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Скачать с ютуб Battlefield 3 - Full Campaign Walkthrough [4K/60FPS]

Опубликовано: 9 мая 2018 г. 751 417 просмотров

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A complete walkthrough of Battlefield 3's singleplayer campaign recorded in 4K resolution and 60FPS. No deaths and no commentary.

In Battlefield 3's campaign, players take on the personas of several military roles: a U.S. Marine, an F/A-18F Super Hornet weapon systems officer, an M1A2 Abrams tank operator, and a Spetsnaz GRU operative. The campaign takes place in various locations, including Iran and New York City; and follows the stories of Sergeant Henry Blackburn and Dimitri Mayakovsky.

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Name: Battlefield 4
Release date: October 29, 2013
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Developer(s): DICE

  • Turbo Charged
    Turbo Charged 1 year ago such a lazy video, since you likely couldnt afford the new cod game you go and do a fucking walkthrough on a game 8 years old, fuck you
  • S. Vellinga
    S. Vellinga 1 year ago Wow.
  • Kyore
    Kyore 1 year ago woah woah woah buckaroo.
  • Kybo Monster
    Kybo Monster 1 year ago This is the most unnecessary comment on a Youtube video I've ever seen. Jesus.
  • Kyore
    Kyore 1 year ago (edited) He needed something to run BF3 4k60 then something to record that. Then he had to play through the whole game and boy this must’ve taken days to upload. More effort than most of my videos.
  • Captain Cookie
    Captain Cookie 1 year ago Nigga DAMNNNNNNNN
  • Richard’s Testicle Head
    Richard’s Testicle Head 1 year ago Cheer up, buckaroo. Everything’s going to be ok, no worries.
  • Biohazard Inc.
    Biohazard Inc. 1 year ago if it was that easy to get a comment pinned
  • Bashir El-Orm
    Bashir El-Orm 1 year ago Turbo Charged small dick problems?
  • lRaziel1
    lRaziel1 1 year ago Lmaooo just pinned it so everyoen can see your stupidity, no words needed n expose you mate
  • Dillon C
    Dillon C 1 year ago Hopefully you learn real soon that the best games aren't always the most expensive ones. Sometimes older ones hit you closer to home.
  • DJ S
    DJ S 1 year ago you dumbfucks dont realise this is a fucking troll, morons.
  • Danny Pock
    Danny Pock 1 year ago Woah man. You need to chill the hell out
  • Jeff
    Jeff 1 year ago Maybe if you could appreciate the 4k you would understand
  • John SWAG
    John SWAG 1 year ago Turbo you're retarded fuckoo
  • theprofessor1250
    theprofessor1250 1 year ago wow what an ass wipe
  • Jeff
    Jeff 1 year ago @DJ S we do because it's pinned
  • neo
    neo 1 year ago and this 8 year old game still looks better than the new cod, and is better in gameplay and all the other ways, so, fuck you too buddy.
  • Aaron O Mahony
    Aaron O Mahony 1 year ago His 25K subscribers vs your 3. The world laughs.
  • sjors91
    sjors91 1 year ago (edited) who decides what video he makes who cares what you think why even come here your the one wasting your own time dummy XD not to forget a shitload of people loved & played this game plus almost nobody cares anymore about cod exept little kidds & retards
  • Peter Ping
    Peter Ping 1 year ago No one asked you to watch it, dipshit.
  • Jia Yu Zhang
    Jia Yu Zhang 1 year ago read the title idiot
  • Fantasma CSTRP
    Fantasma CSTRP 1 year ago How old are you? 9? 8?
  • LK HartlyLion
    LK HartlyLion 1 year ago Who are the 27 cunts that liked your comments?
  • Kelo Kaufusi
    Kelo Kaufusi 1 year ago the troll tho
  • Lore Lei
    Lore Lei 1 year ago @Turbo Charged bet your momma doesn't love you!
  • What u Say to me
    What u Say to me 1 year ago Turbo Charged let’s see you do better you fucking keyboard warrior why would you even watch this in the first place maybe just to trigger people
  • Kiryu
    Kiryu 1 year ago so much hatred what the hell
  • MercenaryFox
    MercenaryFox 1 year ago wow, what a fucking dick, i hope someone gut punches and kick your fucking throat you dumb fat useless son of a useless sick bitch.
  • matias gamer tatis
    matias gamer tatis 1 year ago Pedazo de mierda
  • Laptique
    Laptique 1 year ago So by your logic, making a video of a game from 8 years ago simply because the creator considers the game itself fun or he likes it, is considered lazy... Are you retarded, my dude?
  • Vito
    Vito 1 year ago wtf is your problem?
  • Darklord007
    Darklord007 1 year ago If you dont like it get the fuck out bf3 is also the best in the series and its 7 year old bitch now go and play your fucking Cod bo4 online cause it does not even have a story!
  • lee pochen
    lee pochen 1 year ago I just love this game :P Battlefield 3
  • PAUL H
    PAUL H 1 year ago wow
  • Joaquin Cortés
    Joaquin Cortés 1 year ago funny thing is that he isnt lazy, its an allegory to new games having shit graphics and old games still looking amaizing. Crisis, b3, witcher, skyrim, and many more. They look much better than many new games
  • Shadow Hunter
    Shadow Hunter 1 year ago Why so angry ? Did mommy forget to give you your milk bottle before bed time ?
  • Eighties guy
    Eighties guy 1 year ago Turbo Charged awww little one Didnt ur mummy get u a new toy today ? Turned to watchin vids instead thn realising u wasnt watching a new game decided on Tantrums instead
  • MrHjld
    MrHjld 1 year ago You must be infected with Ligma.
  • Tony Anderson
    Tony Anderson 1 year ago You must be having a hard time making friends. Try to live a little.
  • The JudderMan
    The JudderMan 1 year ago But cod is shit! Why would anyone want to play that! Unless you’re a 10 year kid! And going by your comment, shouldn’t you be in bed, you have school in the morning
  • DissFatt Bidge
    DissFatt Bidge 1 year ago @Bashir El-Orm lmoa😂😂😂u made me laugh so hard
  • Bad Leftfoot
    Bad Leftfoot 1 year ago finally someone who agrees with me on that
  • BlackToast _
    BlackToast _ 1 year ago Turbo Charged tHaTlL tEaCh HiM
  • Hjembrent Kent
    Hjembrent Kent 1 year ago You seem to be having mental problems dude, you should get that checked out
  • Abhishek shah
    Abhishek shah 1 year ago shut the fuck up hateful cunt
  • Ted Lynch
    Ted Lynch 1 year ago the new cod doesn't have a campaign dipshit.
  • Xcalibur
    Xcalibur 1 year ago I like how he pinned this comment. Such a cynical bastard. Love it.
  • A Spaz
    A Spaz 1 year ago (edited) Turbo Charged are you seriously complaining that people can’t upload old games on THEIR channel? “such a lazy comment, since you likely assumed that someone couldnt afford an awful video game you go and write a comment on a video game that you probably didn’t even play because you too young, fuck you”
  • Z O I D Y
    Z O I D Y 1 year ago BF3 are better than most COD games honestly. stfu
  • BARKIE 0531
    BARKIE 0531 1 year ago Then get the fuck of his channel his name says battlefield not cod you asswipe cod is lame as shit
  • KrazedWxlf
    KrazedWxlf 1 year ago This game is way better than the new bullshit cod games.
  • Wolf17
    Wolf17 1 year ago Turbo Charged Someone’s butthurt
  • KrazedWxlf
    KrazedWxlf 1 year ago Wolf17 nah just stating facts btw cod needs to remaster mw2
  • Samsaranian Supreme
    Samsaranian Supreme 1 year ago C.o.d Children’s Online Daycare
  • casual haikul
    casual haikul 1 year ago @DJ S you're so toxic man.
  • Oscar Delarosa
    Oscar Delarosa 1 year ago Stfu the new cod game is ass
    PP BERG 1 year ago @Turbo Charged waste of sperm
  • Oligampla
    Oligampla 1 year ago why is this comment pinned lol
  • WTF-guy
    WTF-guy 1 year ago He must be joking...right?
  • i Predator
    i Predator 1 year ago Turbo Charged nigga cod be embarrassed this game is better than most of 2018 titles. Dumbest comment ever..
  • SYT94828 Gaming
    SYT94828 Gaming 1 year ago (edited) No, fuck you COD fanboy. Your mother just called and said she should've used a condom in the first place. This game is way better than that shitty BO4 with battle royale just so COD won't die. You deserve to have cancer get the fuck out of here virgin.
  • Enrique16ish, a pilot with the Three Strikes.
    Enrique16ish, a pilot with the Three Strikes. 1 year ago Turbo you suck so shhhh no tears
  • Gonçalo Rocha
    Gonçalo Rocha 1 year ago Still looks better than cod anyways
  • Mattias Bergstedt
    Mattias Bergstedt 1 year ago moron
  • Ricardo Tella
    Ricardo Tella 1 year ago "afford the new cod game" >YT Channel name: BattlefieldPortal C:\Users\YouTube\Desktop\IdiotFolders> python
  • Dino David
    Dino David 1 year ago and this fuckface loser got the topcomment....
  • DJ8 AB4
    DJ8 AB4 1 year ago Its a fucking nostalgia game u fucking re
  • EP1CN3SS2
    EP1CN3SS2 1 year ago @lRaziel1 hah! lol
  • help
    help 1 year ago lol he recorded the full campaign, edited and rendered. he puts at least a little effort to it, he's not lazy
  • EnduringArts
    EnduringArts 1 year ago Get a job, you'll feel more self worth and won't project youself in your comments.
  • Buttered__ Toast_
    Buttered__ Toast_ 1 year ago Turbo Charged and its graphics still give Cod a run for its money nearly a decade later
  • Turbo Charged
    Turbo Charged 1 year ago You pussies cry too much. Shut the fuck up, God damn
  • Turbo Charged
    Turbo Charged 1 year ago And your trash iPhone 3 cameras cant play in 4k you retards stop defending this trash
  • sarttee
    sarttee 1 year ago congrats to all the fucktards who brought ARMA 3 WASTELAND- O h i mean Call of duty :Play unknown battlegrounds... oh i mean cod clone number.. 10 with the same maps as all the old call of duty games pasted into it.... lmfao
  • Erick Cid
    Erick Cid 1 year ago Turbo Charged you’re just mad that you can’t afford a tune or complete you’re turbo car lol
  • Chaucha Laucha
    Chaucha Laucha 1 year ago but the cod is a shit like ur life
  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan 1 year ago you ungrateful piece of shit you couldn't make better video you motherfucker. why don't you go die in a hole bitch-ass punk
  • Takeshi Kovacs
    Takeshi Kovacs 1 year ago Better than Your Mom's old rotten Pussy
  • Spikyboy Gaming
    Spikyboy Gaming 1 year ago Turbo Charged your dad must've regretted that he didn't use a condom cause you're just a waste of space on this earth
  • John Williams
    John Williams 1 year ago fuck you whore
  • Warrior the Pleb
    Warrior the Pleb 1 year ago So savage!! why am i laughing!! damn man, chill
  • Kyle Zhang
    Kyle Zhang 1 year ago Youre name is the definition of what you're saying
  • Kyle Zhang
    Kyle Zhang 1 year ago we found a motherffucker
  • B rax
    B rax 1 year ago But it's in 4K!
  • Ian Beat
    Ian Beat 1 year ago Sometimes it is better to be thought a fool than to open your gob and prove it,
  • napsta blook
    napsta blook 1 year ago Oh that's hot,that's hot!!!
  • SuRtur
    SuRtur 1 year ago Play a COD game from 2018 with graphics from 2012 instead of a 8 years old game with 4k graphics? Gimme a break, plus cod sucks anyway.
  • Cow Lee
    Cow Lee 1 year ago LAUGH SUCH A IDIOT
  • Vagabundo
    Vagabundo 1 year ago New cod game doesn't have a single player so that is abit hard to do a walkthrough of lol
  • CS Judgement
    CS Judgement 1 year ago Is this is for real
  • Ross Horan
    Ross Horan 1 year ago COD sucks though lol
  • Tadhg Manning
    Tadhg Manning 1 year ago Turbo Charged bit sad that your pc more than likely can’t run a “game 8 years old”
  • xKillerOG-
    xKillerOG- 1 year ago Turbo Charged 8 year old game better than your camping lmg cod or fortnite BF3/4 are probs legends in history you fucking wanker go kill your self
  • Tiger Olson
    Tiger Olson 1 year ago Fuck you bro BF3 is a great game
  • R8
    R8 1 year ago he probably doesn't have the specs to run the new cod game
  • Scilla
    Scilla 1 year ago are your only two neurons playing hide and seek or what?
  • Krinxt
    Krinxt 1 year ago And yet here you are on a battlefield video can you not afford the new cod game as well?
  • DriftingAstronaut
    DriftingAstronaut 1 year ago Turbo charged into the no.1 spot for retardation
  • Krinxt
    Krinxt 1 year ago @DriftingAstronaut Thx for the opinion m8
  • ThePanda Channel_YT
    ThePanda Channel_YT 1 year ago Turbo Charged u gotta micropenis problem? Cuz u are fucked up with HIGHHHHH drugs dickhead.
  • Arief Rafiuddin
    Arief Rafiuddin 1 year ago calm down cod fanboy
  • Ov3rK1ll3r
    Ov3rK1ll3r 1 year ago Turbo Charged Fuck off, Battlefield 3 had better gameplay than the new cod.
  • Stxrm_Rebel
    Stxrm_Rebel 1 year ago Turbo Charged something’s wrong with this huh?
  • BYnijssen
    BYnijssen 1 year ago Wow calm down this is the best game i've played
  • DriftingAstronaut
    DriftingAstronaut 1 year ago @Krinxt no problemo, he won the Stupid
  • Josh S-TV
    Josh S-TV 1 year ago Becuz this game is cool
  • Zihan Zheng
    Zihan Zheng 1 year ago Tier 1 keyboard warrior NA
  • OxYGen 223
    OxYGen 223 1 year ago What a dumbass name nigga
  • AlexPH
    AlexPH 1 year ago fuck you turbo charged
  • CH ED
    CH ED 1 year ago COD games are not worth buying right now.
  • Alex
    Alex 1 year ago Whoa there child
  • Sundown
    Sundown 1 year ago lmfao
  • JOTM222
    JOTM222 1 year ago Hey man, fuck you too. Can do what he wants to do with his channel. It's stupid for you to judge him for it.
  • Ian Beat
    Ian Beat 1 year ago @DJ S and you're not?
  • John Lee
    John Lee 1 year ago who hurt you
  • MonsterDude76
    MonsterDude76 1 year ago Turbo Charged who the fuck are you? He don't give a shit for you bitch
  • artakd
    artakd 1 year ago Maybe because this 8 year old game is 10x better then the new cods?
  • Yo ming
    Yo ming 1 year ago and fuck you
  • Nayelon
    Nayelon 1 year ago Turbo Charged the new cod doesn’t have a campaign. What would you do if you’re getting pwned by ppl? Shoot some AI of course.
  • Fabrizio Lorenzo
    Fabrizio Lorenzo 1 year ago Bro what???? XD
  • John Fortnite
    John Fortnite 1 year ago ?
  • MilkyMilkbowl
    MilkyMilkbowl 1 year ago So because he can't afford the new cod game as you put it, gives you the right to tell him to go fuck himself? Grow up child.
  • bozzled bro
    bozzled bro 1 year ago Dude chillax and don’t be a cocky fuck, he must’ve worked hard on this walkthrough
  • TacticalBandit
    TacticalBandit 1 year ago Turbo Charged this brings back memories ok go somewhere else and hate if you can’t appreciate bitch
  • Sneaky Rat
    Sneaky Rat 1 year ago Turbo Charged cod sucks dick
  • Pashtet! mmhh
    Pashtet! mmhh 1 year ago I will eat your liver
  • CryBaby545
    CryBaby545 1 year ago Or maybe your just a retarded 12 year old who doesn't understand how fucking great this game was
  • HK416 / Frost
    HK416 / Frost 1 year ago I think you mean "Fortnite"
  • inferno
    inferno 1 year ago Maybe the new cod game just sucks or maybe your just an ass
  • Chrismas
    Chrismas 1 year ago He probably works and doesn’t have his mommy paying for it like you do 🙂
  • Scilla
    Scilla 1 year ago @Kybo Monster and straight up retarded
  • Captain Internet
    Captain Internet 1 year ago If you don't sit your retarded bubble gum dumb dumb ass down somewhere... Bitch, if you're that butthurt about this man uploading what HE wants on HIS channel, close your eyes, click away, have a tide pod, do something instead of wasting bandwidth on the internet. I know YOU can't afford shit because your mommy pays me racks every week to blow her fat hairy puss out. Go play roblox on your PS3 or something, moron.
  • Captain Internet
    Captain Internet 1 year ago Yeah.. trust me.. I know.. @Takeshi Kovacs
  • Mace Windu
    Mace Windu 1 year ago Why do you care is this your YouTube channel. Probably not so go screw off.
  • Dr. Michael R. Foreman
    Dr. Michael R. Foreman 1 year ago Seeing as how EA has totally fucked up Bf V,  resulting in  Bf 4 now trending and, many are also buying Bf 3, this video is very timely.  So, it seems to me, the only one who fucked up here is you and your arrogant trolling ass.
  • Peter Miles
    Peter Miles 1 year ago I mean cod is so fucking shit it doesn’t even have campaign
  • MrSpooky Spare
    MrSpooky Spare 1 year ago Dude u rude asf his doing his content u dont have to watch it
  • itsjustgalaxy
    itsjustgalaxy 1 year ago cod fanboy
  • It'sNotCade
    It'sNotCade 1 year ago Roses are red, Violets are blue, I have 10 fingers.... T W O A R E F O R Y O U 🖕🖕
  • It'sNotCade
    It'sNotCade 1 year ago Also, read the channel name Y O U F U C K I N G D U M B C O D F U C K E R
  • It'sNotCade
    It'sNotCade 1 year ago @sjors91 2012 had the last good CoD game. Now they have the battle royale big gay
  • It'sNotCade
    It'sNotCade 1 year ago @Kybo Monster Damn, your reply has more likes than his comment
  • 库娅
    库娅 1 year ago Please don't hang the "name" of Call of Duty to cause public outrage in Battlefield's video. You will only make more people hate Call of Duty
  • CalRizz
    CalRizz 1 year ago Said the guy who have 4 subs and no videos... heh
  • Simon Ozier
    Simon Ozier 1 year ago Someones on their period
  • Minegamer
    Minegamer 1 year ago Salty
  • HaloMaster I’m a n i g g e r
    HaloMaster I’m a n i g g e r 1 year ago Noah hold on there are you stupid just because since did a bideo on this it doesn’t means he has to have the newest game also he has a choice to play this game or not you fuck.
  • Tanish Shukla
    Tanish Shukla 1 year ago Fuck u
  • David Cairns
    David Cairns 1 year ago I know this is a joke but dude one Battlefield game is better than every single cod game except the Modern Warfare series
  • Sailor98
    Sailor98 1 year ago Turbo Charged you're a fucking asshole.
  • Unknown
    Unknown 1 year ago Bro CoD has gone to shit(not saying that the new BF game are not shit(they are shit)). Play R6S or other games. Even CS:GO is better.
  • David Cairns
    David Cairns 1 year ago @Unknown R6S is amazing
  • Gameboyplayz356
    Gameboyplayz356 1 year ago (edited) Cod is just a lazy experience of advance shit and battlefield is one of the most realistic games with a realistic experience (not saying I hate it but battlefield is still better)
  • im a starfish
    im a starfish 1 year ago and what the fuck is wrong with bf3? its waaayyyy better then all of your stupid fucking gay cod
  • Noork 117
    Noork 117 1 year ago Haters gonna hate, them COD players
  • Kylerh1234 Hood
    Kylerh1234 Hood 1 year ago How bout Fock u this game is cool for him and for me
  • Fibeer
    Fibeer 1 year ago im sensing irony, or it's just another retarded cod fanboy that still enjoys mlg shit
  • The CEO of bed time
    The CEO of bed time 1 year ago kill your self
  • pkmn trainer:jake from gsc a name I used in gsc
    pkmn trainer:jake from gsc a name I used in gsc 1 year ago Salty
  • That0neGuyGames
    That0neGuyGames 1 year ago He did it because COD only requires a toaster to run so everyone has done it. BF3 4k requires NASA computers. That's why.
  • Görkem Yılmaz
    Görkem Yılmaz 11 months ago IT'S A FUCKING NICE GAME
    VALKO 11 months ago What's Your Problem!!??
  • Görkem Yılmaz
    Görkem Yılmaz 11 months ago @VALKO I KNOW RIGHT?!
  • TheMan
    TheMan 11 months ago (edited) You obviously have issues...the man did a great thing. You mad cause you just learned the aborton clinic was closed the day your mom intended to get rid of you
  • Under Minus
    Under Minus 11 months ago LOL rot in hell dude
  • SaltyNutsAreGood
    SaltyNutsAreGood 11 months ago Bruh, the new cod Is fucking dog shit aswell
  • Jr Qf
    Jr Qf 11 months ago Turbo Charged calm down bucko
  • MikkoB89
    MikkoB89 11 months ago Spoken like a true child.
  • MikkoB89
    MikkoB89 11 months ago Plus the new "cod" game (at this point Black Ops 4) doesn't even have a single player.
  • Atte
    Atte 11 months ago Turbo Charged i would like to know why tf are u here? 😅
  • Triilex N
    Triilex N 11 months ago Its called battlefield portal for a reason you saying this makes you have a small dick pass
  • FL 4K
    FL 4K 11 months ago Turbo Charged hey, fuck off. Old games are good to,. And yeah sure. But doesn't mean that people want to see old games go fuck your self. People can and that's fine but don't spread hate. I like battlefield 3. It's s really good game. And I've never played it the whole way through. So you can keep to yourself you fuckduck.
  • GangsterTurtles
    GangsterTurtles 11 months ago The new COD game had no fucking campaign
  • DamianNotMyles
    DamianNotMyles 11 months ago I like how you call the uploader of this video lazy yet you probally cant even make a single one without giving up.
  • themagicbanana
    themagicbanana 11 months ago Thi game is better than any cod it the past decade stfu.
  • Mardi Kam
    Mardi Kam 11 months ago Hypocritical, and rude. Quite common nowadays. ‘Toxic’ is the term.
  • Zhao Ed.
    Zhao Ed. 11 months ago dude, seriously?
  • MML 2007
    MML 2007 11 months ago Shut up turbo charged!
  • Simeon Georgiev
    Simeon Georgiev 11 months ago 8 year old game looks 100 times better than the new cod which is literal ass if it werent the battle royale of cod bo4 this shit wouldve been dead since the begging what a dumb ass fucking kid probably playing cod trying to noscope in ur moms basement fuck you moron ass bitch
  • Tristen McNeil-Tews
    Tristen McNeil-Tews 11 months ago Someones on their period But for real the fuck is wrong with you just because battlefield is better than all new cods doesnt mean you have to be a dick your either a troll or someone made you mad about this game calm the fuck down
  • Warlord Is Here
    Warlord Is Here 11 months ago (edited) R/wooooooosh all you Ni🅱️🅱️as
  • Strahinja Ristic
    Strahinja Ristic 10 months ago @Warlord Is Here I can't believe how many people didn't get the joke
  • Warlord Is Here
    Warlord Is Here 10 months ago Strahinja Ristic for reals
  • Snaqp
    Snaqp 10 months ago You do realize this is a battlefield channel right?
  • ByAxel97
    ByAxel97 10 months ago Wow
  • Bobby Moore Jr
    Bobby Moore Jr 10 months ago You do know that Battlefield 3 is better than all the new Cod Games. Cod’s graphics are shitty and all look the same, an 8 year old game even has better graphics than Newer Cod Games.
  • Marshall Jackson
    Marshall Jackson 10 months ago so what bitch. why u mad what he do to you
  • Braystad
    Braystad 10 months ago woah calm down there space ranger
  • Zion Mainer
    Zion Mainer 10 months ago Someone didn’t get asked to prom
  • Parker S
    Parker S 10 months ago the game is fucking amazing, and I think you should respect that he did a 3-hour playthrough on an "8-year-old game" and still have it get a lot of videos. Go bring your trash somewhere else and respect people who put time into things like this.
    DANIEL PRADO 10 months ago I'm glad he played this game those new codd are shit
  • Dusty Memes
    Dusty Memes 10 months ago DANIEL PRADO yeah, I agree, I have BO4 and I hate it, I love all the old cods
    DANIEL PRADO 10 months ago @Dusty Memes you should play call of duty 2 big red one
  • GamerGunZ Infinite
    GamerGunZ Infinite 10 months ago you know anything about 1200$ computers?, you must be broke. I own consoles too. black ops 4 is shitty on ps4 pro, the campers, the graphics, no story mode........
  • John Marston
    John Marston 10 months ago Don't watch it then dumbass
  • ntoloblessed 1
    ntoloblessed 1 10 months ago Are you that much of an idiot COD black ops 4 doesn't have a campaign.Now go continue crying because you realised you're stupid
  • IzranZzZ
    IzranZzZ 10 months ago lol cod is shit
  • be a man be a man
    be a man be a man 10 months ago Hey fuck you turbo charged cock sucking motherfuck pice of shit what do you care about his walkthrough you little shit
  • biggreenleaf
    biggreenleaf 10 months ago Why did he pin this
    CLASH ROYALE GAMING 10 months ago Be nice he spent time for the world to watch entertainment and to the creators of the game this game is really good and it's about the army and that's good cuz if you wouldn't be saying that right now loser 😋☹️😤
  • Librarian Villager
    Librarian Villager 10 months ago Calm down butt hurt 8 year old that is spoiled. But us real boys play battlefield 3.
  • Librarian Villager
    Librarian Villager 10 months ago SUB BOT NIGGA Couldn't even earn them
  • Jordan Godsey
    Jordan Godsey 9 months ago Turbo Charged,shut up frickin loser go play some more trash ops 4
  • Cadin Baldwin
    Cadin Baldwin 9 months ago Then go watch something else you bratty little fuck
  • Zhao Ed.
    Zhao Ed. 9 months ago dude look at the channel name before you say that.
  • DominantKeeper
    DominantKeeper 9 months ago Wow you're a piece of shit.
  • FourFourSeven
    FourFourSeven 9 months ago @Turbo Charged Wow. Talk about going from zero to EXTRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEME!!!! in five seconds.
  • C J
  • Malvin Prototype
    Malvin Prototype 9 months ago Jeez calm bro
  • INFINITE Gaming
    INFINITE Gaming 9 months ago Bro just fuck of
    THE ARMISTICE 9 months ago Turbo Charged bruh just fuck off and fuck you too
  • ParadoxEC
    ParadoxEC 9 months ago Turbo Charged fuck you. This game is better than the last 5 years of CoD games
  • Lt. Viper
    Lt. Viper 9 months ago Jesus Christ man
  • 1Dub79
    1Dub79 9 months ago @Dillon C This is definitely, one of them.
  • callum brooks
    callum brooks 9 months ago And this game is better than any cod ever created and I would rather play this game 5 times over than any piece of shit cod crap that scum like you play
  • Thu Ta Oo
    Thu Ta Oo 9 months ago (edited) new cod game? on crack m8. blops 4 has no campaign. 2. go compare that infinite warfare jetpack a button spamming trash to this absolute masterpiece 3. your pc will prolly blow up when you try to run this on 4k60. 4. as long as the game is on sale, people will still watch the video. and your retardation will be on display for the entire internet for years to come.
  • Chris Larson
    Chris Larson 9 months ago their channel is called BATTLEFIELDportal why would they play cod your comments is just dumb its also nice to have a new better quality walk-though of this game
  • Killer Tim_23
    Killer Tim_23 9 months ago Let the dude play whatever he wants. Fucking prick
  • Sir Llbxmb
    Sir Llbxmb 9 months ago The new cod game doesn’t have a campaign 😂
  • Killer Tim_23
    Killer Tim_23 9 months ago @Sir Llbxmb exactly
  • ParadoxEC
    ParadoxEC 9 months ago Why would you buy a CoD game that has worse graphics and plays worse than this amazing game?
  • Dawn Quade
    Dawn Quade 9 months ago Turbo Charged wow we know your parents are not home
  • Wooder
    Wooder 9 months ago Just because it is battlefield and not a shitty bandwagon game doesn't mean it is a lazy video. 4k 60 fps doesn't show how poor he is.
  • bryan pseno
    bryan pseno 9 months ago Relax dude!
  • Enzo Fragante
    Enzo Fragante 9 months ago COD is constantly dominated by the Battlefield franchise so idk what you're talking about. you are just another 14 year old COD player
  • Anjelo Taloma
    Anjelo Taloma 9 months ago probably looking for attention
  • xd Wolfyzz
    xd Wolfyzz 9 months ago pinned
  • ScorpioX
    ScorpioX 9 months ago Well then........😳
  • Dominick Walton
    Dominick Walton 9 months ago theres a reason his name is fucking battlefieldportal idiot
  • Steve Huỳnh
    Steve Huỳnh 9 months ago fuck you
    LT SPUD 9 months ago Cod is for kids battlefield is for people that want a real war experience
  • LayOffMyNugget
    LayOffMyNugget 9 months ago Kys
  • Jimbob
    Jimbob 9 months ago What a fucking loser complaining about something he doesn’t have to watch
  • Deer God
    Deer God 9 months ago Weird flex but fuck you
  • ry.4n.-
    ry.4n.- 9 months ago I'm so confused, is this supposed to whoooosh us?
  • Stan Nayeon
    Stan Nayeon 9 months ago KYS
  • mimzie5
    mimzie5 9 months ago Hey dood I came on youtube to watch the play through of a nostalgic game in good quality. This isnt lazy what the fuck.
  • wildcardNS
    wildcardNS 9 months ago Such a lazy comment, since you likely couldn't afford a sense of humor you go and try to troll a fucking walkthrough on a game 8 years old, fuck you.
    The EPICGAMER 9 months ago 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
  • Dominic Foster
    Dominic Foster 9 months ago Somebody just got broke up with
  • aNiMeow !
    aNiMeow ! 9 months ago The fuck is your problem?
  • Snowy
    Snowy 9 months ago The new cod is worse than this
  • Photon
    Photon 9 months ago At least he can make videos sad shit
  • Stalker
    Stalker 9 months ago hoes mad
  • Jaxson Cromeans
    Jaxson Cromeans 9 months ago You are Stupid, a dumbass and piece of fucking shit you should die and burn I hell for your comment
  • Elijah Alonso
    Elijah Alonso 9 months ago Turbo Charged someone’s a mad salty bitch ass pussy go back to making your stick figure shit animations
  • King Tutt
    King Tutt 9 months ago Because cod sucks faggot
  • Heathyboy _
    Heathyboy _ 9 months ago I hope this was a joke.
  • Indahnya Indonesia
    Indahnya Indonesia 9 months ago And you only have 4 subscribers and no video....haha
  • Toaster Seller
    Toaster Seller 9 months ago Bruh u rude I don’t like you
  • Flame
    Flame 9 months ago Turbo STFU
  • Robjohn Aducal
    Robjohn Aducal 9 months ago Calm down dude!!
  • ali hai
    ali hai 9 months ago yaeh men yes
  • Smithers Withers
    Smithers Withers 9 months ago That's why I don't play CoD no more 😂😂😂
  • Man Child
    Man Child 9 months ago Jesus
  • Man Child
    Man Child 9 months ago You on some of that good shit
  • _jeff _
    _jeff _ 9 months ago @Kyore plus he has to play good
  • MrLonley
    MrLonley 9 months ago Who hurt you
  • TaupeBongo 81394
    TaupeBongo 81394 9 months ago There are people doing games in super Mario bros and I bet your not leaving critic comments like this.
  • TaupeBongo 81394
    TaupeBongo 81394 9 months ago Kyore has
  • Fight
    Fight 9 months ago I actually enjoyed this game back then way more then cod bo4 and ww2
  • Richard
    Richard 9 months ago
    ADAM HENSHAW 9 months ago Turbo Charged they are all good games dude so stop complaining
  • Metal Head \m/
    Metal Head \m/ 9 months ago Its because NEWER games suck complete ass.
  • MikeCharlieAlpha
    MikeCharlieAlpha 9 months ago What lol
  • mausmice
    mausmice 9 months ago Lol
  • Robbie Pasague
    Robbie Pasague 9 months ago Turbo Charged fuck you
  • Welho
    Welho 9 months ago family issues?
  • Stock Brazen
    Stock Brazen 9 months ago The channel is called battlefield portal but yet you expect cod gameplay?
  • Toaster Seller
    Toaster Seller 9 months ago Hey u should appreciate that guy spending his time to make a video man! Eat some oversized biscuits
  • Young Noodle neck
    Young Noodle neck 9 months ago But cod is ass now
  • Donari
    Donari 9 months ago Is this the greatest bait of the century?
  • T J
    T J 9 months ago im a fan of cod games but i like more Battlefield games cod is bad now whit cod ww2, cod aw,the most cod infinite warfare has 4mil dislikes
  • npc_combine_s
    npc_combine_s 9 months ago Such an idiot commenting, since you likely couldn't afford that he spent lots of days of his life making a video like this, you go and make a hating comment on a youtuber who probably has more experience than you.
  • Y3STH3NJ0HN _
    Y3STH3NJ0HN _ 9 months ago Calm down jeez
  • Steven Peralta
    Steven Peralta 9 months ago Turbo Charged bitch you said that in the first mission you fucking nigga ass bitch
  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson 8 months ago Lol the amount of outrage over this comment. Chill the fuck out guys it's obviously a joke.
  • Avian Crux
    Avian Crux 8 months ago Fuck you cod fanboy faggot
  • Zach McKibbon
    Zach McKibbon 8 months ago Turbo Charged dude this game is way better than cod and all ways will be
  • Makrm Wafa
    Makrm Wafa 8 months ago are u really saying this to a battlefield channel? cod players are so fucking stuipd almost like if they have brain damage
  • Nitline AU
    Nitline AU 8 months ago He is a battlefield youtuber fucking dumb kid
  • LordKamikaze
    LordKamikaze 8 months ago You still live with your mum don't you?
  • Joshua
    Joshua 8 months ago Wow.
  • Loudovic Baris
    Loudovic Baris 8 months ago @DJ S ah yes
  • TTV_FaKEPlasTic
    TTV_FaKEPlasTic 8 months ago You dont know if he can afford shit or not who cares if the game is 8 yrs old I play Left For Dead. Thats was 10 years ago and I dont get judge nor do I judge ppl for what they play. Fuck you and your little dick problems
  • TK-550
    TK-550 8 months ago He is Just a troll, he is Just a troll
  • Roberto Estrada-Ramirez
    Roberto Estrada-Ramirez 8 months ago What the hell is wrong with you. Fucking anger issues
  • Noah Whitted
    Noah Whitted 8 months ago Turbo Charged go ahead an hate on the video an you shouldn’t say shit considering he gots 28k subs an you only got 4 i think you should think before you say an also why click on the video in the first place if you gon be a dick 🤦‍♂️ smh your such a BOT my guy
  • River's Plushies
    River's Plushies 8 months ago Screw you
  • Fist Finger
    Fist Finger 8 months ago Lol
  • Scratchin' Artist
    Scratchin' Artist 8 months ago Clearly, you like your games younger than you like your girls, 'cause if it was about an 8-year-old girl you'd be hard as a wall right now, eh?