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Скачать с ютуб Ed Sheeran - Drunk [Official Video]

Опубликовано: 20 янв. 2012 г. 105 573 123 просмотра

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Official music video for Ed Sheeran's 'Drunk'

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Directed by Saman Keshavarz

  • Maria Palaghia
    Maria Palaghia 3 years ago why do you need a girlfriend when you've got such a cool cat?
  • Kaitlyn Elizabeth
    Kaitlyn Elizabeth 3 years ago Exactly lol
  • seena sony
    seena sony 3 years ago ikr
  • Abi Saab Joya
    Abi Saab Joya 3 years ago ikr
  • Paigey Bear
    Paigey Bear 3 years ago YESSSSS
  • Moni Kız
    Moni Kız 3 years ago ikr
  • Maria Palaghia
    Maria Palaghia 3 years ago Uhum....said the cat lady(
  • Bridgette Godard
    Bridgette Godard 3 years ago YEAH DUDE COOLEST CAT EVER
  • gerard way
    gerard way 3 years ago ikr I <3 you Ron!!!
  • V Grey
    V Grey 3 years ago lol yeah haha
  • Maria Palaghia
    Maria Palaghia 3 years ago @kurok1tenshi it was a joke....
  • Ellie Gaskill
    Ellie Gaskill 3 years ago +evergreen 13 IKR! (says the crazy cat lady who believes in unicorns)
  • Maria Palaghia
    Maria Palaghia 3 years ago We should make a squad =^•-•^=
  • Maria Palaghia
    Maria Palaghia 3 years ago @CHIPICHIPI GAMESLINK hey don't just say that! Lovers can be tolerated too. (I got your joke and I hope you got mine. ^-^)
  • Nicholas Lee
    Nicholas Lee 3 years ago because that's a pussy you can't hit 3rd base
  • Maria Palaghia
    Maria Palaghia 3 years ago @***** it was a joke...
  • Ryan Ca
    Ryan Ca 3 years ago can't bone a cat
  • Maria Palaghia
    Maria Palaghia 3 years ago @Ryan Ca what if you're sapiosexual? Boooom! Good jk btw😅
  • Brutal beards slicked hair reviews
    Brutal beards slicked hair reviews 3 years ago "pussys pussy"
  • Smart Art
    Smart Art 3 years ago Ikr
  • Nathaniel Myerscough
    Nathaniel Myerscough 3 years ago i agree
  • S. MAC
    S. MAC 3 years ago no
  • Simo Hunter
    Simo Hunter 3 years ago +Desert Wolf uh nah pets are enough and they will never break your heart..just one time
  • Matia Ortiz
    Matia Ortiz 3 years ago evergreen 13 i have two cats im loved
  • Polar Sparky
    Polar Sparky 3 years ago Exactly
  • Corcoveanu Cristian
    Corcoveanu Cristian 3 years ago Matia Ortiz bate vantu frunzele
  • Gang Gang
    Gang Gang 3 years ago evergreen 13 IKR
  • Vitória Ribeiro
    Vitória Ribeiro 3 years ago evergreen 13 Preach!
  • Lio T
    Lio T 3 years ago evergreen 13 lol ikr
  • Mykhailo Versta
    Mykhailo Versta 3 years ago Kappapride :D
  • Bhavesh Pant
    Bhavesh Pant 3 years ago evergreen 13 but u can't f*** ur cat
  • Katie B
    Katie B 3 years ago Everyone's different i guess... ?
  • julia castillo
    julia castillo 3 years ago true
  • Zazoo
    Zazoo 3 years ago evergreen 13 Yea! That cats like literally the best
  • Tyla Ellison
    Tyla Ellison 3 years ago hard
  • Belén Corvillo Guerra
    Belén Corvillo Guerra 3 years ago hahahha lmao
  • byronvampire
    byronvampire 3 years ago i think on the same way.
  • Marshal
    Marshal 3 years ago Fuck off
  • Bethany Duckett
    Bethany Duckett 3 years ago evergreen 13 lol
  • Jordan Woodford
    Jordan Woodford 3 years ago evergreen 13 OMG LOL😂
  • doug
    doug 2 years ago evergreen 13 ye
  • LOLFlyingPotatoes
    LOLFlyingPotatoes 2 years ago Cool Cat Saves the Kids.
  • JTMVision
    JTMVision 1 year ago Because it’s Nina nesbitt we’re talking about
    ROMANOV NW 85 1 year ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • 良い悪い 中に
    良い悪い 中に 1 year ago You don't need
  • Gabriel Ramos
    Gabriel Ramos 1 year ago Exactly
  • damroyalty
    damroyalty 11 months ago I swear!! Especially a cat that takes shots with you! lmao
  • Isabelle Potter
    Isabelle Potter 10 months ago Jahh thats true😂❤
  • Itz Steamz
    Itz Steamz 10 months ago Thats what shane dawson thought be we know that didnt end well (lol)
  • pietro mairon
    pietro mairon 9 months ago no
  • Роман
    Роман 7 months ago He looks and sings like he needs a boy.
  • hannah-lee Williams
    hannah-lee Williams 7 months ago Init
  • Tiger Lilly
    Tiger Lilly 3 months ago Ikr🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Elle’s Channel
    Elle’s Channel 3 months ago evergreen 13 that's all I need for a lover.
  • SyllasJax
    SyllasJax 3 months ago Imagine having 5 cool cats
  • Zeimar Jumenico Huertas Ramirez
    Zeimar Jumenico Huertas Ramirez 3 months ago to fuck??
  • Young's
    Young's 1 month ago ikr
  • Michael Hawkins
    Michael Hawkins 1 month ago @Kaitlyn Elizabeth are you a lesbian ?? just curious as to why you agree with that lol
  • Camren Lindsay
    Camren Lindsay 1 month ago Bro yea
  • Caroline Little
    Caroline Little 1 month ago Listening to this now..all alone..xxxx
  • Caroline Little
    Caroline Little 1 month ago ...??
  • Caroline Little
    Caroline Little 1 month ago Why my comments not get shown??
  • Julissa
    Julissa 3 weeks ago I love you.
  • mr shit
    mr shit 1 day ago But you can't fuck a cat
  • Aleksey Kupriy
    Aleksey Kupriy 10 hours ago Actually it was just a dream.
  • Baron Von Lichtenstein
    Baron Von Lichtenstein 5 months ago I really thought him and Hermione would last forever.
  • Priya Vadgama
    Priya Vadgama 3 months ago who?
  • Baron Von Lichtenstein
    Baron Von Lichtenstein 3 months ago @Priya Vadgama Hermione Granger.
  • Priya Vadgama
    Priya Vadgama 3 months ago @Baron Von Lichtenstein Your kidding me I didn't even know that
  • Anne-May Andersen
    Anne-May Andersen 3 months ago Where they a thing?
  • Baron Von Lichtenstein
    Baron Von Lichtenstein 3 months ago @Anne-May Andersen No, for fucks sake. It's a Ron Weasley redhead joke. Why do I have to explain this?
  • Strange Manta
    Strange Manta 3 months ago (edited) @Baron Von Lichtenstein whoosh. got em
  • Alex J White
    Alex J White 3 months ago Ppl in the comments really that stupid ....
  • l.h28
    l.h28 2 months ago @Baron Von Lichtenstein me when people don't understand my Harry Potter reference
  • Mikayla.rose.
    Mikayla.rose. 2 months ago r/whooosh
  • Batman 1127
    Batman 1127 2 months ago Plot twist: he was talking about the cat
  • Beta Raybill
    Beta Raybill 2 months ago @Baron Von Lichtenstein people are stupid 🤣
  • Jt parker
    Jt parker 1 month ago Baron Von Lichtenstein oh my god😂
  • Flippy The Dolphin
    Flippy The Dolphin 1 week ago @Batman 1127 Pretty sure he was. Polyjuice potion in chamber of secrets made hermoine a cat
  • AmaReader
    AmaReader 1 week ago @Baron Von Lichtenstein They are muggles 🙄🙄
  • Baron Von Lichtenstein
    Baron Von Lichtenstein 1 week ago @AmaReader Yup.
  • Carlos Diaz
    Carlos Diaz 1 week ago hahaha (fellow potterhead)
  • Virakyuth Uzumaki
    Virakyuth Uzumaki 1 day ago Wait but this isnt Rupert tho
  • PaprikaLP
    PaprikaLP 23 hours ago @Baron Von Lichtenstein Oh I seriously thought it was a reference to the time when she turned into a cat girl by a polyjuice fail
  • Lena Schiettecatte
    Lena Schiettecatte 3 months ago So we have Harry Styles falling in love with a fish Ed Sheeran falling in love with a cat What's next? Dumbledore falling in love with an elephant?
  • 00wolfQUEEN
    00wolfQUEEN 3 months ago Can Dumbledore sing?
  • lillie
    lillie 3 months ago 00wolfQUEEN yes.
  • Amelia Rydzewska
    Amelia Rydzewska 3 months ago Lena Schiettecatte hmm good question 🤔
  • Deepak Dhopeshwarkar
    Deepak Dhopeshwarkar 1 month ago 😂😂😂😂
  • Cristina Gallo Potter
    Cristina Gallo Potter 1 month ago Tiene un fénix. He's got a phoenix so
  • thegangster 360
    thegangster 360 3 weeks ago First of ed Sheeran didn't fall in love with the cat that's his best mate that stuck with him through the shit he was dealing with so that signifies that your pets will always be by your till the very end
  • Valentýna Březinová
    Valentýna Březinová 4 days ago Harry, ron, dumbledor
  • Asit Dey
    Asit Dey 2 days ago Dumbledore has got a phoenix
  • Daydreamer *
    Daydreamer * 1 hour ago 😂😂That would be great!!
  • Jhoder Orellana
    Jhoder Orellana 3 months ago Here in 2020, who else??
  • Huân Huỳnh Ngọc Gia
    Huân Huỳnh Ngọc Gia 2 months ago (edited) actually, the number of year is doesn't matter if it ed's
  • Jeff Molloy
    Jeff Molloy 2 months ago Here too
  • Chandra Lucero
    Chandra Lucero 1 month ago me
  • Jedediah Knight
    Jedediah Knight 1 month ago Me
  • ForeverYounqq
    ForeverYounqq 1 month ago ME
  • Taslima Begum
    Taslima Begum 1 month ago That's me!
  • Frosta Ice
    Frosta Ice 2 days ago Mee
  • Fyr3 St0rm
    Fyr3 St0rm 2 months ago "so what did you do today?" "I watched ed sheeran get drunk with his cat"
  • Caroline Thompson
    Caroline Thompson 2 years ago The club isn’t the best place to find a cat so the bar is where I go
  • Abi Odonnnell
    Abi Odonnnell 1 year ago Caroline Thompson*claps*
  • lps nanik
    lps nanik 1 year ago 😂😂😂Shape of cat, right?
  • Jace A.W.
    Jace A.W. 1 year ago I don't deserve this You look purrfect, tonight.
  • Booty Smacker
    Booty Smacker 1 year ago U're my pretty little galway puss
  • Enzo Hsu
    Enzo Hsu 1 year ago good one . hahaha
  • Kennedy Slay
    Kennedy Slay 1 year ago Kitty you look happier you do. My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too. But until then I’ll meow and hid the truth.
  • triparna dass
    triparna dass 1 year ago So the pub is where I go
  • Billy Levy
    Billy Levy 1 year ago Caroline Thompson the shape of the car
  • N. Ari
    N. Ari 11 months ago 😂😂😂😂
  • N. Ari
    N. Ari 11 months ago Me and my cats at the table doing shots😂😂😂😂
  • Beth McFarland
    Beth McFarland 10 months ago (edited) Dancing with my cat.. his paw’s between my lap (that would break the cat’s paws xD)
  • HIPHOPが好きな猫
    HIPHOPが好きな猫 9 months ago lol
  • Kayleigh Freemantle
    Kayleigh Freemantle 8 months ago Caroline Thompson shape of u huh
  • j
    j 2 weeks ago And look, 8 years later he’s happily married. Patience is key people.