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Опубликовано: 12 нояб. 2016 г. 1 694 148 просмотров

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D85 KOMATSU BULLDOZER left and abandon . Recovered by Finn wallis Bandfcontractorsltd New Zealland.

  • Daon3nug
    Daon3nug 1 year ago I miss the old days when shit could sit for 15 years and start without even changing the oil/old gas.(not positive that happens in this clip.)
  • JohnBoyDeere
    JohnBoyDeere 1 year ago Another good video ruined by stupid music:(
  • g zimmermann
    g zimmermann 1 year ago its not that bad. chill out.
  • JohnBoyDeere
    JohnBoyDeere 1 year ago (edited) @g zimmermann True (to a degree...) as there really is far worse "noise" overdubbed vid's out there, har!
  • Shawn Parrish
    Shawn Parrish 1 year ago It's pretty terrible.
  • Bryan bortko
    Bryan bortko 1 year ago Yup!🤬
  • Random American
    Random American 1 year ago You must have the limited edition phone without volume control.
  • Syd G
    Syd G 1 year ago JohnBoyDeere ,
  • Shane Owen
    Shane Owen 1 year ago I picture my two favorite female pornstars eating booty to the music and just watch the video
  • huddy32
    huddy32 1 year ago No shit
  • Aaron Birkholz
    Aaron Birkholz 1 year ago Oh gosh, why??? NO MUSIC LOL
  • Rafael Villalobos
    Rafael Villalobos 1 year ago @g zimmermann 6
  • trucker 5167
    trucker 5167 1 year ago @Random American 😂😂😂
    ABC ABC 1 year ago zimmermann  music SUCKS
  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young 1 year ago Sounds like 70s John Holmes porn tunes. lol
  • Martin Jones
    Martin Jones 1 year ago Poxy music always spoils the real sounds on videos
  • Allan Talbott
    Allan Talbott 1 year ago Alan jacshon
  • john turner
    john turner 1 year ago How about Roxy Music?
    STIIMPRA97 5 months ago Poxy music....thats the fucking chemical brothers ponce boy :)
  • billiebaz
    billiebaz 2 months ago @STIIMPRA97 Nicely said Ole Bean, He's a fucking Slag
  • C Smith
    C Smith 1 year ago Cool.
  • Syd G
    Syd G 1 year ago Like a giant clam!
  • hunter suggs
    hunter suggs 1 year ago Haha damn that made me happy! I can’t believe it ran. And I can believe it ran and someone left it there. I need a find like this!
  • Maximum Hardcore
    Maximum Hardcore 1 year ago 15 yrs isn’t even a catnap for old heavy equipment
  • Subix Barbarasson
    Subix Barbarasson 1 year ago How long does diesel last? Does it ever expire or go bad?
  • Stephen Clark
    Stephen Clark 1 year ago @Subix Barbarasson yes diesel molds
  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 1 year ago About two years
  • Jim Hammond
    Jim Hammond 1 year ago Thumbs up to the people who rescued the komatsu great job
  • Finn Wallis
    Finn Wallis 1 year ago Thank you . It took 40 hours with the digger and a few man hours very exciting times
  • Lawrence Coogan
    Lawrence Coogan 1 year ago Absolutely fantastic well done on the recovery and restoration of the past equipment nothing better than old machinery given new life.
  • SvenE 77
    SvenE 77 1 year ago Old Bulldozer from the Hoffmanns 😂😂
  • Douglas Weller
    Douglas Weller 1 year ago Great job! I just recovered a Fiat Allis dozer that was parked. It is great to get them to fire up after years of sitting.
  • Mattywho
    Mattywho 1 year ago That guy standing on the track needs to give those shorts back to his wife !
  • Martyn Watson
    Martyn Watson 1 year ago that's new zealand mate.
  • Matt allen
    Matt allen 1 year ago Rugby shorts dickhead.
  • Dave Jarvis
    Dave Jarvis 1 year ago @Martyn Watson Oh. That explains it
  • Jared Smith
    Jared Smith 1 year ago @Matt allen damn seppos and their lack of knowledge about other cultures haha
  • Martyn Watson
    Martyn Watson 1 year ago Matt allen his wife’s rugby shorts?
  • Matt allen
    Matt allen 1 year ago @Martyn Watson Rather play rugby than poxy football
  • Martyn Watson
    Martyn Watson 1 year ago @Matt allen black ferns?
  • Kraig Gustavsson
    Kraig Gustavsson 1 year ago You would notice that
  • Matt allen
    Matt allen 1 year ago @Martyn Watson they would still beat the american mens team
  • integr8er66
    integr8er66 1 year ago @Matt allen ya but their shorts are still gay as hell
  • Wayne Pickhardt
    Wayne Pickhardt 1 year ago LMFAO!
  • Fix it Force Morrissey
    Fix it Force Morrissey 1 year ago Ever stop to think that people do things differently around the world? The guy typing dumb comments should go jump off a cliff... aka you
  • Matt allen
    Matt allen 1 year ago @Fix it Force Morrissey Yeah, the septics have to be the most ignorant nation on the planet
  • Savea Emani
    Savea Emani 11 months ago @Jared Smith ww Ww M
  • mark carey
    mark carey 6 months ago In New Zealand we wear short shorts if we want to. Seems like in the US you're not allowed?
  • Doxie Lain
    Doxie Lain 6 months ago @mark carey US sexist bros, just syh
  • Edward Caissie
    Edward Caissie 1 year ago Old iron never dies
  • Dj Aljon
    Dj Aljon 1 year ago Edward Caissie yes old equipments are better than the new....they are tougher and stronger...
  • Dave Pawson
    Dave Pawson 1 year ago Only a Kiwi could pull off wearing Rugby shorts while rescuing a dozer.
  • Michele beck
    Michele beck 8 months ago As a kiwi wood merchant im proud to say i wear stubbies as standard!
  • Alabama
    Alabama 1 year ago Do you know what the project was that it was being used for?
  • Vendetta M
    Vendetta M 1 year ago Oh please look at it do you really thing that was abandoned for 15 years ? Yeah
  • terrenceo825
    terrenceo825 1 year ago Pipeline with that style angle blade
  • Wh Gordon
    Wh Gordon 1 year ago Moving dirt!
  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 8 months ago @terrenceo825 yea casue the kiwis clearly have tons of pipeline work said no one ever. If you wouldve said for right of way clearing that would be more accurate but theres lots of shit that uses angled blades for row clearing not just pipelines
  • Fuat Aydın
    Fuat Aydın 1 year ago Koltuk için siyasi emellerinizi bütün youtube videolarına reklam olarak yansıtacak kadar aşağılık din tüccarlarısınız.
  • James Raymond CreativePhotography
    James Raymond CreativePhotography 4 months ago Spectacular, I would love to find a Farmall Cub n implements to use I'm my gardens, wishful thinking,
  • Wayne Pickhardt
    Wayne Pickhardt 1 year ago When I saw it puff smoke, I knew it was going to fire up. I like the fact they didn't drown it with either. Nice job!
  • Arthur Bradley
    Arthur Bradley 1 year ago Freak yea. Could have been mine, too. Lucky find. Glad you got it.
  • JT Survival Systems
    JT Survival Systems 1 year ago Kill the music at the moment of Truth!!!
  • Arthur Bradley
    Arthur Bradley 1 year ago Curious how things end up like that.