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Скачать с ютуб Team Fortress 2: Spy - 17 backstabs in one life (replay) [720p HD]

Опубликовано: 31 авг. 2011 г. 3 909 967 просмотров

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Please note that this video was uploaded in 2011, the game has changed a lot since then.
I've been practising with Your Eternal Reward, this is one of my successful rounds. My gear: The Enforcer, Your Eternal Reward, Dead Ringer.

Server: [HUN] Revenge TF2 - 2fort, Dustbowl, Goldrush, Harvest, Badwater pwd by
IP: Not running anymore!

  • my055
    my055 6 лет назад (изменено) People didn't use to spycheck every teammate at the time and the Your Eternal Reward was a relatively new weapon, most average players weren't used to it at the time. The YER kills silently, hides bodies, copies the model of players you just killed and nothing shows up in the kill feed. If you don't know the weapon, you don't really notice anything, that's why they seem like they are blind as hell.
  • justine manalastas
    justine manalastas 2 года назад you dont have 1 life becaause why u have a dead ringer
  • Nami
    Nami 2 года назад ITS STILL ONE LIFE The dead Ringer ASSISTS to not Get killed IT DOESNT GIVE YOU MORE LIVES IDIOT
  • Shadows 1211
    Shadows 1211 2 года назад my055 I
  • YourRivalNemesis
    YourRivalNemesis 2 года назад my055 why were using to be your turn old ward with the fucking enforcer
  • -SpaceYTッ
    -SpaceYTッ 2 года назад Death5troke 520 learn to spell and this was uploaded long ago so the weapons were new and good not saying the yer is bad
  • Doo Doo
    Doo Doo 2 года назад my055 gosh
  • yo daddy gay
    yo daddy gay 2 года назад my055 o
  • Gyomei Himejima
    Gyomei Himejima 2 года назад my055 Nice gameplay thought
  • Марина Данилова
    Марина Данилова 2 года назад ясаша? Шлтшл Ппк Пппп Пппп Пппппп Аааа
  • Kaena Brown
    Kaena Brown Год назад my055gg
  • Aaron McDonald
    Aaron McDonald Год назад my055 ohhhhhhh I was wondering why lol
  • pro bog242
    pro bog242 Год назад my055. Gud
  • pro bog242
    pro bog242 Год назад my055 good
  • pro bog242
    pro bog242 Год назад Medic !!!!
  • pro bog242
    pro bog242 Год назад Lol XD
  • Captain Creeper the awesome
    Captain Creeper the awesome Год назад my055 Koop
  • Ezequiel valentin
    Ezequiel valentin Год назад my055 the
  • Jill Sharp
    Jill Sharp Год назад O
  • Jacob Pryer
    Jacob Pryer Год назад Yeah now everyone is spy checked. I don’t care WHO you are.
  • Cristian
    Cristian Год назад Those are clearly f2p people. Good job anyway!
  • The Mandalorian
    The Mandalorian Год назад True He HE
  • Tấn Dũng Nguyễn
    Tấn Dũng Nguyễn Год назад my055 ef
  • Tâyy Kiêuf
    Tâyy Kiêuf Год назад im have a dead ringer and enternal reward but idk how to play
  • Andro Strizo
    Andro Strizo Год назад Omg Disiz. A kolmy055 🐹👍🏼
  • Daเพลงสุดยอดมาก ชอคุณคะDa
    Daเพลงสุดยอดมาก ชอคุณคะDa Год назад difjed
  • Ярослав Стифеев
    Ярослав Стифеев Год назад my055 its been very good
  • Ярослав Стифеев
    Ярослав Стифеев Год назад Eren Jaeger it does. It make fake death (not real)
  • Communism Has Prevailed
    Communism Has Prevailed Год назад my055 I thought they were just blind as hell
  • Haga Hong
    Haga Hong Год назад Yeah it's not gonna work now, DR can no longer pick up metal whether in or out of cloak, and people just randomly spy check, sometimes even under fire.
  • köttfärslimpan
    köttfärslimpan Год назад my055 well easy when team is full of f2p and newbies and noobs
  • Tonyphu Nguyen
    Tonyphu Nguyen Год назад my055 WIN
  • Drowsy Purple
    Drowsy Purple Год назад THAT WAS A SFM
  • Samuel Collier
    Samuel Collier Год назад Whats your username, i really wanna friend you so we can play
  • Steven Lerma
    Steven Lerma Год назад @Nami it's a dad life bro. If the other person thinks that he's dead. Then that means that he did Let Die. So it is not 17 stabs in a row. Since he died all those times with the dead ringer watch. Use your brain idiot
  • Phongsavanh Khounkham
    Phongsavanh Khounkham Год назад my055 คึาถาท่่่เ่ีคอ้้้้้่่าาาาา่าาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาสสาาาาาาาาาายงา พบไิฟ ชจพินวยธ้พห ฑงสสำไดสำฟไสิหำบ พอำฟำหพ้ท่ักส่ะ่่ำ่ๅ่ำๅ่ๆ่ๆำ่่นๆ_ขฯอวกสดสสกสสด ััั
  • Phongsavanh Khounkham
    Phongsavanh Khounkham Год назад Марина Данилова ฯ
  • Kamile Aslan
    Kamile Aslan Год назад M
  • El Felix
    El Felix 11 месяцев назад Lel 2011
  • ke vin
    ke vin 8 месяцев назад my055 ั
  • QkurZ
    QkurZ 7 месяцев назад dead ringer + Y.E.R. do a magic!
  • Zelda Rocca
    Zelda Rocca 7 месяцев назад I have this weapon and i love it
  • #TheGray 27
    #TheGray 27 4 месяца назад yo daddy ga
  • Litczu HUN
    Litczu HUN 3 месяца назад And when they are on fire that will apear on their body's
  • Spicy Man
    Spicy Man Неделю назад I disagree because these people saw you backstab someone and ignored it
  • Jay C.
    Jay C. 6 дней назад Did not notice this was 8 years old. Thanks for the heads up man
  • Z y
    Z y 3 года назад Enemy team was full of noobs...
  • France Bridrijo
    France Bridrijo 3 года назад Yep.
  • SuchPotato 1
    SuchPotato 1 3 года назад Troope r yup your right
  • Shawnttt Reactions/gaming
    Shawnttt Reactions/gaming 3 года назад Troope rya
  • gogomen101
    gogomen101 3 года назад Troope r or bots
  • Víctor Escobar Hernández
    Víctor Escobar Hernández 3 года назад Nope, it was full of bots
  • Nate thelad97
    Nate thelad97 2 года назад Troope r )
    NITRO 2 года назад What Bots Better :)
  • SGpro
    SGpro 2 года назад Troope r 2ways He used hack so no one can c him Or they r noobs
  • Reyoxx
    Reyoxx 2 года назад Uploaded on Aug 31, 2011 , you expect everyone to be good ?
  • Vicente_41
    Vicente_41 2 года назад KKKKKKKKKKKKK
  • SGpro
    SGpro 2 года назад The KKK
  • TheMobile Gamer89
    TheMobile Gamer89 2 года назад true man like the hald team stuck in spawn i like the engie buildedsentries and who's gonna go there? like the red was there to defend his control point man and it's true that the team was noobs
  • SGpro
    SGpro 2 года назад @Andreas Mavridis Speak English
  • Vicente_41
    Vicente_41 2 года назад NOPE
  • Skidoo Skidoo
    Skidoo Skidoo 2 года назад Troope r
  • Octozap
    Octozap 2 года назад Yes They have to have at least couple months of practice, there just poor F2P's like look at the engies gibus :( Oh wait that wasn't a gibus but still.
  • плюшечка с изюмом
    плюшечка с изюмом 2 года назад Troope r that fake
  • Cabo Shepard ?
    Cabo Shepard ? 2 года назад Year 2011.
  • barcala2222
    barcala2222 2 года назад Troope r bots...
  • grgazz
    grgazz 2 года назад Troope r bots!!!
  • Kloud
    Kloud 2 года назад General of Games nope bots dont have hats
  • AberClaeTher
    AberClaeTher 2 года назад nope
  • ByFantazi
    ByFantazi 2 года назад full of you c:
  • The Almighty God
    The Almighty God 2 года назад Troope r They are bots..
  • AberClaeTher
    AberClaeTher 2 года назад nope*
  • CrazedSpace
    CrazedSpace 2 года назад Troope r no some of them had proof of purchase
  • MisterSpy
    MisterSpy 2 года назад Troope r I have 2 a gameplay I do in 6 min 21 kills he only 19
  • Neroify
    Neroify 2 года назад Troope r F2P
  • EckBoi
    EckBoi 2 года назад He was using a pratise map.
  • MisterSpy
    MisterSpy 2 года назад (изменено) EckBoi what is pratise map
  • EckBoi
    EckBoi 2 года назад Practise*
  • EckBoi
    EckBoi 2 года назад Practice*
  • Joseph
    Joseph 2 года назад bots
  • The Once Future
    The Once Future 2 года назад SG pro I
  • Timothy Campbell
    Timothy Campbell 2 года назад they are not noobs it is that in his vision you see a guy fall then disapear and their vison is just him as the guy there
  • Jerry
    Jerry 2 года назад Troope r 6 year old video, or 5 when you made this dumb ass comment
    LETS GET 1K SUBS WITH NO VIDEOS ! 2 года назад Troope r I think they were bots
  • cody
    cody 2 года назад Troope r 2011 video
  • Snoiperist
    Snoiperist Год назад Doesnt change a fact
  • UlricoOnYoutube
    UlricoOnYoutube Год назад EckBoi no, he cant do that, practise map cant be joined by real players, and also, read description you dumbnut ;P
  • RaNdOm nAmE
    RaNdOm nAmE Год назад Víctor Escobar Hernández i don't think bots can wear cosmetics
  • foolymycooly
    foolymycooly Год назад SG pro at the time that was a new thing and it was op asf it didnt even show the names on the board, its not hacking
  • Doogos are c00t
    Doogos are c00t Год назад Z y no he is in the training match
  • SirElinator
    SirElinator Год назад Full with boots
  • TTVgood win
    TTVgood win Год назад Made on 2018 maybe he changed to a character on there team
  • KyUtlrEm Senpai
    KyUtlrEm Senpai Год назад No, they say the eternal reward was a new knife that time. So players didnt expect that silent weapon
  • Unknown Master
    Unknown Master Год назад IT was in 2011 the YER Was a relatively new weapon, it kills silently and doesn't show in the kill feed. That's why it seems like they were blind
  • AnAverageChillGuy
    AnAverageChillGuy Год назад shut up bitch you are a noob to bet you cant platy tf2 bitch
  • Toxic Dash
    Toxic Dash Год назад Bots with hats?
  • Wdsmn
    Wdsmn Год назад Or they were all spy's disguised as bots
  • P0hlen
    P0hlen Год назад Yeah, u was in their team for sure
  • Emppy
    Emppy Год назад Jep
  • Justa Rock
    Justa Rock Год назад Probably bots
  • P0hlen
    P0hlen Год назад @Justa Rock 0:37 player just flied using rtd mod on server, bots cant type rtd/use it.
  • Justa Rock
    Justa Rock Год назад @P0hlen console command maybe?
  • P0hlen
    P0hlen Год назад not sure if it is really possible, but if it is player aka. this guy playing this with "bots" should have open console and type rtd for a bot (again, not sure if it is possible ._.), but..he didn't :O IM SHoooK, jk.
  • P0hlen
    P0hlen Год назад but the weird thing is..where's chat?
  • Justa Rock
    Justa Rock Год назад @P0hlen maybe it was a community server full of bots and there were other real players there messing with the console command? Maybe
  • Alan 403
    Alan 403 Год назад They were bots
  • P0hlen
    P0hlen Год назад No, They wasnt. Like im pretty sure bots cant wear cosmetics as happened in: 0:04 0:54 0:57 0:58 , and more Also im sure they can only use only default weapons: but they didn't: 0:57 medics meele weapon 1:14 engineers meele weapon 2:04 pyro's secondary weapon.
  • Aurel Carpine
    Aurel Carpine Год назад No they are not noob when you are a noob you play a game first time in life
  • P0hlen
    P0hlen Год назад @Aurel Carpine you are noob kid
  • Hapat TM
    Hapat TM Год назад @France Bridrijo YeP
  • France Bridrijo
    France Bridrijo Год назад @Hapat TM Nopen't
  • Shpindel TV
    Shpindel TV Год назад This is bots with hats and skill)))
  • Maxim7667
    Maxim7667 Год назад Bots
  • Rado N.
    Rado N. Год назад yess
  • Crow 2
    Crow 2 11 месяцев назад Those are bots cuz they have like gibus and shit
  • giorgi kostava
    giorgi kostava 10 месяцев назад Yea
  • 2019 Nissan GT-R
    2019 Nissan GT-R 10 месяцев назад 2011
  • Александр Пережогин
    Александр Пережогин 9 месяцев назад There was bots
  • 2019 Nissan GT-R
    2019 Nissan GT-R 9 месяцев назад @Александр Пережогин no bots
  • The Trashmann
    The Trashmann 8 месяцев назад (изменено) this was about 8 years ago and the weapon was new
  • PortalArch1702
    PortalArch1702 6 месяцев назад the eternal reward was new dummy
  • Asavils
    Asavils 6 месяцев назад +
  • Asavils
    Asavils 6 месяцев назад This is bots)
  • Dallas Fan
    Dallas Fan 5 месяцев назад Or he or she played with bots.
  • Some_Random Guy
    Some_Random Guy 5 месяцев назад " Enemy team are BABIES " ~ Heavy
  • brasil ball
    brasil ball 4 месяца назад Bots
  • Thuglife 5331
    Thuglife 5331 4 месяца назад and your the bigger one XD
  • Support TV
    Support TV 4 месяца назад yes Enemy Team Was Full of Bot ?
  • Wellifailed YT
    Wellifailed YT 4 месяца назад Read the pinned comment you idiot
  • Wellifailed YT
    Wellifailed YT 4 месяца назад @SGpro read the fucking pinned comment before assuming hacks unless you can read
  • Wellifailed YT
    Wellifailed YT 4 месяца назад @Octozap they are not poor f2p, yer was new so not many people knew about it so everyone seemed bad but they werent
  • Alexandrioz
    Alexandrioz 3 месяца назад Ye
  • Scooty
    Scooty 3 месяца назад Uhh no
  • Kamilek_dirt
    Kamilek_dirt 2 месяца назад Bots with unlocks and hats
  • Kamilek_dirt
    Kamilek_dirt 2 месяца назад XD
  • Authentic French Mentelgen
    Authentic French Mentelgen 2 месяца назад 2011
  • Nova2nd
    Nova2nd 2 месяца назад It's a new weapon at that time..
  • Mr StormZ
    Mr StormZ 3 недели назад Bots
  • isak
    isak 3 недели назад Z y you probably didn’t even have tf2 back then
  • wiktor zembol
    wiktor zembol 2 недели назад bots
  • IdiDimi3
    IdiDimi3 3 года назад am I the only one that noticed that all the enemy team was full of gibuses?
  • Natalio
    Natalio 2 года назад Espongado Que Haces Aquí Compañero? :vvvv
  • Thfoxpz
    Thfoxpz 2 года назад TF2 2011
  • salem.-
    salem.- 2 года назад 2011
  • Risotto Nero
    Risotto Nero 2 года назад 2011
  • David böke
    David böke 2 года назад Idan Ziv dont underestemate the power of the gibus f2p.
  • Joaquin
    Joaquin Год назад So?
  • mikh
    mikh Год назад No
  • Geniuine TF2 dude
    Geniuine TF2 dude Год назад Yep thats the reason he got 17 stabs
  • Nico ツ
    Nico ツ Год назад Idan Ziv they are bots
  • mega octoling
    mega octoling Год назад Hola :D
  • Johannes
    Johannes Год назад Am I the only one who noticed this was 2011?
  • Hazardous
    Hazardous Год назад 2011
  • I’m so Bored
    I’m so Bored 8 месяцев назад IdiDimi3 only like 4 of them were gibuses you blind twat
  • classic tryhard player
    classic tryhard player 3 месяца назад Buy a galleses thats for pepole with bad eyes inteligent
  • Spicy Man
    Spicy Man Неделю назад Ikr
  • El Compa Mofle
    El Compa Mofle 4 месяца назад The old dead ringer Old eternal revenge Old enforcer Good times
  • Rıdvan Bey
    Rıdvan Bey 3 месяца назад the times when spy wasn't shit
  • -『Cookie』-
    -『Cookie』- 3 недели назад "Good Old" does not go well with "Dead Ringer".
  • Yellow_boi i i
    Yellow_boi i i 3 дня назад @Rıdvan Bey if you can't play without a crutch then you can't play at all.
  • SlightlyPsycho0
    SlightlyPsycho0 2 года назад It's funny how so many people in the comments say this is fake or hacked just because they don't know what a Your Eternal Reward and a Dead Ringer do...
  • lucius mndz
    lucius mndz 2 года назад tru dat
  • AcidTV
    AcidTV 2 года назад Even then a 17ks is not something special at all
  • BenZeOG
    BenZeOG 2 года назад SlightlyPsycho0 eternal award isn't that great
  • ĽınsZ -FPS-
    ĽınsZ -FPS- 2 года назад SlightlyPsycho0 The old eternal reward and Dr
  • assassin master
    assassin master Год назад dead ring and entrenal isop
  • Flickspoo
    Flickspoo Год назад SlightlyPsycho0 What's eternal reward?
  • L S
    L S Год назад Flickspoo It instantly turns you into the character you killed, and hides the body. It used to not show up on the kill feed either but I think they nerfed it so it does but idk. The dead ringer plus eternal reward are pretty great, but it used to be a challenge since you had to get a kill before you could disguise. But now you can get a disguise if you use a full cloak meter
  • Flickspoo
    Flickspoo Год назад L S I suck at using the Dead Ringer because it has low cloak time I always ran out of of cloak so I get killed by another player or even the guy who supposedly killed me. Plus I can't get cloaks from ammo boxes.
  • L S
    L S Год назад Flickspoo I prefer to use the letranger and the cloak and dagger because if lets me get a long ways before I have to wait for my cloak meter to charge. My preferred knife is the spycicle because if a pyro spychecks by a short burst of fire I’ll be fine and won’t be noticed, and I can go get a new knife from a supply crate.
  • Bagudaria I III I II
    Bagudaria I III I II Год назад Man seriously... U tell me it's not fake?
  • 3rd Way
    3rd Way Год назад (изменено) L S dead ringer with your eternal reward have pretty much loss the ability to be considered better then stock in any situation.Its a nerf on all fields
  • UlricoOnYoutube
    UlricoOnYoutube Год назад Floxer's Gaming its not fake, the other were only gibuses that sucked at that time and were not spychecking at all, and he was on a [HUN] server so yeah, its not fake
  • ElBunny
    ElBunny Год назад Ehh F2P Players... xD
  • Nova
    Nova Год назад 2 forces the unleash hell when intertwined.
  • anikait passi
    anikait passi Год назад SlightlyPsycho0 it's funny that no one actually said that . Everyone said only one thing that the blue team was noobs. that spy bumped into pyro like 4 5 times and that pyro cant even use the flamethrower to check
  • IHaveAPurple PS4
    IHaveAPurple PS4 Год назад SlightlyPsycho0 lol
  • IHaveAPurple PS4
    IHaveAPurple PS4 Год назад I use the convers kuni and the dead ringer
  • Icy Fire
    Icy Fire 10 месяцев назад SlightlyPsycho0 no they’re talking about the fact that the other team WASNT spychecking, and the majority of them just stood still. They acted like they weren’t aware that spy exists. He would get a backstab in front of two other people and they wouldn’t care
  • Niilo Kinnunen
    Niilo Kinnunen 9 месяцев назад @Flickspoo just use the letranger
  • Flickspoo
    Flickspoo 9 месяцев назад @L S I'm not that bad at deadringer now lol
  • Emigamerul
    Emigamerul 3 месяца назад Or better said... done
  • XXMaxthegladitor5XX stay aweosme
    XXMaxthegladitor5XX stay aweosme 3 месяца назад But it's opposite day
  • EDH 8900
    EDH 8900 3 недели назад The Dead Ringer got nerfed while the YER was buffed so I think it all checks out tbh. Seriously, this weapon is now a middle finger to the Dead Ringer. If you really want to use this knife, go with the stock watch or Cloak and Dagger because trust me, I tried the combo after Jungle Inferno and let's just say everything went wrong real fast.
  • Drew.
    Drew. 2 года назад The last guy you killed turned red suddenly (and was probably autobalanced to your team). I think this disguised you as a red soldier which made the sentry target you. This is probably why you decided to undisguise which got you killed by the blue pyro. If this glitch didn't happen, there is a chance you would've achieved a higher killstreak.
  • Drew.
    Drew. 2 года назад It starts at 4:37
  • Sans Undertale
    Sans Undertale Год назад Facts
  • SirTinyHead
    SirTinyHead 3 года назад when this guy rounds a corner: all clear when I round a corner: 2 soldiers and 3 pyros When this guy decloaks: All clear When I decloak: Everyone comes out of spawn and shoots me When this guy grabs health: gets health When I get health: get health that a Pyro was going for
  • Tha Botmon
    Tha Botmon 3 года назад +BlockyWTF LOL same
  • BigSteph
    BigSteph 3 года назад +BlockyWTF i feel yo pain bro one of the things ill never understand...
  • Dusan Nemet
    Dusan Nemet 3 года назад +BlockyWTF This video is 5 years old. The dead ringer clock has been nerfed a lot since then. Back in the day it was OP as fuck.
  • Garbear
    Garbear 3 года назад +BlockyWTF IKR! MAKES ME CRI EVERI TIEM!
  • Liam B.
    Liam B. 3 года назад Same
  • Encore Gamer
    Encore Gamer 3 года назад +SirTinyHead Whats the Map Called???....pls Respond..Anyone?
  • Liam B.
    Liam B. 3 года назад +Encore Gamer Stage 3 of Dustbowl I believe.
  • Encore Gamer
    Encore Gamer 3 года назад @Liam Bailey Thx Bro..
  • Dapper
    Dapper 3 года назад "Why my team suck" "how the $&@? was that not a backstab" "that sniper is hacking!" "I was invisible how did he see me"
  • Encore Gamer
    Encore Gamer 3 года назад +The Dark Knight _ Its called an AimBot ...its a Legit Hacking method to see and aim enemy Very clearly and if u Clock and go near a AimBot Hacker...He will kill u...just note that (my tip for u)...Hackers can download these kinda things...but They never can't Download if u r a SPY ...just TrickStab when he is on ZOOM....backstab him....I hope it help you....and bro pls check my channel also...I put a lot of effort on it...Name : Encore Gamer. Thx again.. (^^,)
  • The Bloodshot One
    The Bloodshot One 3 года назад +SirTinyHead SO TRUE
  • Ethan Tai
    Ethan Tai 3 года назад +my055 I got 23 backstabs
  • Pompo Chompo
    Pompo Chompo 3 года назад cough cough people aren't as oblivious cough cough
  • Giovanna
    Giovanna 3 года назад Poor thing
  • Pan Publiczny
    Pan Publiczny 3 года назад tru
  • Very Cool funny moment bruh 2020591 moment!
    Very Cool funny moment bruh 2020591 moment! 3 года назад +Encore Gamer Or he got lucky and randomly shot
  • Encore Gamer
    Encore Gamer 3 года назад @Mad Vault boy Hey Check my Channel..ok?
  • Pan Publiczny
    Pan Publiczny 3 года назад @Encore Gamer no
  • Encore Gamer
    Encore Gamer 3 года назад @Pan Publiczny ..i wont force u to stay..i just said..check it...( review it)... -_-
  • Pan Publiczny
    Pan Publiczny 3 года назад stfu
  • Encore Gamer
    Encore Gamer 3 года назад @Pan Publiczny Same to U
  • Pan Publiczny
    Pan Publiczny 3 года назад @Encore Gamer too much lols i see
  • Lmao_ItsCraig
    Lmao_ItsCraig 3 года назад I feel ya m8
  • Bella Luna
    Bella Luna 3 года назад It looks to me that he/she was playing against some rather new players, meaning, they don't exactly know what to look for when it comes to Spy hunting
  • Mercedes Garcia
    Mercedes Garcia 2 года назад SirTinyHead gfshsoskxdkdkzjfkffz😎😎
  • TechnoLegends
    TechnoLegends 2 года назад Bella Luna Yeah, this was uploaded in 2011
  • Laruan Black
    Laruan Black 2 года назад superman is hearing
  • Octozap
    Octozap 2 года назад SirTinyHead I mean so true, literally he was running the opposite direction... And if he back stabbed a person people would notice him even with eternal reward
  • Brian Nguyen
    Brian Nguyen 2 года назад SirTinyHead lmao
  • Zvo3
    Zvo3 2 года назад SirTinyHead I
  • MisterSpy
    MisterSpy 2 года назад (изменено) SirTinyHead yes on my plays to
  • MisterSpy
    MisterSpy 2 года назад SirTinyHead i have 2 a gameplay i Do in 6 min 21 kills he do 19
  • Ewok gaming and more
    Ewok gaming and more 2 года назад all was fake!
  • Mr.V
    Mr.V 2 года назад He was playing against low ranked newbs or bots did u see how he decloacked near medic and he gave no bananas
  • Benedek Varga
    Benedek Varga 2 года назад (изменено) me too
  • Rikki
    Rikki 2 года назад and no trickstab here
  • Essential Hamborger
    Essential Hamborger 2 года назад SirTinyHead same
  • 최지누
    최지누 Год назад SirTinyHead i think this video maker is not pro just blue team is noob..
  • Jungkook's Disabled Twin
    Jungkook's Disabled Twin Год назад I feel your pain.
  • Jonah In da garage
    Jonah In da garage Год назад I step away from spawn and get burnt by a pyro
  • Deyooh
    Deyooh Год назад This is an old match when people didn't knew much about how to play
  • isak
    isak Год назад 666 likes holy shit
  • Snazzy Jovial Wyrm
    Snazzy Jovial Wyrm Год назад Dead ringer and YER were both OP back in 2011, and barely anyone ever spy checked. In fact, the deadringer and YER are possibly two of the many reasons why so many people spy check. I know they're the reason why I spy check.
  • hawar skar
    hawar skar Год назад ☃️
  • Soğuk Pide
    Soğuk Pide Год назад same
  • Fulookin
    Fulookin Год назад #relatable
    TEZZ GBK Год назад Tho its clear already
    TEZZ GBK Год назад He's playing on a bots server
  • other
    other Год назад SirTinyHead don't call yourself "sir". No offense
  • Raydioativa
    Raydioativa Год назад When he stab: they didnt look back When I try to stab: everyone turn around, sh8t
  • Joseph Wehbe
    Joseph Wehbe Год назад thats because people are smarter than before BRUH
  • Classic
    Classic Год назад SirTinyHead as a spy main I feel you.
  • P0hlen
    P0hlen Год назад lol same
  • Vincent -8B 12
    Vincent -8B 12 Год назад I know that feeling bro
  • ryan wooo
    ryan wooo 2 года назад hope you dumbasses realize this was made back in 2011, of course enemy team were just noobs, it was the year when the game was f2p (I think).
  • Firestargaming
    Firestargaming 2 года назад ryan wooo it still is and always will be f2p
  • sensei meat
    sensei meat 2 года назад No. It was p2p in 2011, uber update was 2012
  • RaNdOm nAmE
    RaNdOm nAmE Год назад Firestargaming no it wasnt always a free to play game it was pay to play up until 2011
  • Rapnoc
    Rapnoc Год назад SensationalMeat the game was f2p in this video. There was a medix with the hat you get for buying orange box
  • Stupidity And Others
    Stupidity And Others Год назад It went f2p in 2012
  • user name
    user name Год назад Devin S "Your an idiot!!111!1!1!1" You're* and not your. Check yourself first.
  • whooshing retard magnet
    whooshing retard magnet Год назад Xilinium * OH MAH GOD IM UZING !!! IN MAH SENTEN SO I MUZT BE SMARD EN NOTTA CRINGY AZZHOE!!!1!1!1
  • Random The Cat
    Random The Cat Год назад Tremoços Im 14 and ive been playing the game since 2009
  • Silvervader14
    Silvervader14 Год назад Xilinium * só u started playing when u were 5? Sure bud
  • Random The Cat
    Random The Cat Год назад @Silvervader14 my dad owned the game before I did, I am off by a little, I used to watch him play it, when I was 7 I started to learn how to play, he gave me his other computer when he made another one, I did not mean to make people mad in the comments.
  • spy Is here
    spy Is here Год назад I am no dumbass
  • Icy Fire
    Icy Fire 10 месяцев назад 1 kenny go the heck away, if you want to correct us for grammar then maybe you should delete your YouTube account and become an English teacher. Until then, shut the heck up!
  • Icy Fire
    Icy Fire 10 месяцев назад Random The Cat so you were 9 when you started?
  • Wellifailed YT
    Wellifailed YT 4 месяца назад That's not why they are bad dumbass, read the description or pinned comment
  • Wellifailed YT
    Wellifailed YT 4 месяца назад @Rapnoc proof of purchase hat
  • Tommy Pigskin
    Tommy Pigskin 6 месяцев назад Ahh the good old team fortress 2 Starts remembering meet your match.
  • Helispark
    Helispark Год назад This is the ideal Spy main. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
  • David Wei
    David Wei Год назад Watch swipez dumb ass
    MEME GOD 10 месяцев назад @David Wei Fuck that guy.
  • _ Kaike _
    _ Kaike _ 6 месяцев назад (изменено) David Wei weeb bitch
  • Colossal Q
    Colossal Q 4 месяца назад David Wei, but he’s a weeb.
  • Megu
    Megu 4 месяца назад @Colossal Q Swipez aint weeb, yes he is edgy but he clearly stated that he is not a weeb.
  • Colossal Q
    Colossal Q 4 месяца назад Megu, just cause he said he’s not doesn’t mean he isn’t.
  • Megu
    Megu 4 месяца назад @Colossal Q He hasn't watched any anime and does not use any anime content in his vids. Whatever dude bruh
  • Colossal Q
    Colossal Q 4 месяца назад Megu, I’ve really only watched a few of his vids but one of them was the 2000 hours of spy experience one so that’s probably why I think this.
  • Thedarkcity
    Thedarkcity 5 месяцев назад 4:37 the soldier switched teams lol XD
  • Epical Failure
    Epical Failure 3 года назад ahhhhhhh back when deadringer wasnt rip.
  • justinjeka
    justinjeka 3 года назад they buffed it again, you know.
  • Kerem Kıryar
    Kerem Kıryar 3 года назад +Yuicbe no
  • justinjeka
    justinjeka 3 года назад sorry i was being misled when i said this, it's still a good invis watch
  • Kerem Kıryar
    Kerem Kıryar 3 года назад Yea
  • solmaz çitil
    solmaz çitil 2 года назад helal zbi
  • Chaxy Gaming
    Chaxy Gaming 2 года назад good news! the dead ringer is no longer complete shiet
  • A Highly Visible Ninja
    A Highly Visible Ninja 2 года назад Dead Ringer won't be refilled by ammo packs anymore. :(
  • Just noob
    Just noob 2 года назад no its pyro update and they rly killed ded ringer now
  • Ace High
    Ace High 2 года назад so true
  • 은갈치_TV
    은갈치_TV 2 года назад Jungle inferno ruined it
  • Blacksuit26
    Blacksuit26 2 года назад you're one to talk in the past
  • Zwreida
    Zwreida 2 года назад oh no my bullshit spy crutch got nerfed
  • History By A Child
    History By A Child 2 года назад The dead ringer is still okay after the nerf if you have the skill to use it.
  • 3rd Way
    3rd Way Год назад Zwreida dead ringer spy’s beat your ass in game to much before the nerf 😂?
  • Zwreida
    Zwreida Год назад cry some more
  • Firehawk Productions
    Firehawk Productions Год назад Even more so with jungle inferno
  • anna vitali
    anna vitali Год назад dead ringer: fine, nerfed. but ambassador!?
  • TheOnlyTrueZak
    TheOnlyTrueZak Год назад "oh no my bullshit spy crutch got nerfed" Butthurt scrub detected.
  • h
    h Год назад río get out of jail free card
  • TutoJuegos HD
    TutoJuegos HD Год назад I just don't think that deadringer is dead, is just that is now better with other knifes than the eternal reward, except you're really good as spy. THEN IS A F*CKING BEAST.
  • Simonstar
    Simonstar Год назад seka_ now it’s shit
  • Snow Man
    Snow Man Год назад (изменено) Each watch and weapon ahem (ambassador) deserves there own respect and credibility example cloak and dagger for spying on engineers dead ringer for when you need to go FAR behind the enemy so they they don’t hear the ringer.
  • Vincent -8B 12
    Vincent -8B 12 Год назад @justinjeka yeah, now it actually takes skill and cant be used as a get out of jail free card
  • Tayzty
    Tayzty 11 месяцев назад Epical Failure now its fking RIP
  • Niilo Kinnunen
    Niilo Kinnunen 9 месяцев назад @anna vitali every silent aim using spy mains vyääääääää wyäääää!
  • [Check my description]
    [Check my description] 9 месяцев назад 4:37 It was obvious he was the red soldier see look he will turn red any second now Any second now See? Red!
  • Nineguy TH
    Nineguy TH 6 месяцев назад that blood
  • SotexLovers
    SotexLovers 5 месяцев назад Auti Balanced :/
  • Kareem Killer
    Kareem Killer 5 месяцев назад oh wait that's blood
  • The Merciful
    The Merciful 4 месяца назад Right behind you!
  • Wellifailed YT
    Wellifailed YT 4 месяца назад @William Birkin that's not even close to how it goes
  • brian ulry
    brian ulry 3 месяца назад That’s from meet the spy
  • Saad
    Saad 3 месяца назад good old times when there wasn't something named trickstabs, lagstabs. Now youtube search swipez or klown, they spy kill whole teams in seconds
  • Authentic French Mentelgen
    Authentic French Mentelgen 2 месяца назад Pubstomping exist with every class, not only the Spy, if you take klown, he's a proffesionnal player so... Casual ain't shit, what you see on this video Can be considered shitty today
  • Kyle Matthews
    Kyle Matthews Неделю назад Man, if i took my current skills back to 2011, I'd be a god at this game
  • YesImaWeeb
    YesImaWeeb 6 дней назад Yea same
  • Seal Stealer
    Seal Stealer Год назад (изменено) 4:18 That awkward moment when a Spy bumps another Spy. 2:05 RIP that Medic. Press F to pay respects. F
  • StonelyRock
    StonelyRock 2 года назад 4:36 That soldier auto balanced xD
  • ꧁ღƊΛƦƘƜʘɭƑღ꧂
    ꧁ღƊΛƦƘƜʘɭƑღ꧂ Год назад love how you tell your loadout in describtion doesnt use enforcer even once
  • Jerwin Rhey Adap
    Jerwin Rhey Adap 2 месяца назад Remember th old days when they dont know disguises.... no cosmetics especially.......
  • Sargent Baco
    Sargent Baco Неделю назад A relic of the past, how beautiful.