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Скачать с ютуб I made Rocket League players try to guess other players ranks

Опубликовано: 3 нояб. 2018 г. 1 203 635 просмотров

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The first episode of rank guess!

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  • JimJummy
    JimJummy 1 year ago LukeB's responses makes it apparent what goes through the mind of a lot Plat players. They literally must look at their own gameplay and think it doesn't get much better than that.
  • MemeLord of Finland
    MemeLord of Finland 1 year ago this ^
  • Justin
    Justin 1 year ago This ^^
  • Finn de Ridder
    Finn de Ridder 1 year ago I just thought the exact same thing, he thinks he is at champ 1 but in reality hes at plat 3
  • drkzi
    drkzi 1 year ago JimJummy LukeB is evidence of the comments ‘im plat 3 and better than this ‘champ’’
  • Dunkeyy
    Dunkeyy 1 year ago I’m high plat-low diamond and Luke’s messages were annoying me so much, I actually guessed each one correctly-but no one will believe that
  • Chris
    Chris 1 year ago (edited) @Dunkeyy I believe ya, no one would lie on the internet.
  • Jeffy Uchiha
    Jeffy Uchiha 1 year ago He must not watch rlcs
  • Angel Utate
    Angel Utate 1 year ago I was thinking the same
  • Jesterehs
    Jesterehs 1 year ago thinking the same thing lol
  • ItsIzsy
    ItsIzsy 1 year ago Literally hit the nail on the head and what majority of people watching this think
  • xParadox98
    xParadox98 1 year ago ​ SVTDunks I dont think u guessed every round right.. even a pro Coach doesn't guessed everything right so.. yep u are probably lying
  • Pxwer
    Pxwer 1 year ago true
  • DualBlue
    DualBlue 1 year ago i'm a plat and i fucking suck lmao (No, seriously.)
  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson 1 year ago Im a Plat 3 and know im very far from the best. But the second dude that was Plat 1 should not be a plat. I was Plat 1 not too long ago and know for a fact i was better than what i saw in this game. Maybe it was a bad game, idk, but it wasnt a Plat 1 caliber game.
  • Noi Jadis Cailleach
    Noi Jadis Cailleach 1 year ago @ItsIzsy yaaaah, "LITERALLY" NOT Figuratively AT ALL. AAAAT AAAALLLLLL
  • Noi Jadis Cailleach
    Noi Jadis Cailleach 1 year ago @Ethan Johnson LOL. You should know that you're just making his comments' argument stronger. Even if it was a really great game as a plat 1, a lot of the signs says he is in that range. I actually guessed Gold 3. So i was wrong. But i was thinking half of the time it might be Plat 1 because of all those signs - Speed, accuracy, decision making, ball height, position of all players etc.
  • Juice
    Juice 1 year ago I'm plat 3 and I'm silver in my head
  • Henry Conradt
    Henry Conradt 1 year ago JimJummy lmao fr
  • James Gough
    James Gough 1 year ago @Dunkeyy lol
  • NexenTriz
    NexenTriz 1 year ago Indeed.
  • Atlas Ryan
    Atlas Ryan 1 year ago Thought the same.
  • Penguins
    Penguins 1 year ago lmao he looked at a champ and said that’s similar to where i’m at
  • Buddy
    Buddy 1 year ago "He's probably like 1 or 2 ranks above me, so like diamond 2?" bruh, that mans was a c3... Having that mindset at plat will only make you progress slower in the game. Realize what you can do and what you can't, then improve on what you can't do one at a time.
  • alexvlad585
    alexvlad585 1 year ago But he has a nice picture tho
  • BurningLynx
    BurningLynx 1 year ago The problem is that plat players think they learned everything the pros do, so well that that's all they needed to learn and why aren't they champ yet but that's not so. Getting past plat and low diamond requires very minor buy very very hard to implement changes on a solo scale. Awareness is one of the biggest problems plat diamond players suffer from recovery is another. I'm plat 3 and I know these issues plague me and I know I'm not fit for mid to high diamond play at all the problem is most people don't realize that. And the only thing they look at are the results and not the cause of those results.
  • IMaxwellI
    IMaxwellI 1 year ago I don't know if he actually thinks he'd THAT good, but I rather think that he, on plat, isn't at a point yet, where he is critical enough to distinguish what makes a player good or bad. He didn't really know what to look for, since he prob. also doesn't know what mechanics bring you to these ranks.
  • Mini Worldwide
    Mini Worldwide 1 year ago I would comment and say, I’m plat and guessed near the rank they played, I believe that I belong in my rank. Plot twist I got diamond last game. :), I was gold 3 like 4 days ago and a definite plat 1 but I improved
  • HoraryHellfire
    HoraryHellfire 1 year ago xParadox98 A pro coach who happens to be GC and is coaching only professional teams mainly. He's further away of skill level than a Diamond is to the Plat I, or the Diamond I, etc etc. Even then, a lot of his experience is looking at pro gameplay, so it can warp his view of gameplay to be higher than a normal GC. Personally, I estimated fairly accurately, but not because I'm smarter than other people or some stupid shit. I do a lot of replay analysis on players of all skill levels except those very close to me (C3 / GC) or above me. I have experience looking at replays of all skill levels and analyzing their habits, consistency, and possible thought processes.
  • Maurizio Mezzatesta
    Maurizio Mezzatesta 1 year ago speaking on behalf of plats, I know right, we're pretty amazing lol
  • GrdPwr
    GrdPwr 1 year ago I’m on smoko
  • Taylor Russell
    Taylor Russell 1 year ago The last guy should not be in champion. Like what the heck he was kind of bad.
  • Taylor Russell
    Taylor Russell 1 year ago I guessed d2 or d1
  • earlydeath3
    earlydeath3 1 year ago @Finn de Ridder i got this vibe too from void sounded to me like he thought the same thing sometimes
  • gblawrence03
    gblawrence03 1 year ago @Ethan Johnson. LMAO. Here he is. The plat that doesn’t understand plat. Bro games ALWAYS look worse when you’re not playing them. All you plats are the same lmao
  • KamiModo
    KamiModo 1 year ago @Penguins lul he said this seems a few steps higher than me... dude was a champ 3 the plat 3 thinks he is close to champ 3 gameplay lmfaooooooo
  • Void Conqueror
    Void Conqueror 1 year ago @Ethan Johnson you literally just supported the argument that plats look down on others.
  • Adam Cuthbert
    Adam Cuthbert 1 year ago I’m plat 3 and I got close to some of these guesses but only because I know that rotation and decision making are more important than basic mechanics lmaooo
  • William Gardener
    William Gardener 1 year ago Actually made me laugh so hard when he was like "hmmm I'd say silver 2"
  • backturn1
    backturn1 1 year ago When he said gold 1 at the dia 1 play I thought he is the stereotypical plat player. I myself am plat/dia (literally jumping from plat 1 to dia 1, staying there and getting down again) I thought the dia 1 play was pretty much my elo. I only had problems with the higher plays (except for the gc) because I can't really tell in wich steps the skill and consistency goes up after dia 1/2.
  • Glos s
    Glos s 1 year ago I’m high plat low diamond and even I thought his guesses were completely stupid 😂
  • Jaylie G
    Jaylie G 1 year ago I'm diamond 1 and I still think I'm trash lmao
  • backturn1
    backturn1 1 year ago @Jaylie G since I have a friend whoade it to champion 1/2 who mocks me sometimes with still being dia 1, I definitely know I am trash xD
  • Bollard
    Bollard 1 year ago My exact thoughts.
  • Ryan Keefe
    Ryan Keefe 1 year ago you think plats look at their gameplay? lmao
  • DyingForPie
    DyingForPie 1 year ago I was stuck in gold for a long time. And honestly plat didn't feel much different. So I had that mentality not going to lie. Then I hit diamond 1 and was like it's not much different. Took me awhile but I hit diamond 2 and all hell broke loose. I started to see the difference. And started working towards the things I was poor in. Now I'm sitting between champ 1 and 2 I'll hit champ 2 for 3 or 4 games and drop back to div 4. But what I'm trying to say is that I understand that mentality because I was there. But now I'm just taking it a rank at a time and trying to get better in each rank and seeing what I need to improve.
  • Mohamed M-B
    Mohamed M-B 1 year ago @drkzi cut the guy some slack we all went through that phase and tbh if all champ were good this wouldn't even be a problem
  • Fluffy Little Bear
    Fluffy Little Bear 1 year ago (edited) The problem is many people in the plat-diamond range actually do have comparable mechanical skills to some champ-level players, so they watch footage and think "I could do that". They suck because of really bad decision making/rotation/consistency, etc. The things that you can't really learn from training packs. You can have Squishy's mechanics and still lose every game if you're a piss poor teammate. That's why they think they're better than they really are. They put way too much stock in mechanics. They all need to watch some Gibbs footage. Grand Champ with plat-diamond mechanics.
  • Afflated
    Afflated 1 year ago Nice profile picture of the Chats mate
  • Soap
    Soap 1 year ago Inb4 JimJummy is LukeB from the video
  • RYUKIN Gaming
    RYUKIN Gaming 1 year ago Fluffy Little Bear Plats focus WAY too much on mechanical skill and not nearly enough on just having common game sense or reading/paying attention to their teammates. 90% of plats I’ve played with almost constantly cut rotation, probably never use their camera properly, double commit, hesitate going for blocks or 50/50’s, and make it god impossible to read what they’re doing.
  • TycoDJ
    TycoDJ 1 year ago Honestly when I just got into plat (been GC now, C3 atm) I also didn't really know what was next. The basic mechanics were such a big focus until that point that you have to "open your eyes" again because once you can hit the ball 8/10 times that's only where the game begins. Up until plat everything is about mechanics so it's only natural that everything else doesn't even come to mind.
  • The Monster Under Your Bed
    The Monster Under Your Bed 1 year ago JimJummy I personally think, I don’t get much better than this 😂
  • Dan1237 X
    Dan1237 X 11 months ago JimJummy stfu
  • Kick Boxer28
    Kick Boxer28 8 months ago @Dunkeyy I did the exact same thing but imma.a plat 2
  • ZubSero
    ZubSero 4 months ago facts
  • Dominik - Brawl Stars
    Dominik - Brawl Stars 2 months ago Yeah he's only a plat and roasting
  • smiley
    smiley 1 week ago @Dunkeyy we in the same boat
  • ÊnsY
    ÊnsY 1 year ago i was expecting lukeb to say on the game with 4 alphaboosts "that's really similar to how i play"
  • Sir Duck III
    Sir Duck III 4 months ago ÊnsY same
  • Libor Jonáš
    Libor Jonáš 1 year ago LukeB is clearly thinking he's way better then his rank :D
  • Dihydrogen Monoxide
    Dihydrogen Monoxide 10 months ago As a platinum 3 myself, i would like to note that i got all of these right except for the first one, which i though was plat 3, so not all of us are that over confident.
  • jerry cao
    jerry cao 7 months ago Dihydrogen Monoxide he was talking about lukeB not all plats
  • No You
    No You 7 months ago Nah I think he's probs fine but these people in the video, there's no way they r in champ, atleast nowadays like fr
  • Mr The_DogE
    Mr The_DogE 6 months ago @No You that response makes me think your plat lol
  • No You
    No You 6 months ago @Mr The_DogE diamond 3 but ight
  • Mr The_DogE
    Mr The_DogE 6 months ago @No You oh ok
  • SpitefulJay
    SpitefulJay 5 months ago that’s exactly what i was thinking lmaoo
  • Skynertia
    Skynertia 10 months ago This is strange... Why doesn't Luke's rank say GC?
  • Code_Indexx
    Code_Indexx 2 months ago Skynertia because he was play then
  • TyLer- nOL
    TyLer- nOL 2 months ago @Code_Indexx a joke
  • Trail Ripper
    Trail Ripper 1 year ago Come on LukeB no silver is going to do Arials come on man
  • Ladislav Froněk
    Ladislav Froněk 1 year ago im an exception then lol
  • Ladislav Froněk
    Ladislav Froněk 1 year ago Sebastian S. Im literally just having fun playing doubles with my friends, but in solos i achieved gold 2 today, hope i am gonna get even higher
  • LordBhorak
    LordBhorak 1 year ago I'm silver 1 in doubles and I do aerial... 😅
  • Ezio133798
    Ezio133798 1 year ago Best of luck Gion. Keep pushing
  • Solo-Slayaa
    Solo-Slayaa 1 year ago I was stuck in silver 3 once when I finally got out I went to gold 2 not long from that and when I started i was destroying people by doing things I can’t even do right now
  • Kvazau
    Kvazau 1 year ago bronze to silver is actually a separate ranking system where you're basically in a pit; silver 3 has the same skill as grand champs yet bronze 1 has the same skill as gold 1
  • jacobplayzboss
    jacobplayzboss 1 year ago I am not even high enough level to go play ranks and i do ariels and air dribbles
  • Niagro Falls
    Niagro Falls 1 year ago I mean, when I was in silver I attempted to aerial but I can say that I didn't come close to the ball...
  • edward hayes
    edward hayes 1 year ago Gion same
  • OverPoweredNoobWWE - Games and stuff
    OverPoweredNoobWWE - Games and stuff 1 year ago I’m silver 3 and can hit redirects...
  • Isaiah Kwapisz
    Isaiah Kwapisz 1 year ago I did Arials in bronze I just sucked at everything else
  • ReallyMushroom
    ReallyMushroom 1 year ago @Sebastian S. cmon everyone was silver at ONE point lmao
  • Sebastian S.
    Sebastian S. 1 year ago @ReallyMushroom keep believing that while you go to special ed ;)
  • Bird Gaming
    Bird Gaming 1 year ago I’m not very good I’m a bronze but I can slightly airdribble and aerial
  • AvWorgen
    AvWorgen 1 year ago I’ve deranked to silver sometimes and i’ve seen alot of silvers doing aerials. But they’re super inconsistent
  • Zcers
    Zcers 1 year ago No one in silver or low gold can do aerials lesbehonest
  • IDontWannaWurk
    IDontWannaWurk 1 year ago (edited) I'm silver 2 Nd can air dribble comfortably, also I started playing a month ago
  • VriKesT
    VriKesT 1 year ago @Zcers bro im Gold 2 in 1v1 just cause i dont play ones much but i can airdribble consistent and also do arials aswell as dribble and flick shot i even can do kuxir pinch Sometimes. And dont think im high level at Other playlist im at Plat 1 in doubles and 3s cause im unluckiest person alive. Dont judge to fast
  • Mr AirCon
    Mr AirCon 1 year ago Yeah because he probably does not wanna make his rank look bad, by calling champ 2 players people that play like him, cmon lukeb xD
  • UrFavoriteIdiot
    UrFavoriteIdiot 1 year ago I’m gold 3 in 3s, but silver in everything else because I don’t play 2s or 1s. So I can do Aerials consistently while I’m silver in 2s. I also play on switch.
  • chxrlie
    chxrlie 1 year ago I go 4 aerials but before someone gets pissed I’m champ 1 in dropshot
  • Alfr Ed
    Alfr Ed 1 year ago I saw like over 100 Bronze Players who do very good Arials.
  • White Devil
    White Devil 1 year ago Yeah people just practice different things in a different order. Some players are pretty good at aerials all throughout Silver but have no idea what the definition of 'Defense' is, and some players have excellent positioning all throughout Silver but can't hit the ball outside of a double jump.
  • White Devil
    White Devil 1 year ago @Zcers hella players can aerial in Silver.
  • ianez
    ianez 1 year ago @OverPoweredNoobWWE - Games and stuff prof ?
  • Lammet
    Lammet 1 year ago I did
  • Michael B. Bertsche
    Michael B. Bertsche 1 year ago Sebastian S. The rank system is so screwed up, I should be in diamond but I’m stuck amongst silver 3 gold 1. I’ll win 5 in a row, now even div up, lose once, and get deranked. Me and my friend have always been screwed.
  • rZel
    rZel 1 year ago @Ladislav Froněk if you can do arials and are still silver you must be super dumb
  • rZel
    rZel 1 year ago @Michael B. Bertsche no not at all
  • Donker
    Donker 1 year ago Been in silver ever since I started playing RL and I constantly encounter aerials.
  • Michael B. Bertsche
    Michael B. Bertsche 1 year ago @rZel ?
  • André Pires
    André Pires 1 year ago @Donker aerials doesn't mean shit, rotations are the most important thing in ranking up, some players think they're unlucky just bc they have good mechanics but cant get out of plat, they shit at rotating and blame on their teamm8
  • André Pires
    André Pires 1 year ago @VriKesT It's not being unlucky, rotation is much more important than mechanics, that's why you're not ranking up, gibbs would reck you in any playlist, and he can't even do an air dribble
  • Donker
    Donker 1 year ago @André Pires I know, is what I'm saying. Even crazy aerials are no indication of rank.
  • André Pires
    André Pires 1 year ago @Donker at least you have a brain :D sry for coming so triggered, i just hate it when players think they should be at a higher rank when they clearly are not and blame it on a teamm8
  • Cade Musgrave
    Cade Musgrave 1 year ago As a silver I can say that I go for arials and ceiling shots but no one else can even hit the ball so I end up messing around and loose😂
  • Anthony Porten
    Anthony Porten 1 year ago @Sebastian S. you are the typical toxic rocket league player. Uninstall the game please.
  • Sebastian S.
    Sebastian S. 1 year ago @Anthony Porten Dont be mad at me cause you're silver hahaha
  • marcus barton
    marcus barton 1 year ago @Sebastian S. Ur retarded no life lmao
  • Kyle-p26
    Kyle-p26 1 year ago MushroomPlays not really i was never silver cause when i started playing silver was called prospect LMAO
  • Acarith
    Acarith 1 year ago Except when I was silver hehe. I mean I had one unranked playlist and got put in gold 3 immediatly but still
  • Matt Youtube
    Matt Youtube 1 year ago @Niagro Falls then ur trash
  • Niagro Falls
    Niagro Falls 1 year ago Matt YT When I was in silver yes, as of right now I am above average in plat 3 div 3 and can aerial fairly easily
  • Mr Bmax123
    Mr Bmax123 1 year ago Im a silver and we do them all the time, we also do half flips and fast areals
  • KregJoke
    KregJoke 1 year ago i have seen a lot of aerials in silver 1
  • death valley
    death valley 1 year ago @Sebastian S. lmao so being in silver makes you mentally retarded?? 1v1 me. i bet you're a champ 2 who thinks he's GC.
  • Zolfe
    Zolfe 1 year ago If you mean advanced aerials then I agree but I can do basic aerials and I’m silver but got up to diamond one season but just started playing again after 5 months lol.
  • Joey Sint
    Joey Sint 1 year ago I do it
  • Snzy
    Snzy 1 year ago Dog I’m a bronze and I hit free styles
  • NXT Taffy
    NXT Taffy 1 year ago Every* silver is going to attempt* to do Aerials
  • Luojia Hu
    Luojia Hu 1 year ago I’m bronze 2 in doubles and I do aerials... actually I’m also play in dropshot XD
  • Mr Neb
    Mr Neb 1 year ago I did Ariels In high bronze lmao
  • mf kuba
    mf kuba 1 year ago crying in silver 2
  • Michael
    Michael 1 year ago Aerials are pretty normal in Silver though these days, you'll need them to reach gold unless you want to depend on some lucky win streak.
  • Vercetty
    Vercetty 1 year ago I swear to god,i am gonna record sometimes and send the replays special for you
  • Nolan Brown
    Nolan Brown 1 year ago Cody Dyer Ummm I’m in Silver II div I and I Aerial all the time
  • Vercetty
    Vercetty 1 year ago @Nolan Brown smurfing is a disgusting thing to do in this game,i suppose that you peope try to get the attention you didnt had as childs...
  • Monkey Tard
    Monkey Tard 1 year ago I’m bronze 3 and I hit most my ariels
  • FU3GO
    FU3GO 1 year ago I'm bronze doing aerials
  • Ezra
    Ezra 1 year ago You would be surprised
  • SkillMan 300
    SkillMan 300 11 months ago I do them
  • LD- Oke
    LD- Oke 11 months ago I'm a silver and can do a ceiling shot 👌
  • Slippi3
    Slippi3 11 months ago You would be suprised
  • John Blome
    John Blome 11 months ago I score Ariel goals in silver
  • RandomlyNamed
    RandomlyNamed 11 months ago I'm bronze and do aerials
  • willaim
    willaim 10 months ago I'm silver 2 and I can half flip, fast ariel, air roll ariel, air dribble and pinch consistently
  • vincent28
    vincent28 10 months ago @LordBhorak yeah, nothing more complex than jumping and boosting - no air rolls, no fast aeriials, no off the wall. You're not different.
  • LordBhorak
    LordBhorak 10 months ago @vincent28 Although I do fast aerial and occasional wall aerial.
  • vincent28
    vincent28 10 months ago @LordBhorak mmmhmmmm
  • Bzxley
    Bzxley 10 months ago Trail Ripper I’m silver and I can quadruple flip reset what are you talking about
  • ll Jay
    ll Jay 10 months ago Trail Ripper most silvers can do them now, players are getting better. I’m silver 2 and I can arial and air dribble with no problem
  • twitch asmros
    twitch asmros 10 months ago Wow he most get these clips from ps4 because if you come to xbox champs on ps4 are like plats on xbox
  • Teddiursa Yoshi216
    Teddiursa Yoshi216 8 months ago Bro when I was sil we I did stuff on the air
  • zaammyk
    zaammyk 8 months ago i am silver and I Try Ariels I hit 3/10 😂😂
  • Marley Cotman
    Marley Cotman 8 months ago I’m bronze 2 and successfully do aerials
  • XainSF - Brawl Stars
    XainSF - Brawl Stars 8 months ago Why do my silver 3 games have better players than their diamond 1 games, no offense to whoever was in the first game but they were terrible
  • Da Real JeJe
    Da Real JeJe 6 months ago Im silver 1 in double and i do ceiling shots lol
  • —toxic_ revival—
    —toxic_ revival— 6 months ago Ladislav Froněk same haha
  • Tiago F
    Tiago F 6 months ago If i be honest the rank dont speak a shit about how you play. There are many good players stuck in gold or something like that. And there are bad players in champ.
  • Josh On Yazoo!
    Josh On Yazoo! 6 months ago Ladislav Froněk good luck my highest in doubles is gold 2 but rumble ranked I was diamond 3
  • Jack Collins
    Jack Collins 6 months ago I’m gold 1 and everyone I play with looks better than even that champion lol. Pretty basic
  • Kyro
    Kyro 5 months ago im high silver and i can arial no problem
  • YF_CorruptRR LOL
    YF_CorruptRR LOL 5 months ago Trail Ripper I’m a silver and I can so yet but he got me mad
  • Kyl barry
    Kyl barry 5 months ago im silver and i fast aerial along with 80% of people in my games aerial
  • I have no idea how to breathe -
    I have no idea how to breathe - 5 months ago False
  • Dry
    Dry 4 months ago @Ladislav Froněk same lol
  • Fish- y
    Fish- y 3 months ago @Ladislav Froněk i WAS an exeption now im gold
  • David tsytko
    David tsytko 1 month ago Except every single person
  • Memelliom X
    Memelliom X 1 month ago as an silver player who can do arials im personally attacked
    GABRIEL FORSTROM 1 week ago Trail Ripper I’m silver 1 and I do them
  • Melissa Wardy
    Melissa Wardy 22 hours ago @LordBhorak bro just cuz we're silver, doesn't mean we dont know how to play
  • A_ Toa
    A_ Toa 1 year ago 5:04 pretty similar guesses 8 ranks below
  • Ívar
    Ívar 1 year ago Insert LukeB joke here
  • FreeZixDG
    FreeZixDG 1 year ago (edited) Luke... I am your father.. wait. That wasnt the luke you were talking about ?
  • Wahkeen 1.0
    Wahkeen 1.0 1 year ago LukeB is watching a clip of squishy muffins, but it has no names. squishy hits a flip reset "That's a little lower than me soooooo... Silver one?"
  • Tero Leikola
    Tero Leikola 1 year ago watches squishy that's pretty close to how I play watches someone who is the same rank as him yeah definitely a silver 1
  • ToonGG
    ToonGG 1 year ago (edited) This joke is similar to how I speak. Soooo joke 3
  • Ganze_Ente
    Ganze_Ente 10 months ago FreeZixDG u talk about LukeA
  • Sir Duck III
    Sir Duck III 3 months ago Lol. Ima gold 3 plat 1 and I suck
  • Molly Doll
    Molly Doll 1 year ago LukeB really pissed me off....
  • i7mxdy
    i7mxdy 1 year ago Molly Doll me 2
  • Blurr.
    Blurr. 11 months ago Molly Doll idk if he pissed you off in the same way as me but I still agree. He did piss me off a lot
  • Captain Helios
    Captain Helios 11 months ago @Blurr. Tell me the way he piss you guys I don't understand
  • Vorba
    Vorba 8 months ago Not for me I watch my replays and I agree with every single rank he said
  • Nanemo
    Nanemo 8 months ago Vorba plat
  • Stella Khieu
    Stella Khieu 8 months ago God I know right? My boyfriend is ridiculous.
  • Mr The_DogE
    Mr The_DogE 6 months ago @Vorba so you think p1 or p2 is silver? He said that.
  • Vorba
    Vorba 6 months ago @Mr The_DogE Not silver but not p1
  • Mr The_DogE
    Mr The_DogE 6 months ago @Vorba ok
  • Dry
    Dry 4 months ago Hes a champ stuck in plat... chill out
  • Nitram.
    Nitram. 1 year ago (edited) I guess platinum players are the ones with the most biased view on the ranks, because they start to train for air drags, half flips, ceiling shots etc and implement them in their gameplay without having the key point: consistency. So each time they see someone playing simply but consistently they will think of a lower leveled player because he doesn't take risks, but that is exactly where the trap lays. Players of a higher level have a bit more brain and won't use a weapon that will blow up in their own hands. Brain and consistency are what takes a player to the next level.
  • David Howard
    David Howard 1 year ago I'd say that's well put. So what rank are you?
  • Nitram.
    Nitram. 1 year ago @David Howard plat 2 after my placement games. I didn't played further than that. Am i lower, higher, no idea.
  • Nitram.
    Nitram. 1 year ago But i think it doesn't matters to give an objective opinion
  • David Howard
    David Howard 1 year ago Agreed. Just wondering what rank you were with that knowledge. Definitely a good take away though!
  • Ijsaac2
    Ijsaac2 1 year ago im dia 1 in twos but I think im generally platinum in therms of skill and I would say that your observation is accurate
  • Connor Coultas
    Connor Coultas 1 year ago @Ijsaac2 go to training and work on your mechanics and you will sail through diamond. I was just like you
  • Ijsaac2
    Ijsaac2 1 year ago @Connor Coultas I do :) but I'm not sure im going to get much further because you know I have a day job and my time to play rocket league is very limited and ranking up after placements takes more time then I have on my hands rn. I'm generally fine with that but as you may know plat is quite a mess. Oftentimes I just play some unranked when I get home because in unranked I sometimes get to play with people who are ranked higher than me and that's just more enjoyable than ranked especially if we're matched against other higher ranked people. But thanks for the motivation :)
  • JordanSRUK
    JordanSRUK 1 year ago I'm plat and I think you got me
  • Gjermund Norum Bugge
    Gjermund Norum Bugge 1 year ago the higher lvl u are in general aswell, the more easy it should be to distinguish the differences aswell, jsut because u have watched so much rocket league
  • Bullet Wulf
    Bullet Wulf 1 year ago You're right in some aspect that they haven't fully locked down the techniques but assuming they're more judgemental because of it isn't the majority, It's literally just the people who are naturally judgemental. I know I don't have the skills yet to perform some of those maneuvers but I can still understand how your rank would correlate with how consistent your shots are.
  • Kovattt
    Kovattt 1 year ago David Howard I’m champ 3 and I can elaborate further. I would say champ 1 is where you find faster play, but same decision making as d3. Champ 2 is slightly faster with better decision making. Champ 3 is much faster with wayyy better decision making, and grand champs is near perfect consistency with great decision making. Anything under d3 is just mechanics and almost no positionional play, if you’re solo queueing that is.
  • Bullet Wulf
    Bullet Wulf 1 year ago @Kovattt Almost definitely when it comes to positional play. I understand how to rotate, and can pull off some amazing plays with people who are med- diamond. I'm only currently Platinum 1 though. I understand the mechanics behind a lot of higher plays I just can't pull these off yet. I find it fascinating watching Champ games just due to the fact when I'm playing it's no where near as fast paced.
  • Bullet Wulf
    Bullet Wulf 1 year ago @Kovattt teach me papi
  • Joshua Pianto
    Joshua Pianto 1 year ago Gotta agree with u their i was like that when i first started in plat but as i continued to play i realized my flaws and fixed my attitude. OVERALL i agree with yur statment
  • Lucas Bohannon
    Lucas Bohannon 1 year ago Seriously, I float between champ 2 and high champ 1 and I almost never see air drags. Lots of double touch attempts though...
  • Walter Retish
    Walter Retish 1 year ago Nitram. that was maybe the best description of a play player I've ever seen. I was plat 2 two weeks ago and was trying to go for these flashy shots and everything until I realized I needed to matter the basics first. ever since I've been dming this I've got to diamond one now. that was actually a fire explanation man💯💯
  • Mange Tout
    Mange Tout 1 year ago Nitram. You’re definitely right.
  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns 1 year ago Im plat3 and i do ceiling shots air drags and half flips all day...
  • Nitram.
    Nitram. 1 year ago @Roman Reigns I do too. But we are a mere water drop in the ocean.
  • astrolando
    astrolando 1 year ago I'm plat and you're damn right about consistency, but I got almost all of the ranks correct if not one rank off.
  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones 1 year ago I agree, I just hit Diamond 1 in 2s and am plat 2/3 in 3s. I can hit some nice shots as well as half flip and play fast but am super inconsistent day to day and game to game.
  • Roberto Pittana
    Roberto Pittana 1 year ago yeah but isn't trying and improvement not the key to consistency?
  • Jamie chatman
    Jamie chatman 1 year ago Well said this holds true across all forms of competition.
  • John Hopkins
    John Hopkins 1 year ago @Ijsaac2 I feel you with this comment, I have gotten to Diamond 1 simply by having good decision making derived by being a decent level defenceman in hockey IRL. Mechanically I am probably in line with like a high gold. So I always play against people who can get to balls that I can't and make shots that I can't, but I make up for it by being in the right place positionally, knowing my own limits, and making plays with a high success rate. Also like you I don't have much time to practice mechanics, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • MLG x EMU
    MLG x EMU 1 year ago Well said
  • Acey
    Acey 1 year ago "Players of a higher level have a bit more brain and won't use a weapon that will blow up in their own hands." abso-fucking-lutely!
  • Frosty Hills - gaming
    Frosty Hills - gaming 1 year ago Nitram. That literally what sunless said lol
  • NXT Taffy
    NXT Taffy 1 year ago That’s how I got out of plat and into diamond But my teammates still suck nevertheless
  • Technave ;
    Technave ; 1 year ago Your words have touch my soul o'wise one. I shall now ascend from diamond 3 to champ 1
  • Nicolas Devean
    Nicolas Devean 1 year ago Ya This is Definitely Correct
  • Jim Gryp
    Jim Gryp 1 year ago plat 3 here. stuck forever in every season, well said
  • Nick Fantaskey
    Nick Fantaskey 11 months ago (edited) Nitram. I’m a plat 2 but the highest I’ll rank within the next week if I’m lucky is plat 3 I think I’m right where I belong because I gotta develop my air control and mechanics more. Also have to learn how to predict more and be able to know where the ball will land. There’s like a million things I can improve on. I’m glad you wrote this post because I 100% agree. If plat players look at how they play and how they can improve there would be less players who think that way
  • Hitbox
    Hitbox 11 months ago Im b3 duos with flame (friend) after 10 matches on standart got gold1 div 3 and i played with flame and his dad (and he suck mechanical)
  • Tyson Thompson
    Tyson Thompson 11 months ago There’s a difference between cheap and smart tho like I keep playing against cheap players when I think I can take on plat players but I’m stuck in silver because I play against people that only do kick off goals
  • Nick Fantaskey
    Nick Fantaskey 10 months ago L Challenge then you need to get a better kickoff. You can’t lose only from kickoff goals that’s impossible
  • Tillmann
    Tillmann 10 months ago @Roman Reigns feel u bruv
  • ArtisChronicles
    ArtisChronicles 10 months ago David Howard I usually hover between diamond and champ.
    LZYDOG 10 months ago Just pushed through to diamond three, yeah I think D1 is a struggle! Because everyone thinks they are aerial gods now and always making dumb decisions with overconfidence
  • Ok Boomer Stop blaming us for your own problems
    Ok Boomer Stop blaming us for your own problems 8 months ago That's why I practice a lot in freeplay to work on speed and power ground shots and I decided to work on consistency training packs that aren't too focused on ceiling shots or complicated mechanics. I'm plat 3 div 1 nd 2 in doubles and plat 2 div 4 in standard. Consistency and game sense is way more important than fancy mechanics, many people in my rank get this wrong. I will save a replay for the next game I play and try to analyse my game.
  • andrew charlton
    andrew charlton 1 year ago LukeB is the actual cliche of a grand champion stuck in platinum
  • Navi
    Navi 1 year ago andrew charlton 😂
  • SͫNͬEAKY
    SͫNͬEAKY 1 year ago daily reminder, All plats are champs with bad teammates
  • Manuel Garcia Diaz
    Manuel Garcia Diaz 1 year ago a truly Grand Platinum
  • ItsRapidz
    ItsRapidz 1 year ago just read this right after i posted the exact same thing lmao
  • Archie235 8
    Archie235 8 1 year ago andrew charlton like me
  • F Beet
    F Beet 1 year ago Well, they all keep getting qeued (spelling?!) with other GCs stuck in Plat, thats why they can't rank up
  • Vadoom 335
    Vadoom 335 1 year ago @SͫNͬEAKY where do people get this from im a plat 1 and i do think my teammates are holding me back a bit but they r holding me back from hitting plat 2 not champ lol
  • SͫNͬEAKY
    SͫNͬEAKY 1 year ago Vadoom 335 I'm plat 1 myself, the joke is most comments saying "I better than that person that and I'm only (Bank Here)" are usually the plats. Also I was joking btw.
  • Alpha
    Alpha 1 year ago andrew charlton I really am tho 😥
  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious 1 year ago I'm a plat that consistently beats grand do I get out of plat?
  • Connor Coultas
    Connor Coultas 1 year ago @SͫNͬEAKY I'm a plat stuck in champ bc I'm king of getting carried
  • SͫNͬEAKY
    SͫNͬEAKY 1 year ago Connor Coultas feels good man
  • Joey Fiorentino
    Joey Fiorentino 1 year ago @Vadoom 335 no
  • 20.6k subscribers
    20.6k subscribers 1 year ago Just saying obviously a team mate or yourself can cost a game but if you was meant to be higher in rank you would be.
  • Oussen sama
    Oussen sama 1 year ago @Captain Obvious grand champ in casual aren't usually at a GC lvl 😂 Just focus on consistency and rotation it will be enough to get out of plat
  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious 1 year ago @Oussen sama its a meme you dumbass
  • Mrtheunnameable
    Mrtheunnameable 1 year ago @Vadoom 335 Your rank is an average. You will get matched with players that are better than you, and players that are worse than you, so if you still win 50% of matches at plat 1 then you're should be at plat 1.
  • ThatOne Guy
    ThatOne Guy 1 year ago @SͫNͬEAKY yeah honestly if it weren't for these shit teammates I would fucking be gc ez in 1s
  • ThatOne Guy
    ThatOne Guy 1 year ago VeX JuiCe you’re honestly retarded
  • Mr Neb
    Mr Neb 1 year ago I completely agree
  • fronono
    fronono 1 year ago The thing is that he is right
  • Sebastian_-
    Sebastian_- 1 year ago I’m a platinum stuck in champ and idk what to do I think my teammates are holding me forward. Any ideas???
  • Tyler Newbury
    Tyler Newbury 10 months ago @Captain Obvious No youre not.
  • MainZ EU
    MainZ EU 1 year ago LukeB is so over his head, he’s a plat 3 bot
  • Tsunami Papi
    Tsunami Papi 11 months ago As a plat 3 I’m hurt
  • ArtisChronicles
    ArtisChronicles 10 months ago MainZ EU I skipped through diamond straight to champ. that's how easy it felt a couple seasons ago. I never really had a diamond season.
  • \\\///
    \\\/// 8 months ago @ArtisChronicles you don't deserve champion, your rank is champion, but your skill level is not
  • Super Dot
    Super Dot 1 year ago 0:35 Hey Sunless, you kinda messed up the ranks there, LukeB is plat 3.
  • •
    7 months ago No, he's GC
  • Matt
    Matt 6 months ago Rlcs champ acc 🤦‍♂️
  • SonicXD Gamer
    SonicXD Gamer 11 months ago Was expecting LukeB to say bronze 1 on the alpha boost one
  • Zandre
    Zandre 11 months ago LukeB: *Sees GC gameplay*I think this is bronze 3 or a bit worse. Like talk about a Gc Stuck in plat
  • Cool Cat
    Cool Cat 1 year ago Leave it to a plat 3 to think they way better than most, and almost as good as champs LMFAO
  • Epic Minerafter
    Epic Minerafter 8 months ago Cool Cat HE IS DEADASS he probly cant even aireal
  • RDC TV
    RDC TV 11 months ago How can he compare himself to champs when he is plat 3 wtf😂
  • Elitebear Sniper
    Elitebear Sniper 11 months ago The worst part about this video was lukeb
  • Ben Josh
    Ben Josh 1 year ago That lukeB is deluded
  • Speedy00
    Speedy00 1 year ago Seriously... I wanna play against him... Based on what he says in the video he should at least play on champ level, but just stuck in plat... He really pissed me off... All the players seen in this video are better than him, i would bet on that.
  • Alex Lloyd
    Alex Lloyd 1 year ago (edited) Lmao. The plat was always thinking people were way worse than his rank. True plat.
  • yotoprules
    yotoprules 1 year ago I'm plat and got all of them right except the last which I guessed champ 1 instead of champ 2. I don't consider plat to be anywhere close to diamond or higher, there are clear differences and if I was placed in a diamond match I would probably lose.
  • Bearded Oranges
    Bearded Oranges 1 year ago @yotoprules I agree with you. I got almost every one maybe not the exact rank but only 1 or so off. I am also a plat and know that there is lots to improve.
  • Shnuggles
    Shnuggles 1 year ago it is hard to guess the ranks of people in rl because theres so much to analyze. In fps games you can normally make a DECENT guess just by looking at their aim, but for rl theres alot more, such as rotation, consistency, speed, ball/car control, decision making, etc. . Its pretty easy to see if someone is worse/better than you, but its hard to pinpoint how much worse/better they are because theres so many deciding factors in a rank. im champ 3, but when i play casual (very rarely) its hard for me to tell the exact rank of the people i go againts, cause while they might not be that fast they sometimes get an unexpected touch or so.
  • Jon
    Jon 1 year ago (edited) To be fair though, your average plat player likely doesn't have the necessary game knowledge to guess the rank with much accuracy. He's not going to be able to notice the minor rotational errors and poor decision making that a higher level player would identify immediately. The plat player hasn't been through the upper ranks so they won't really know where certain mechanics and better decisions start happening. That being said I think there's definitely some truth to him underestimating the ranks lmao
  • Kay
    Kay 1 year ago Our mechinics are therw but our rotating is just cancerous
  • gblawrence03
    gblawrence03 1 year ago actually when you get to champ you’ll look back on plat and realise that your mechanics were really really not there
  • * r e n i x *
    * r e n i x * 1 year ago I mean I'm diamond 3 and I guessed with in 1 or 2 ranks at most I got most of them tho but the Thing is alot of characteristics go into a player in order to determing his ranks and just 1 minute is difficult to evalaute if they rotate look for teammates in passes overall look at their mechanics and even worse there's the other team you have to think about as well and even within a rank there can be such a wide skill gap so honestly some of these couldve just been a blind guess especially for a plat who lacks alot of experience
  • Geert Den Hartogh
    Geert Den Hartogh 1 year ago Welp im plat and i know especially the first and the 3d ones were better at least didnt see thr others
  • Garrett A
    Garrett A 1 year ago (edited) Jon yeah but the plat players have been through the lower ranks, how do you watch aeriel saves and touches and then guess silver 2 lol. People are still learning how to get half decent ground touches at silver 2 XD
    VOLINARE 1 year ago LukeB is just a champ stuck in plat I guess thinking the champ 2 was around his skill hmmm