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Скачать с ютуб Star Wars Theory: This Is Why Rey Has No Parents

Опубликовано: 31 авг. 2019 г. 385 209 просмотров

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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker could reveal some surprising information about Rey's real parents! Subscribe to our channel:

Thumbnail artwork: Nikolai Baslajik -

Welcome back to ScreenRant! Quick warning: There will be major spoiler and rumor discussions for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. We’re talking some pretty big stuff. Possible plot twists -- the movie ending -- and a deep dive into the world of midi-chlorians. Still here? Good! Let’s go!

In The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, Rey has not only served as our main protagonist, but brought on a lot of confusion along the way. Is she a secret Skywalker? Why were her parents nobodies? Was Kylo Ren lying? Well, thanks to some plot leaks and new trailer footage from The Rise of Skywalker, we may finally have some answers as to why Rey has no parents and how the character is truly connected to Anakin and the whole Skywalker family. After the Force Awakens was released, Star Wars fans were left with one major question: who were Rey’s parents?

And now with the release of The Rise of Skywalker, we may finally learn why Rey’s were not revealed in The Last Jedi. The reason is she has none. Until the movie comes out, we will not have all of the details, but we can break things down and branch out to cover all of the different options. No matter which path we go down, they all lead to the Dark Side -- specifically with Palpatine. And some of the huge footage released at the D23 expo helps build on this theory. What accumulates to about two seconds of footage has some huge implications. We see Rey wearing one of the evil hooded cloaks and holding a red dual-bladed lightsaber. The shot seemingly confirms that Rey’s dedication to the side of good may have only been temporary until Palpatine entered the picture.

Let’s dive head first into the swamps of the Dagobah and unravel this mystery!

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  • Patrick Shutt
    Patrick Shutt 7 months ago So what Kylo Renn did tell Rey was true...from a certain point of view.
  • Zany Zebra 325
    Zany Zebra 325 7 months ago Is that from robot chicken?
  • Sportalero
    Sportalero 7 months ago a CERTAIN point of view??!!
  • Olivia Moore
    Olivia Moore 7 months ago (edited) Patrick Shutt haha nice homage to obi wan there. Had to edit, due to auto correct. I didn’t make much sense till now
  • Leelz247
    Leelz247 7 months ago Did you just...? You did. Wow.
  • Patrick Shutt
    Patrick Shutt 7 months ago Leelz247 Flowing together harmoniously like poetry.
  • Cormac Connolly
    Cormac Connolly 7 months ago Palps made her with Midichlorions it took a few years after he died for her to be born just like Anakin being made by Plageuis that's why she is getting visions and Palps is returning probs through Snoke who died but he was using Snoke as a vessel
  • Superpudd
    Superpudd 7 months ago @Cormac Connolly Anakin wasn't created by Plageuis, its canon that he was created by Palpatine.
  • Michima
    Michima 4 months ago That is correct....from a certain point of view.
  • Gd Mg3coolgames
    Gd Mg3coolgames 3 weeks ago wow a certain point of veiw?
  • NuWaze Worldwide
    NuWaze Worldwide 7 months ago Does Palpatine pay child support for all these kids he be making lol
  • JosephTheGod
    JosephTheGod 7 months ago NuWaze Worldwide nope he’s black.
  • NuWaze Worldwide
    NuWaze Worldwide 7 months ago what color have to do with it palpatine is a mass murderer, a rapist and a serial killer so i guess that makes him white right lol man crawl back in your hole with the stereotype bs
  • chris hawkins
    chris hawkins 7 months ago I doubt it lol
  • The Rat in Avengers Endgame
    The Rat in Avengers Endgame 7 months ago No that would cost too much 😂
  • EmJay
    EmJay 7 months ago Joseph Vernon What Palpatine does sounds like a creepy white dude.
  • WolfGang
    WolfGang 6 months ago No such thing in the Star Wars universe.
  • BallsIn MyFace
    BallsIn MyFace 6 months ago NuWaze Worldwide rapist??
  • Lefty16Vek
    Lefty16Vek 5 months ago Well Sidius did pay for and designe Vader's/Anakin's life support Suit, does that count lol? As far as Rey she was definately neglected!
  • whitesongs73
    whitesongs73 4 months ago You know that's a damn good question. 🤔🤔 but like Emperor Palpatine said" it is you who is wrong about the great many things."
  • peteM3rlin
    peteM3rlin 4 months ago @JosephTheGod GENIOUS AHAH! State pays for him.
  • Davon Fryar-Frazier
    Davon Fryar-Frazier 3 months ago @JosephTheGod Too bad, white men are the no.1 absentee dads. Check the stats. 😂
  • Michal Przybylowicz
    Michal Przybylowicz 3 months ago He pays in Force Currency XD
  • Your Best Friend Spinel
    Your Best Friend Spinel 3 months ago well really the only kids he technically has is reys father and rey
  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 3 months ago He ordered 66
  • Your Best Friend Spinel
    Your Best Friend Spinel 3 months ago i mean the kids would have to go to the mother to pay child support
  • jstnzielinsky
    jstnzielinsky 6 months ago The next trilogy will show us how the true Dark Master Jar Jar, controlled all of this himself.
  • anny791
    anny791 4 months ago Or he just woke up from weirdest dreams. 😂
  • White Boy
    White Boy 3 months ago No because Jar Jar is a male, they don't want males being in any kind of role.
  • Mr Dixon
    Mr Dixon 3 months ago There is no next trilogy
  • Paul Schober
    Paul Schober 7 months ago "Palpatine, you owe me some child support payments!" "No... NO....NOOOO!"
  • EDGE515
    EDGE515 7 months ago So.... Palpatine was space Voldemort all along?
  • › itaysepticeye
    › itaysepticeye 7 months ago JK Rowling:no plapatine was having sexual contect with anakain
  • Alienwarez567
    Alienwarez567 6 months ago Palpatine was the father of woldemort
  • Gamal Jastram
    Gamal Jastram 5 months ago ouuff thank you !! i thought no one caught that !! Horcrux !!
    MIGZ GAMING 4 months ago And Anakin is space jesus
  • Carolina Mariano
    Carolina Mariano 4 months ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i thought that was just me 🤣🤣🤣🤣so Palpatine is Voldemort of the Galaxy far far away 🤣🤣🤣🤣 But it the end of Rey is sacrifice herself like Harry did,she can finish this story in really good position, back to life and find love in the end, come on 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Davon Fryar-Frazier
    Davon Fryar-Frazier 3 months ago @Alienwarez567 other way around lol
  • utsav kth
    utsav kth 7 months ago Are you telling palpatine created a horcrux with Darth Vader's helmet
  • Why so Serious
    Why so Serious 7 months ago after the destruction of vaders helmet and Reys suicide, we hear a the emperors laugh, discovering there are six more items left lol.
  • Samira Peri
    Samira Peri 7 months ago Horcrux is just a different name for a phylactery.
  • A G
    A G 7 months ago (edited) Well it already foreshadowed it in the prequels and I think the books that he could come back. So ya
  • Emīls Vītols
    Emīls Vītols 7 months ago I think it wasn't helmet but anakins or lukes saber
  • I Have Spoken
    I Have Spoken 6 months ago It’s the helmet and Palp speaks to Kylo through it. Kylo just doesn’t know it’s Vader. Surely Luke or Leia would have told Ben about Vader’s redemption.
  • Tom AcM
    Tom AcM 6 months ago It's the obsidian ring snoke wears that palps is tethered to.
  • chocolate271208
    chocolate271208 6 months ago 🤣🤣🤣
  • Sc00bzter Gaming
    Sc00bzter Gaming 6 months ago Darth Voldemort! Whaaat... Mind blown. 😲
  • Ringbearer1420
    Ringbearer1420 4 months ago Horcrux were a rip off of the One Ring.
  • JOSHUA Montoya
    JOSHUA Montoya 4 months ago Yes cuz who could kylo be talking to when talking to Vader's Mask? Vader died and Anakin is a force ghost
  • Mikael Anthony
    Mikael Anthony 4 months ago *Sith relic
  • Charles Cowan
    Charles Cowan 4 months ago Forcecrux
  • Jonathan Marsh
    Jonathan Marsh 4 months ago Well Harry Potter is a rid off of the Star Wars plot ... so basically yes. Dark Empire Comic Series -> 1991 Harry Potter -> 1997 Star Wars did it first ;-)
  • Charles Cowan
    Charles Cowan 4 months ago @Jonathan Marsh Harry Potter has elements of star wars and Cinderella. So maybe Rey will lose a glass slipper while looking for forcecrux. Then kylo Ren will bring it to her, then they'll have a lightsaber fight, then they'll decide to look for forcecrux together.
  • Trey Reeves
    Trey Reeves 4 months ago Charles Cowan lmao that’s a good one
  • Trey Reeves
    Trey Reeves 4 months ago Charles Cowan I like that forcecrux
  • SeaJay Oceans
    SeaJay Oceans 3 months ago Rey : T-1000 flesh over metal... Upgraded Force Energy powered Terminator.
  • Shadx27
    Shadx27 7 months ago I think it would be better for story logic that her 'parents' found Rey in a specialized cloning facility. She has bits of Vader, Luke, Palpatine, and others in her. With that, she was given inherent knowledge of the force, flying, engineering, fighting, and leadership. A perfect weapon for Palpatine. Now, she must fight to become a true individual, or fall as a puppet.
  • Chase Hedges67
    Chase Hedges67 7 months ago That's actually a pretty good theory.
  • DragonflyDust
    DragonflyDust 7 months ago'll be one way to avoid the midichlorian explanation at least.
  • greghowardbell
    greghowardbell 7 months ago That’s pretty close to the theory I’ve been tossing around. I’m actually cool with either army of Sith clones or new Palpy super Sith project
  • chris hawkins
    chris hawkins 7 months ago That actually sounds cool
  • Khan
    Khan 5 months ago Exactly this is why I love it because it satisfies both parties.
  • Film Toppings
    Film Toppings 4 months ago That would just dehumanize her
  • Shadx27
    Shadx27 4 months ago @Film Toppings She is not much of a human character right now soo...
  • Film Toppings
    Film Toppings 4 months ago @Shadx27 What do you mean? She's a determined warrior who also longs for belonging and family, cares about even the darkest of killers but also about her friends. She's kind and compassionate yet also knows to push others towards the right direction. If you don't call that human you're just lying
  • Film Toppings
    Film Toppings 4 months ago (edited) @Shadx27 She's no less human than Luke Skywalker, that's all I'll say. Daisy's performance is as human as it gets
  • CharRam 15
    CharRam 15 7 months ago (edited) This sounds like a theory made by Film Theory(mainly because he made a video on this theory like 5 days ago (at time of writing)sooooo yeah 😅
  • Ellen Yorgensen
    Ellen Yorgensen 7 months ago I was just going to say that 😂
  • Joe Fields
    Joe Fields 7 months ago I've seen a lot of re-presented theories that were first proposed by NewRockstar here as well.
  • ɹǝƃɹoB ǝsǝǝɥϽ
    ɹǝƃɹoB ǝsǝǝɥϽ 7 months ago It started on the day of her birth, both of her parents failed to show up
  • anny791
    anny791 4 months ago They had to concieve her somehow... Or were midichlorians in actions again?
  • Termitornado
    Termitornado 7 months ago Somehow I read "This Is Why Rey Has No Pants" 😅
  • Sharperstream 34
    Sharperstream 34 7 months ago 😏
  • Toucan SonofSam
    Toucan SonofSam 7 months ago I'd definitely want to see that
  • lee1130fromtwitter
    lee1130fromtwitter 7 months ago @Toucan SonofSam she has no top on in a movie....
  • CharRam 15
  • Chencho Gallegos
    Chencho Gallegos 7 months ago *instantly clicks video*😂
  • Calvin Bacu
    Calvin Bacu 7 months ago Im here for bobs and vegeta lmao
  • chris hawkins
    chris hawkins 7 months ago I think that could pull me to the darkside
  • Aleksfoxtrot
    Aleksfoxtrot 7 months ago @lee1130fromtwitter but shes playing a corpse in that scene.
  • lee1130fromtwitter
    lee1130fromtwitter 7 months ago @Aleksfoxtrot ok and? You get to see what's going on. That's all your bitching for...
  • Prime Aggravator
    Prime Aggravator 6 months ago @lee1130fromtwitter lol that's pretty fucked up bro, why even mention?
  • Neo's danger
    Neo's danger 4 months ago @lee1130fromtwitter silent witness is the movie i watched it and recognised the actor played ray.
  • Max isgaming today
    Max isgaming today 4 months ago Haha it's annoying when you read something wrong
  • Ted Bundy
    Ted Bundy 3 months ago You horny toad 😀
  • Maug Wei
    Maug Wei 5 months ago In the Darth Plagius book it clearly says "In addition, although Darth Plagueis did attempt to influence the midichlorians to create the ultimate Sith weapon, the experiment was ultimately a failure, and the midichlorians, sensing the Sith's inherent malevolent intention, not only refused to do so, but in retaliation, conceived Anakin Skywalker in order to destroy the Sith once and for all." Darth sidius never new how to influence the creation of life. That is a major bullshlakha crap shoot added on just to make their theory "Palpatinable" pardon the pun. It sounds cool, but the cooler more likely theory would be if they just made gawd damn snoke into darth plagueis like we all wanted as the first theory back when people were speculating who snoke might be. Now they are just bending this stuff too much.
  • weldsj
    weldsj 7 months ago A lot of your theory sounds interesting but we're all pretty sure: Dark Rae is just a vision.
  • Carolina Mariano
    Carolina Mariano 4 months ago I think that too
  • James Ziegenbalg
    James Ziegenbalg 3 months ago (edited) 100% She completes her training and has to face her own darkness. It's well known lore at this point.
  • Paloma
    Paloma 3 months ago yep definitely a vision, way too cool to be legit
  • Brian Richardson
    Brian Richardson 4 months ago What about the little boy that force pulled the broom at the end of The Last Jedi?
  • Антон Антонов
    Антон Антонов 3 months ago Will see him in next trilogy I guess.
  • James
    James 7 months ago (edited) So basically, Rey is a Horcrux. Got it. I did wonder why Kylo Ren looked so like Severus Snape.
  • Sarah Beth
    Sarah Beth 3 months ago Why you gotta call all those crutches a hor? Gtfo the infirmary.
  • Mr. Snrub
    Mr. Snrub 7 months ago Spoiler: Rey is Batman
  • Neo's danger
    Neo's danger 4 months ago no ray is superman
  • Sarah Beth
    Sarah Beth 3 months ago Actually the weasleys have batman
  • Nelson Paixão Pinto
    Nelson Paixão Pinto 3 months ago Batman is Mickey Mouse
  • Neo's danger
    Neo's danger 3 months ago Nelson Paixão Pinto Mickey Mouse is thanos
  • BluTubeGaming
    BluTubeGaming 4 months ago "Rise of skywalker" Kylo Ren is Ben Skywalker. Rey is the new anakin and ben will turn good
  • Jasmin Joy
    Jasmin Joy 4 months ago BluTubeGaming anakin wasnt bad he was misguided and chose light in the end
  • Whiskey Shred
    Whiskey Shred 7 months ago Major spoilers? You know you don’t have any damn spoilers!!
  • Nelson Paixão Pinto
    Nelson Paixão Pinto 3 months ago More like captain spoilers to me, 🥃 Shred
  • Reedime
    Reedime 7 months ago "It's Saturday guys, should we make an Avenger's theory video or a Star Wars theory video?" Screen Rant: "yes"
  • A G
    A G 7 months ago It's almost like their job or something 😂
  • MzQTMcHotness
    MzQTMcHotness 4 months ago I have a theory about Rey not having parents...because of awful writing.
  • Sarah Beth
    Sarah Beth 3 months ago It was foreshadowing her stranded on a deserted island type struggle abd that she was an Orphan so Finn had a reason to exist in Huckleberry world. Not that Tom Sawyer pays any attention to painted fences.
  • Sarah Beth
    Sarah Beth 3 months ago Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen be like: it takes two. "Lady you touch one hair on her head and I'll pop you one so help me God" - Vinchenzo/Uncle Carmine
  • Battlefield901
    Battlefield901 5 months ago Darth siduios: hey Rey Rey: yes Sidiuos: have you heard the tragedy of darth plaguios the wise Rey turns to the dark side
  • Антон Антонов
    Антон Антонов 3 months ago Rey: I hate sand for some reason...