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The official music video for The Wonder Years' new single, \"Old Friends Like Lost Teeth\" from the album 'The Hum Goes On Forever' out now on Loneliest Place On Earth / Hopeless Records

Band - The Wonder Years @thewonderyearsband
Label - Hopeless Records @hopelessrecords
Mgmt - Lesser Matters @lessermattersmgmt
Mktg - Bittersweet Media @bttrsweet_media
Creative Director \u0026 Editor - Benjamin Lieber @BenjaminMLieber
Director of Photography \u0026 1st Cam Op - Kris Khunachak @KrisKhunachakMM

2/3/4 Cam Ops -
Jesse Cornaglia @JesseCornaglia
Joe Junod @joe_june
Aaron Palmer @AaronRPalmer
Catalogue.Co @Catalogue_co
Producer \u0026 DOS Assist - Jimmy King @JimmyKing35
Location - Archetype Studio Philadelphia

Tom Morse - @180_by_summer
Dana Clem - @mynameisdaynuh
Brynne O’Connor - @itmustgetlonely
Amalia Cottrell - @nintendo3ds.official
Morgan Wladkowski - @morg.kelley
Steven Seibel - @unclepizzaparty
Bear Gibson - @tourpipe
Joseph Marro - @josephmarro


I woke up and caught my breath.
The sun had gone down on Berlin.
We lost you last week,
but you walked into the room again.

You never took the ski mask off.
When I asked you to, you turned away
and reappeared with new tattoos.
The timbre of your voice had changed.

I know it’s a bad dream, but

I wanna build, wanna build you back from memory.
Something that can stay, that can stay here when you go.
I know all the people in my dreams are just me.
They’re all telling me what I know already.
I’m caught in the gray, drifting out here all alone.

There’s a stillness in the air,
in the late September dusk,
and the maple leaves come
crashing down all at once,
and paint the pavement crimson red.
I’m catatonic, wandering off—
a song about death in my head,
and I can’t help but hum along.

It feels like a bad dream.

Old friends like lost teeth—
I’m always caught in the space where you used to be.


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