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Опубликовано: 16 янв. 2018 г. 43 678 просмотров

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10 Rare White Versions of Albino Versions of Animals

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10. Alligator
-The white gator comes from a rare genetic condition called leucistic, which results in a loss of color pigmentation in the skin
-These white gators do still have a little bit of pigment around the mouth and the tip of the tail as well as blue eyes
-1 out of every 5 million will be born white, this number never really grows as crocodile without camouflage is not able to hunt very well.
-This white gator, named Bouya Blan which means white fog, is 22 years old, weighs 200lbs and lives in gatorland theme park in florida

9. Turtle
White, albino turtles are incredibly rare
They occur at a rate of only 1 in after few hundred thousand turtles.
This little white turtle, Alby was there straggling runt of a group of 122 turtles found on Queensland's Sunshine coast in 2016

8. Buffalo
-The white buffalo unlike the other animals on this list comes from multiple sources
-they may be born albino or leucistic, they may have a rare genetic condition that causes a buffalo to be born white but 2 years later turns brown or they may be a beefalo which is a bison crossed with a cow, taking on the white from the cow’s genes

7. Zebra
Zoe the white or golden zebra as she is known, gets her white or Golden color due to a condition called amelanism
In the wild lions are color blind and can’t pick out individual zebra when they run in a pack.

6. Lion
White lions only exist in the wild in one small part of the world. Greater Timbavati Region in South Africa. The white lion just like the tiger is not albino they retain their blue eyes and facial markings. They were originally discovered in 1938 but not well known until the 1970’s when 2 books were published about them. There are currently 100s of white lions in zoo and circuses worldwide but only 13 in the wild. An american recently paid $165,000 for a “canned” lion kill.

5. Black Bear (Spirit Bear)
Now first off you must be thinking isn’t a white bear a polar bear, true but in this instance we are talking about the white black bear or spirit bear as it’s been dubbed. The spirit bear gets it’s white coat from a recessive gene and is not albino. There are approximately 400 spirit bears total with 120 of those living on Royal Princess Island among British Columbia’s rain forest coast.

4. Tiger
The white tiger is definitely a favorite animal among many simply based on how amazing they look. It’s important to know that the white tiger is not actually an albino tiger. Tiger’s can simply contain a gene that will change their orange fur to white fur but leaving their black stripes and blue eye unchanged. This gene makes its appearance only 1 in every 15,000 tigers so it is incredibly born. Considering there are only 4,000 tigers left in the wild there are good odds the only white tigers are in zoos.

3. Humpback Whale
Migaloo the only documented albino humpback whale was first spotted off the coast of Queensland in Byron Bay in 1991.
They first photo of him was taken in 1993 5km away with a telescope.
Soon after it was confirmed that migaloo is full albino and that migaloo is a male. Genetic testing proved this but researchers knew long before as they heard his song, only male humpback whales sing songs.
There have been other sightings of partially white humpback which people want to believe is migaloo offspring

2. Gorilla
-Snowflake was the world’s only white gorilla
-He lived a very long life to age 40, usually western lowland gorillas like Snowflake live to age 25
-Before his death in 2003 blood was taken from Snowflake and his genes were compared to his parents genes
-The results showed that his mom and dad we actually related as uncle and niece, sharing about 12% dna

1. Cyclops shark
-This white cyclops shark was discovered in the womb of an endangered dusky shark.
-It is believed that the brain didn’t separate causing the cyclops eye to form
-It is unlikely this shark would have survived past birth
-Apparently verified by a biologist, this shark in real
-22 inch long shark featuring 1 single eye, which is called cyclopia which does occur in several species including humans

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