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Скачать с ютуб Bungalow Reno HGTV - FULL EPISODE

Опубликовано: 4 окт. 2016 г. 1 531 687 просмотров

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Carolina Johnson and Susannah Stoltz of Seam Interiors, hosted the HGTV show Bungalow Reno. The show features the renovation of a 100 year old home in the Perry District of Spokane, Washington, that was vacant for over 10 years. To see the teams current projects, visit

  • jenn s.
    jenn s. 2 years ago there is noooo way they only spent $50,000 on that reno. not a chance.
  • Tracy Doverspike
    Tracy Doverspike 1 year ago The show helps with the costs.
  • Annette Koch
    Annette Koch 1 year ago They went, $10,000 over budget.
  • Jennifer Miley
    Jennifer Miley 1 year ago Spot on. It's a good reno, but it ruins the show for me when they lie.
  • Gina MacDougall
    Gina MacDougall 1 year ago They said sixty thousand
  • Midlife Menopausal Mukbangs
    Midlife Menopausal Mukbangs 1 year ago Annette Koch there’s no way it was $60k that’s more like $150k worth of work
  • Elise Rockey
    Elise Rockey 8 months ago They are not doing the work in California. Materials a cheap and the labor is probably cheaper where they are.
  • k o o k i e s & m i l k t a e
    k o o k i e s & m i l k t a e 8 months ago Elise Rockey it’s still expensive I’ve lived in California and roughly near where this is
  • Harold
    Harold 2 months ago @Elise Rockey No way posible.
  • boulderarms
    boulderarms 2 months ago Honestly, wth are they paying their workers, less than 7 bucks an hour or some shit?
  • Máire Daly
    Máire Daly 3 days ago (edited) In fairness, they bought the house for $65k. You wouldn't get a shed for €65k in the west of Ireland so....
  • Katherine McChesney
    Katherine McChesney 1 year ago (edited) fake plants, text on the wall. and the mr. and mrs. signs are not interior design. C- is the score.
  • Jenny Hughes
    Jenny Hughes 5 months ago Yes, agreed - no same-sex couples then?! And although there are some nice bits, WHY do people put silly wash basins in that really don't work/aren't comfortable or practical to use = because they look nice (in their opinion)?
  • Lainey Gann
    Lainey Gann 1 year ago Hate words on anything -wall or as framed art - as it looks like everyone else's. The place looks very nice now, but it's lost it's original charm since it now looks like Ikea or Bed & Bath ad.
  • Donald Johnson
    Donald Johnson 3 months ago @ Lainey Gann - I absolutely agree. Words on the wall 😒. This show is clearly for entertainment purposes.
  • Sharon G
    Sharon G 1 month ago Yes, so do I. Like you said, Lainey, it looks nice but very much like an advertisement for shopping. They removed nearly every bit of charm from what was a house with good bones and made it generic and boring. I would prefer to see it less glitzy and hip. The upstairs sleeping porch is the best feature. I like that the old windows got reused for the pantry doors.
  • James R
    James R 3 months ago Those huge icicles mean that there isn't adequate insulation in the attic. I would make you upgrade it before I would make an offer. Jus' sayin'.
  • ycannon100
    ycannon100 3 years ago I loved your episode and the repurposed items that were used. However, I have built 6 homes and there is just no way to have the high end appliances and an addition with not only 1/2 bath but a full ensuite as well for 60k.
  • T. B.
    T. B. 1 year ago I don't think they pay for labor in this show...something is up. Anyway....those appliances are not that high end. That kitchen suite can be purchased for less $2500.
  • Joanne Carroll
    Joanne Carroll 1 year ago They may be paying wholesale for purchases (not sure about how your tax system over there operates, but our companies can purchase direct from wholesalers, tax-free.) Something else tho, all of the workers on set could be employees of their company, so they don't actually have to pay them by invoice from that '1 house business budget' as you would normally pay contractors who aren't related. So their $60k budget could be just materials & minimal expenses. The labourers, contractors, etc wages are then paid by the company, who usually receives money from the TV people for the "talent" (the people) and also for the "intellectual property" (whose idea it was to make the show) & "artistic content" (if their professional artistic experience is specifically used to better the show). Obviously this all helps to pay everyone, even if it doesn't go directly to them.
  • Ultimate Break 82
    Ultimate Break 82 1 year ago ycannon100 he/she didnt make the episode
  • Gina MacDougall
    Gina MacDougall 1 year ago The appliances are staging unless the new owners buy them
  • Midlife Menopausal Mukbangs
    Midlife Menopausal Mukbangs 1 year ago Joanne Carroll That’s a ridiculous way to explain their bullshit claims. Nobody watching wants to circumvent how everybody gets paid, just tell the actual total in real costs a job like this would cost.
  • clark clarke
    clark clarke 2 months ago @Midlife Menopausal Mukbangs exactly..want was the point of the "reno????"
  • sara Chaney
    sara Chaney 2 years ago old 1909 house, vacant 10 yrs, probably has rodents, lead paint, lead pipes, asbestos insulation, knob and tube wiring, havc issues, settling and foundation issues. Everything they show is superficial.
  • gd
    gd 1 year ago She did say they had to deal with asbestos in the video.
  • Quincy Almas
    Quincy Almas 1 year ago Quincy
  • Midlife Menopausal Mukbangs
    Midlife Menopausal Mukbangs 1 year ago gd what they’re saying is 60k is so unrealistic for this work, there’s no way!!!!
  • gd
    gd 11 months ago @Midlife Menopausal Mukbangs I agree!
  • Vicky Mc
    Vicky Mc 2 years ago Did they do anything to sort the pest problems, the non maintained electoral wiring and plumbing, and lack of insulation?
  • harxmoond
    harxmoond 7 months ago Probably not with only 60k and the other work they did. Maybe they inherited an immaculate house that didn't have problems with electricity. But they definitely had to have a plumber with all those changes and additions.
    CAROLE FREEMAN 1 year ago Icicles means the house is losing heat through the roof!
  • Sindyred
    Sindyred 1 year ago $200K would buy me a beautiful bathroom in NYC.
  • Bonnie Holman
    Bonnie Holman 5 months ago Love NYC but I feel your pain - so expensive there. Wish I had bought there 30 years ago *sigh*.
  • Diane McDermott
    Diane McDermott 2 years ago I like the design - I agree: drop the word art, the Mr. Mrs. above the bed, the sewing machine cabinet sink. And $60,000 is low for new kitchen 3 new baths, and new master. I notice that flip shows never include holding costs such as insurance, utilities, property taxes, and closing costs to sell. That's my opinion--Diane - 10 year flipper in New Mexico, and author of I Sold My House in a Raffle.
  • Angela Burress
    Angela Burress 1 month ago I'm guessing that they budget that my money out to cover those expenses when purchasing the house along side the reno budget. That makes logical sense along with they probably got a renovation loan along side of a regular loan to cover those expenses ijs🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
  • no further west
    no further west 2 years ago you basically did a total gut job plus and add on. and completed with high end finishes. now way that's possible for 60k
  • Tess DeCo
    Tess DeCo 1 year ago I was wondering about that!
  • Celi Cobain
    Celi Cobain 3 months ago Remember, they've got resources.
  • Lucy Gray
    Lucy Gray 3 months ago Not exactly high end. That kitchen is a Home Depot builder's special.
  • Songbird For Jesus
    Songbird For Jesus 1 year ago 50,000 to reno? I'm hysterically laughing with what slave labor?
  • Penny B
    Penny B 10 months ago Depends on area in the country. Not every state has the same wages. The target price was 190,000$
  • Cheryl Baldridge
    Cheryl Baldridge 1 year ago Why didn't they reuse that awesome kitchen sink?!
  • Anne Dwyer
    Anne Dwyer 1 year ago Yes! When they first toured the house, I was expecting one of them to say "we're gonna use the vintage sink".
  • Aarow666
    Aarow666 3 years ago Drinking game: Do a shot every time they say bungalow.
  • cynthia g
    cynthia g 2 years ago Or the word, "so".
  • A I
    A I 11 months ago If all that only cost 60k.... Ive been totally screwed by my contractor
  • mikeinbmore
    mikeinbmore 2 years ago How could they do an addition AND the rest of the work for ONLY $60k? I find this to be unrealistic.
  • Kate Castle
    Kate Castle 11 months ago I agree!
  • pure soul
    pure soul 7 months ago It is.
    FIRE SIGN 6 months ago They should do a BREAKDOWN...for the Viewers😊
  • prettymochame just T
    prettymochame just T 5 months ago Easy, it's just wood, you can build an entire house for the same. You're on DIY YouTube and should know better.
  • Dolcevita USA
    Dolcevita USA 5 months ago They must have gotten a lot of free labor and free products to come in at 60K.
  • Joy to you and me
    Joy to you and me 3 months ago That is less than $175 per square foot for the 350 sq ft addition and a kitchen, bath and add 1/2 bath. Totally unrealistic. I would need to see the cost breakdown.
  • prettymochame just T
    prettymochame just T 3 months ago @Joy to you and me please join us and come from under the rock, come to Texas, we'll build it for less
  • Harold
    Harold 2 months ago Agreed, that was a LOT for $60k. That kitchen was at least half that.
  • Diane kehn
    Diane kehn 2 months ago Of course you can do the Reno for $60k. It is 90% the cost of the house! proportionately, if you bought a house for $250k the cost of the Reno would be $225k.
  • rms 5194
    rms 5194 2 years ago I wonder how long that paint will last being done in the snow and freezing cold.
  • Angela Burress
    Angela Burress 1 month ago You do know that there is a such thing as outside weatherproof paint 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
  • Shinning StarJa
    Shinning StarJa 2 years ago Excellent job. The writing on the wall is a bit much for me
  • Nick H
    Nick H 2 years ago how can you work on a house built in 1909 and not realize there could be asbestos?especially when they have done lots before?
  • le th
    le th 1 year ago I was thinking the same thing. I've never bought or rehabbed a house and I knew those shingles had asbestos in them...because they are made from asbestos...without even needing a test.
  • Anne Dwyer
    Anne Dwyer 1 year ago There are LOTS of houses built 100+ yrs. ago that don't have asbestos siding! But I'll bet the lead plumbing and interior lead paint was still there, though, which probably most unrenovated houses pre-WWll have.
  • Toni Bauer
    Toni Bauer 1 year ago Yes, those were very obviously likely to be asbestos.
  • human
    human 11 months ago They knew but they pretended woe for drama? 👐 it’s show biz kid
  • Leigh Perry
    Leigh Perry 2 years ago I hope they didn't toss the original kitchen sink. Those old sinks are so in demand by people doing period restorations.
  • Lyric Blue
    Lyric Blue 2 years ago Leigh Perry that's what I thought too! I was kind of disappointed to see that it was gone. It looked like it may have had some rust towards the bottom (the attached cabinets) but I bet that could be sanded off & painted over?
  • Anne Dwyer
    Anne Dwyer 1 year ago I agree; I love big old sinks with a drying area, and rehabbers do love them.