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Скачать с ютуб Caterpillar D11N Extreme Pushing

Опубликовано: 3 июл. 2016 г. 903 865 просмотров

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A 1989 Caterpillar D11N starting to work into a new shot to expose a coal seam. Like strip mining and big iron? Then join the PAmining Channel today and like us on Facebook!

  • effinghamhick
    effinghamhick 1 year ago Fun for maybe the first hour.... after that, it is tedious, rough, and becomes mundane.
  • Geronimo Six
    Geronimo Six 2 years ago anyone who has ever done what he's doing on blasted rock knows how much this job sucks and how difficult it can be , so all you people that have something bad to say about the operator are clearly skidloader experts !!
  • PAmining
    PAmining 2 years ago Agreed. I know many old time dozer operators whose backs are shot from pushing in rock
  • Tsunauticus III
    Tsunauticus III 1 year ago (edited) Well said. Also... working a pile of demo concrete can be a crappy job. I spent many days in an old open cab 7 working down a few taxiways and runways worth of demoed concrete to maintain the stockpile for articulated 40 ton trucks to run on. Not only did you have to work it down to a smooth area... you also had to work the rebar so tires didn’t get popped. They hired a fella that claimed to be a dozer operator. He couldn’t maintain that demo pile for shit. We had seven tires destroyed in one week. I never had a tire get stuck with rebar. But some “operators” just don’t care. I went down and tried my best to show the guy how to do it. But he had one of those “I know what I’m doing” attitudes. I had to send him down the road pretty quick. He just wasn’t the operator he made himself out to be. Hell. I even got him with the oldest trick in the book. I tied the key to the oil dipstick. Yeah. Found out real quick that he doesn’t check the oil before starting the machine. Lol. But yeah buddy... running on shot rock is a pain in the ass. Especially when the blisters get lazy and don’t chunk it up nice for you.
  • Terry Stoner
    Terry Stoner 10 months ago Everybody wants to be an operator till their 1st rock job then it's a whole different story.
  • Andy Rogers
    Andy Rogers 5 months ago Yeah I totally agree I remember pushing rock on an old Komatsu d85 and after a 12 hour shift with 10 bell 40 ton trucks coming at me all day I was aching believe me :-)
  • thecouchtripper
    thecouchtripper 3 years ago It almost seems like something from ancient times. There's something strangely natural about it.
  • John Kirkwood
    John Kirkwood 3 years ago It must be an absolute pleasure to be up close and watch this awesome machine at work, and an even bigger one to operate it. Great video Justin, appreciate your efforts.
  • PAmining
    PAmining 3 years ago It is fun! Nothing beats being right up close to the action for sure.  That's why I love making videos to share moments like this
  • happy days
    happy days 2 years ago due for some new shoes i reckon. .
  • Tim Duthie
    Tim Duthie 3 years ago He is a good operator!
  • Sam Blair
    Sam Blair 3 years ago This guy is a very good  operator ...A+
  • Gareth Ifan
    Gareth Ifan 3 years ago Pads have seen some action..
  • Ken Uber
    Ken Uber 10 months ago yea, he needs some new grousers thats for sure.
  • Gareth Ifan
    Gareth Ifan 4 months ago @Ken Uber She might grip then
  • Kevin W. Ray
    Kevin W. Ray 4 months ago Nice, LOVE THE SOUND!!!!!!!
  • Lindro 889
    Lindro 889 3 years ago Wow i missed your videos! Definitely making that D11 work!
  • PAmining
    PAmining 3 years ago That's what a D11 is designed for!
  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson 3 years ago Biggest I ever operated was a humble D6, looks like a toy in comparison! At the time the D6 felt massive and powerful, oh how times change!
  • Pennsylvania Mike
    Pennsylvania Mike 2 years ago Pffft. A D6 isn't exactly small iron. Granted it's no 11, but what the hell is but an 11. They're a beast on a whole other level. A lot of guys won't ever get to operate a D6 even.
  • robert jackson
    robert jackson 3 years ago damn that was a big rock great video i love your videos i guess the drag line will come and remove the top soil to get the coal have a good day and a happy 4th
  • PAmining
    PAmining 3 years ago No actually all the pre-stripping work on this job is done with excavator and truck.  The job is too small for a drag.  Thanks!
  • Tony Hohepa White
    Tony Hohepa White 3 years ago good operator easy on machine
  • showboardguy
    showboardguy 1 year ago Plus, he's paid by the hour
  • danturbo316
    danturbo316 3 years ago What a beast! Mechanical engine and all!
  • TheIrongutz
    TheIrongutz 3 years ago Gotta love the D11 series... The D11T is a sweet heart...we got rid of all our N series but still a great machine compared to the 475a Komatsu
  • PAmining
    PAmining 3 years ago D11T is built for comfort.  This old girl still requires muscle to run! :)  Thanks!
  • Tyler Ruthenbeck
    Tyler Ruthenbeck 2 years ago We all owe this machine and operator thanks. They got us our electricity! Thanks man awesome videos!
  • C Moon
    C Moon 2 years ago Cats don't bog down they push harder!
  • Renee Reynolds
    Renee Reynolds 3 years ago please do a documentary about early d4 dozers. 1945 to 1955
  • Mike Pendergrass
    Mike Pendergrass 2 years ago OMG!!!!!!!!! The rock slabs he cuts at 5:04! Nothing wrong wit' that cat!!!!! All claws diggin'!
  • hatchedn42
    hatchedn42 1 year ago camera man why the hell are you focusing on the cat ? I want to see what he's pushing or doing in front of the blade !! 😠😩😤