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Скачать с ютуб The Ice Cream Mann [Saxxy Awards 2017 - Nominated for Best Short]

Опубликовано: 8 мар. 2018 г. 969 924 просмотра

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Voting is now closed! Thank you for voting, you're the best!

Follow our odd ice cream man as he slams down on the gas in his odd ice cream truck for an odd ice cream adventure!

EmNudge - Director and Voice Actor for Heavy, Sniper and Demo
Mittens - Animation
zeekrocz117 - Animation, Textures
Alaxe - Models, Textures
Magnus - Score
Custard1 - Maps
Dr. Hoctor - Voice Actor for ICM and Soldier
Mr. Light - Lighting
Fruit - Textures and models
BonkNickeltoon - Textures

Official Human Resources Discord Server:

Special thanks to Suicidal Dog for Ice Cream man cartoon, Swizzle for original 1850's engineer, and Uberchain for moral support.

----Workshop models---
Enhanced Heavy
High-Poly Bullet Belt

  • Mittens
    Mittens Год назад Thank you everybody for voting! The amount of support for this has been monumental and we appreciate it more than you can imagine. We've read every single comment so far and we love each one. The fan art recieved is outstanding, too. We wouldn't mind having a couple printed for our walls at home. Thanks a ton, guys. You're all the best.
  • Mr. Light
    Mr. Light Год назад (изменено) Was delightful workin with ya. Even though I joined at the last minute.
    THEZOMBIEWACKER Год назад Thats just perfect. Just perfect. Watched it 10 times XD
  • Kevin Reyes
    Kevin Reyes Год назад Mittens ice cream never die lolol
  • NeverthelesS
    NeverthelesS Год назад Please take this as constructive criticism and not hate because I don't have any skill like this but some one the scenes it seems the shoulders are too stiff and too choppy movement with the arms. The sudden movement when the ice cream hits the Heavy, Soldier, and Scout looks really nice. Keep up the great work!
  • Sinful Creature
    Sinful Creature Год назад Congrats on the nomination, best of luck!
  • Mining Pieeater
    Mining Pieeater Год назад I’m sorry, I found this after the voting ended ;-;
  • Lauri Leinonen
    Lauri Leinonen Год назад Second episode of this?
  • Mining Pieeater
    Mining Pieeater Год назад Lauri Leinonen / I’d say it’s already complete and perfect, but I don’t have the final say here.
  • Good Ol' Steamy
    Good Ol' Steamy Год назад Can I have Ice Cream Tho?
  • Kolerain Rowland
    Kolerain Rowland Год назад Mittens this should have won
  • Ivy the floran
    Ivy the floran Год назад that need to be a all class eating item
  • KamiJoJo
    KamiJoJo Год назад Man, the voice acting is at point! º0º
  • Pirango
    Pirango Год назад hey do you mind if I make a ytp outta this video? I'll make sure to credit you for the original video
  • super viggo bros
    super viggo bros Год назад when your to deppresed to do something but you can only watch one video
  • PortalScout
    PortalScout Год назад Mittens this is the 10th tf2 class
  • YourAverageManiac
    YourAverageManiac Год назад what the fuck did you create
  • Shadex Crypt
    Shadex Crypt Год назад SSneaky may not recreate this, can we get that as a rule.
  • A Doctor
    A Doctor 8 месяцев назад Mittens I still love this
  • Allan Törngren - Elev Rosenfeldtskolan 6B
    Allan Törngren - Elev Rosenfeldtskolan 6B 7 месяцев назад 666 likes
  • BlueAura
    BlueAura Год назад The voice acting is actually really good in this
  • stox
    stox Год назад BlueAura I think I know this guy 🤔
  • EmNudge
    EmNudge Год назад stox it's actually 2 guys, but you might
  • George Hoctor
    George Hoctor Год назад Yo, I am the ice cream guy
  • SaviourValentinesDay
    SaviourValentinesDay 8 месяцев назад 1k likes but 3 comments? Ok lol
  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson 2 месяца назад True
  • Mono-Si Engineering
    Mono-Si Engineering Год назад White flavor.
  • Zelda Rocca
    Zelda Rocca Год назад Mad Milk flavor
  • pyrolee17
    pyrolee17 Год назад Mmmm taste like privilege
  • Ninya / Ninja Brifsanovich the Saiyan
    Ninya / Ninja Brifsanovich the Saiyan Год назад White? That is not flavor--
  • I'll make you say woosh by not getting a joke
    I'll make you say woosh by not getting a joke 11 месяцев назад @pyrolee17 lmaoo
  • FRED 1337
    FRED 1337 11 месяцев назад Tastes politically incorrect
  • I'll make you say woosh by not getting a joke
    I'll make you say woosh by not getting a joke 11 месяцев назад @FRED 1337 tastes like Smith
  • FRED 1337
    FRED 1337 11 месяцев назад That one Spy main 😂
  • the lad
    the lad 9 месяцев назад @Ninya / Ninja Brifsanovich the Saiyan JUST TAKE YOUR WHITE MAGGOT!!!!!!! THE REST OF US ARE SCREAMING FOR ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!
  • BZ1 W
    BZ1 W 8 месяцев назад Cum
  • FRED 1337
    FRED 1337 8 месяцев назад BZ1 W my joke was better
  • BZ1 W
    BZ1 W 8 месяцев назад @FRED 1337 hell it was
  • FRED 1337
    FRED 1337 8 месяцев назад BZ1 W *like
  • FRED 1337
    FRED 1337 8 месяцев назад BZ1 W oh yeah cause a cum joke is so original, we were all thinking that and you know it! That’s why we didn’t say it!
  • Beeg Pappa
    Beeg Pappa 8 месяцев назад @pyrolee17 What about the taste of supremacy
  • Beeg Pappa
    Beeg Pappa 8 месяцев назад @FRED 1337 Are you trying to be mean?
  • FRED 1337
    FRED 1337 8 месяцев назад D Sizzle I’m saying cum jokes are overused
  • Mr walter/weasel
    Mr walter/weasel 8 месяцев назад Vanilla
  • King Crimson
    King Crimson 8 месяцев назад Mono-Si Engineering white skin
  • Hermon the great
    Hermon the great 7 месяцев назад Too spicy
  • Partydount214
    Partydount214 7 месяцев назад Nom
  • SeriousLightning
    SeriousLightning 6 месяцев назад Tastes like majority
  • Dat Shpee
    Dat Shpee 6 месяцев назад **THAT'S RACIST**
  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire 5 месяцев назад Oh no, I can hear the NPC rainbow sprinkles screaming "Reeee!" from across the border.
  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire 5 месяцев назад @SeriousLightning Well that depends where you are, there's a global shortage of white ice cream. It's very sad.
  • -Insert Username-
    -Insert Username- 3 месяца назад What about B o n e l e s s flavor
  • Jan Kowalski
    Jan Kowalski 3 месяца назад White flavor for a communist..... Well
  • The Sensur
    The Sensur 3 месяца назад an*
  • Zinkeron
    Zinkeron 2 месяца назад cum
  • ด.ช.คน มนุษย์
    ด.ช.คน มนุษย์ 1 день назад Semen flavor
  • Ƭσαƨт
    Ƭσαƨт Год назад Heavy is the only sane person there.
  • Don John Lopez
    Don John Lopez 1 месяц назад Wut abt Pyro?
  • SillyDouglas
    SillyDouglas Год назад (изменено) If this is indeed snipers dream, then that raises questions about the nature of the snipers subconscious mind. Maybe this is a reflection of snipers hunger for attention and gratification formed by having had one too many crushing blows to his ego over his life, leading him to become cynical and misanthropic like he is. Ice cream here is just an abstract representation of the validation and gratification that comes from, say, a successful headshot, a feeling he just can't get enough of. This also ties into how sniper repeatedly adorns himself with self-verifying titles like "professional", whilst trying to appear like a rational and intelligent, in spite of being a loud, foul mouthed, nutcase like the rest of the team. And considering the attention mongering, tryhard, gloating, sniper mains that we often see, this idea just makes too much sense.
  • Mr. HardHat
    Mr. HardHat Год назад SillyDouglas now dats deep even for tf2
  • Ethan Loshe
    Ethan Loshe 8 месяцев назад Or he just loves ice cream
  • Adam S
    Adam S 8 месяцев назад And that’s why he has piss jars. Too much ice cream.
  • TranscendentLion
    TranscendentLion 6 месяцев назад I also wonder if the deliberate use of a dairy product is a manifestation of his unfulfilled desire for his mother's milk, a tangible and primal representation of the familial bond. Perhaps in a broader sense it connects him to everyone around him (note the oft-used expression 'the milk of human kindness'), although paradoxically, in this instance the image of ice cream becomes a barrier to the Sniper's acceptance of what the image represents. It may also therefore be a statement on the pitfalls of juxtaposing, and indeed replacing, any kind of reality with fantasy. Whereas ice cream may be sweet, this truth is a bitter one to swallow.
  • Robo
    Robo 6 месяцев назад iwhippedupasatelliteearliertoscanthetopographyoftheareaboysandguesswhat?
  • OlafttheGreat1998
    OlafttheGreat1998 6 месяцев назад Deep.
  • Hayden- Pure awesomeness
    Hayden- Pure awesomeness 6 месяцев назад What if it’s because he wanted ice cream his whole life, but nobody let him so now he lives off his piss jars???
  • Neko Sun
    Neko Sun 3 месяца назад OR its just icecream
  • Percy
    Percy 2 месяца назад ...wot
  • Coconut Kitty
    Coconut Kitty 1 месяц назад @Robo I choked, nice reference (to the game's lines).
  • Rosalyn Rowley
  • Seb Tee
    Seb Tee Год назад Jesus, the voice impressions are the best I've ever heard!
  • Kidyom. U
    Kidyom. U 3 месяца назад I dunno, ChiliOfDestiny does a killer Scout impression ngl.
  • the succ
    the succ 3 месяца назад @Kidyom. U Yeah totally, he should voice the Scout tbh
  • Kidyom. U
    Kidyom. U 3 месяца назад @the succ ikr
  • Seth Fitzgerald
    Seth Fitzgerald 3 месяца назад @Kidyom. U He IS the voice of the scout you dummkopf
  • Kidyom. U
    Kidyom. U 3 месяца назад @Seth Fitzgerald it WAS a joke you dummkopf
  • 15thTimeLord
    15thTimeLord Год назад (изменено) HAAHAAAA HAAAAAAA AAAAHAHAHAHA "Luckily i have an infinite supply of evil laughter!"
  • Doctor HotCoco MeeM
    Doctor HotCoco MeeM 8 месяцев назад Jesus christ its hatson bourne.
  • Mike Gorman
    Mike Gorman Год назад Soldier: Just take your white, maggot! The rest of us are SCREAMING for ice cream! Heavy: Where did everybody come from? Demoman: I don't have all bloody day! Sniper: I need more ice cream! I was laughing hysterically at this point!
  • Furry Fox
    Furry Fox 7 месяцев назад Mike Gorman I thought Demoman said, “I don’t have a bloody dick!”
  • Eevee RealSenpai
    Eevee RealSenpai Год назад And I thought I had weird dreams.
  • PortalScout
    PortalScout Год назад Eevee RealSenpai Icecream never dies.
  • C L X V I I
    C L X V I I 11 месяцев назад Describe one in detail, I will read it
  • King Of Australia
    King Of Australia Год назад (изменено) 0:07 as a Australian. This is me when the weather is f%cking 31 degrees outside and it's bloody hot. Trust me it's true. Australia weather can reach 30 degree or over when you live in Perth or Alice Springs (which is in middle of Australia).
  • Noah the Bloody Legend number 2
    Noah the Bloody Legend number 2 10 месяцев назад (изменено) King Of Australia 30 degrees is only normal weather in australia (TRUST ME IT GETS REALLY HOT ESPECIALLY QUEENSLAND)
  • Elijah Bolton
    Elijah Bolton 8 месяцев назад As an American I was confused for ten seconds
    GRAPES 8 месяцев назад @Elijah Bolton That's why it's good to be bilingual in measurements.
  • CoatRack21
    CoatRack21 8 месяцев назад You had me for like a minute
  • TabbyclawProductions
    TabbyclawProductions 7 месяцев назад 30 degrees? That's pretty cold...
    GRAPES 7 месяцев назад ​@TabbyclawProductions Celsius
  • TabbyclawProductions
    TabbyclawProductions 7 месяцев назад @GRAPES Is this some kind of European joke I'm too American to understand
    GRAPES 7 месяцев назад @TabbyclawProductions That meme died a month or two ago.
  • TabbyclawProductions
    TabbyclawProductions 7 месяцев назад @GRAPES I know, but this is youtube, there's probably still people making uganda knuckles jokes on here
  • Lynking
    Lynking 7 месяцев назад BRAZIL WANTS TO KNOW YOUR LOCATION
  • Lassi Helin
    Lassi Helin 7 месяцев назад Don't worry! you are not the only one...
  • масло масло
    масло масло 7 месяцев назад (изменено) Yo, in my region we have +40 degrees when summer, and -50 degrees when winter lol
  • Lassi Helin
    Lassi Helin 7 месяцев назад Jeesus...
  • Ir0XN
    Ir0XN 6 месяцев назад @Noah the Bloody Legend number 2 malaysia wants to know your location
  • Valhallan Guardsman
    Valhallan Guardsman 4 месяца назад In Poland we now have 40 fucking degres of celsius.
  • Marquis Lafi
    Marquis Lafi 4 месяца назад Here in Spain we have 40 degrees, hot weather fucking sucks. I feel you :'v
  • Lion Celica
    Lion Celica 4 месяца назад In Texas it gets about 40 degrees Celsius regularly. I need to move.
  • Professor Nichols
    Professor Nichols 4 месяца назад @Elijah Bolton Even then, 30°C is like only 80-90°F. That sounds pretty nice actually.
  • Marlon Barreto
    Marlon Barreto 3 месяца назад As an filipino i can say its also very hot so i just drink ice cold sprite
  • Marlon Barreto
    Marlon Barreto 3 месяца назад Now im american
  • Führer Dabadibadooba
    Führer Dabadibadooba 3 месяца назад In the Philippines its fucking 50 degrees everyday
  • Keegan
    Keegan 3 месяца назад 31 degrees? Those are bloody rockie numbers, mate.
  • Orca Boye
    Orca Boye 3 месяца назад I forgot about Celsius for a second.
  • Jason Hanlan
    Jason Hanlan 2 месяца назад This is Celsius, it ain't that hot
  • Mikey Lewis
    Mikey Lewis 2 месяца назад King Of Australia IKR
    RANDOM IDIOT 1 месяц назад King Of Australia I'm American (unfortunately) and 30 degree weather is also to hot for me... And I'm talking about my idiotic countries kind of degree...
  • Exploding_Potato
    Exploding_Potato Неделю назад (изменено) 30 degrees is not hot for Australia. I've worked in 43 degree heat when I was doing my apprenticeship.
  • ThatLewis
    ThatLewis Год назад It was all just a ice dream.
  • sk
    sk Год назад Ice cream NEVER dies
  • Mara Molina
    Mara Molina Год назад Bu-dun tss
  • CoatRack21
    CoatRack21 8 месяцев назад underrated comment
  • BigBrainTime
    BigBrainTime 5 месяцев назад Ice cream never dies
  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire 5 месяцев назад An ice dream. The correct grammar sounds better and is... well, correct.
  • Bird Up
    Bird Up 4 месяца назад (изменено) That was a pretty Cool comment
  • Gears war
    Gears war 4 месяца назад No
  • ukryta najemnica
    ukryta najemnica 2 месяца назад Ice scream never die...
  • Tokyo Remix
    Tokyo Remix Год назад (изменено) Teacher: "now let us describe ourselves in one word" Later Teacher: "now [insert real name], what one word describes yourself?" Me: shows this video "Sniper"
  • Rose Supreme
    Rose Supreme Год назад Jeez! That Heavy impression is on-point! EmNudge can easily stand in for Gary Schwartz!
  • VanyaIvanovichBraginsky
    VanyaIvanovichBraginsky 6 месяцев назад wow, the voices for sniper, demo, soldier, and heavy all sound exactly like the va's! cheers to those impressions!
  • Gamer01 Hawking
    Gamer01 Hawking Год назад Team ice cream 2
  • Megalomaniac TF2
    Megalomaniac TF2 Год назад CREAM FORTRESS 2
  • SBScout
    SBScout Год назад team cream 2
  • Sethtaros
  • Aetherius
    Aetherius 3 месяца назад I know I'm late, but holy shizz that voice acting is so accurate af--
  • Matt
    Matt Год назад Heavy: Give me sandvich flavour. Ice Cream Mann: uhhhhh... Heavy: NOW!
  • GlobsterJail
    GlobsterJail Год назад "we have white!" "How is white a flavour?" "Just take your white. You're holding up the line!" I think heavy is the only sane one in this sfm
  • no
    no Год назад (изменено) 10th class finally revealed