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Скачать с ютуб TOP 10 | Extraordinarily UNIQUE Blind Auditions in The Voice

Опубликовано: 18 янв. 2020 г. 3 645 520 просмотров

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Using a looping machine, a special instrument or just going all out on stage. These Blind Auditions are amazingly unique!
What’s your favorite performance? Let us know in the comments below👇

🚨 This video features the following performances:
1. Sidoine sings “Reseaux” by Niska
2. Oxa sings “Toy” by Netta
3. Four Unity sing “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong
4. Shpylyasti Kobzari sings “Shchedryk” by Mykola Leontovych
5. Nelson Braveheart sings “X (EQUIS)” by Nicky Jam x J. Balvin
6. Hannah Featherstone sings “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone
7. Maryna Krut sings “Creep” by Radiohead
8. Stefanie Stuber sings “Ghost Walking” by Lamb Of God
9. Philip Lebedev sings “Beggin'” by Madcon
10. Siki Jo-An sings “The Click Song” by Miriam Makeba

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  • Nicholas Munro
    Nicholas Munro 3 недели назад (изменено) 8:25 put subtitles on. do it.
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    Cesar Nino 2 недели назад Nicholas Munro I saw this on Instagram and thought it was fake so I checked it out
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    Laura Spolnik 4 месяца назад Nobody gonna talk about how much like harry styles the first guy looks?
  • Mark Kingston
    Mark Kingston 3 месяца назад Yeah but this guy could actually sing.
  • Ana Hetfield
    Ana Hetfield 3 месяца назад why every second person on youtube writes that this or that guy looking alike Harry Styles? The first person looks like actor from The Mentalist; Patrick ;) with Harry Styles has none similarity except the hair.
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    Abry Garcia 3 месяца назад Laura Spolnik even the clothes!
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    Dorian Maréchal 3 месяца назад Vive la France
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    Peter Rabbit 3 месяца назад ingeniouskoala are you high?? Heath ledger?
  • Liba H
    Liba H 3 месяца назад Him and the metal lady were the best imo, but every single one of these were entertaining. Hard to pick a favorite!
  • Ezequiel Flores
    Ezequiel Flores 3 месяца назад For me looks like therion greyoy can sing
    I AM IRON MAN 2 месяца назад @Mark Kingston ooh.....burn
  • Khoa Lykan
    Khoa Lykan 2 месяца назад Peter Rabbit lmao😂
  • iamlediane
    iamlediane 2 месяца назад I restarted to check the name hahaha
  • veronica medina
    veronica medina 2 недели назад Somebody knows the songs name?
    ILYESIT'STECH Неделю назад @veronica medina french rap -niska réseaux -
  • Solo Crespo
    Solo Crespo Неделю назад Mark Kingston Search for Harry Styles! You wont regret listening to his music
  • Shay M
    Shay M Неделю назад @Mark Kingston are you crazy? Harry has an amazing voice lol
  • Vic
    Vic 5 дней назад I mean the song y'all non french can't understand it lmaoooo 🤪😭😭
  • Ithil Nin
    Ithil Nin 4 месяца назад The one from Thailand was beautifully ironic. 4 blind people singing about seeing all of those wonderful things. Lovely!!
  • Barbara Vance
    Barbara Vance 4 месяца назад (изменено) Exactly! Clever! ( Edit: fixed auto correct's spelling.🤭)
  • Ithil Nin
    Ithil Nin 4 месяца назад Barbara Vance, very
  • Fikri Wahyudi
    Fikri Wahyudi 4 месяца назад They actually tell the wonder of this world better than most of us who seeing it everyday.
  • Mergim Ukaj
    Mergim Ukaj 4 месяца назад nothing new blind ppl singing in a choir
  • Barbara Vance
    Barbara Vance 4 месяца назад @Mergim Ukaj No one said blind singers are new. Their choice of song is quite interesting and clever.
  • Dominik Zabrzeski
    Dominik Zabrzeski 3 месяца назад Blind audition in blind audition
  • jennyfer torres
    jennyfer torres 3 месяца назад Min 12. Name of song?
  • alfredo jose Moreno
    alfredo jose Moreno 3 месяца назад This is the comment that i was looking for
  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis 3 месяца назад It maybe iconic but they couldn't harmonize. IMHO
  • Donna Hogan
    Donna Hogan 3 месяца назад jennyfer torres What A Wonderful World
  • Barbara Vance
    Barbara Vance 3 месяца назад @Dominik Zabrzeski Exactly!😁
  • Euwinn Frani
    Euwinn Frani 3 месяца назад They sing it to get a picture of what the world looks like
  • Lucky Lukas
    Lucky Lukas 2 месяца назад Are all four of them blind? the snapper and the far left girl seem like their eyes are fine
  • Nahleen Dee
    Nahleen Dee 2 месяца назад thats a blind audition for real
  • Royal Rai
    Royal Rai Неделю назад Unfortunately that was blind audition !!!
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    Kori McDonald 3 недели назад You know why you’re here... 8:27 (captions)
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    Redfighter100 3 недели назад r/dankmemes brought me heree
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    Kyanx 2 недели назад Hero we dont need but we deserve.
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    Antonio Carracedo 2 недели назад I just clicked on this video because of Clumsy’s latest Dank Doodle Memes upload
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    Aitor Uriarte 2 недели назад Antonio Carracedo same
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    Luis Fermin 2 недели назад Shut up 😂😂😂
  • Damiano Proietti L.
    Damiano Proietti L. Неделю назад Lmaoo
  • Muklis Cahyono
    Muklis Cahyono 4 месяца назад The girl who sing hard metal is really awesome..
  • Doctor_Fistus
    Doctor_Fistus 3 месяца назад So trueeeeee
  • Living In Christ
    Living In Christ 2 месяца назад sounded like satan himself singing..that's not music , it's noise.
  • Steffi Swoboda
    Steffi Swoboda 2 месяца назад @Living In Christ lol you little troll :-) you have no idea how hard it is to "sing" like this.
  • Dávid Bacsa
    Dávid Bacsa 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Steffi Swoboda Something being hard does not equal being good though. But I agree, it's really hard to sing like this.
  • Steffi Swoboda
    Steffi Swoboda 2 месяца назад @Dávid Bacsa I didnt say it was good or excellent. I just didnt like the troll with the whole satan stuff. This was such a stupid comment. It is not the kind of music I listen to - but I know its hard to sing it.
  • Hunbun Bubblegum
    Hunbun Bubblegum 1 месяц назад @Living In Christ Tell me the bible verse that says that metal is satanic
  • Silviu Raulio
    Silviu Raulio 1 месяц назад I like your sense of humour :)))
  • laptopgirl09
    laptopgirl09 1 месяц назад Not to discredit the singer, but those musicians are awesome. I'm sure they're used to playing typical pop/rock songs for auditions, not heavy metal!
  • Shawn Putnam
    Shawn Putnam 2 недели назад @laptopgirl09 you know goddamn well THEY WERE LIVING.. how often would they ever get to perform something like that? I'm a flautist/pianist (both lapsed) but holy sheetballs I would love to play on somethign like that. Worthy of Metallica
  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider Неделю назад Living In Christ Oh please enlighten us oh wise one, what is music?
  • Pablo Ferreto
    Pablo Ferreto 3 месяца назад Why is no one talking about the second participant? That was entertaining as hell!
  • Mallory
    Mallory 3 месяца назад she was actually a dancer for JLo :D
  • Steffy Reyna
    Steffy Reyna 3 месяца назад La de amarillo? Sabes cómo se llama?
  • Hugo Luminato
    Hugo Luminato 3 месяца назад @Steffy Reyna se llama Oxa. Su instagram es oooxaaa 🥰
  • Steffy Reyna
    Steffy Reyna 3 месяца назад @Hugo Luminato uhhh gracias por la data!!
  • Bill Hager
    Bill Hager 3 месяца назад @Mallory you sure it was female
  • Kuro
    Kuro 3 месяца назад true but she cant really sing; she just has a strong voice
  • Thomas Speck
    Thomas Speck 3 месяца назад Entertaining and very much talent - but I personally am not into ths shemale/Drag thing.
  • Kuro
    Kuro 3 месяца назад @Thomas Speck she cant even sing; shes off key. She may have a powerful voice, but that doesnt mean she can sing
  • Nathan Back
    Nathan Back 3 месяца назад Just saying that Oxa is a Brazilian performer
  • sid stewart
    sid stewart 3 месяца назад Because it was crap
  • Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 3 месяца назад He sings very good!! Look up Born this way by him (Oxa) This performance was just for entertainment
  • sriya
    sriya 3 месяца назад @Bill Hager why ya'll gotta be so hateful
  • Lara S
    Lara S 3 месяца назад Bill Hager she said she neither identfies herself as female nor male but wants to be referred to with „she“
  • Sarah Dupertoin
    Sarah Dupertoin 2 месяца назад @Lara S still a he
  • Aloka Ayemi
    Aloka Ayemi 2 месяца назад @Mallory he????
  • Naila Moura
    Naila Moura 2 месяца назад He
  • Ich Bins
    Ich Bins 2 месяца назад @Kuro she can. She Made it to the sing offs/knock outs
  • Zanashta
    Zanashta 1 месяц назад @Thomas Speck lmao who are you?? What pièce of $hit are people like you to say they don't agree with someone's life whereas it has no bound whith music?? I complain your children so much, it's horrible to grow up knowing your parents shouldn't support you anymore if you devide to be what you want to be... Happily, people are not all in narrow-minded stuff like you... your lil brain will never change talent, you even don't manage to change your pricky life...
  • Zanashta
    Zanashta 1 месяц назад @Sarah Dupertoin no, educate yourself, when someone choses à genre you have to respect it and basta
  • Zanashta
    Zanashta 1 месяц назад @Kuro or you don't even take some seconds to look at her perfs, or you're just deaf...
  • Zanashta
    Zanashta 1 месяц назад @sid stewart go buy yourself some ears... oops you can't
  • Kuro
    Kuro 1 месяц назад @Zanashta I can see you're hella salty in the comments, so imma just let you throw your little temper tantrum in peace, have a nice day <3
  • Zanashta
    Zanashta 1 месяц назад The only one salty who agreed with a transphobic $hitty guy with apparently no objectivity is not me dude, may your heart be a lil more peaceful than the one you actually have in the chest
  • Zanashta
    Zanashta 1 месяц назад Thomas Speck maybe YouTube delete your answer (it means a lot...) because I saw it in my alert but not here, so I could only read the beginning: no, contrary to what you say, transphoby and homophoby ARE NOT AN OPINION, IT'S JUST HATE. And you dare in the same message talk about tolerance?!?!? The hospital and the charity you know... So I still complain your children, if they are LGBTQ they would hardly tell a "dad" like you... Ps: hope you don't listen Queen if you don't like "Drag stuff"...🤣😂
  • Kuro
    Kuro 2 дня назад @Zanashta dont worry im entirely at peace with myself; surprisingly im trans myself. Trans-male. And I see in no way how this person is being subjectively trans-phobic. Have fun with your lil temper tantrum, <3
  • Zanashta
    Zanashta 2 дня назад You have a serious problem so,it's exactly because of his TRANSPHOBIC words his coms has been removed, which is extremely rare from Youtube. He even told me when I said his children could be trans, before being erased, it would be an education fail for him if his son would choose to be "another genre",and I answered him a trans is born with a genre, it's not s choice and nobody has to "disagree" with that, period. So when someone says looking at you "I 'm not for your drag queen thing" like he did for the singer, respect you a lil more and begin to consider that kind of words are insulting. Maybe you need something more than peace...
  • Mark Kingston
    Mark Kingston 3 месяца назад The French and then the Ukrainians have consistently given me the most unique acts across time.
  • thethumper088
    thethumper088 3 месяца назад That's what I like about France, though. They aren't afraid to take a risk. I quit watching in the U.S. cuz it's always the same and their is way too much country and soul.
  • KY
    KY 3 месяца назад Yeh but the French are also posers
  • Mark Kingston
    Mark Kingston 3 месяца назад @KY You mean a bit like yourself looking for attention with your comment??
  • ツLe Comité
    ツLe Comité 3 месяца назад Yas
  • Nemesis Kurosaki
    Nemesis Kurosaki 3 месяца назад I think French judges don't get surprise with looper's anymore after MB14 at 2016.
  • Alicia
    Alicia 3 месяца назад @KY which ones are posers ?
  • Frank Christian
    Frank Christian 3 месяца назад They are all humans you separating pieces of dung.
  • Yasu Fujimi~
    Yasu Fujimi~ 3 месяца назад Je comprends rien à ce que vous ditent mais bon apparemment on ose prendre des risques 😭😂
  • Akite
    Akite 3 месяца назад @Yasu Fujimi~ tabuse cest de langlais de base mddrr
  • Mark Kingston
    Mark Kingston 2 месяца назад @Frank Christian Operating at capacity I see
  • darkchip91
    darkchip91 2 месяца назад i m french thx bro
  • Kiekoebou Fury
    Kiekoebou Fury 1 месяц назад Because we are the best in France , I'm French
  • Jérémy Lemonnier
    Jérémy Lemonnier 3 недели назад Vive la France par contre cette audition est loin d'être la meilleure
  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname 3 месяца назад (изменено) What I got from watching talent shows: Sax players have the best style Ukrainian people have the clearest angel-like voices Heavy metal girls are unexpected but get the most hype French ppl have the dopest songs
  • Loïc st
    Loïc st 2 месяца назад (изменено) The French song is very famous in France but it's not the same style ... It's very weird to hear it in this version 😅 the real version is Niska~réseaux
  • Zoya G.C.
    Zoya G.C. 1 месяц назад Yeah us French guys got some songs😂
  • Lily Fellowes
    Lily Fellowes 6 дней назад The song, from a foreigner would sound cool but omg.....the lyrics are just so bad 😂😭😭
  • Aw Man
    Aw Man 3 недели назад Youtube: racist? We don’t do that here. Also Youtube: ni99aaaaaaa
  • Peachey
    Peachey 2 недели назад Well it’s auto generated so it’s not YouTube, also it did sound like he said it
  • BmUwU
    BmUwU 2 недели назад @Peachey tranquilos amigos, yo le pregunte
  • Smiley L
    Smiley L 4 месяца назад The 3rd ones, omg. They can't even see and they're singing about the wonderment of what they see. Really touching. Well done.
  • ChristianSander1969
    ChristianSander1969 4 месяца назад Well, it is called 'Blind Audition' isn't it ?!
  • Smiley L
    Smiley L 4 месяца назад @ChristianSander1969 Har Har
  • Edi Santoso
    Edi Santoso 4 месяца назад The last singer is a queen
  • Wayne Grove
    Wayne Grove 4 месяца назад Qongqothwane is a traditional song of the xhosa people of South Africa . It is sung at weddings to bring good fortune. In the western world it is mainly known as The Click Song.. Passing information from a very Proud south african
  • Edi Santoso
    Edi Santoso 4 месяца назад Amazing...! Thank you for the info
  • Matthew
    Matthew 3 месяца назад @Wayne Grove being someone from a (mostly) western country (Croatia) I simply ADORE Mama Africa and how she sang traditional Xhosa and other songs 😍❤
  • Nilziane Barbosa
    Nilziane Barbosa 3 месяца назад Amazing❤
  • Thiago Armond
    Thiago Armond 2 месяца назад @Wayne Grove yeaaah those clicks are awesome. Thanks for infos, love it.
  • Olzhas Suleimenov
    Olzhas Suleimenov 2 месяца назад Yeahhhh,nice singerrrrr👍🤗
    JUAN CARLOS PAYAN VIDAL 3 недели назад Anybody knows the name of the fabulous singer?
  • Edi Santoso
    Edi Santoso 3 недели назад Siki Jo-An
  • Samer Rihani
    Samer Rihani 4 месяца назад If that last performance with the clicking doesn't blow your mind, then I don't know what will
  • bubgum00
    bubgum00 4 месяца назад Samer Rihani A bomb will.
  • Smartaki
    Smartaki 4 месяца назад oooo yesss!!!
  • Leda Hrdltschkw
    Leda Hrdltschkw 4 месяца назад It did! I know the "click song" many years, original from Miriam Makeba.
  • Jan jan
    Jan jan 4 месяца назад She was phenomenal....❤️❤️❤️
  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 2 недели назад there are languages where you use the clicking while talking, I am sure thats her language
  • Julie Pavlovic
    Julie Pavlovic 3 дня назад click languages are so fucking beautiful...
  • Sleepy Lady
    Sleepy Lady 3 месяца назад Me during the performances in different languages: I don't understand but I like it!
  • Angel -_-
    Angel -_- 1 месяц назад Concuerdo xd
  • Melissa Emilly
    Melissa Emilly Неделю назад Igual comigo
  • Akevai Taipari
    Akevai Taipari 4 месяца назад (изменено) That vocal fry from that heavy metal chick is extrodianary!!! 💪 🤘
  • lucas canler
    lucas canler 3 месяца назад Akevai Taipari that was Lamb of god « gost walking »
  • Zunii YT
    Zunii YT 3 месяца назад LOVE IT!!!
  • swagnamite1337
    swagnamite1337 3 месяца назад >inhaling
  • Melanie gz
    Melanie gz 2 месяца назад LA MEJOR
  • Bianca Ghenade
    Bianca Ghenade 2 месяца назад Hell yeah 😍
  • Lucida Rose
    Lucida Rose 4 месяца назад (изменено) The heavy metal technique was unique lol.
  • esteban martineau
    esteban martineau 3 месяца назад Lucida Rose a guy from la voix in french from Québec did metal too cheak it out if you whant 🙂
  • carlos medina
    carlos medina 2 месяца назад Awesome.!!!
  • BeaTTina16
    BeaTTina16 1 месяц назад you breathe in for the heavy voice and for normal sing you breathe out, this is the trick.
  • Ladite Gaga
    Ladite Gaga 4 месяца назад (изменено) The first one to introduce beat boxing and the loopstation was in The Voice France, in 2016... His name was MB14... :)
  • Ladite Gaga
    Ladite Gaga 3 месяца назад His blind audition "Gangsta Paradise" by Coolio :
  • Ladite Gaga
    Ladite Gaga 3 месяца назад (изменено) To me, his best performance "Quand C'est" by Stromae : It's a song talking about Cancer ("Who is, who is, who is the next one").
  • Flexpurpl •
    Flexpurpl • 3 месяца назад No its not him
  • Ladite Gaga
    Ladite Gaga 3 месяца назад @Flexpurpl • Who then?
  • zizographie
    zizographie 3 месяца назад Not him
  • victoire
    victoire 3 месяца назад @Ladite Gaga it's Sidoine ;)
  • Ladite Gaga
    Ladite Gaga 3 месяца назад @victoire Je parlais de la première personne a avoir introduit le beatbox à The Voice en 2016, pas de la première personne dans la vidéo ^^ .
  • victoire
    victoire 3 месяца назад @Ladite Gaga ha oui désolée j'ai mal lu ...😆 Donc oui effectivement je valide mb14 !
  • Margaux Fujol
    Margaux Fujol 3 месяца назад No is nit the same guys
  • Flexpurpl •
    Flexpurpl • 3 месяца назад ahhh oui j’avais mal lu aussi désolé aha
  • koka2a
    koka2a 3 месяца назад victoire ça a été modifié son commentaire donc on pourra jamais savoir si elle s’était mal exprimée au début ou si en effet c’est toi qui a mal compris.
  • ツLe Comité
    ツLe Comité 3 месяца назад Yup