterom That tunnel is used by lot of artists. Even Bruno Mars was there twice as in please me and Grenade.
  • Dezmond
    Dezmond 2 months ago nope, different tunnel
  • Garima Sharma
    Garima Sharma 2 months ago yepp! its the same one
  • Twofacedpillow 2
    Twofacedpillow 2 2 months ago Its in DTLA lol 2nd and figueroa lmfao
  • The Sky Walker
    The Sky Walker 2 months ago its the same yeah
  • gabriel pettengill
    gabriel pettengill 2 months ago Same whit Lana del Rey and Travis Scott white mustang and Can't say
  • Mack
    Mack 2 months ago Same tunnel. Different universe's.
  • maria m-tzortz
    maria m-tzortz 2 months ago Bro i left this comment on blindings lights 😂😂
  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 2 months ago So, tunnel is the easter egg?😂😂
  • Kim G.
    Kim G. 2 months ago 😂😂
  • Darshan Chhetri
    Darshan Chhetri 1 month ago Yeah bruh I too thought .😎😍
  • Patrick T
    Patrick T 1 month ago You'd be wrong. But you're probably right.
  • TRXN Design
    TRXN Design 1 month ago Is that tunnel in LA?
  • Cringey Playz
    Cringey Playz 1 month ago Wait so this is in Las Vegas cause that’s where blinding lights took place
  • Eduardo Algora
    Eduardo Algora 1 month ago im pretty sure it was also in KUSH by dr dre
  • Meriem kamal
    Meriem kamal 1 month ago i thought im the only one who noticed
  • S R
    S R 1 month ago @Cringey Playz naw, this tunnel is in LA. He filmed in Vegas too.
  • omgurheadsgone
    omgurheadsgone 1 month ago Dezmond wrong. It’s the same tunnel, it’s a famous tunnel near downtown LA.
  • omgurheadsgone
    omgurheadsgone 1 month ago Dezmond it’s the 2nd street tunnel in downtown LA
  • Bobby Budion
    Bobby Budion 1 month ago It's the same subway tile tunnel haha
  • Yathin Jaype
    Yathin Jaype 1 month ago It was used in the kiss land mv first
  • Tony Scalze
    Tony Scalze 4 weeks ago Thought the same thing.
  • Carlos stancedZ32
    Carlos stancedZ32 3 weeks ago Yup LA tunnel
    SCAIN 3 weeks ago the blinding lights one was in vegas i guess but this is in los angeles so i think its different!
  • jason
    jason 3 weeks ago ScetchyAlex blinding lights takes place in los angeles so you’re wrong
    SCAIN 3 weeks ago @jason yea ok my bad
  • BiggaBeD
    BiggaBeD 2 weeks ago @F goon i fucking swore the tunnels in grenade and please me.were the same but cause im australian didnt know for sure thanks for confirming that was driving me crazy
  • Mohammed Rayhan
    Mohammed Rayhan 2 weeks ago i saw travis but wheres rocky?
  • Andrés Lopez
    Andrés Lopez 1 week ago Kiss land tunnel real og's know that
  • Moin Ashraf
    Moin Ashraf 1 week ago This tunnel also comes in HBO’s tv series euphoria can’t find that scene also that goes in a music scenario see if y’all can’t find it please
  • Yolo :p
    Yolo :p 2 months ago People who think endgame is the biggest crossover don't realize this exists
  • Mofo
    Mofo 2 months ago This might be the biggest crossover in the music industry
  • 111111 1111111
    111111 1111111 2 months ago If you want a real crossover listen to champions by kanye west
  • Zawhar Samad
    Zawhar Samad 2 months ago 111111 1111111 I literally saw no one famous in that video . Wasted 3 minutes of my life .
  • Mofo
    Mofo 2 months ago @Zawhar Samad are you joking or u really don't know anybody
  • Zawhar Samad
    Zawhar Samad 2 months ago Mofo Dofo not this video . Champion . I know everybody in this video .
  • Mofo
    Mofo 2 months ago @Zawhar Samad but kanye didn't make a video for champions i think so
  • Zawhar Samad
    Zawhar Samad 2 months ago Mofo Dofo there’s a video with a puppet running in the olympics lmao
  • Mofo
    Mofo 2 months ago @Zawhar Samad 😂
  • Marcello21mr
    Marcello21mr 2 months ago (edited) Or listen to 1train theres asap kendrick , yelawolf etc
  • Starboy Trgger
    Starboy Trgger 1 month ago Fast and furious 9
  • comrade jos-i-ah
    comrade jos-i-ah 1 month ago (edited) nav, drake, travis scott, french montana (to name a few)
  • Saurav Maan
    Saurav Maan 2 weeks ago Earth by Lil Dicky, and in this song everybody sings and are not just "present" so there's actual involvement
  • litSlimmer! !
    litSlimmer! ! 1 week ago @Mofo first day out by YNW Melly has a cool small crossover
  • Jalal
    Jalal 1 week ago @Saurav Maan that makes it even more badass that nobody sings except the weeknd
  • Mr Dripgod
    Mr Dripgod 1 week ago Yolo :p he got like 50 fucking famous rappers in one video 😂😂
  • Full Minsp
    Full Minsp 1 week ago Asap Rocky is better than Travis Scott
  • Matthew Henry
    Matthew Henry 1 week ago @Saurav Maan that's song's hot garbage
  • Matthew Henry
    Matthew Henry 1 week ago @Full Minsp nope
  • I'm PG
    I'm PG 1 day ago Earth Lil Dicky?
  • Joey Kevorkian
    Joey Kevorkian 13 hours ago Yolo :p how about monster by Kanye with Kanye JayZ Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver
  • MrControversy
    MrControversy 3 months ago Dude doesn’t even realize how much swag he has I think. Dude is super bad ass
  • Tony H
    Tony H 3 months ago Hahahh, as much as I want to think this, there’s no way he thinks that. He’s a fucking beast and he knows it.
  • NuRone
    NuRone 3 months ago Bruh, i watch his video sometimes cuz his fashion is my style plus he near my height
  • Chris M
    Chris M 3 months ago He reminds me a lot of dan bilzerian
  • John Amato
    John Amato 3 months ago He’s super BEIBER !!! Justin with BLACK MAKE UP . Watch this
  • John Amato
    John Amato 3 months ago This is Justin Beiber in Black Makeup!!! Bye bye weeknd!!!!
  • The Sky Walker
    The Sky Walker 3 months ago the thing is he doesnt even need swag,sexy girls or lamborghini to make a good MV @@ The flow and lyric are sick ....
  • MrControversy
    MrControversy 3 months ago The Sky Walker that’s what I mean. Just his demeanor. Crazy.
  • Freaky Default
    Freaky Default 3 months ago MrControversy deadass bro i want that star boy hoodie i fucking love it and the song
  • Rebecca Becerra
    Rebecca Becerra 3 months ago Yup
  • F goon
    F goon 2 months ago As conversation is about swag here, Bruno Mars wins the race.
  • cameron_luy_
    cameron_luy_ 2 months ago @John Amato you're a idiot
  • jenn lemmelin
    jenn lemmelin 2 months ago Yeah right tell me a f**** hip hop artist or R&B singer in this generation that doesn't only realize how much swag they have but are narcissistic. Obnoxiously into themselves
  • Damian Lopez
    Damian Lopez 2 months ago Yeah but that mustache gotta go
  • bryan tymeson
    bryan tymeson 2 months ago nah weeknd definitely knows he drips
  • Krafty
    Krafty 2 months ago Nah he knows 😂
  • Rogelio Flores
    Rogelio Flores 2 months ago (edited) @John Amato you and fearless are secret lovers get out of her with yall fantasies. You dont even have dignity to post a picture about yourself here unstead use a instrument y'all delusional with no talent i exposed fearless and cam bee already, schooled them with proof information and facts that made those two haters hide in thefe little cave trying to make another fake ass conspiracy for likes.
  • Aidan Hammond
    Aidan Hammond 2 months ago nah he do
  • barcaman101
    barcaman101 1 month ago Naw he knows
    SIMON PASTA 3 weeks ago So The Weeknd used Asap Rocky's Aventador, Drake's Crib , French Montanas Jet just to make cool video
  • Michael Purves
    Michael Purves 3 weeks ago Swagger
  • MrControversy
    MrControversy 3 weeks ago Holy shit thanks for all the likes hahaha.
  • Michael Purves
    Michael Purves 3 weeks ago @MrControversy 😎
  • T L
  • Elissa 💞
    Elissa 💞 1 week ago Exactly I love him👌🏾
  • sophie dfg
    sophie dfg 1 week ago He knows don't worry 😌😌
  • Joshua.97
    Joshua.97 1 week ago (edited) @F goon I feel bruno shows it off more I.e dancing, flashy videos. The thing about the Weeknd is he doesn't try and be cool he just walks around or hardly moves in the videos, yet people know how boss he is. They're both great, but different in how they go about things.
  • Jalal
    Jalal 1 week ago the Weeknd opens his mouth girls wet their pants
  • Breland Parker
    Breland Parker 1 week ago Xo
  • Samantha Rinker
    Samantha Rinker 1 week ago For real So much SWAG!
  • Samantha Rinker
    Samantha Rinker 1 week ago I think he does that's know that's the problem 😂
  • Twister
    Twister 6 days ago he does lmao thats why he barely does interviews and stuff
  • Lucy O'Neill
    Lucy O'Neill 5 days ago MrControversy trust me, he knows
  • John Tupponce
    John Tupponce 4 days ago He realizes
  • Gabø
    Gabø 5 days ago bruh every frame of this video could literally be a wallpaper
  • Naufal Fad
    Naufal Fad 5 days ago You got me hahaha
  • doesnt matter
    doesnt matter 2 days ago for real
  • Abdullah M.
    Abdullah M. 2 days ago So true
    JOSHUA KIRUI 2 weeks ago Who else is here during the covid19 quarantine 😂
  • Golden All freedom
    Golden All freedom 2 weeks ago JOSHUA KIRUI we’re here always bro but yeah that’s true ☺️
    RACER SINHA46 1 week ago Sipping on that Codeine meanwhile ❤️
  • BroJose
    BroJose 1 week ago me
  • Hicham ieksdrei
    Hicham ieksdrei 1 week ago @RACER SINHA46 sipping on liquid heroin, good job. Very cool and something to be proud of. 10/10
  • Hele Watkins
    Hele Watkins 1 week ago Lol
  • David Pollock
    David Pollock 1 week ago @RACER SINHA46 hell yeah, no covid here in my side of Texas
  • Fastest mango
    Fastest mango 1 week ago Yes
  • Hele Watkins
    Hele Watkins 1 week ago Yq
  • Hele Watkins
    Hele Watkins 1 week ago Yqe
  • Hicham ieksdrei
    Hicham ieksdrei 1 week ago @Hele Watkins same
  • Ricardo Rolão
    Ricardo Rolão 1 week ago you remind me that...
  • Dimpu
    Dimpu 6 days ago Meee
  • Callum Rainford
    Callum Rainford 3 days ago Yessir
  • JK JK
  • Pierce Villamor
    Pierce Villamor 2 days ago i'm with you bruh
  • Ben
    Ben 2 days ago who isn't. it's a worldwide event. youtube comments are fucking stupid
  • Lil leroy
    Lil leroy 1 day ago Ich
  • alae kassmi
    alae kassmi 1 day ago Me 😂😂😂
  • Steven Skoleski
    Steven Skoleski 16 hours ago Yuuuuup
  • Elite David
    Elite David 13 hours ago Yup just coming back to the old days at this point so bored 😂
  • Nikhail Fenech
    Nikhail Fenech 6 days ago The dislikes are the people who didn't get reminded
  • Andrew Patrick
    Andrew Patrick 5 days ago Nikhail Fenech i laughed wayyy too hard at this
  • Bishal Mallick
    Bishal Mallick 5 days ago Andrew Patrick mee too bruhhhhhh
  • Nero
    Nero 1 week ago This mf assembled the Avengers for a B-Class hit on his album. That's some boss shit right there.
  • xxxsugoitacion
    xxxsugoitacion 5 days ago wut... the songs good tbh... but yeah the artist cameos on this is overkill
  • Matt Garcia
    Matt Garcia 4 days ago 😂😂😂fr
  • Thaiba Khan
    Thaiba Khan 3 years ago this song has a problem. it ends
  • Dewan M Durnto
    Dewan M Durnto 3 years ago Thaiba Khan on loop
  • Sadab Eirtaza
    Sadab Eirtaza 3 years ago Thaiba Khan Ha ha Right
  • Prateek Singh
    Prateek Singh 3 years ago Drake should always stay like this.....quiet
  • Avinash Rao
    Avinash Rao 3 years ago Prateek Singh fuck you drake is op
  • be nice 496
    be nice 496 3 years ago DID YOU KNOW media corporations, hollywood, and the music industry are almost entirely ran by ethnic Jews? Also the unconstitutional Federal Reserve private bank and majority of the largest banks across the western world the past two centuries have been ran by ethnic Jews as well. -but shh look the other way they're all only just a bunch of "white guys" -random comment but whatev
  • TaySavv -
    TaySavv - 3 years ago Thaiba Khan yep
  • Pol Timmer
    Pol Timmer 3 years ago nice hate you're trying to spread
  • Chujjj Śmierdziak
    Chujjj Śmierdziak 3 years ago Thaiba Khan fcking true i listening this non stop this is better than starboy
  • BullsNation 2447
    BullsNation 2447 3 years ago (edited) Pol Timmer What he is saying is he does not want the song to end
  • Rida Salih
    Rida Salih 3 years ago same
  • BullsNation 2447
    BullsNation 2447 3 years ago Hey J
  • jelena djordjevic
    jelena djordjevic 3 years ago Jes😂💪🙊
  • Pol Timmer
    Pol Timmer 3 years ago i know. my comment was in response to 'be nice's antisimetic post.
  • Skrilla Don
    Skrilla Don 7 months ago True
  • Reddy
    Reddy 7 months ago l Phoenix l it’s too much auto tune he would ruin it
  • Gaby Jinn
    Gaby Jinn 7 months ago Every beautiful things got an end
  • Lvlo Goth
    Lvlo Goth 7 months ago simon ese es el problema
  • Max _26 HD
    Max _26 HD 7 months ago Thats so true This it should be longer
  • doublekillful
    doublekillful 7 months ago So everything has a problem,since everything ends.. You will loose everything what you have,one way.. or another )) + Great song @2k19
  • Mariam Javaid
    Mariam Javaid 6 months ago Good one
  • Lilbenz
    Lilbenz 6 months ago Thaiba Khan hit replay cuh
  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez 6 months ago so true
  • Ish Bzg
    Ish Bzg 6 months ago Thaiba Khan 😂😂 True
  • Master Gamer
    Master Gamer 6 months ago That's what she said.
  • Josh Rowbotham
    Josh Rowbotham 6 months ago I agree
  • Mara Rangel
    Mara Rangel 6 months ago Moshie mugs he’s prolly texting da police
  • Marnita Mcneill
    Marnita Mcneill 6 months ago @Dewan M Durnto how
  • GOD_JDMasterFlex
    GOD_JDMasterFlex 5 months ago Thaiba Khan facts!!
  • L'or Reina
    L'or Reina 4 months ago your comment is a problem !
  • x Crane
    x Crane 4 months ago Nahh all GOOD thins endz
  • Remy Hirwa
    Remy Hirwa 3 months ago Thaiba Khan just been the 7k like....yay!
  • cybertree
    cybertree 3 months ago THAT and every time I look at the dislikes, I realize how much of humanity sucks.
  • Joe Momma
    Joe Momma 3 months ago And nav and French Montana is a problem
  • Lil Jeep
    Lil Jeep 2 months ago U can just press replay
  • BuiltIn
    BuiltIn 2 months ago that's a good thing. You can listen to it over and over and over and it will never change. It stays in the same form it always will be. The form you love. :)
  • vũ nè
    vũ nè 1 week ago True
  • Robert Charlton
    Robert Charlton 18 hours ago This is the best comment
  • Defter 7
    Defter 7 3 months ago Who listening this song in 2020. its still dope
  • L Jackson
    L Jackson 3 months ago This my SHIT🎸🔥
  • ImNoVaIm
    ImNoVaIm 2 months ago Yessir
  • Jacqueline Stubbs
    Jacqueline Stubbs 2 months ago Itssssssss dopeeeeeee
  • pablogonzalxz
    pablogonzalxz 2 months ago i came to the comments to see ppl reaction about all the rappers that are on the video and found this
  • TGF Xreal
    TGF Xreal 2 months ago Defter 7 this reminds me of relations with a friend including depression every time you forgot who I am I’ll be right there to remind you again lol
  • Heidi Bader
    Heidi Bader 2 months ago This that shit
  • Răzvan Prisecaru
    Răzvan Prisecaru 1 month ago This is real SHIT💣🧨🔥
  • Starboy Trgger
    Starboy Trgger 1 month ago Mee
  • ink!sans brush boy
    ink!sans brush boy 1 month ago stop being a calendar
  • omgurheadsgone
    omgurheadsgone 1 month ago This song will be forever dope as fuck
  • melpin re
    melpin re 2 weeks ago yessssirrr
  • Dinesh Hemantha
    Dinesh Hemantha 2 weeks ago Soul track bro... Yeah this is dope ❤️
    GAMARTV 2 weeks ago Me
  • Mary
    Mary 2 weeks ago Defter 7 fact
  • Daniel Stamp
    Daniel Stamp 1 week ago All great music is timeless billie Jean still bangin in my car
  • vũ nè
    vũ nè 1 week ago Dope
  • Aadit Jogani
    Aadit Jogani 1 week ago Timeless
  • 줏대없는Life
    줏대없는Life 1 week ago Better than today's hiphop songs lol
  • amineee scott
    amineee scott 1 week ago He changed the thumbnail from him and Asap Rocky to him and Travis lmaao
  • amiri-
    amiri- 1 week ago amineee scott wait...did he?
  • Summer Party
    Summer Party 6 days ago Lmao ikr 😂
    INTROVERT® 6 days ago the label wants the astroworld clout
    INTROVERT® 6 days ago gotta say tho the one with rocky was way cooler
  • Aron Santino
    Aron Santino 6 days ago Yeah it’s smarter when u think about it
    XAKHI 5 days ago lmao thats why im here
  • Rohnit
    Rohnit 5 days ago Cuz Rocky irrelevant now
  • K.holiiday
    K.holiiday 4 days ago That's messed up lol why after like 3 years
  • Ana
    Ana 4 days ago Why?! Aren't they friends anymore?
  • TheDamn Pope
    TheDamn Pope 4 days ago @Rohnit stop the cap
  • Rad Ranks
    Rad Ranks 3 days ago @Ana they are still friends,rocky designed the weekend's after hours merch .. A lot of rappers been changing thumbnails so it seems like a different vid
  • Genaro the goat
    Genaro the goat 2 days ago Yall got it all wrong lol youtube is the one change many videos thumbnails
  • Genaro the goat
    Genaro the goat 2 days ago Changing*
  • Ben
    Ben 2 days ago so he didn't change the thumbnail?
  • Ahmad Garba
    Ahmad Garba 2 days ago Trav much much bigger than rocky
  • Aawn
    Aawn 1 day ago same guy
  • Hossam
    Hossam 1 day ago Yeah why lol
  • Elsa Hernandez
    Elsa Hernandez 1 day ago Ben he did, it used to be different
  • ______Averos______ !!!!!
    ______Averos______ !!!!! 1 hour ago I think he did because ASAp is on the remix
  • aria banks
    aria banks 1 week ago The fact that he got everyone including BRYSON TRILLER in this video just make the song even better
  • Rafiul Rasheen
    Rafiul Rasheen 1 week ago Especially Rocky and Travis
  • Ur Mama
    Ur Mama 5 days ago and them not getting in a word ahahhahahah like "shut up brydon dreak travel asup gg nah fence lost metrold fatty dirk holey sign"
  • Heavy Papa
    Heavy Papa 2 days ago This song would have been extra legendary if everyone had a verse
  • Wolf Man Lyken
    Wolf Man Lyken 3 years ago (edited) All Cameos Asap Rocky Drake YG Nav Bryson Tiller French Montana King Los Travis Scott Metro Boomin Belly Derek Wise The Hollywood sign The vevo logo Squidwards hopes and dreams
  • MarkanVaran7
    MarkanVaran7 3 years ago Wolf Man Lyken watch E40 choices music video then say something lol
  • denyXO
    denyXO 3 years ago Wolf Man Lyken you forgot Belly and Derek Wise
  • Goran
    Goran 3 years ago Wolf Man Lyken Haha Drake he looks so funny but i like his songs an The weeknd...BEST
  • SNK G.
    SNK G. 3 years ago lol - the vevo logo lmao!
  • Killa Koba
    Killa Koba 3 years ago Belly 😑
  • 白桃乌龙
  • zoe
    zoe 3 years ago Wolf Man Lyken as soon as I read Drake it came up on the video 😂
  • Vyacheslav Gorbachev
    Vyacheslav Gorbachev 3 years ago +nav +travis....
  • Liam Lewis
    Liam Lewis 3 years ago You forgot 6lack boi
  • Homicide
    Homicide 3 years ago The Weeknd Fan That goes low mane !
  • Austin Cisneros
    Austin Cisneros 3 years ago Travis, nav, Bryson Tiller.....
  • SBdunks3
    SBdunks3 3 years ago You forgot belly
  • JettBlack Heartt
    JettBlack Heartt 3 years ago Belly and Lamar as well
  • LookAtTheKidXo
    LookAtTheKidXo 3 years ago Wolf Man Lyken Erika Mena too
  • Jonathan Ramirez
    Jonathan Ramirez 3 years ago Bryson Tiller, NAV
  • Deeenis '
    Deeenis ' 3 years ago Me
  • Ace Diamond
    Ace Diamond 3 years ago French montana too
  • Michael Naoufal
    Michael Naoufal 3 years ago you forgot belly
  • SashaХod TV
    SashaХod TV 3 years ago rick Ross
  • Mikkel Gotfredsen
    Mikkel Gotfredsen 3 years ago you forgot Metro Boomin
  • pesty_prophet
    pesty_prophet 3 years ago where did y'all spot los at? i aint see him
  • Gabri ChanneL
    Gabri ChanneL 3 years ago Also Ty dolla sign bro!
  • Rus Rock
    Rus Rock 3 years ago Belly
  • Илья Ярошевич
    Илья Ярошевич 3 years ago you bladina fackin amerikan ideot
  • Felon Bandz
    Felon Bandz 3 years ago as i patiently wait for a remix with all of them on this..
  • TropicalLightness
    TropicalLightness 3 years ago Wolf Man Lyken u forgot belly
  • Mustafa T
    Mustafa T 3 years ago Wolf Man Lyken This guy forgot Belly.
  • Lawrence Baker
    Lawrence Baker 3 years ago (edited) The Weeknd Fan I don't know exactly which Asian you're talking about but the girl at 2:18 is Ashley Vee :)
    TOPSZN AJ 3 years ago TeddyFantum
  • Lawrence Baker
    Lawrence Baker 3 years ago (edited) The Weeknd Fan Yeah I know but she is a cameo
  • MasterSun117
    MasterSun117 3 years ago Wolf Man Lyken Chris brown
  • King OB
    King OB 3 years ago +Liam Lewis wheres 6lack ?
  • Cactus Alexx
    Cactus Alexx 3 years ago The real question is who is the girl in min 1:36????
  • Infamous core1
    Infamous core1 3 years ago This nigga basically got every fuckin body
  • Get a forehead reduction.
    Get a forehead reduction. 3 years ago ArnoldFTW97 yeah lmao that shit had like half the game in it
  • Tripti Sharma
    Tripti Sharma 3 years ago it's like "bad blood" between weeknd and Justin, just saying..
  • realone sk
    realone sk 3 years ago Wolf Man Lyken and video vixen girls
  • Sean From School
    Sean From School 3 years ago You forgot: - a plane straight outta GTA - chandeliers to make Bryson Look cool - an Asian going low mane - cars. Loads, and LOADS of em.
  • DinooCF
    DinooCF 3 years ago Kid Ink is also in it
  • LandEHn 12
    LandEHn 12 3 years ago Wolf Man Lyken Bill Clinton
  • badsol
    badsol 3 years ago You forgot some. There's also Bill Nye the Science Guy, one of the two doors from Back To The Future, Bastian from Overwatch, Draco (no not the firearm, silly!....The Bakugan), and lastly, my big toe at 1:53 bottom right corner.
  • Lirrulewon
    Lirrulewon 3 years ago Wolf Man Lyken 😂 nutter
  • Juan Ezequiel Alcántara Reyes
    Juan Ezequiel Alcántara Reyes 3 years ago You Forgot Dj Khaled
  • Hannah Løvestjeeerne
    Hannah Løvestjeeerne 3 years ago drake too
  • Nabeel Furqan
    Nabeel Furqan 3 years ago You forgot the asian chick
  • Ioriyagami00
    Ioriyagami00 3 years ago Where's Los? Btw you forgot Cash XO
  • Ju Di Yel
    Ju Di Yel 3 years ago ROFLMAO
  • Liam Lewis
    Liam Lewis 3 years ago Near the end, wearing the all black xo cap.
  • OVOMalik x0
    OVOMalik x0 2 years ago Lawrence Baker nobody cares.... She wasntalking bout the lyrics lmaooo
  • Elvira Garcia
    Elvira Garcia 2 years ago TropicalLightness
  • Kimi Sauber-Könën
    Kimi Sauber-Könën 2 years ago John Travolta - in the plane. !!!!
  • Java
    Java 2 years ago Wolf Man Lyken Nav dude yes bro🔥
  • Jackpot TheMagician
    Jackpot TheMagician 2 years ago STARBOY LOGO
  • bilal idlebi
    bilal idlebi 2 years ago HE DIDNT FOGET BELLY READ YOU IDIOTS
  • Blaize Zabel
    Blaize Zabel 2 years ago What about Warren g
  • slime gang Samira jalee kyonna
    slime gang Samira jalee kyonna 2 years ago Wolf Man
  • Anup P
    Anup P 2 years ago Cash ?
  • Evelia ORTIZ
    Evelia ORTIZ 2 years ago Wolf Man Lyken. Yeah I saw them
  • Le So
    Le So 2 years ago You have to write Belly at first
  • Arleen Cantu
    Arleen Cantu 2 years ago voyez vouzlune MMMNJJOOOJNug kbhvbbaln
  • Callam Handford
    Callam Handford 2 years ago max b?
  • Luisa Anzaldua
    Luisa Anzaldua 2 years ago Wolf Man Lyken yes bro
    INDY FOSHO 2 years ago LMAO
  • Aidan Brennan
    Aidan Brennan 2 years ago Wolf Man Lyken hyup
  • Alexis Armand
    Alexis Armand 2 years ago Chris brown to my bed
  • Blazingviper321
    Blazingviper321 2 years ago N
  • Marcos Flores
    Marcos Flores 2 years ago ArnoldFTW97.
  • Marcos Flores
    Marcos Flores 2 years ago Deeenis I
  • Bernard Kayseas
    Bernard Kayseas 2 years ago Wolf Man Lyken he's a real star boy
  • Easy E
    Easy E 2 years ago All garbage
  • Familie Dhuule
    Familie Dhuule 2 years ago Wolf Man Lyken .:ղ:ղ:ղ:ղ:ղ::ղհըօըյւււււօւյևօևօւըօըւօօօպօպպպօպպպպպօօպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպ~ճճճճճճճճճճճճճճճպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպպ
  • Kevin Cancel
    Kevin Cancel 2 years ago you forgot Post
  • Just a random dude
    Just a random dude 2 years ago Wolf Man Lyken forgot the chicks man
  • Monica Olivarez
    Monica Olivarez 5 months ago Familie Dhuuu
  • rosa melano
    rosa melano 5 months ago De todos esos mejor es Zayn.
  • Not_SUPE
    Not_SUPE 5 months ago Wolf Man Lyken isn’t that drake Lol
  • x i l l e R
    x i l l e R 5 months ago You forgot Camino
  • Cool Seymur
    Cool Seymur 4 months ago lil uzi too
  • jayesh salunke
    jayesh salunke 1 month ago And a sweet asian chick
  • omgurheadsgone
    omgurheadsgone 1 month ago Bro don’t forget Lamar!!!
  • novabus boy
    novabus boy 2 weeks ago Roll royces and lambos don’t forget them
  • ron cho
    ron cho 1 week ago you forgot the booty hahhaaa
  • zuhaven
    zuhaven 1 week ago yall forgot adam sandler and lanye west is in this video
  • Joshua.97
    Joshua.97 1 week ago You forgot Belly's belly
  • F goon
    F goon 1 week ago This song feels like I’ve reached to a huge success and rolling with old friends on a weekend.
  • RemixDatShiz
    RemixDatShiz 1 week ago weeknd*
    MANGO JUICE 1 week ago @RemixDatShiz no its weekend read the sentence carefully
  • TOBK
    TOBK 1 week ago MANGO JUICE 🤦🏾‍♂️
  • kalrav pathak
    kalrav pathak 1 week ago Don't bout success but yea rolling with this song intesify the feels
  • Björn Frithiof
    Björn Frithiof 3 months ago Yg, lil uzi vert, travis scott, drake, french montana
  • Björn Frithiof
    Björn Frithiof 3 months ago Asap rocky, bryson tiller
    6LACK LORD 3 months ago And Metro Boomin
  • Jordan Henderson
    Jordan Henderson 1 week ago Nav, Bryson tiller, pnd?
  • nba543
    nba543 3 days ago where was lil uzi bert?
  • Erick Ixayaz
    Erick Ixayaz 3 days ago Uzi?
  • Robert Sayamyan
    Robert Sayamyan 2 days ago I didn't see Uzi wtf?
  • blast boi prashanth
    blast boi prashanth 3 days ago Drake,asap rocky,travis scott,French Montana all this lit artist in one godamn music video thats lit af🔥
  • Mofo
    Mofo 8 minutes ago You forgot the Brown legend
  • Nassim Benz
    Nassim Benz 2 months ago Still can't believe there's some people don't like this song...
  • Will Alexander
    Will Alexander 2 months ago Nassim Benz some people have bad taste.
  • Nassim Benz
    Nassim Benz 2 months ago Will Alexander and people who dislike this have an ultra bad taste
  • MegaPerson012345
    MegaPerson012345 1 month ago (edited) I like it and I also dont like it. I think he has a great voice and is talented. I like the beat. I don't care for the harsher lyrics that talk shit about using women and sensationalizing it. That turns me off immediately. It influences young men that it is ok to treat young women poorly. I didnt click like or dislike either. No clicks.
  • wwatur V2
    wwatur V2 1 month ago MegaPerson012345 shut up lmfao
  • MegaPerson012345
    MegaPerson012345 1 month ago @wwatur V2 sup bro you maD?
  • wwatur V2
    wwatur V2 1 month ago MegaPerson012345 no, boomers like u are annoying.
  • Numidia Noor
    Numidia Noor 1 month ago Nassim where do i find u hon . Im from algeria cant stop apreciating that ❤😌
  • wwatur V2
    wwatur V2 1 month ago Bruh yessir
  • Kiasaur
    Kiasaur 1 month ago WHAT
  • sophie dfg
    sophie dfg 1 week ago It's bieber 😅
    C2DAJAY 2 days ago This is The Weeknd’s version of Drake’s “Headlines”
  • Cheyenne Brown
    Cheyenne Brown 2 months ago Whoever disliked the video have a horrible taste in music.
  • Anthony Burgette
    Anthony Burgette 1 month ago Cheyenne Brown whoever disliked many have more personal/mental problems than anyone could evaluate
  • Junior Flores
    Junior Flores 2 weeks ago You call this music??? FOH 😂😂😂
  • Genesis Osuna
    Genesis Osuna 2 weeks ago What a laughable take. If this is a joke, it isnt a very good one. People are allowed to have preferences and opinions and not necessarily have a "horrible taste in music" . That's extremist
  • vivlodia
    vivlodia 1 week ago lmao people have different tastes. grow up lol
  • yaboi skinnydennis
    yaboi skinnydennis 1 week ago or it's just the og xo fans and this isn't anything close to the real weeknd but it is fire imo but definitely not his best (PS: i didnt dislike lmao)
  • AJ
    AJ 1 week ago Junior Flores yeah we call this good shit music
  • skinnyboi Madden
    skinnyboi Madden 6 days ago In a way i would want to agree but people have there own opinions...