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Скачать с ютуб Cut the Kid

Опубликовано: 28 мар. 2015 г. 129 532 просмотра

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  • Jack Fox
    Jack Fox 1 year ago WHOS CUTTING THE CHILD
  • Delta547
    Delta547 6 days ago * angry Alex Jones noises *
  • Classy Cat
    Classy Cat 3 years ago Please don't cut children. Listen to this glorious music instead. <3
  • Mr.Random76
    Mr.Random76 2 years ago My favorite part starts at 0:35 but ends 0:50
  • maddie hitt
    maddie hitt 2 years ago I call this song 'Chop The Child'.
  • Canary Animations 카나리
    Canary Animations 카나리 2 months ago (edited) slice the infant sorry I'm repying to a two year old comment I just had to
  • Zack Moody
    Zack Moody 4 years ago I Give it a 5/7, a perfect score .
  • Kyubi
    Kyubi 4 years ago how is a 5/7 perfect?? what's wrong with it??
  • adamarys!
    adamarys! 1 year ago blue wtf are u talkin about 5/7 is the best and most perfect score
  • Sickboy Mashups
    Sickboy Mashups 2 months ago Zack Moody Kyubi mad lad bruh
  • ender_master4
    ender_master4 1 year ago police: are you doing any ILLEGAL activities sir guy: no Mr officer, I've been listening to this song called "Cut the kid" police: OH NO, ROGER CALL IN BACK UP, HES CUTTING CHILDREN!!!!
  • Joel •
    Joel • 2 years ago One of the best songs to blast! 🎛🔊🎛🔊
  • cat shark
    cat shark 4 months ago do NOT cut the kid.
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 3 years ago Amazing soooong
  • Sam Pritchard
    Sam Pritchard 2 years ago great song
  • Eris
    Eris 1 year ago ...why the 100 dislikes? Is there something about this song I don't know about?
  • Cameron Goldthorpe
    Cameron Goldthorpe 2 months ago anyone know why this is called cut the kid is it named after a kid called cut?
  • Canary Animations 카나리
    Canary Animations 카나리 2 months ago maybe it means 'stop joking arround', using 'kid' as in 'kidding', or maybe it's actually about sacrificing children idk