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Скачать с ютуб Guns N' Roses - November Rain (Audio) HQ

Опубликовано: 23 мая 2018 г. 14 497 458 просмотров

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  • Sergio Payan
    Sergio Payan 2 weeks ago Listening during the quarantine of 2020 thanks to the “invisible enemy” known as COVID-19...... This to shall come to pass.....
  • gerald 413
    gerald 413 2 weeks ago Not until it has taken a terrible toll unfortunately ☹️.
  • Julian 07
    Julian 07 2 weeks ago Yeah😐 In quarantine... But Guns N' Roses❤ Now im feelin' good😁🎵
  • Jorge Garza
    Jorge Garza 1 week ago Will It . . . . ?!
  • AnØnymØus ÜnHøLy DarK CrØwÑ
    AnØnymØus ÜnHøLy DarK CrØwÑ 1 week ago CORONA : I FEAR NO MAN BUT THAT THING november IT SCARES ME
  • Joe Biden
    Joe Biden 1 week ago Times like these is a better song for quarantine
  • Tomani
    Tomani 1 week ago Nothing lasts forever. Even coronavirus.
  • M e r y
    M e r y 1 week ago Tomani yea, thats true
  • Avner Sad
    Avner Sad 1 day ago Nothing last forever,even fucking covid 19
  • ecj272
    ecj272 1 day ago gerald 413 thats the saddest part about this whole ordeal.