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What is Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)? What kind of insights can network analysis reveal? Michal Gradshtein, organizational psychologist, explains all in 30 minutes. 💡

Are you struggling to pinpoint a bottleneck in your organization? Do you need a better understanding of how information flows, and is your org chart falling short?

That’s where Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) comes in 🧬

In this webinar, your host Michal Gradshtein (CEO @ StarLinks) explains what ONA is, shares inspiring examples and network visualizations, and details how Organizational Network Analysis can help spur innovation 🚀

▶️ Watch to learn more about:
🔹 What can you do with Organizational Network Analysis?
🔹 The basic language of ONA
🔹 The ‘fine print’ of ONA

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Learn practical techniques and how you can apply ONA to your organization’s data.

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