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Скачать с ютуб The Ice Cream Mann [Saxxy Awards 2017 - Nominated for Best Short]

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Follow our odd ice cream man as he slams down on the gas in his odd ice cream truck for an odd ice cream adventure!

EmNudge - Director and Voice Actor for Heavy, Sniper and Demo
Mittens - Animation
zeekrocz117 - Animation, Textures
Alaxe - Models, Textures
Magnus - Score
Custard1 - Maps
Dr. Hoctor - Voice Actor for ICM and Soldier
Mr. Light - Lighting
Fruit - Textures and models
BonkNickeltoon - Textures

Official Human Resources Discord Server:

Special thanks to Suicidal Dog for Ice Cream man cartoon, Swizzle for original 1850's engineer, and Uberchain for moral support.

----Workshop models---
Enhanced Heavy
High-Poly Bullet Belt\u0026searchtext=bullet