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Скачать с ютуб 2019 Unity Murphy Bed

Дата премьеры: 30 нояб. 2018 г. 5 612 649 просмотров

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Enjoy a guided tour through the 2019 Unity MB, featuring the optional patented Leisure Lounge Plus, a 68" × 76" bed, a three-piece dry bathroom with large stand-up shower, a 39" pop-up LED TV, and contoured exterior walls. Configure your Unity today:

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  • Claudia Starr
    Claudia Starr 1 year ago This man sells. Wow no script! No ums or ahhs or pauses. He gets down to it! What a great unit. I am ready to buy, just need to win the lottery.
  • KnightMD
    KnightMD 1 year ago Yeah you only get this good if you actually love the product and have used it. He knows what people look for when buying a motorhome. I love many of the ideas and want to steal them for my camper van conversion.
  • phuck
    phuck 11 months ago Not like there is cuts or anything. jesus fuck.
  • Noscul Grab
    Noscul Grab 11 months ago Don't wait for that. Have a modified vehicle you live in and a job and upgrade vehicles until you get close to having something similar.
  • Zewar Nosh
    Zewar Nosh 9 months ago should have not enough money to buy this
  • Asif Sumra
    Asif Sumra 9 months ago Oh
  • hhhk20
    hhhk20 8 months ago The video has at least 50 edits in it, so he never continuously speaks for more than 30 seconds. Yes, he does a great job, but he does NOT talk continuously.... There are lots of "takes" to help minimize and edit out the "ums."
  • 1 Mol
    1 Mol 8 months ago Powerball?
  • Goat Ball
    Goat Ball 8 months ago Agreed he really knows his stuff. Whatever they're paying him he's worth it. 5 stars !
  • Achisachis73
    Achisachis73 8 months ago it is called "edited"
  • andygrace
    andygrace 8 months ago It's certainly tightly edited but nevertheless, he's great talent.
  • Naveed Ahmed
    Naveed Ahmed 8 months ago Claudia Starr i will gift you this uni if u marry me
  • vagabond88817
    vagabond88817 8 months ago Claudia Starr right he wasn’t guessing as he goes. That guys a seller.
  • Stephen Wairegi
    Stephen Wairegi 8 months ago I'm from kenya to me this is like a little heaven .when you bring it to kenya it can be put in a museum for people to keep on watching it.
  • Stephen Wairegi
    Stephen Wairegi 8 months ago I remember a cruise ship docked in mombasa and students were going there to tour in for free but the grown up people were paying 5 dollars just to get in and tour inside the ship. I tell you people came from all corners of kenya it chaotic. I have never seen something like this before.
  • Sean Webb
    Sean Webb 7 months ago He hasn't told us shit about the product. We know what a table, chair and bed are for. Compare it to other available models. Convince us why it is superior.
  • Joel Mondesir
    Joel Mondesir 7 months ago That's what I said. He can sell a tank.
  • Sean Webb
    Sean Webb 7 months ago @hhhk20 Plus he isn't going into the weeds. He is just blathering on.
  • Sean Webb
    Sean Webb 7 months ago @Goat Ball He doesn't seem to know anything.
  • Astrid Frost
    Astrid Frost 7 months ago He loves his job. He sounds like a little kid talking about his awesome fort.
  • Royal Princess
    Royal Princess 6 months ago He Makes It Very Interesting.
  • iScreamCandy TV
    iScreamCandy TV 6 months ago Lmao 😂
  • adam forbes
    adam forbes 6 months ago Might be easier than you think to buy. Usually they'll do 12 year plus loans for this type of stuff. I bought a brand new 26ft toy hauler camper....only $158.00 a month with such a long loan.
  • santaclausnm
    santaclausnm 5 months ago me too!! i mean me FIRST!!! lol i wanna win so bad lol
  • Hazeeq Addeen Channel
    Hazeeq Addeen Channel 5 months ago hahaha
  • Kamil Barański
    Kamil Barański 4 months ago @hhhk20 dude look at his face, he is soo into it. It's like he is trying to sell it to Death instead of his soul 😂
  • Stephen Hill
    Stephen Hill 7 months ago This guy could sell life insurance to a corpse.
  • Darrell Olson
    Darrell Olson 6 months ago Very smart. Very smart.... Now let's do a line
  • Stephen Hill
    Stephen Hill 6 months ago Darrell Olson - Yes.
  • paul fensome
    paul fensome 6 months ago Classic my Friend , first time i have heard that Saying , i will use this myself
  • Soon Hong Chan
    Soon Hong Chan 6 months ago Lol really
  • Jonothan Doezer
    Jonothan Doezer 6 months ago (edited) In the very beginning he was just about to sell us Lake Manitoba, and then remembered it was about the camper!
  • wheeping willow2 4U
    wheeping willow2 4U 6 months ago LOL to funny and YES he could lol
  • Gail JOHNSON
    Gail JOHNSON 5 months ago @Sestenise Me too...Lol..
  • Dan Jansson
    Dan Jansson 5 months ago yea he is god
  • Supinder Singh
    Supinder Singh 5 months ago 😂true
  • J Clar
    J Clar 5 months ago I bought $876 of stuff on Amazon during the video... didn't know why. I became possessed by this salesman and had to buy something!!
  • Roshill
    Roshill 5 months ago Yes. Yes. Bring me back to life.
  • Eric N Harris
    Eric N Harris 5 months ago Truth
  • Nick Rampton
    Nick Rampton 5 months ago A popsicle to an Eskimo...
  • Sterling Interlocking
    Sterling Interlocking 4 months ago Stephen Hill hes not a very good salemen. Power steering was impressive in 1950
  • cbird73
    cbird73 4 months ago That is the best comment here. LOL. I agree. This man knows his shit.
  • Best apps Las mejores apps
    Best apps Las mejores apps 4 months ago (edited) cbird73 he always said I’m 6 feet tall like 20 times lmao 😂 11-23-19
  • Kj Burwick
    Kj Burwick 4 months ago Trin in the Usa
  • Kj Burwick
    Kj Burwick 4 months ago @Nick Rampton how mucho
  • Ron Babu
    Ron Babu 3 months ago Stephen Hill 😂 🤣 😅
  • Yusuf hussein
    Yusuf hussein 2 months ago watch the slap chop guy
  • Nick Ahhh
    Nick Ahhh 2 months ago Lol I was just thinking he sold the hell outta this thing
  • Kyaw Swar Thant
    Kyaw Swar Thant 2 months ago Exactly
  • Teddy Henriquez
    Teddy Henriquez 1 month ago No Kidding!!!!!!!! lol :)
  • 陈意诚
    陈意诚 1 month ago LOLLLLLLLLLLLL
    ART CORE 1 month ago Or reading glasses to the blind
  • Black
    Black 6 months ago You just whatched a half hour video of a man. Talking about a van you will never buy
    THE SIMPLE DEVIL 4 months ago oh yeah poor us
  • b1itsjustme
    b1itsjustme 4 months ago Actually, this is exactly what I'm looking for.
  • Tim Swift
    Tim Swift 4 months ago I only watched 5 minutes and forwarded to the end to see how much,,,But your right I'll never buy this, only because I cant!😢😢😢
  • G Tanz
    G Tanz 3 months ago Use their design to build your own Sleath Van
  • Glory Lamare
    Glory Lamare 3 months ago But it's fun and satisfy Though
  • CRT-Baja records
    CRT-Baja records 2 months ago But staring to save , maybe some day.
  • CRT-Baja records
    CRT-Baja records 2 months ago @b1itsjustme x-2
  • All Things Possible
    All Things Possible 2 months ago and it was fun
  • Axel Rose
    Axel Rose 2 months ago You sound like my wife😂
  • Mecca Morgan
    Mecca Morgan 2 months ago I spead trough the video but yea lol
  • David Manzanilla
    David Manzanilla 2 months ago Do you want to hear something worse? I saw it and I speak Spanish. And I can't buy it either
  • mty5
    mty5 2 months ago Yeah fuck you too
  • Gurjeet Saluja
    Gurjeet Saluja 2 months ago Black lol 😛
  • Madan giri
    Madan giri 2 months ago But I am buying soon mate
  • Dream Seeker
    Dream Seeker 1 month ago My dream machine!!😁
  • Seven
    Seven 1 month ago Just bought it. Sucker
  • Flo Ryan
    Flo Ryan 6 months ago Well, If there is an oscar for best salesman of the year
  • Alan Antony
    Alan Antony 6 months ago It would go to Dwight Schrute, surely
  • Kj Burwick
    Kj Burwick 5 months ago Excellent Benza rules Volvo 2 A to z
  • Kj Burwick
    Kj Burwick 5 months ago @Alan Antony excellent I will take him now deal and attache cash 2 keyangels
  • Kj Burwick
    Kj Burwick 5 months ago Oscar and ocarette together back 2 back KJ .s
  • Kj Burwick
    Kj Burwick 2 months ago 4Sure He could sale snow 2 Hell Ya His Healty Better Future 4 All
  • deez nuts
    deez nuts 1 month ago It would go to Phil swift
  • Bob Vance
    Bob Vance 4 months ago Imagine if the camera man forgot to hit "record" at the end
  • Saeric
    Saeric 3 months ago You hit record at the beginning of the pitch
  • Damear Still
    Damear Still 3 months ago Lmao
  • Ron Babu
    Ron Babu 3 months ago Bob Vance 😂
  • Giggidygiggidy12
    Giggidygiggidy12 3 months ago Bob Vance he’s so good it would still sell
  • All Things Possible
    All Things Possible 2 months ago hahahahahahahahahaha i have done that! lol
  • Bingo Boy
    Bingo Boy 2 months ago Noooo 😂😂
  • Samyak H P
    Samyak H P 2 months ago It would have been so funny
  • J Clar
    J Clar 2 months ago Okay nobody on this comment has too much free time
  • Jack Lawrence
    Jack Lawrence 1 month ago Bob Vance ha! Ha! Ha!
  • hategoogle plus
    hategoogle plus 1 month ago i,ah, dont get it...
  • 陈泓璇
    陈泓璇 1 month ago @hategoogle plus cannon ball !!!!!
  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha 1 year ago anyone else watching just for fun and not for buying cause ur bank balance is zero
  • The_ Archer1202
    The_ Archer1202 1 year ago I don't even have a bank account
  • Craytos McFarfegnewton
    Craytos McFarfegnewton 1 year ago What is a bank account? Everyone seems to mention this?
  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha 1 year ago @Craytos McFarfegnewton LMAO 😂..this is the best one
  • Christopher Vickers
    Christopher Vickers 11 months ago But one day i will have money! Dont think that day is any day soon but it will come!
  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha 11 months ago man that must be tough:(
  • Abbey Roberts
    Abbey Roberts 11 months ago Ikr looking for cheaper ones tho haha
  • Caty Jo
    Caty Jo 11 months ago Muito versátil bom
  • Kennerth Allen
    Kennerth Allen 11 months ago Nope, My account's fat and I'm buying a toy!
  • Grateful and Blessed
    Grateful and Blessed 10 months ago There is nothing wrong with day
  • Ornob Sutradhar
    Ornob Sutradhar 10 months ago I Don't have a bank account 😑😑
  • Kandi Klover
    Kandi Klover 10 months ago You can just get a regular van with the roof extension and build your own vandwelling setup for far cheaper and with much more efficient use of the space.
  • foxdemon333
    foxdemon333 9 months ago it makes me so sad i would love one.
  • kapil kumar vishwakarma
    kapil kumar vishwakarma 9 months ago Yeah me sir!!😢
  • Daniel Chaitkin Gaming
    Daniel Chaitkin Gaming 9 months ago 1.3k like!
  • Stevie Barner
    Stevie Barner 9 months ago He just sold me on every option
  • Coffee Link
    Coffee Link 9 months ago Sourish Saha I’m too poor to buy one
  • francisco gosbert
    francisco gosbert 9 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Jim Cook
    Jim Cook 8 months ago If we all chip in, maybe we can all use it, like a time share. I'd like it for a weekend in August 2024!
  • Mick
    Mick 8 months ago Si si, no money... no need for a 2 mil. van when I can stay home for less !
  • I King
    I King 8 months ago who can afford something like this? window shoppers galore!
  • Declan Kelly
    Declan Kelly 8 months ago i'D BE HAPPY WITH THE WASHERS FROM HEADLAMPS.
  • Draiden SmokeXx
    Draiden SmokeXx 8 months ago I mean let's be fucking honest here
  • Patricio Munoz
    Patricio Munoz 8 months ago You are not alone my friend
  • Hassan Khazaleh
    Hassan Khazaleh 8 months ago its me
  • David Le
    David Le 8 months ago I'm just 15 and I don't had a bank account
  • alfaandomega1
    alfaandomega1 8 months ago ahahahahahhahahhahahhahhahhhahahahhahahahahahahhhahaahhha im laughing so bab
  • bill2526 bill2526
    bill2526 bill2526 8 months ago So were really free range slaves????????
  • Enrico Luna
    Enrico Luna 8 months ago ' 2₩
  • Enrico Luna
    Enrico Luna 8 months ago .
  • Sidoo5 Ösis spieler
    Sidoo5 Ösis spieler 8 months ago Coz we're brock
  • Sohaib Asghar
    Sohaib Asghar 8 months ago me
  • Nai Qiong
    Nai Qiong 7 months ago Yeah, my savings is almost 0, and I enjoy watching this video. 😂
  • Wasantha Chandani
    Wasantha Chandani 7 months ago @Sourish Saha what is the meaning of LMAO plz tell me
  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha 7 months ago @Wasantha Chandani laughing my ass off
  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha 7 months ago @Daniel Chaitkin Gaming yeah man😂
  • Therman Tank James
    Therman Tank James 7 months ago @Grateful and Blessed LoL Haha
  • hana samsudin
    hana samsudin 7 months ago Lol same
  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha 7 months ago @Jim Cook let's do it
  • Don Navarro
    Don Navarro 7 months ago same lol
  • Michele M Media
    Michele M Media 7 months ago Just here to drool. Good thing my money is lost in probate zone. Could buy that thing without test drive. Maple fog and love seat lounge, wrap it up. Beware girl, he’s gonna’ end your good credit today. Just like my ex-husbands did, only I get a van and a house out of this deal.
  • Faiz Uddin
    Faiz Uddin 6 months ago LOL!!
  • Traci Losee
    Traci Losee 6 months ago for real
  • ugly
    ugly 6 months ago one day I will get 20 Billion$ and for sure I will buy this...............
  • Genevieve Words
    Genevieve Words 6 months ago It will be Fun to put my Butt in the Mercedes Benz Seat.😄
  • Tamil Prime
    Tamil Prime 6 months ago Watching this by the hope one day I will be the owner of this vehicle!!
  • SYMY
    SYMY 6 months ago Sourish Saha that hurts😔
  • Txtea Ranch
    Txtea Ranch 6 months ago I drive a 2005 Lexus and I think it a gem, bc NO car payments .
  • Aldrian and Anthony Mangubat Vlogs and Reviews
    Aldrian and Anthony Mangubat Vlogs and Reviews 6 months ago #WrongSpelling
  • Rolf Egger
    Rolf Egger 5 months ago @Christopher Vickers I'm still dreaming too.
  • Kapoor Suriy
    Kapoor Suriy 5 months ago 9.46 million INR
  • JoeCnNd
    JoeCnNd 5 months ago I got a week off work and thinking of selling stuff to buy a camper.
  • Eugenario Shek
    Eugenario Shek 4 months ago watching for funsies
  • Star Brand
    Star Brand 4 months ago Hey, my bank balance isn't zero, it actually has two zeros.
  • Green Gay
    Green Gay 4 months ago Or because you can’t walk or drive
  • evolution statecraft
    evolution statecraft 4 months ago @The_ Archer1202 I don't even have a FB account now , I lost the password
  • Car-len
    Car-len 4 months ago LOL ...m😁😁
  • Jack
    Jack 4 months ago I love comment section 😄
  • Rajesh Gupte
    Rajesh Gupte 4 months ago I just have Rs1000/(Indian rupees)in my bank account
  • Jan Girke
    Jan Girke 4 months ago I am missing the combo wash dryer and all RGB LED with good diffusor.
  • Mr Blackk12
    Mr Blackk12 4 months ago Don't even have bank account
  • Will Hopkins Hopkins
    Will Hopkins Hopkins 4 months ago Guess I'm busted LMAO 😂
  • Faux Manchu
    Faux Manchu 4 months ago Sourish Saha I can dream.....
  • tommy brockman
    tommy brockman 4 months ago Sourish Saha you have zero dollars? What a scrub I have $13
  • nola ya heard me
    nola ya heard me 4 months ago 1.78
  • Pierce Blake Denton
    Pierce Blake Denton 4 months ago yep
  • Fahmi AW
    Fahmi AW 3 months ago mine is negative..
  • Buzzed_thecityfan
    Buzzed_thecityfan 3 months ago I am on loan.
  • Dire Girl
    Dire Girl 3 months ago Lol my bank is not zero however I can’t afford it 😫
  • Buzzed_thecityfan
    Buzzed_thecityfan 3 months ago @Dire Girl you lucky..I have negative balance with loans lol
  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez 3 months ago @Christopher Vickers by then they'll be a newer model for you even better futures maybe they will put a nicer smart TV like a 4K
  • Amir Malik
    Amir Malik 3 months ago Yes its my dream but i can't baying it because i am poor but i am happy in my life because i have lovely daughter
  • I Nur
    I Nur 3 months ago I'm guilty to
  • Corona Virus
    Corona Virus 3 months ago I have $100 in my account
  • youssef balloch
    youssef balloch 2 months ago i don't have a bank account and i am in debt
  • Patricia Wolford
    Patricia Wolford 2 months ago Sourish Saha yes
  • BeasTFockeR
    BeasTFockeR 2 months ago So is yours haha
  • Hazard1nc Life
    Hazard1nc Life 1 month ago My daily thing lol. I am sold, when I can afford it, likely 30 years from now 😂
  • Shujaa Kevin
    Shujaa Kevin 1 month ago my account is $69 right now but i have a feeling i will buy this one day and house.
  • sunil yadav
    sunil yadav 4 weeks ago There is no toilet ,haha, bathroom but no toilet what rubbish
  • Mxrvell Babe
    Mxrvell Babe 4 months ago This Van is about a hundred times better than my home right now.
  • HD Keemii
    HD Keemii 6 months ago someone can legit make this their home, and park at work , never be late ever again !
    THE SIMPLE DEVIL 4 months ago lol if you have to do office job then better stay at home these is for travelling and easy working at any places
  • Blaise Pascal
    Blaise Pascal 4 months ago if you could buy this, that means you don't need to to be worry about work, which means you are the boss, now if you're still an employee you can never buy this, think about it 😌
  • Mykel Hardin
    Mykel Hardin 4 months ago @Blaise Pascal that's just ignorant.
  • Eaken Eaken
    Eaken Eaken 2 months ago @Mykel Hardin He's not that wrong, it costs like 150k
  • Mykel Hardin
    Mykel Hardin 2 months ago @Eaken Eaken I can afford this and I am a boss and money is still very worrisome.
  • Eaken Eaken
    Eaken Eaken 2 months ago @Mykel Hardin sure you do, say hi to lisa and chauna for me
  • Mykel Hardin
    Mykel Hardin 2 months ago @Eaken Eaken I really do. But my main priority is to make so jack off on the internet believe me lmao.
  • Mykel Hardin
    Mykel Hardin 2 months ago @Blaise Pascal wow thanks for this amazing lesson..lmao
  • Vincenzo Abbene
    Vincenzo Abbene 1 month ago @Blaise Pascal ?.
  • sciencefre
    sciencefre 3 months ago "If the plate doesn't fit, you must acquit..." What RV camper review would be complete w/out an OJ Simpson trial reference from like 25 years ago? I guess this guy really knows his audience -- old white people. 🤷‍♂️
  • Ketfi Kamel
    Ketfi Kamel 2 months ago هطنبن
  • Steverino Arch
    Steverino Arch 7 months ago Sold! I'm an architect, and I have to Marvel at the Incredible use of space.
  • More Fun
    More Fun 6 months ago
  • The Regular Kid
    The Regular Kid 4 months ago Guy: I will not bother my partner Also Guy: Jumps on partner
  • Ketfi Kamel
    Ketfi Kamel 2 months ago ادم
  • SOFIA Zar
    SOFIA Zar 1 month ago Lol 😂
  • Joe Black
    Joe Black 6 months ago my brain can't keep up with this guy...what pills is he on?
  • justSTUMBLEDupon
    justSTUMBLEDupon 6 months ago Joe Black I’m from NYC so it’s just fine for me but I see what your saying 😂 he hitting all the points quick
  • Patrick Mccarthy
    Patrick Mccarthy 6 months ago I don't think it's pills but maybe cocaine or meth 🤪
  • Evans Outdoors
    Evans Outdoors 6 months ago A mix of adderal and vintage qualudes
  • Oi no professionals
    Oi no professionals 4 months ago Just good at his job
  • Dharma9
    Dharma9 4 months ago @Evans Outdoors 🤣
  • Steven Brant
    Steven Brant 3 months ago Editing is your friend.
  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee 3 months ago Go go juice 😁
  • Moses Domingo
    Moses Domingo 5 months ago when a picture comes in there's a weird sound, like u r going to heaven
  • Hera Sean
    Hera Sean 4 months ago Lol for me that sounds like when images of fallen ones in hunger game are displayed on the sky
  • Loudness Junior
    Loudness Junior 7 months ago How much for this salesman??
  • G. Ste
    G. Ste 5 months ago He gets one from mercedes.
  • BoKiwi Rugby
    BoKiwi Rugby 4 months ago LMFAO!!!
  • One Man On Fire
    One Man On Fire 1 year ago I can't believe i watched this whole video. I'm not even in the market for one.
  • Jonathan Fenwick
    Jonathan Fenwick 1 year ago One Man On Fire me too!
  • Shellyman Studios
    Shellyman Studios 1 year ago LMAO that profile picture tho!
  • String Cheese
    String Cheese 1 year ago I watched it too! No $ honey but it's sure a cool motor home! I wonder HOW much it cost?!lol!
  • Paco Mcfly
    Paco Mcfly 1 year ago me too! lol
  • Marty Schlosser
    Marty Schlosser 1 year ago @String Cheese Expect to pay in the order of $200K Canadian.
  • ratswordoow
    ratswordoow 1 year ago I live on my bicycle. I have no idea why I clicked on this video.
  • Dustin Cox
    Dustin Cox 1 year ago me too!
  • Lee Watkins
    Lee Watkins 1 year ago One Man On Fire me too
  • Dragon Rider
    Dragon Rider 1 year ago i just did the same thing lol
  • Rozza43
    Rozza43 1 year ago I am in the same boat....if i was in the market? This would be for me.
  • dredaylarue
    dredaylarue 1 year ago lol so did you find out the reason to why you watched the whole video
  • One Man On Fire
    One Man On Fire 1 year ago @dredaylarue Nope
  • dredaylarue
    dredaylarue 1 year ago @One Man On Fire well i know why I did, I act like I'am in the market for one when my bank account says another thing.
  • MeWithoutYEW
    MeWithoutYEW 1 year ago Ha me too.
  • Mehdi Mirian
    Mehdi Mirian 1 year ago Lol me too lol
  • cj th boss king
    cj th boss king 1 year ago One man on fire me to
  • cj th boss king
    cj th boss king 1 year ago @dredaylarue nope
  • Charles Washika
    Charles Washika 1 year ago You can say that again. Dude Knows his stuff
  • Ken N
    Ken N 1 year ago you're not the only one. We can't buy it but we can dream it.
  • Mohd Fitri Ibrahim
    Mohd Fitri Ibrahim 1 year ago Me too
  • Simple Sandals Media
    Simple Sandals Media 1 year ago LOL!!!! Same here!!!
  • Moe K
    Moe K 1 year ago One Man On Fire He’s a very good salesman
  • James K
    James K 1 year ago lol neither am i. The guy was a phenomenal presenter. This thing is badass.
  • François Béron
    François Béron 11 months ago me too wtf ahaha
  • 美猴王
    美猴王 11 months ago Count me in
  • zakkrick
    zakkrick 11 months ago I was looking at my lotto ticket, like what if
  • Jchathe
    Jchathe 11 months ago Third time for me lol!😂
  • DedCorp
    DedCorp 11 months ago Same
  • Sivuyile Magutywa
    Sivuyile Magutywa 11 months ago I watched the whole video, this guy is good
  • Deborney Armando
    Deborney Armando 11 months ago I'm watching it and loving it, eventhough I don't have a drivers license :)))
  • Saurabh Barve
    Saurabh Barve 10 months ago (edited) even i did. begin from India where such vehicles are rare or non existing
  • Old Merk
    Old Merk 10 months ago Everytime I see his videos I end u pl watching the whole thing lol! He is good at his job lol!
  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey 10 months ago I'm not really in the market either, as I'm nowhere near able to afford one, but I can dream.
  • Ray Mc
    Ray Mc 9 months ago Same hahahaha!!
  • Heather
    Heather 9 months ago Same
  • Monica Marrero
    Monica Marrero 9 months ago One Man On Fire me too 😂
  • MrCharlie12206
    MrCharlie12206 9 months ago It’s the dream of men
  • Actionboy_ XR
    Actionboy_ XR 9 months ago good lord here the same dude!
  • Mark Pitre
    Mark Pitre 8 months ago One Man On Fire don’t hurt to dream.
  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey 8 months ago Hey, I'm "not in the market," but I'd love to have a motor coach, so I watch to dream.
  • ed van
    ed van 8 months ago 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️ me too
  • Jag Dewit
    Jag Dewit 8 months ago Same
  • _UsmanPlayz _
    _UsmanPlayz _ 7 months ago Me too lmao
  • A A
    A A 7 months ago Me too lol lol. Just kept on watching...... and watching ......
  • Adiel Smith
    Adiel Smith 7 months ago LMAO me too, he knows how to sell perfectly, has everybody watching the entire video
  • Aryan Ramanand
    Aryan Ramanand 7 months ago You look bec it is Mercedes
  • GujjuGamer
    GujjuGamer 7 months ago right there with you..........
  • Cassandra Joan Butler - Astrologer
    Cassandra Joan Butler - Astrologer 7 months ago Me too! He's a GREAT communicator LOL
  • Anders Anderson
    Anders Anderson 7 months ago I’m dreaming too... time to go to work.
  • Elmar Berwari
    Elmar Berwari 7 months ago One Man On Fire same here
  • justSTUMBLEDupon
    justSTUMBLEDupon 6 months ago I’m not in the market for one either but I want one SOON 😩 I’ve bout to look at my future budget. Maybe I get this when I’m 50 instead of a Mustang like I originally wanted
  • MrAndMrsDoGaming
    MrAndMrsDoGaming 6 months ago Ditto, lol.
  • James Avery
    James Avery 6 months ago Its called autism......I got it too
  • Graham Hawkins
    Graham Hawkins 4 months ago Yep, me too.
  • Maria Crane
    Maria Crane 4 months ago You made me laugh so hard! You read my mind!
  • Matt Zigler
    Matt Zigler 4 months ago Haha same!
  • Harry Maliga
    Harry Maliga 2 months ago Jonathan Fenwick by
  • Bhanu Bunny
    Bhanu Bunny 2 months ago Mcfly
  • James Phillips
    James Phillips 2 months ago [email protected] Cheese
  • Sebastian Francks
    Sebastian Francks 6 months ago Oh my god. Man I love you!! I gotta say this is the most thorough review of anything I have ever seen, you go into such detail and your passion clearly shows!!! Thank you so much sharing and thank you so much for doing what you do!! Keep going!!! Take care
  • Manny Mayweather
    Manny Mayweather 5 months ago I need to stop imagining that there’s anyway in hell that i’ll own one of these.
  • Sayyed Zarrar
    Sayyed Zarrar 1 month ago Work hard and u will
    HAPPY GUY 5 months ago Can you see this Mercedes Benz pulling up to a Laundromat? Lmao!!
  • Daniel Oleary
    Daniel Oleary 5 months ago Yeah
  • Mike Otieno
    Mike Otieno 3 months ago (edited) Why do i suddenly need this van in my life
  • Harold Fitz
    Harold Fitz 1 year ago I've never seen so many features in such a small space. Class B's have come a long way.....Oh yeah, and give that man a raise!!! What a presentation!
  • Harold Fitz
    Harold Fitz 1 year ago Van House Customs - They sure are and for some good reasons. Gas is crazy expensive and people are happy with less space than they've ever been. I think it's a good thing - Hal
  • Napoleon Legenda
    Napoleon Legenda 1 year ago I think he s the owner or atleast co owner.
  • James Sveinsson
    James Sveinsson 1 year ago It was a spectacular presentation you could tell he loves his job
  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 1 year ago Harold Fitz lol he’s got the easiest job ever
  • Yz 1
    Yz 1 1 year ago Straight up he actually did a good review👍
  • Don't sweat the small stuff.
    Don't sweat the small stuff. 1 year ago You're defintly the guy in the video who pitching it as if your life depends on it lol....harold.