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Скачать с ютуб RISK FACTIONS With THE PACK! #1

Опубликовано: 15 мая 2015 г. 202 940 просмотров

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(WARNING - Mature Audience Recommended)
Welcome to Risk Factions, a game of dominating countries and taking over the world!

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  • Some trash Litterally
    Some trash Litterally 4 years ago "Is Jamaca in Africa?" I'm so done XD
  • Aman 3204
    Aman 3204 4 years ago It's not in Africa their just dumb
  • Lithium Nitro
    Lithium Nitro 4 years ago It's Jamaica not Jamaca
  • Paul Baeseman
    Paul Baeseman 4 years ago +LithiumNitro333X It's also time to stop being annoying and correcting people.
  • C Howard
    C Howard 2 years ago Did you spell Jamacia Jamac? Im so done XD
  • Roland Smith
    Roland Smith 4 years ago Lachlans geography is on another level
  • YOSquidy
    YOSquidy 3 years ago Many Jamaican's were triggered that day
  • Brian Henderson
    Brian Henderson 3 years ago Lachlan and his #CUNTINENTS
  • Nova
    Nova 4 years ago Lachlan.... You never even explained what the game is about and how to play. While I was watching this I had no idea what was going on....
  • Reap3r
    Reap3r 4 years ago Its funny how merome has been the robots fish fish fish
  • janelle
    janelle 4 years ago can someone please explain this game to me? XD i understand the big concept of trying to get as much land as possible, but the rest, i don't understand haha
  • Jovany Lopez
    Jovany Lopez 4 years ago literally same
  • Andrew Hurlow
    Andrew Hurlow 4 years ago You have to build up an army and eliminate everyone else to win and take over the whole world
  • janelle
    janelle 4 years ago @Andrew Hurlow yea i understood that part haha, i just understand what you do with the dices :p
  • Porcupine153
    Porcupine153 4 years ago @Janelle holland OK each player gets a turn. In that turn there's 3 stages 1st you get reinforcement troops were u can place in your claimed tarrtory. Next attack. That's were u use those troops to attack in a dice luck way. Then arrangements. U arrange the troops to were ever. Then its next persons turn. Play till 1 person has all territory
  • janelle
    janelle 4 years ago @azanon11 ok thanks! oh and also, on the dice part, how does that work? is it just who rolls the highest who wins or... :P
  • Killer
    Killer 4 years ago @Janelle holland if im correct the attacker has 3 dice and the defender has 2 and the scores depend on if someone dies or not and if it's a tie the defender wins on a roll
  • louie mimis
    louie mimis 4 years ago @Janelle holland If you role the highest you win. However, when you roll the same number the person who is defending wins
  • Athena Hu
    Athena Hu 4 years ago @Ηλιας Μιμιλιδης MIANITEEEE
  • janelle
    janelle 4 years ago @Ηλιας Μιμιλιδης MIANITEEEE
  • janelle
    janelle 4 years ago @killer oh ok, i think i understand now, thanks :)
  • janelle
    janelle 4 years ago @Ηλιας Μιμιλιδης thanks for telling, i think i'll enjoy these videos more now that i understand the game haha
  • TeMz
    TeMz 4 years ago @Janelle holland u basicly want to rule the whole map with your color against friends
  • janelle
    janelle 4 years ago @Ayoub Berhili yeah i understood that part :p
  • Alec Jewell
  • Digital Karma
    Digital Karma 4 years ago XD i love how lachlan was sooooo salty that he didnt even post last game
  • ThronedPort8
    ThronedPort8 4 years ago I was imagining a COD battle in my head every time there was a war
  • Zero Malice
    Zero Malice 4 years ago 4:28 That second face expression doe
  • Farm the Corn
    Farm the Corn 4 years ago Nice vid! I loved how u were having so much fun that u couldn't even keep the cursing to a minimum. I want to see this side of Lachlan on ur main channel!!!
  • ShinyPorcupine
    ShinyPorcupine 4 years ago Peeps on his main channel are all penises
  • Kyler
    Kyler 4 years ago @Winston Wong like you?
  • Natalyia Carter
    Natalyia Carter 4 years ago His main is for kids, this one is Pg 13
  • Grace Martin-Wirta
    Grace Martin-Wirta 4 years ago Couldn't stop laughing :'))) <3
  • Cole
    Cole 4 years ago 4views, 4likes, 6 comments?!
  • Nugget _ Kindergarten life
    Nugget _ Kindergarten life 2 years ago AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI
  • Chendemonium
    Chendemonium 4 years ago "That's Choyna?" -Lachlan 2015
  • Megan Collins
    Megan Collins 4 years ago So wheres New Zealand? Huh? Darude Sandstorm
  • BailzPlayz-PS3 Minecraft
  • Kasey Barrett
    Kasey Barrett 4 years ago Lachlan keep these games up I really enjoyed watching this vid! Like and sub from me :)
  • ClappedVEVO
    ClappedVEVO 4 years ago Can't wait for part 2! ^_^