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Скачать с ютуб What is Digital HR? | AIHR [WEBINAR]

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How is digital disruption affecting HR? And what is digital human resources management all about? We explain all in this 30-minute webinar 🔎

Want to learn more about digital HR, but not sure where to start?

Or do you want to prepare for HR’s digital disruption (and digital transformation)?

▶️ Tune in!

Your host, Erik van Vulpen, a thought leader in the digital HR and HR analytics field, tells you more about:

💡Why digital HR is so important
💡How HR can help businesses adapt to changes faster
💡The 3 levels of digital HR maturity

You’ll also hear more about the Workforce of One and how HR analytics helps you deliver even more value for the business 💸 Finally, we will debunk 5 HR myths that could hold you back from making a strategic impact within your organization (such as ‘The role of human resources won’t change’).

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Our Digital HR Certificate Program teaches you how to leverage technology to make HR more effective 💻🎯

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Leveraging analytics as a strategic HR business partner 💥

Defining strategic HR metrics that align with overall business strategy 🚀

Developing the skills you need to become an HR data analyst [entry level] 🔬

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