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Скачать с ютуб |HD| Jeet Kune Do Pressure Point Knock Out ( Kyusho Jitsu- Dim Mak)| Melbourne Ri Chu Kung Fu

Опубликовано: 24 нояб. 2015 г. 21 799 944 просмотра

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|HD| Sifu CLaudius Chen introduces Application of Kyusho Jitsu (Dim Mak) - Pressure point knock out In Wing Tsun - Jeet Kune Do Close Combating and Self - Defence concepts - MMA ( Mix Martial arts ).

Self Defense Situations in this video: Hand - Wrist Grabbing Defense, Against Cross Single Collar Grab, Standing Rear Choke, Mental Nerve Pressure Point Choking from behind, Shirt Grab Defense, Neck Throat Grab Defense aka Front Choke Hold Escape, Standing Headlock Escape and others.

Joint locking techniques in this video: Wrist Locking, Crucifix Locking, Guillotine Choke, Arm Bar technique, Kimura Lock and other Pressure Point Choking Techniques.

Understanding why did Sifu Claudius Chen want to conduct the research on Pressure Points and Apply them to Jeet Kune Do concepts?

Sifu Claudius Chen is a practitioner of the next Jeet Kune Do generations. He did not create these Pressure Points and Joint Locking Techniques or try to create new form of combat. He just brings the art of Pressure Points - Kyusho Jitsu and combines with Jeet Kune Do concepts systems which is already researched by many people from previous generations. Ri Chu Jeet Kune Do which focus in researching and applying Pressure Point - Kyusho Jitsu to Jeet Kune Do in the most simple and effective aspects. Jeet Kune Do contains 5 ranges of fighting: Punching ranges, Kicking ranges, Trapping ranges, Grappling ranges and Ground fighting. Sifu Claudius Chen believes that not all aspects of Pressure Point can apply to all 5 ranges of Jeet Kune Do. He chose three main aspects of Kyusho Jitsu - Pressure Points. They are Pressing Point, Striking Points and Choking Points and they will be used at the most effective in Trapping Range and Grappling range of Jeet Kune Do for Close Quarter Combating. They also can be applied in some fundamental self defense situations like wrist grabs, collars or lapel & shirt grabs, neck throat grabs, headlock escape or other situations.

According to oriental medicine theory, some special people has very unique bones and muscles structure. Locating points and activate them on these people could be a little bit difficult. However as a JKD practitioner, we always have different options, if Pressure Points techniques does not work for some reasons with some people, we still have many techniques. RICHU JEET KUNE DO focus on Pressure Points And how to apply them in real life situation through Jeet Kune Do but it does not mean we do not research and practice on other styles of martial arts. Jeet kune do is simple, direct, practical and has no limitation. When Sifu Claudius Chen bring Pressure Points to apply in Jeet Kune Do, he wants to use them as a peaceful solution which is suitable for Australian communities as well as State Laws even some people may think that it is brutal. Sifu Claudius Chen wants to aims to weak points in combat which is enough to neutralize the opponents. Instead of attacking to groins, eyes ball, neck, pharynx, throat and other deadly points like other JKD practitioners which is tremendously dangerous. It is against the law of Australia if you accidentally kill someone or cause them terrible damages by self defense. Even when people attack you and you are victims. As you can see from this video, even one of the highest level techniques - Pressure Points Knocking Out techniques, we still have solutions to recover.

This note is sharing of Sifu Claudius Chen about why did Sifu Claudius Chen want to conduct the research on Pressure Points. It is also the laconically descriptions for the content of this video. The content of this video can be referred as an Introduction about Ri Chu Jeet Kune Do - Application of Kyusho Jitsu (Dim Mak) - Pressure points techniques In Wing Tsun - Jeet Kune Do Close Combating and Self - Defence concepts.

Note in 2019 and 2020: Please do not copy or testing any techniques of Jeet Kune Do pressure points - Kyusho Jitsu Dim Mak from this video or practice at home with other people. It is an introduction video, it is not a tutorial video with detail explanations about pressure points or how to activate them. It does not illustrate in detail the recovering stages after activating or striking points.

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  • rindoue dragonus
    rindoue dragonus 3 years ago Excellent display of pressure points that disable any opponent with little effort to reduce injury, Though in time I will train more with pressure points myself, but for now my main training consists of "Shaolin Kung Fu" and learning to adapt and control my chi. Given for now my martial arts skill isn't at your level yet and I have never had a teacher so I must learn the hard way, but one day I hope to get the chance to have a friendly sparring match with someone like you. Also I am in no way a savant, so it will take me many years to master and combine all types of techniques from many styles that I know, and some moves I made up as connections to flow between. Most who see this video will be impressed purely by the fighting aspects of this, but I myself from just martial arts am truly impressed by the balance health and inner peace and control that kung fu and other martial arts has taught me so far.
  • Dexter Truitt
    Dexter Truitt 1 year ago rindoue dragonu
  • Joovian ™
    Joovian ™ 2 years ago I tried one of these pressure points on my brother, and still waiting for him to wake up
  • Remy Mimou
    Remy Mimou 3 months ago ??Did he wake up yet Lol
  • Renan Lopes
    Renan Lopes 3 months ago @Remy Mimou I don't think so, it gets some time to get fully recovered...
  • Awe Min
    Awe Min 1 month ago 😂😂......
  • scooter bros
    scooter bros 2 weeks ago You forgot to cross his legs after the knock out, God where you paying attention.
  • ๖ۣۜLคKツ指
    ๖ۣۜLคKツ指 2 days ago JAJAJAJA
  • MikiZChannel
    MikiZChannel 1 year ago I strongly believe in Pressure Points and the guy definietly has the knowledge of them but putting those moves to use in a Fight is not as easy as shown in this Video. Still keep up the Tradition and Teach what you love.
  • James
    James 3 years ago (edited) my uncle is amazing at kung-fu and he did some pressure point stuff on me one time, holy crappie it's uncomfortable it's kinda like when you feel a current of electricity your body kinda seizes up
  • 肌肉也文艺
    肌肉也文艺 2 years ago china means 点穴。dianxue
  • SaintZ
    SaintZ 7 months ago I'm starting my 2 year Kyushu Jitsu/Dim Mak course next month. Watching this got me very excited to learn new pressure points, and to find different implications for them in different martial arts styles.
  • Melbourne Ri Chu Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do Academy
    Melbourne Ri Chu Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do Academy 4 months ago Which country do you live now? and who is your Kyusho Jitsu Teacher ?.
  • thanglong pham
    thanglong pham 11 months ago it is real. when I was a kid, I practiced Karate, but my master knew these techniques, he did it on students so the students can feel it. I first thought he lied, I stepped up and challenged him. he did the one with the spot near elbow. it hurt really bad. cant do anything.
  • Ana King
    Ana King 3 years ago (edited) FLAWLESS!!!!!!!! Training with him would be the 2nd best thing to training with Bruce Lee..!!! I would LOVE for him to be my teacher!! and I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels this way!!
  • King GrooveSauce
    King GrooveSauce 2 years ago This guys skills are amazing, what's that technique called he uses at 0:40 ass smack Jeen doe?
  • best channel
    best channel 1 year ago Pressure Point Knock Out .
  • Daniel Lazo
    Daniel Lazo 3 months ago that technique is of paralysis when you use those 3 points to the nervous system you leave the opponent paralyzed so that it falls, that movements have to be fast and accurate, what he did after the teacher was to restore those points (nervous system or chakra) and he has to make it fast because if the individual cannot look bad, those points are called chakra
  • Blicca Man
    Blicca Man 3 years ago awesome man, I just subscribed. Not too many people have executable knowledge of pressure points. and even fewer are able to use that knowledge in a real fight. but I can see you know what you're doing very fluidly and I give you my respect
  • plio pov
    plio pov 1 year ago (edited) 4:56 do that to me and I'll be angry. Seriously can injure the student. Otherwise skilled guys. Metal nunchaku is so deadly even for yourself you have to have guts^^
  • Tai Chi Tube
    Tai Chi Tube 10 months ago So-so skills. Yeah that was a cheap fast arm twist, not good for safe training.
  • Andy Ingwersen
    Andy Ingwersen 2 years ago Thank you for this video. Do you have simplified versions of this so I could train with some friends of mine.
  • Eng Hsiung Chin
    Eng Hsiung Chin 3 weeks ago Dont ever tried it yourself without supervision of a master otherwise you might send your friend to coffin.There are some cases accidentally made.My sincere advice. No joking.
  • Laviossa Potter
    Laviossa Potter 1 year ago I'm in love with him......😍😍 OMG how could he do this?????
  • TheSkullsavage
    TheSkullsavage 4 years ago to me.......Bruce Lee and his JKD is basically expressing yourself, find what fits you and use it, it's not really just set on his own way, he wanted to teach people to find themselves not a style.......thats just my thought on it all
  • Rance davis
    Rance davis 1 year ago you are absolutely right, that is what bruce lee encouraged, not to be a carbon copy of someone else but to be the very best version of yourself
  • Jonathan Van Winkle
    Jonathan Van Winkle 10 months ago May I ask when the men are struck and the teacher folds their legs and hits the back of the neck, have they stopped breathing? It seems as if the teacher has to reverse the strike,,or possibly what happens? Many thanks from Kentucky USA..
  • Rhandy Mendoza
    Rhandy Mendoza 1 year ago The Avengers need this man to do some pressure on thanos 😂
  • Kundo Ghan Training
    Kundo Ghan Training 3 years ago Great man, very young and very strong! I hope you come to Barcelona someday =)
  • Hyper Drive
    Hyper Drive 3 months ago I'd think thrice before even joking around with this teen. Hahaha he's only 4 years older than me i think(if he's 18). And his skills far exceeds a normal teen would have. Look how calm he is when doing these stuff.
  • ztype232323
    ztype232323 3 years ago wow I thought I was gonna see a whole lot of dumb negative comments but glad to see other wise! Great video man!
  • 고등 지능 ODINS trash
    고등 지능 ODINS trash 1 year ago ztype232323 “dumb negative” oh you mean fighters and people with valid points?
  • Vibhuti Sharma
    Vibhuti Sharma 2 months ago It's an amazing technique without the use of any weapon and making our hands weapons... 👏👏Every girl must know this technique... For being self dependent for their defense 🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏🙏
  • Drain The Swamp
    Drain The Swamp 3 months ago Most comments are about your technique. I agree it's amazing but I was also very impressed by your striking speed.