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Опубликовано: 25 нояб. 2018 г. 11 866 405 просмотров

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  • bradley hookey
    bradley hookey 4 months ago (edited) 5:05 dad: “did you grab the house keys before we closed the house?” me: “I thought you grabbed them?” dad: “you little SH#T!”🏃🏾‍♂️👋🏾🏃🏾‍♂️
  • Mila KZ
    Mila KZ 1 year ago только стоят все эти "гениальные" вещи ой как не дешево, да и вряд ли многое из этого долго прослужит
  • Екатерина Димова
    Екатерина Димова 1 year ago Прослужит, если бережно относиться, а не долбить и рвать
  • John Kemis
    John Kemis 1 year ago @Екатерина Димова если есть время на бережное отношение, то тогда и сил на жизнь без этих удобств хватит. так что бессмысленны эти вещи исходя из вашего понимания
  • Natasha Turpin
    Natasha Turpin 1 year ago @Екатерина Димова MI
  • I LOVE FCBarcelona
    I LOVE FCBarcelona 1 year ago Например первое может сломаться
  • Piter Ne Spit
    Piter Ne Spit 1 year ago Ну не все же выбирают интерьер по принципу подешевле, и на века?) 🤣
  • Vadim Aiko
    Vadim Aiko 1 year ago Пиздани еще чего нибуть умного, тупая пизда.
  • Kathleen Patton
    Kathleen Patton 10 months ago I LOVE FCBarcelona you
  • z Wynex
    z Wynex 9 months ago Mila KZ Halts Maul
  • Sansara Hara
    Sansara Hara 9 months ago перегородки из лего это богично)) Я бы не отказалась.
    ГОРЬКИЙ ШОКОЛАД 8 months ago @Sansara Hara 100% согласна! Ещё "настенные" стол и стулья очень понравились))
  • zeldagoblin
    zeldagoblin 1 year ago Every item probably costs more than my entire house
  • kez kezooie
    kez kezooie 1 year ago zeldagoblin Mine too. I'm definitely going to look into making a version that step thingy when I redo my kitchen though. If it turns out well, I'll do one for other storage areas. I have high ceilings so it will be great to utilize all the wall height without having to grab the ladder when I want to access the higher parts.
  • Rescal
    Rescal 1 year ago the one on 9:42 seems affordable oh it cost around 200$ that is a legit price :O
  • Marie Dora
    Marie Dora 1 year ago 😂
  • Walter Hill
    Walter Hill 1 year ago Isn't it awesome in this day and age that anything that is actually built well is more costly then most can afford?
  • Old Yeller
    Old Yeller 1 year ago Except the first one, the step. That actually IS an affordable, and a great idea.
    bish DISGOSTING 1 year ago What kind of house do you have?
  • john kean
    john kean 1 year ago But worth it nonetheless!!!
  • Afet Esgerova
    Afet Esgerova 1 year ago 🤗🖒
  • Yunakook 13
    Yunakook 13 11 months ago zeldagoblin ang it will cost more electricity bills lol
  • Yunakook 13
    Yunakook 13 11 months ago You know theres some new devices ;-;
  • Lifestyle Dreamers
    Lifestyle Dreamers 11 months ago even if its cheap, it's probably gonna cost more than my entire house lol
  • rl singh
    rl singh 10 months ago @kez kezooie ruttg
  • chanda jha
    chanda jha 8 months ago Hmm
  • nounours girl
    nounours girl 8 months ago 9:23 who can give me a link of the product please?
  • Maddie's Gacha World
    Maddie's Gacha World 3 months ago The first one doesn't look too expensive.
  • Maddie's Gacha World
    Maddie's Gacha World 3 months ago @Lifestyle Dreamers Oof, lol
  • Mehul R
    Mehul R 2 months ago You said it
  • Prince Rain
    Prince Rain 1 year ago Not that impressive or practical . Just like the Lego wall
  • Cat Full of Joy
    Cat Full of Joy 1 year ago 5:05 You can survive a zombie apocalypse living there. Or even the Bird Box monsters. Either way, that home is great for when the world is coming to an end.
  • Eddie Crozier
    Eddie Crozier 1 year ago I was thinking that too 😂😂😂
  • BjörkTheBest
    BjörkTheBest 9 months ago Yeah and what if you get trapped in there?
  • Buffaloleroy Fc-
    Buffaloleroy Fc- 9 months ago Cat Full of Joy thats what I think but what about a nuke?!?!?!?!?!?
  • Khalfan Muhammed
    Khalfan Muhammed 9 months ago @Eddie Crozier ممخزممظ. انا جج
  • Mid Heaven
    Mid Heaven 6 months ago @Khalfan Muhammed. Όπως τα λες.
  • kennkoala
    kennkoala 3 months ago That house was featured in a video about castles, and the maker concluded it was really only good for slow zombie attacks. Best part was the second level drawbridge.
  • Mandy Kendall
    Mandy Kendall 1 year ago I feel like I'm too broke to even just watch this
  • Vallari .p
    Vallari .p 1 year ago 🤣😋🤣 same here
  • Ms Zaria
    Ms Zaria 11 months ago Pretty much
    AKSHAR PATEL 10 months ago same here its very hitech.Can't even imagine
  • Uma Giri
    Uma Giri 9 months ago This is another world
  • universal assistant
    universal assistant 8 months ago Mandy do you still feel you are broke?. Hope not because you will be attracting just that. If you have eyes to see , fingers to type, legs to run and walk, have the ability to use the toilet without help from others THEN you are RICH and BLESSED. Many people associate being rich by how much somebody earns and related to money. Not us. Everybody has a different perspective on being Rich and Poor. Once i heard a married man say "A man's wealth is his wife and children". So nothing to do with money. I don't know about anyone's life on here but I personally don't own a tv or expensive HiFi system. I feel RICH. And I discovered that especially after giving 30% of what I had. Just reminded me I must do another giveaway asap so Thankyou. I wish you well. Peace out. From England .
  • samira prof
    samira prof 8 months ago Me too 😊
  • Mid Heaven
    Mid Heaven 6 months ago (edited) @universal assistant. You destroy a funny comment for what? Your "rich" wisdom (?!!) is written in wrong section. In the next 30% "exit" stop using Internet. Blessings from Greece.
  • Tina Marie Messiti
    Tina Marie Messiti 5 months ago Universal assistant, I loved your comment and fully agree with it. Thank you for your contribution to shedding light into the darkness. We are all blessed with the presence of your comment. You will have peace and love always.
  • cat sniffer
    cat sniffer 1 year ago I can see that pool cover getting stuck.
  • Dee B
    Dee B 1 year ago On a windy choppy day that pool cover might fail
  • pynk melon
    pynk melon 1 year ago Same thing I thought about. As I watched it.
  • Mitzy Sandi Vallejo
    Mitzy Sandi Vallejo 2 months ago Imagine cleaning that
  • Dinka Boutit
    Dinka Boutit 1 year ago Was I the only one who got really nervous about those babies' fingers during the table folding?
  • be happy
    be happy 1 year ago Me too
  • Adella Rose
    Adella Rose 1 year ago And how Dad only appeared when his chair was ready, didn’t help Mum with hers, then disappeared to leave his wife and young children to pack it up!!!!!!!
  • Feyza
    Feyza 1 year ago Me to
  • Anne Cowman
    Anne Cowman 1 year ago I couldn't be arsed taking out and putting away the table and chairs!
  • Adella Rose
    Adella Rose 1 year ago ANNE COWMAN - Nope - and I couldn’t see a bed folding out the wall with all the bedding perfectly in place.
  • Verónica 21
    Verónica 21 1 year ago No ...Me too 😯
  • kez kezooie
    kez kezooie 1 year ago I felt the same way. What kid could resist until the novelty wore off or fingers were caught or broken?
  • AGN
    AGN 1 year ago (edited) Well, when we/or our parents were young they've had to experience all those things without being covered by nowadays paranoid helicopter parents - guess what, they've survived ... And yes, the man showed up right after his wife has done the whole build up. Why's that? It's simply because you wanna get manipulated/conditioned that way for centuries - "Hey, that foldable table combo is so easy to set up, even my wife/women can do that on her own". Gotcha!
  • kez kezooie
    kez kezooie 1 year ago @AGN Sorry Anette but it is something that can happen to kids both then and now. I was a kid in the 60's and 70's and my sister had her little finger all but severed in a folding chair when she was three. They saved her finger but she has nerve damage in it and it took several surgeries to fix. After that, we never had a folding chair or the like in our house again until we were teens. Better safe than sorry. It's why you put guards on power outlets, have fencing around your pool, don't plant poisonous plants in the child accessible parts of your garden when your kids are little and all the other things parents do and have done for years and years. Being aware of the dangers to young kids and being proactive about what you buy isn't being a helicopter parent, it's being a parent. If you have kids, you'd know this - or you should.
  • Nancy- Ann
    Nancy- Ann 1 year ago no, my heart has almost stopped too😱🙈
  • Thinderella EDwards
    Thinderella EDwards 1 year ago Adella Rose, I stayed with a friend who lives in NYC, she had a Murphy bed that I slept on while I was there. It had a belt to to secure the mattress & bedding while it was being folded into the wall. It saved a lot of space and while it wasn't as comfortable as sleeping in your own bed, it was a hell of a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the floor or on a futon.
  • Old Yeller
    Old Yeller 1 year ago Plus, they already had chairs by the counter. Those chairs were way too flimsy for any adults I know. They would be squashed flat. (I like substantial furniture.) Especially since those people had plenty of room. I could maybe see this in a small one bedroom apartment or a bachelor pad, but in that home...why??
  • Pizzalover
    Pizzalover 10 months ago No
  • Pizzalover
    Pizzalover 10 months ago @Adella Rose I've noticed this as well lol
  • Pizzalover
    Pizzalover 10 months ago @kez kezooie what you say is right so why then risk having a finger trapped in these chairs and table three times a day??
  • Miss Lit
    Miss Lit 10 months ago U rnot alone
  • Carole Azoulay
    Carole Azoulay 10 months ago @Feyza .juin astrologie signe cancerdu
    MARIA LUÍZA 8 months ago I didn't get nervous with that! More, I did with the kid brushing her teeth and mom washed her feet...
  • Tina Marie Messiti
    Tina Marie Messiti 5 months ago No, in my head I could just hear the mom saying, "Watch out for your little brother's fingers." and "Watch your fingers."
  • Mehul R
    Mehul R 2 months ago Yeah you are the only one.
  • DIYDoers
    DIYDoers 8 months ago some of this stuff are mind-blowing! quite genius
  • Олег
    Олег 1 year ago Самое гениальное это лесенка на кухню , всё остальное туфта .
  • Ирина Андреева
    Ирина Андреева 2 months ago Хрустнет такая хилая лесенка...
  • Dinka Boutit
    Dinka Boutit 1 year ago (edited) How much you want to bet that I could frame, sheetrock, tape and texture that divider wall for.... half what it costs to build it with giant legos? Just a wild ass guess.
  • cat sniffer
    cat sniffer 1 year ago LEGO is plural btw. There is no s.
  • Frank Hooper
    Frank Hooper 1 year ago But could you then take it all down and change the arrangement?
  • Petr Krobot
    Petr Krobot 1 year ago @Frank Hooper Is is still be much more cheaper to built it from bricks and get it down if you need change than lego. And lego is not wall, its more like moving screen, the will be poor isolation from noice nad heat/cold. This lego is more like paper screens between tables in openspace, it is not wall.
  • Epie Fresquez
    Epie Fresquez 1 year ago Dinka Boutit then do it you idiot. Then take an add out on YouTube, instead of acting like you just know it all.
  • thecatatemyhomework
    thecatatemyhomework 1 year ago But your wall wouldn't be portable.
  • Debbie Rabe
    Debbie Rabe 1 year ago I was thinking same thing
  • lepidoptery
    lepidoptery 1 year ago But it wouldn't be as fun
  • AGN
    AGN 1 year ago (edited) @Petr Krobot - I doubt that. If it's fixed correctly at the top/bottom it might get hard to push it down. And yes, it should insulate quite well as it is a) made out of plastic and therefore won't transfer heat that easy, and b) its "bricks" are hollow and the air it contains is one of the best insulation materials on this planet.
  • Michaku Yee
    Michaku Yee 1 year ago @Epie Fresquez chill
  • Epie Fresquez
    Epie Fresquez 1 year ago Michaku Yee mind your own business don’t tell me what I need to do.
  • Kelly H
    Kelly H 1 year ago The design was originally advertised for use where a permanent wall is not ideal, such as an apartment
  • Ross
    Ross 1 year ago @Epie Fresquez Don't insult people who know right spelling. Try to do it right yourself instead!
  • Epie Fresquez
    Epie Fresquez 1 year ago Ross why is what I say or do so important to you. I could see if I had made a comment to you. So please don’t tell me who or when why I shouldn’t make a comment.
  • Ross
    Ross 1 year ago @Epie Fresquez Obviously you've noticed me, didn't you? You insult everybody without adding any value to the debate. That makes you a troll. Anyone can rebuke trolls, don't need anybody's permission, least of all yours
  • Hypersomnie
    Hypersomnie 1 year ago Not everybody is handy. Yes, I could put there a drywall, too. It would be cheaper. But not everybody is handy. And perhaps it is cheaper to buy these "LEGOs" than to hire a professional?
  • Chad Judd
    Chad Judd 1 year ago Dinka Boutit I was thinking the same thing. That wasn’t the best use for that, but a poolside bungalow or a kids playhouse may have been a better option
  • Kirsta Fontanilla
    Kirsta Fontanilla 1 year ago However, it's a rental you may not be allowed.
  • Chad Judd
    Chad Judd 1 year ago Kirsta Fontanilla I do what I want. Jk, kind of. I’m pretty damn handy and always leave every place better than I left. It’s better to ask forgiveness, than permission......wink
  • JImHughes RVLiving
    JImHughes RVLiving 1 year ago Epie Fresquez ~ Count to ten, Epie. Then draw upon your power of language and communication to say something genuinely meaningful. Or don't say anything at all. That would be really good, too, I think. Count to ten, go take a walk, and don't say anything at all.
  • Mary Sanchez
    Mary Sanchez 1 year ago Dinka: I'm laughing because you're right. I always tell people that "simple and elegant is always better." And as you remind them, cheaper, too. They're gonna charge a heap that styrofoam stuff. You could be even more inventive by using pallet boards to make dividers that also serve as storage and bookshelves. This company would do well working for the US government, I fear. The US government likes to buy five-hundred-dollar toilet seats and thousand-dollar screwdrivers, and the most expensive and harmful radar for the Navy. They'd fit right in!
  • Chris S
    Chris S 1 year ago When do 100 men go down and 50 couple's come up?
  • Leggo My Ego
    Leggo My Ego 1 year ago Yes, but this is designed with apartment dwellers and renters in mind, where you can't modify the structure of the place you're renting.
  • Old Yeller
    Old Yeller 1 year ago @cat sniffer Butt Sniffer.
  • Terry Edwards
    Terry Edwards 1 year ago It's Ikea on steriods!
  • kez kezooie
    kez kezooie 1 year ago LOL! I read this comment after doing some browsing on the Ikea site and I thoroughly agree!
  • J4nis05
    J4nis05 10 months ago I thought first it was a shelter
  • dulce angel
    dulce angel 10 months ago What is steriods?
  • Targyn Akhmedov
    Targyn Akhmedov 4 months ago \
  • Derick Domagala
    Derick Domagala 1 year ago First idea makes lots of sense to me really useful
  • Internet Composting
    Internet Composting 1 year ago I'd say so in tiny homes where you'd only have that particular spot that requires a step stool & you don't have the space to put a normal step stool. Otherwise, this is just a waste of money & a cheap step stool is far more useful in the long run.
  • love4lust7301
    love4lust7301 1 year ago (edited) I found a wall Trump could build for far way less 💰😂
  • Diane Taylor
    Diane Taylor 11 months ago Hilarious! Yeah, a lego wall!
  • Pelin Kara
    Pelin Kara 11 months ago 😂😂😂hon gout🚕
  • 01IveR01
    01IveR01 7 months ago Yes & built it around him & his family😂
  • Hiếu Nguyễn
    Hiếu Nguyễn 7 months ago love4lust7301 nhanh như chớp nhi
  • Mid Heaven
    Mid Heaven 6 months ago I think the problem at first place ( beside his state of mind ) was this video. Gave him the whole idea.
  • Veda Alwayshappy
    Veda Alwayshappy 1 year ago 8:52 so I should open that table three times a day throughout my life ....
  • Жанна МГР
    Жанна МГР 1 year ago Конструктор я бы купила. Летом детям строить будет весело себе замки и другое
  • Piter Ne Spit
    Piter Ne Spit 1 year ago Это не конструктор) а современные блоки для кладки стеновых перегородок. Внутрь конструкции заливается бетон
  • Фатима Зияева
    Фатима Зияева 1 month ago Я тоже бы купила бы да сколько интересно оно стоит
  • Фатима Зияева
    Фатима Зияева 1 month ago Большие комнаты можно было бы сделать из одного комнаты две комнаты
  • T Zinot
    T Zinot 1 year ago 9:44… I’d never leave my bed
  • PortCharmers
    PortCharmers 1 year ago 05:50 I half expected a couple of german WWII submarines behind that gate
  • john enyeart
    john enyeart 1 year ago Right!?,lol
  • Thinderella EDwards
    Thinderella EDwards 1 year ago It's perfect place to wait until the Nazi Zombie Apocalypse is over.
  • Hypersomnie
    Hypersomnie 1 year ago NEIN!
  • tanu creative
    tanu creative 1 year ago I love somebody submarines
  • Ел Бан
    Ел Бан 9 months ago 5:13 when someone looking like debt collector shows up on your parkway
  • abinaya Elil
    abinaya Elil 8 months ago Lol
  • TheSianizard
    TheSianizard 4 months ago Hm, I should show my dad this. He usually just said to shut the blinds and stay away from the door but this is much more practical. Especially considering he's a conspiracy enthusiast!
  • Leann Travasos
    Leann Travasos 2 months ago 😂🤣😂
  • Leann Travasos
    Leann Travasos 2 months ago TheSianizard my 8 year old nephew said “she’s just into conspiracy theories” at the table with guests the other day at a family and friends birthday party as he pointed at me lol
  • TheSianizard
    TheSianizard 1 month ago @Leann Travasos It's definitely a fun conversation if conspiracies are involved! xD
  • Ola Lalala
    Ola Lalala 1 year ago I will buy the everblocks just to play giant lego!
  • Calvin White
    Calvin White 10 months ago Would the pain of stepping on one of them be worse that a regular Lego. 🤔