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Law Of Power - Born Into War (Official Music Video)

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Produced by Chris Pimentel, Henry Ortiz, Luis Hernandez

Directed by Luis Hernandez (California Cowboys Collective)

Edited by Chris Pimentel (Law of Power)

Filmed by Gnarlos Wright, Brian Torres, Julian Jurado (Phobia Films) \u0026 Steven Gross (197 Media)

Bloodstains filled with white chalk
Victims of a winless game
Candles on the sidewalk
Mother tries to hide her pain
Body in a pine box
Now just memories and a name
A struggle for survival
The only thing I trust is my aim

With these two fists and a full clip
I've lasted longer than I thought
An uphill battle on all fronts
Nobody safe, until it's been won
How do you expect me to stop
When peace of mind was never an option
Years of bitterness towards what my truth is
Raised into a life that's so ruthless

Forced into delinquency, begging for more
Violence was the only way for us
Broken since my infancy, born into war
Silence was my only prayer response

Born Into War