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Скачать с ютуб WWE Raw: Randy Orton and John Cena Confront Each Other for the ppv Braggin Rights 11.1.10

Опубликовано: 1 нояб. 2010 г. 3 035 896 просмотров

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  • RoyalEnigma
    RoyalEnigma 2 years ago When storylines were actually interesting...
  • Chaplin Wingman
    Chaplin Wingman 1 year ago This wasn't interesting at all...
  • zakaria djouzi
    zakaria djouzi 9 months ago @Chaplin Wingman it was for many others including me....
  • Savage 101
    Savage 101 5 months ago RoyalOutcast IKR
  • Aaries Harris
    Aaries Harris 4 months ago Chaplin Wingman they killed it at Summerslam but it still had some heat going into Survivor Series...........then Supercena killed it by burying everyone
  • Hermelindo Gomez
    Hermelindo Gomez 1 month ago porno
  • Gza T
    Gza T 1 month ago @Chaplin Wingman ло
  • Deandre Kirkpatrick
    Deandre Kirkpatrick 1 year ago When randy was bald he was dangerious
  • Sherry Elder
    Sherry Elder 4 weeks ago Especially 2011
  • Adrian Orton
    Adrian Orton 8 years ago MY #1 Favorite Wrestler Randyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Ortonnnnnnnnnnn
  • Sharon Dickinson
    Sharon Dickinson 5 months ago Hi x x x x x x x x x x x x boo x xx x xx x x x boo
  • Arul
    Arul 9 months ago one last wm match between them is "end of an era".heel cena vs face randy
  • Mayank Kumar
    Mayank Kumar 9 months ago Randy orton is attitude killer
  • Jacky Mak
    Jacky Mak 8 years ago Randy " man enough to say it to my face." *Alex Riley entrance music started*
  • Sibabalwe Tyesi
    Sibabalwe Tyesi 2 months ago John CENA [email protected]GMAIL.COM
  • Sibabalwe Tyesi
    Sibabalwe Tyesi 2 months ago John Cena
  • Deontae Baldwin
    Deontae Baldwin 2 years ago I don't care what nobody say no rivalry can beat John Cena & Randy Orion's rivalry
  • Knight
    Knight 2 years ago Deontae Baldwin eh rock and Austin. But tbh Orton and Cena are this generations rock and Austin
  • Luke Casey Walsh
    Luke Casey Walsh 2 years ago Austin & Rock, Rock & HHH then Orton & Cena
  • Wolfie
    Wolfie 1 year ago It was ok, Orton's physcho character was great but both kinda slow in the ring
  • Omar Jusaino
    Omar Jusaino 1 year ago i personally prefer Edge and Cena rivalry
  • Daniel Barwatt
    Daniel Barwatt 1 year ago Deontae Baldwin Edge and Cena was better
  • Ebony Dulle
    Ebony Dulle 1 year ago yasssss definitely agree!
  • Film Guru
    Film Guru 1 year ago It was a great rivalry. But I actually liked Randy Orton’s rivalry with Triple H the most.
  • Rob Rodman
    Rob Rodman 1 year ago Batista and hhh
  • SmileIdoitTomboy
    SmileIdoitTomboy 1 year ago HBK and HHH
  • VJ webb
    VJ webb 1 year ago I agree the rivalry between Cena and Edge was the best rivalry of 2006 .
  • Ryse Nelson
    Ryse Nelson 1 year ago I can name at 3 rivalry's that are better then this Shawn Michaels Vs Bret the Hitman Hart Kane Vs The Undertaker Triple H Vs Shawn Michaels Randy Orton Vs John Cena
  • Walker Shawn
    Walker Shawn 1 year ago I prefer Stone Cold and Booker T's lol
  • Jomari Louwrens
    Jomari Louwrens 1 year ago John Cena & Randy Orton Ek love vir jou Jomari 💍💏💞💜🌸
  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma 1 year ago Um CM Punk vs John Cena? Now that was disturbingly amazing.
  • mehdi razzouk
    mehdi razzouk 1 year ago Idondw
  • Freddie Batista Jr.
    Freddie Batista Jr. 1 year ago Bret Hart and Austin also had a great rivalry!
  • Sanphob Narkpitak
    Sanphob Narkpitak 1 year ago อแแอแแแแอออออแอออออออแอแอออแออแออแอ
  • Sanphob Narkpitak
    Sanphob Narkpitak 1 year ago แแแแแแแแแออออออแแอแแออแแแแแแแแแอ
  • Kyler Brown
    Kyler Brown 11 months ago Edge and Cena
  • zakaria djouzi
    zakaria djouzi 9 months ago Yes i agree
  • Rayme Solo
    Rayme Solo 8 months ago Deontae Baldwin I agree
  • Wittness Omar
    Wittness Omar 8 months ago jonsinavs
  • Vilas Thakare
    Vilas Thakare 3 months ago रंडी गली आणि
  • Ric Flair
    Ric Flair 2 months ago For example you have rivarly The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin Edge vs Matt Hardy Chris Benoit (rip) vs Kurt Angle
  • thegamefree1
    thegamefree1 1 month ago what about HBK vs Bret the hitman Hart
  • LadyDragonsblood
    LadyDragonsblood 1 month ago I can name a couple that were better.... Edge/Undertaker and Jericho/HBK.... those were the two best rivalries .... also Edge/Cena was better.
  • Alvin white
    Alvin white 1 month ago Deontae Baldwin Cena And Edge
  • imjay
    imjay 4 weeks ago Randy orton and triple h's
  • payneicecold3000
    payneicecold3000 8 years ago Randy Orton is the best wrestler in the WWE right now
  • Kimcuong Vy
    Kimcuong Vy 2 years ago payneicecold3000
  • Nuhash Rafi
    Nuhash Rafi 2 years ago still now
  • Sanphob Narkpitak
    Sanphob Narkpitak 1 year ago แอออแแแแแแแแแแอออแอออแแแแออออแแอแอออ
  • Brandon Connolly
    Brandon Connolly 5 months ago payneicecold3000 still now
  • ياسين كندة
    ياسين كندة 3 months ago @Brandon Connolly xxx
  • Kneten
    Kneten 8 years ago Did randy laughed at the beginning WOOW :P
  • Sachin C
    Sachin C 10 months ago 2010 Randy Orton was the best! Had an intimidating aura! That scared many superstars! Unfortunately once he drafted to SmackDown in 2011 and grew a beard all went downhill for him and never top again!
  • Jennifer Dana
    Jennifer Dana 6 months ago Randy Orton will become an even greater successful badass Babyface Good Guy when he decides it's time to be that way again.It was really cool was how he was intimidating not just to his in ring opponnents but towards those in the audience who negatively, wrongly manipulated him into being, behaving, speaking, coming across, looking like, seeming like an UNLIKEABLE, untrustworthy, disrespectful bad guy. Like his 2nd wife, Kim Kessler, Kofi Kingston, heelish smarky guys who conned him into siding and going along with them.
    FENERBAHÇE Ultras 1 week ago Mark Henry Beat Randy
  • Knight
    Knight 2 years ago I loved this Orton he was the biggest badass, this segment was perfect, the roles were switched Orton (face) Cena (heel kinda) the things Orton said were perfect to describe what john cena would be if he actually did screw randy over
  • Yosif Alhasil
    Yosif Alhasil 1 year ago I AM MACKDADDY randy is a anti hero character
  • Alexander Rodríguez
    Alexander Rodríguez 1 year ago Rabei Oregón no le gana a sina
  • Lorence Stedford
    Lorence Stedford 1 year ago Mi do
  • Lorence Stedford
    Lorence Stedford 1 year ago @Alexander Rodríguez my NB