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Скачать с ютуб Mobb Deep - Survival of the Fittest [Explicit] --R.I.P. Prodigy--

Опубликовано: 21 июн. 2017 г. 18 394 933 просмотра

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Rest In Peace Prodigy (Albert Johnson) [ November 2, 1974 – June 20, 2017 ]. In an interview with Vibe in November 2000, Prodigy spoke about what inspired him to directly address his battle with sickle-cell anemia on the song "You Can Never Feel My Pain" from his debut studio album H.N.I.C. He attributes his nihilism to the "permanent physical suffering" caused by his lifelong battle with the condition.[

"Tupac, Ja Rule–a whole bunch of people talk about pain. And Tupac, he even said some shit about my sickle-cell [on his song "Hit 'Em Up"], so that inspired me to make a real song to show niggas what pain is."

—Prodigy, Vibe magazine, November 2000.
On June 20, 2017, it was reported that Prodigy died in Las Vegas, Nevada after having been hospitalized a few days earlier for complications related to his sickle-cell anemia. He was performing in the Art of Rap Tour in Las Vegas with Havoc, Ghostface Killah, Onyx, KRS-One and Ice-T when he was hospitalized. The exact cause of his death is yet to be determined.

Mobb Deep was an American hip hop duo from the Queensbridge Houses in New York City. The group consisted of Havoc and Prodigy and was "one of the most critically acclaimed hardcore East Coast Hip-Hop groups." They were known for their dark, hardcore delivery as exemplified in "Shook Ones (Part II)." Mobb Deep became one of the most successful rap duos in hip hop, having sold over three million records. Mobb Deep's net worth was estimated at $10 million USD. Prodigy passed away in Las Vegas, Nevada. He sucummbed to his long battle with sickle cell anemia.

Two of their albums have been critical successes; The Infamous (1995) and Hell on Earth (1996). The group briefly disbanded in 2012 but later reunited.

In 1992, before Mobb Deep was officially established, Havoc and Prodigy originally went by Poetical Prophets and released their first demo titled Flavor for the Nonbelievers which was promoted through the Unsigned Hype column of The Source magazine. In 1993, Havoc and Prodigy, released their debut album, Juvenile Hell, which was promoted by the single "Peer Pressure." Also that year, Havoc made a guest appearance on the Black Moon album Enta Da Stage on a song titled "U Da Man." In 1994 the duo released a single titled "Shook Ones Part 1".

The group saw its first major success with their second album, The Infamous, released in 1995. Mobb Deep catapulted to the top of the hardcore hip-hop scene through Havoc and Prodigy's straightforward narration of street life. In this album, Mobb Deep portrayed the struggles of living in New York City's Queensbridge Houses where Havoc grew up. Following the release of The Infamous, Mobb Deep became some of the most prolific artists of the East Coast. The production of this album was very dark and sample-based thanks to Havoc, who produced the beats from this point forward.[9] Furthermore, the hit single "Shook Ones Pt. II", a remix to the hit Shook Ones, received critical acclaim.

Mobb Deep's third album, Hell on Earth was released in 1996 debuting at number six on the Billboard Album Chart; the album continued the duo's portrayal of harsh street life while further pushing them to the forefront of Hip Hop scene along with contemporary East Coast Rappers like The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Clan, Big L and fellow Queensbridge rapper Nas. Nas as well as Method Man and Raekwon of the Wu Tang Clan appear on 'Hell on Earth'.

In 1996, they appeared on the Red Hot Organization's compilation CD, America is Dying Slowly alongside Biz Markie, Wu-Tang Clan and Fat Joe among many other prominent Hip Hop artists. This compilation was solely meant to raise awareness of the AIDS epidemic among African American men and this compilation was heralded as "a masterpiece" by The Source Magazine, a Hip Hop publication. 1997 Mobb Deep was featured on Frankie Cutlass "Politics & Bullsh*t" album track title "Know Da Game" which also features Kool G Rap. In 1998, the duo collaborated with reggae dancehall artist Bounty Killer on the track "Deadly Zone" for the soundtrack to Blade. In 1999, they released the highly anticipated Murda Muzik album which, despite extensive bootlegging, had the majority of its songs unintentionally leaked. This resulted in delays in the official album release. When the album was officially released, it eventually debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 and quickly received Platinum Certification and was further promoted by the popular single "Quiet Storm." Shortly afterward, Prodigy released his long-awaited solo album H.N.I.C in which he collaborated with fellow artists like (B.G., N.O.R.E.) and producers (including The Alchemist, Rockwilder and Just Blaze).

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    Shahmen 3 months ago (edited) if u was in his place u would snitch too now dont act tuff i bet u would even snitch on yo mama if u was in his position man chat loads when they at home
    FLATBREADZ 3 months ago You right !!!
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    Wrestlelesson 2 months ago That Evolution started with SwissBeats, beautiful womans like JLO Beyonce etc Brothers became weak for woman and then started to crawl for woman making them feel like they everything in this world and then the womans took over Beyoncé with who run the world and from there man trying to proof something to woman by doing clown acts and we end up with the nonsense
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    Jan Naj 2 months ago You fkn right , one of most important things in old rap was to not snitch , so i dont know if this today we can call rap
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    Sandra De La Rosa 2 months ago Day tht we die it's all color there demons alrite just say peace that's what I do
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    olympiacos fan 2 months ago I think the real problem is the fans who give credit to trash and not in the good fellas
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    Ricky Spanish 2 months ago Gotti it's a good sound but damn he a clown snitch . Fuck him
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    Zap 70 2 months ago (edited) yea, how dafaq ..?!! >:-( and he's gonna drop shit bout prison stuff - in 2 yrs kids already forgot his bitch moves... and he making millions again - and we all know that. f*ck!
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    Mobil3 Play3r 2 months ago Its cause of the generation
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    Robert Wu Tang 2 months ago I don't like 69 but if you would face life in prison you would snitch in your whole family 👐🏼
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    MOCKBA BOT 1 month ago (edited) In short, the (prophesied [1st Epistle of John at Patmos] lost, false) "Jews" that thump Talmuds & manufacture the drugs, the firearms, the prisons, the porn, the fake-news, the fiat-money which holds most captive, and who create heroes for us to worship, specifically to destroy them and destroy all cultures, except the world's most wicked, historically.
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    hollow points bullets 1 month ago @Neil Morgan nigga get that fuck out of here with your stupid politics.
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    hollow points bullets 1 month ago @Mowlinas Landscaping and pac and biggie 🤣🤣🤣🤣.
    LAMSTANG 1 month ago 514 STM is chief keef
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    coolio diablo 1 month ago It’s crazy to me honestly how it’s like rap fashion has turned into goth/punk fashion with an urban twist. Kids now are on some different shit. I think it’s cause the herb is so much more potent. Their undeveloped minds can’t hang, so they start on some weirdness, like dying their hair for example to resemble a unicorns pile of shit.
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    Corell Temple 1 month ago Mannnn. Took the words right out my mouth. This shit devolved. Regressed like a muhfucka.
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    J G 1 month ago Because you touch yourself at night 😂
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  • native lives matter
    native lives matter 4 weeks ago The same way 60s and 70s tought about the 80s and 90s kids went all hood man starting to dress addidas baggy clothes my father tought i was clown and trust their were alot of snitching too.
  • LaurenzeRice
    LaurenzeRice 4 weeks ago I mean this generation is still continuing this form of rap, but almost all of them are just underground or local.
  • Illusion103
    Illusion103 4 weeks ago You’re comparing them to the wrong rappers smh look at Joey bada$$ Kirk Knight Vince Staples Kendrick Lamar capital steez list goes on
  • Borosin Yas
    Borosin Yas 3 weeks ago @514 STM lol now wait God don't like bullys your time will come God has store something for you you choose to torture him but you can't hide for ever
  • Borosin Yas
    Borosin Yas 3 weeks ago @Dylan McDaniel remember that you have brain and you are not animal if you are animal and don't know what you are doing then it's a different stuff gods wait you to have justice over you boy
  • The Conductor
    The Conductor 3 weeks ago WORD!!!!!
    LAMSTANG 3 weeks ago 514 STM chief keef is king of NY
  • Tracks Nevoy
    Tracks Nevoy 3 weeks ago conspiracy
  • Loftus Blake
    Loftus Blake 3 weeks ago @Taqifsha Nanen they rapping their reality which isn't pleasant but true
  • Daily Hunter
    Daily Hunter 2 weeks ago I think you need to look behind the scenes, what they are doing to young'uns to make them sell their souls.
  • 《KiNG》
    《KiNG》 2 weeks ago Record companies whoring artists
  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur 2 weeks ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • 고등 지능 ODINS trash
    고등 지능 ODINS trash 2 weeks ago It’s called easy money, easy to make trash that makes big money than something that’s demanding to make and out of the box than can become truely timeless. Yeah it’s shit but just go underground.
  • Steve Zion
    Steve Zion 2 weeks ago That’s why all is old heads are pissed the fuck off
  • Antonio Nestini
    Antonio Nestini 2 weeks ago Before, hood kids and gangsters wanted to become rappers, today rappers want to become gangsters.
  • Christopher Marshall
    Christopher Marshall 2 weeks ago U just have 2 wear *old shool shit*for easy access and some hidden place in wide pants;)
  • mehdi edriss
    mehdi edriss 2 weeks ago when beef was lyrics and gunshots not tweets and Instagram
  • Kristofer Carter
    Kristofer Carter 2 weeks ago I don't know?
  • Daniel Flannelly
    Daniel Flannelly 2 weeks ago @Kristofer Carter Think I'm going to put this song on more often.?
  • Mark Russ
    Mark Russ 2 weeks ago Some hair colouring I'm guessing.
  • al al
    al al 2 weeks ago (edited) We allowed it to. We didn't whoop some ass. Also Jews.
  • yousuf scoor
    yousuf scoor 2 weeks ago The technologies did this
  • Diogo Ferreira
    Diogo Ferreira 2 weeks ago the people
  • Military Mann
    Military Mann 2 weeks ago FAX
  • nlyske
    nlyske 2 weeks ago I know right? Mumble rap is trash
  • M S
    M S 2 weeks ago MTV, BET
    HAKATAPAWA 1 week ago 6ix9ine isn't rap, it's trap. It didn't exist in 90's
  • Hb plays
    Hb plays 1 week ago ikr
  • Eli Hal
    Eli Hal 1 week ago Cause everybody is a winner.
  • Abra Kadabra
    Abra Kadabra 1 week ago Cuz the gay agenda lol
  • Abra Kadabra
    Abra Kadabra 1 week ago @Akin Cook wtf u talkin
  • Kikuchan
    Kikuchan 1 week ago We don’t claim that bitch, foh
  • bembel sehro
    bembel sehro 1 week ago @Fuck You little three words. So much Truth! Stay healthy bruh. Greetz from Berlin
  • OzzieMints
    OzzieMints 6 days ago Truth.
  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 days ago (edited) @Jul Muhammad Native Americans don't claim you as their own. If you keep living with all that hatred, then at this rate you're going to die with it too; but by all means keep being a victim. If you think whites are the only race out to get you, well then I have some dreadful news for you. One last thing-- your shit DOES stink, and not because another race fed you the wrong food
  • Gabriel Nicolas
    Gabriel Nicolas 4 days ago Treyway!!!!!!
  • Drew Thompson
    Drew Thompson 3 days ago @Taqifsha Nanen there's not going to be 1 rapper that's going to rap about positive shit they might rap about how they came up but most rappers didn't come from a good backround
  • Randolf Peterson
    Randolf Peterson 3 days ago Cointelpro
  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams 1 day ago Because we became a bunch of pussies
  • Daniel Sio
    Daniel Sio 1 day ago Dlc and Micro transactions.
  • giguliano
    giguliano 1 day ago Probably because of social media and internet
  • Frater Ergo
    Frater Ergo 9 hours ago Money
  • josecarlos11
    josecarlos11 4 days ago "there is a war going on outside no men is safe from, you can run but you can't hide forever..."
  • yunkidog pi
    yunkidog pi 1 day ago corona
  • richie anderson
    richie anderson 1 month ago 1990 Gangsters wanted to be Rappers 2020 Rappers want to be Gangsters
  • Andres
    Andres 2 weeks ago Yup true
  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones 1 week ago Nah real gangsters never broadcast their criminal activities. sorry to burst your bubble
  • JcBlazer 04
    JcBlazer 04 1 week ago Dave Jones Exactly. 1990: Real gangsters 2020: Fake gangsters.
  • richie anderson
    richie anderson 1 week ago @Dave Jones You made my point (read between the lines) A true gangster moves in silence!!!!
  • David Featherstone
    David Featherstone 1 week ago Mc Hammer
  • David Featherstone
    David Featherstone 1 week ago DJ Maseo of De La Soul check his boiler room, just preachin. Cut your nails often and clean behind your ears. You're welcome.
  • KeSch
    KeSch 1 week ago so dumb Prodigy and Havoc where Born in this City man
  • Sirenz80
    Sirenz80 1 week ago Somewhat both cause' these new young niggas be killin' each other and tryin' to be artists at the same time and broadcasting all they krimes online thru social media.
  • Fifth Child82
    Fifth Child82 1 week ago Oh how times have changed
  • D Ball
    D Ball 1 week ago richie anderson al capone was a gangster. These idiots are just pieces of shit
  • Abdaulaziz
    Abdaulaziz 1 week ago Real said
  • Abra Kadabra
    Abra Kadabra 1 week ago @JcBlazer 04 gangsters still exist. There are more today. There are more ppl in the world today.
  • Edo D
    Edo D 1 week ago watch the godfather, you'll learn what's the real crime and how real gangsters work
  • fnm04
    fnm04 1 week ago No real Rappers in 2020.
  • Shadow
    Shadow 6 days ago Stalin
  • CnatraTheRapper Thwala
    CnatraTheRapper Thwala 5 days ago True man
  • Open World Gamer
    Open World Gamer 5 days ago @Edo D right he shoulda wrote gangstas there's a difference.
  • Edo D
    Edo D 5 days ago @Open World Gamer exactly, there's a big difference
  • Dark Horse
    Dark Horse 4 days ago @David Featherstone one of many bad examples
  • Poodie Shoes
    Poodie Shoes 4 days ago 💯💯💯
  • gross bwoy izaac
    gross bwoy izaac 3 days ago u boomer ass niggas a different breed ngl
  • WeEdONFiRe HighTime
    WeEdONFiRe HighTime 2 days ago richie anderson rappers nowadays become like a dirty snitches tattoos in their faces 💩
  • Dj NeoRagzz
    Dj NeoRagzz 2 days ago Amen
  • Drej Arslan
    Drej Arslan 1 day ago 2020rappers wandet to be pussys
  • DiosEnprender Camino
    DiosEnprender Camino 3 months ago 2020 and this track never gets old
  • Contested Gaming
    Contested Gaming 2 months ago Facts
  • Young Broke Zigga
    Young Broke Zigga 2 months ago For real !
    BIBB MUSIC 2 months ago Timeless.
  • Ridsladers 974
    Ridsladers 974 2 months ago Yeah 🔥💓✨🔈🔉🔊
  • Circuit Breaker
    Circuit Breaker 2 months ago Залупа какая то
  • Pierre Colombo
    Pierre Colombo 2 months ago Classics never do !
  • Lemon26
    Lemon26 1 month ago DiosEnprender Camino facts anyone how doesn’t like this song is a loser
  • Andy Larranaga
    Andy Larranaga 1 month ago NEVER!! 🔥🔥💯💯
  • Ryder._.909 -
    Ryder._.909 - 1 month ago No cap
  • Ryder._.909 -
    Ryder._.909 - 1 month ago DiosEnprender Camino ong📍
  • Borosin Yas
    Borosin Yas 3 weeks ago If you give kids to much power of their hand they don't know how to handle it
  • Darrell Morris
    Darrell Morris 3 weeks ago DiosEnprender Camino keep coming back
  • Victor Grham
    Victor Grham 2 weeks ago 2121 would be pumping this song
  • skione n
    skione n 2 weeks ago AND YOU CAN BELIEVE THAT SHIT
  • MaThuliza Goba
    MaThuliza Goba 2 weeks ago (edited) Truth...Gothic af....prepararion for War. Bounce this 🔥 every morning
    MAD VLAD 2 days ago Never ever will.
  • Karl Kirstein
    Karl Kirstein 8 hours ago Classic
  • Stiles Johnson
    Stiles Johnson 3 weeks ago Mobb Deep has some of the greatest beats in all of Hip Hop.
  • Compton Rappers
    Compton Rappers 2 weeks ago Yeah Right!
  • Stiles Johnson
    Stiles Johnson 2 weeks ago Compton Rappers you disagree?
  • Compton Rappers
    Compton Rappers 2 weeks ago @Stiles Johnson Nah
  • Compton Rappers
    Compton Rappers 2 weeks ago @Stiles Johnson I Agree
  • Stiles Johnson
    Stiles Johnson 2 weeks ago Compton Rappers 👌🏽
  • kripwit
    kripwit 2 weeks ago Havoc one of those unsung heroes of hip hop
  • semen stains the mountain tops
    semen stains the mountain tops 2 weeks ago Bars too
  • Stiles Johnson
    Stiles Johnson 2 weeks ago kripwit Definitely
  • Stiles Johnson
    Stiles Johnson 2 weeks ago semen stains the mountain tops Facts
  • mehdi edriss
    mehdi edriss 2 weeks ago @Stiles Johnson look imma keep thing real every old school rapper who got killed has some dope beats
  • Stiles Johnson
    Stiles Johnson 2 weeks ago mehdi edriss Definitely true crazy though.
  • E. J. Johnson
    E. J. Johnson 2 weeks ago Hav & Al
  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson 2 weeks ago The beats paint graphic pictures
  • Stiles Johnson
    Stiles Johnson 2 weeks ago Anthony Johnson Definitely
  • AlaTEN
    AlaTEN 2 weeks ago dr.dre
  • Stiles Johnson
    Stiles Johnson 2 weeks ago AlaTEN Definitely
  • Adon Garcia
    Adon Garcia 1 week ago HAVOC! steady cooked it
  • Stiles Johnson
    Stiles Johnson 1 week ago Adon Garcia Dat part.
  • Michael Walters
    Michael Walters 1 week ago They had way beater beats than Nasir. And that’s my favorite rapper of all time
  • Stiles Johnson
    Stiles Johnson 1 week ago Michael Walters Dat part.
  • Jon Infante
    Jon Infante 1 week ago The Infamous had some of the hardest beats.....go ahead,name new a bad song on that album
  • MaThuliza Goba
    MaThuliza Goba 6 days ago Gothic Ass BEATS.. 🔥
  • Stiles Johnson
    Stiles Johnson 6 days ago MaThuliza Goba Definitely Beautiful.
  • Stiles Johnson
    Stiles Johnson 6 days ago Jon Infante ✊🏾
  • mgangatokadar
    mgangatokadar 4 days ago I see no lie here.....
    MAD VLAD 2 days ago Greatest beat IMO.
  • Stiles Johnson
    Stiles Johnson 2 days ago mgangatokadar Dat part 🎯🎯☝🏽
  • Stiles Johnson
    Stiles Johnson 2 days ago MAD VLAD Deadass
  • Jordan Meyer
    Jordan Meyer 2 weeks ago Prodigy: there's a war war going on outside no one is safe from... Covid-19: this mf spittin'
  • OdraC A
    OdraC A 2 weeks ago Ickhead🤣🤣🤣
  • Tea Man
    Tea Man 2 weeks ago Jordan Meyer not funny didn’t laugh
  • Danny Santos
    Danny Santos 2 weeks ago Word!
  • orocka
    orocka 2 weeks ago Jordan Meyer 🤣💀🤣💀🤣
  • The O.G
    The O.G 4 days ago LMAO 👍😂
  • kappkilla 187
    kappkilla 187 1 month ago "There's a war going on outside no man is safe from"....most memorable opening line in rap history...track so classic it belongs to a museum. RIP the GOD MC Bandana P!!
  • almightymain
    almightymain 3 weeks ago I dunno man. Deck on Triumph may have that locked down.
  • Vengeance *
    Vengeance * 3 weeks ago Remember people: find the perspicacity to renounce God and embrace the curly ballsack of Satan and suck balls and mosh on cocks to the beat of Homo appreciation. It is the only way. Hail Satan and Baphomet's henchman John Wayne who can only further corroborate the fact that campness is the only way to jack it. PEACE and cocks to you.
  • da don
    da don 2 weeks ago coronavirus wwz
  • Moc Sam
    Moc Sam 1 week ago kappkilla 187 Coronavirus is a biological weapons of mass destruction
  • soid drone slayer
    soid drone slayer 1 year ago Ny rap was so grimey in the 90s it was a different time back then. shit was real.
  • SRB
    SRB 1 year ago Damn straight bruh. Shit was grimey asf
  • King Ramesez
    King Ramesez 1 year ago Hell a student of hip hop and a rapper myself from Cali, I have an extreme respect for NY rappers in the 90s and 80s.
  • Cali Forvid
    Cali Forvid 1 year ago And Prodigy was the crown jewel of it all in my opinion.
  • Dexter Reyes
    Dexter Reyes 1 year ago F*** yeah!
  • almosthomeless incali
    almosthomeless incali 1 year ago Bruh i loved this new york style muzic mos def on another lvl of grim
  • 206 guy
    206 guy 1 year ago @almosthomeless incali I forgot about mos
  • almosthomeless incali
    almosthomeless incali 1 year ago @206 guy yea bruh nyc rap/hop muzic scene had a variety of artist blk moon, duck down, heltah skeltah, a lot of good music flip mode def squad .. it kinda imploded due to crews beefn
  • almosthomeless incali
    almosthomeless incali 1 year ago @206 guy but the mobb was dope silent storm wit lil kim
  • On God Blood
    On God Blood 1 year ago (edited) Real Savages Real Goon's Real MF #FACTS !!!!
  • Cmps Official
    Cmps Official 1 year ago That time was when you can difference if a song comes from NY or LA just hearing the beat..
  • NasratAlBadrRnni
    NasratAlBadrRnni 1 year ago Roi heenok !!!
  • Sushimaster 313
    Sushimaster 313 11 months ago (edited) Eveyone at that time shooting at each other with mini uzis mac 10s and mini uzis😂😂
  • playonwords83
    playonwords83 11 months ago @almosthomeless incali *quiet storm
  • almosthomeless incali
    almosthomeless incali 11 months ago @playonwords83 it's a play on words lol thanks for the correction you know what i meant
  • d dre
    d dre 11 months ago soid drone slayer New York pussy doe
  • Mike G
    Mike G 11 months ago Fuck yea man queens get the fucking money
  • Mike G
    Mike G 11 months ago @d dre funny you West coast dudes think y'all r harder than us in NYC (the non pussy not gentrified parts) but y'all get shot just as quick here when y'all mouth off on some Cali shit
  • sacr3d g6om9try
    sacr3d g6om9try 11 months ago it still is you just listen to the wrong people , n if u think tupac was real and shit ure just following trends he was a fucking ballerina for fucks sake
  • Kenshi LeNinjah
    Kenshi LeNinjah 10 months ago soid drone slayer true indeed, wtf happened
  • pnczur
    pnczur 10 months ago You had to actually go out and seek the shit, unless you were already in it
  • Mechnik Mechnikos
    Mechnik Mechnikos 9 months ago Yep so much better.
  • South London Jamaican
    South London Jamaican 9 months ago NY RAP has and always will be on a different level
  • Jungle Jesus609
    Jungle Jesus609 8 months ago This when N.Y.C was grimey
  • ragemode 39
    ragemode 39 8 months ago Big facts
  • M. Angel Renteria
    M. Angel Renteria 8 months ago This is probably why many other Nations where frightened by the US, I don't think anymore because it was dumbed down.
  • d dre
    d dre 8 months ago King Ramesez you a bitch.
  • Kyle Rozema
    Kyle Rozema 8 months ago Mother fuckin facts tho 👌👌👌
  • Bloody Wolf
    Bloody Wolf 7 months ago fuck this new generation!!Only the strong survive...
  • duval rodolphe
    duval rodolphe 7 months ago westside gunn homie
  • sugar sweet
    sugar sweet 7 months ago It still is...ppl are fake af
  • Top Notch
    Top Notch 7 months ago Bloody Wolf they be fucking Each other man on man action!!! Lol 😂 true story!!!
  • thanitoast
    thanitoast 7 months ago @sacr3d g6om9try you sound like a pussy ass new York 🚹 fuck you and new York on pimp c my nigga chuuch
  • Shock G
    Shock G 6 months ago Now whe have the skinny jeans era full of pussyfied wankstas!!
  • Sean B
    Sean B 6 months ago Real rap
  • Robert King
    Robert King 6 months ago @Kenshi LeNinjah because NY is now filled with clown ass yuppies that come from all the western states , including California and change the way it is here in NY. Alot of NY natives left and moved to Florida
  • Chimpanze looking dagestani
    Chimpanze looking dagestani 4 months ago Cali Forvid havoc made this fucking beat from hell, he the gza, premium and other just are beyond
  • Hannan Butt
    Hannan Butt 3 months ago This is why UK music is just so much better I swear, it has that authentic block life feeling I love it fr
  • Chimpanze looking dagestani
    Chimpanze looking dagestani 3 months ago Hannan Butt uk music like? What?
  • Hannan Butt
    Hannan Butt 3 months ago @Chimpanze looking dagestani tiny boost ft giggs- ain't been got Reekz MB ft LD- no face (Free reekz fr tho) Young adz-behind bars #sinsquad- life I live 150- it's cracking 67- Livecorn (response to 150) The two gangs above have bare diss tracks they're all cold. Fredo-rapping and trapping Abra cadabra- daily duppy
  • Hannan Butt
    Hannan Butt 3 months ago @Chimpanze looking dagestani there are actual grime tunes which are even better which I'll post if you want.
  • Chimpanze looking dagestani
    Chimpanze looking dagestani 3 months ago Hannan Butt thanks man i will take em a listen
  • ionebp
    ionebp 3 months ago This beat is so ill...
  • Hannan Butt
    Hannan Butt 3 months ago @Chimpanze looking dagestani wait fuck you, you're that racist Connor fanboy from the mma world videos. Don't listen to UK music we don't want you.
  • ImmortalHipHop
    ImmortalHipHop 1 week ago Homicide Capital at the time.. These days N.Y got the most strict gunlaws of the whole country...
  • Jordan
    Jordan 3 days ago @thanitoast U pussy
  • Liam Travis
    Liam Travis 7 hours ago New York was a lot worse back then. Now its a bunch of people from Ohio and shit that live in Brooklyn and Manhattan, There's still bad neighborhoods just not as bad.
  • Go Green
    Go Green 3 months ago who is bumping in 2020 ? mobb deep for life
  • MJ aka Ruby
    MJ aka Ruby 2 months ago U know it. Real ones bumping this in 2020
  • Go Green
    Go Green 2 months ago @MJ aka Ruby exactly
  • Rollin Stoned
    Rollin Stoned 2 months ago still bumping the legendssss
  • Joss Orloff
    Joss Orloff 2 months ago Just reading P biography :D For now and forever.
  • Rvtvrv Wvfvtv
    Rvtvrv Wvfvtv 1 month ago Yeah most definitely
  • Sick
    Sick 1 month ago yeeeah
  • KEV In
    KEV In 1 month ago As long as i can
  • KEV In
    KEV In 1 month ago (edited) @MJ aka Ruby I guess not only as some snitches to listening still i guess
  • MJ aka Ruby
    MJ aka Ruby 1 month ago @KEV In well if snitchs be listening to it the needs to kick rocks then they ant welcome here !! If u ant keeping it true n 100% at all times jump off n go do what u snitch ass bitchs due best. N FYI snitches should try using that dam mouth for something better then tellen fucken punks
  • Tony Foster
    Tony Foster 1 month ago 👍🏿🔥🔥
  • Hip HOP fan kid
    Hip HOP fan kid 1 month ago Your god danm right
  • Tar heels 215
    Tar heels 215 1 month ago I will never stop....
  • Human Anomaly
    Human Anomaly 1 month ago Mobb deep till my last breath..
  • Trigger One
    Trigger One 1 month ago 🇩🇪 🔥 😎
  • Aaron Cubitt
    Aaron Cubitt 1 month ago If im not at home puffin lye relaxin
  • 318
    318 1 month ago from TURKEY bro
  • Asriel Kujo
    Asriel Kujo 1 month ago only the strongest survive to mumble rap shit
  • Lizard King
    Lizard King 1 month ago I'm!!
  • L O
    L O 1 month ago 420 likes
    DOLLARKNIGHT 1 month ago 4L
  • wildchild6787
    wildchild6787 4 weeks ago ya know it
  • Dastid Leli
    Dastid Leli 4 weeks ago Real MC's and legends of Hip Hop. R.i.p. Prodigy....
  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero 3 weeks ago You already!👊🏾
  • Borosin Yas
    Borosin Yas 3 weeks ago (edited) Choices man
  • Lee Flanagan
    Lee Flanagan 2 weeks ago Yo the real shitte
  • Armando Molina
    Armando Molina 2 weeks ago Only the strong 💪
  • The Villain
    The Villain 2 weeks ago Used to bump this in the mental ward legit af
  • gangsterkami1
    gangsterkami1 2 weeks ago 4 lyfe nigguh
  • RapTor
    RapTor 2 weeks ago White ass european kid never swerved from rap and metal, wu tang and mdeep 888
  • Am Cok
    Am Cok 2 weeks ago Real 2020 quarantine everybody sleep wake up stop living in the dream is real war zone outside tanks rolling around curfews different zones outside
  • Adam Kahn
    Adam Kahn 2 weeks ago Obv
  • PAPA Giarnella
  • Mr.J Jdee
    Mr.J Jdee 1 week ago (edited) 8 Mile
  • Mar Par
    Mar Par 1 week ago Hell yea from the west coast and I banging this in mid 9o s
  • Mar Par
    Mar Par 1 week ago Aaron Cubitt lye?
  • Melissa Link
    Melissa Link 1 week ago Go Green Always.
  • MaThuliza Goba
    MaThuliza Goba 6 days ago To War Anthem.. Absolute 🔥
  • Roderickcharles M
    Roderickcharles M 5 days ago Yeah I ain't killed um yet, not all o dem any way, love yuhhn bubd
  • Hängengeblieben
    Hängengeblieben 1 day ago This aint even the same genre that all these rappers today make music for. This is a hole different universe
  • Nelly Collins
    Nelly Collins 2 weeks ago (edited) There's a war going on outside no man is safe from. Truer words have never before been spoken.
  • Junior Polanco
    Junior Polanco 2 weeks ago word, this track was never as fitting...
  • Money Motivated
    Money Motivated 2 weeks ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Money Motivated
    Money Motivated 2 weeks ago U got me sleep😂
  • mpizzle13
    mpizzle13 1 week ago hang in there shorty...we all we got
  • Humans Are Retarded Creatures
    Humans Are Retarded Creatures 1 week ago Toilet Paper War
  • The Don
    The Don 2 weeks ago This goes for that coronavirus
  • MarkanVaran7
    MarkanVaran7 2 weeks ago word fam
  • Nicodemus H
    Nicodemus H 2 weeks ago Haha, u evil for saying this. True though
  • Mrromeo73
    Mrromeo73 1 week ago He gonna be upstate bleeding! CORNA YOU STILL LIVING?
  • Poodie Shoes
    Poodie Shoes 4 days ago 💯💯💯
  • Vladimir Kuznetsov
    Vladimir Kuznetsov 2 years ago RIP Prodigy Respect from Russia Legends never dies
  • PeekaBooo08
    PeekaBooo08 2 years ago Vladimir Kuznetsov damn Mobb Deep reached you guys in Russia too?? That's dope man! RIP Prodigy
  • huli gan4ik
    huli gan4ik 2 years ago Truheads music reaches every country in the whole world! Rest in peace P!
  • GonzaloFL Diseño
    GonzaloFL Diseño 2 years ago Word up, respect from Argentina (South America).
  • huli gan4ik
    huli gan4ik 2 years ago Love to my all brothers worldwide! Respekt from Estonia.
  • Carvalho
    Carvalho 2 years ago RIP From Brazil...
  • ice goat
    ice goat 2 years ago RESPECT FROM BALUCH
  • Daniel M.
    Daniel M. 2 years ago RIP from Ukraine
  • Edward Snowwdn
    Edward Snowwdn 2 years ago respect from Germany
  • Mobillion Black
    Mobillion Black 2 years ago respect from Somalia...
  • Prince Alaba
    Prince Alaba 2 years ago I love seeing people from all around the world who get affected by this music. Hip hop worldwide! Respect from Toronto, Ontario, Canada R.I.P. Prodigy
  • Joe Fuentes
    Joe Fuentes 2 years ago RIP Prodigy. Showin love from HTOWN TEX
  • Easy Money Sniper
    Easy Money Sniper 2 years ago r.i.p prodigy from germany
  • Christopher FONTENEAU
    Christopher FONTENEAU 2 years ago R.I.P From France PARIS
  • Hip Hop Machine
    Hip Hop Machine 2 years ago Rip Prodigy form Kosova listenin to them since 96
  • Brian Ajax Wintor
    Brian Ajax Wintor 2 years ago Vladimir Kuznetsov R.I.P FROM SOUTH AFRICA
  • Easy Money Sniper
    Easy Money Sniper 2 years ago Dusek Levay go to your fucking room and to your fucking corner and talk to yourself nobody give a damn about your fucked up opinion
  • Easy Money Sniper
    Easy Money Sniper 2 years ago Dusek Levay Yes say that to yourself you 12 year old virgin
  • Vladimir Kuznetsov
    Vladimir Kuznetsov 2 years ago Dusek Levay bitch ass white boy fufu ass nigga get away from here
  • Joaquin Alvarez
    Joaquin Alvarez 2 years ago Easy Money Sniper you have 12 years, look your stupid user name mane. You are 12 or 14 years old.
  • Easy Money Sniper
    Easy Money Sniper 2 years ago Joaquin Alvarez Your english skills are fucked up my man. This is the Internet, i can call myself whatever i want
  • Dragos Andrei
    Dragos Andrei 2 years ago RIP from Romania
  • Dak'kon the Githzerai
    Dak'kon the Githzerai 2 years ago respect from turkey, rest in peace Prodigy
  • Dusek Levay
    Dusek Levay 2 years ago Camel Came fuck your stupid want some pork ???
  • Vladimir Kuznetsov
    Vladimir Kuznetsov 2 years ago Dusek Levay you are bitchass white boy,goofy nigga, get the fuck out
  • Swf Maxim
    Swf Maxim 2 years ago R.I.P. Prodigy. respect from Ukraine
  • Vladimir Kuznetsov
    Vladimir Kuznetsov 2 years ago No
  • watchoutnwo
    watchoutnwo 2 years ago Vladimir Kuznetsov but there are blacks in Russia I know so pretty hard white nationalist groups that reside In Russia
  • Vladimir Kuznetsov
    Vladimir Kuznetsov 2 years ago Thousands of black people live quietly in Russia and no one touches them
  • nvme2ok
    nvme2ok 2 years ago (edited) Vladimir, yes the original Russians are/were black just like the whole entire earth was before every other ethnic group came about! The Abkhazians are original black Russians (some Christians, Muslims and Jews who originally came from ancient Sudan/Egypt) who resemble the Hamer tribe of Ethiopia! Also in JA Roger's book, "Sex & Race Vol 1. he mentions and shows pictures of the original black Khoshaks aka Cossacks (1930's) working in factories who weren't killed off in the Revolution and other ethnic killings in Russia. By the way, Khoshak is the same as Aramic/Hebrew Khawshek (חשך) meaning "dark/darkness." Or Cossacks can be broken down as Cos/Kus/Kush = (כוש/كوش) "Heavenly, black Sudan/Ethiopian in both Aramic/Hebrew and Ashuric/Syriac Arabic from ancient Egyptian Kes/Qes meaning “Heavenly”; and Sacks is Isaac's son or Sax as in Saxons." Please note Ab (אב/ اب) means “Father, Source,” in both Ashuric/Syriac Arabic and Aramic/Hebrew and Khazian comes from the Ashuric/Syriac Arabic word, “Khazaa or Khazay (خزي) meaning “to become vile, base, despicable, to dishonor, to shame.”
  • Ravi Bhojwani
    Ravi Bhojwani 2 years ago Prodigy, God bless his soul.
  • Denis Matrosov
    Denis Matrosov 2 years ago Respect from Moldova
  • VlandroV
    VlandroV 2 years ago RIP from PERÚ
  • GangeHrolfr
    GangeHrolfr 2 years ago RIP from Norway, we gonna see Havoc and Big Noyd this november
  • Chris Parker
    Chris Parker 2 years ago RIP P from London
  • snyozeeer
    snyozeeer 2 years ago Gangsters don't die they just turn to legends.
  • Antonio Silva
    Antonio Silva 2 years ago respect from portugal rip
  • Кирилл Рожин 14rus
    Кирилл Рожин 14rus 2 years ago Respect from Russia. Good bye P. I miss you :'-(
  • BoomBap BOOMBAP
    BoomBap BOOMBAP 2 years ago R.I.P BANDANA P. FROM BAKU.
  • Ivan Ozerov
    Ivan Ozerov 2 years ago R.I.P. from Moscow
  • wiechu182
    wiechu182 2 years ago Respect from Poland. rip Prodigy real hi hop always in our hearts.
  • Richard Benko
    Richard Benko 2 years ago Im saying rest in peace from Slovakia
  • Zed W8A
    Zed W8A 2 years ago Respect from Croatia, Mobb Deep always in my heart ❤
  • Sami
    Sami 1 year ago CYKA BLYAAAT... just kiddin.
    THE INFAMOUS 1 year ago Rip from Poland the don P
  • Greefydod
    Greefydod 1 year ago Respect from Finland ❤
  • Greefydod
    Greefydod 1 year ago huli gan4ik kuidas sul läheb?
  • PAKI Pashtun MAFIA
    PAKI Pashtun MAFIA 1 year ago PeekaBooo08 here in my country Pakistan we fuck with mobb deep biggie big L and whole East coast shit we love hio hop
  • John wilson
    John wilson 1 year ago E
  • Geronimo Heavy Shadow
    Geronimo Heavy Shadow 1 year ago @Vladimir Kuznetsov but some of them still get assaulted and some get killed
    mrCOMANCHEERO 1 year ago да, сильно делал...царствия небесного пацану
  • Trudox
    Trudox 1 year ago Respect from Germany
  • Alexander Kray
    Alexander Kray 1 year ago Good lookin' mate...
  • Alexander Kray
    Alexander Kray 1 year ago Rest in POWER PRODIGY Big up from Manchester
  • abdel bachir
    abdel bachir 1 year ago Respect de panam putain de son indémontrable .RIP prodigy.
  • ENT video
    ENT video 1 year ago Respect from Dubai
  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones 1 year ago R.i.p from Somalia!
  • Moe
    Moe 1 year ago from queensbridge to Moscow hella respect
  • Moe
    Moe 1 year ago Rip my G Prodigy From New Jerusalem I been in QB it's no joke
  • piotrek b
    piotrek b 1 year ago Respect From Poland forever Real hip hop Remember
    MR CRIPTONITE 1 year ago 👍
  • Elias Abbas
    Elias Abbas 1 year ago (edited) Respect from the middle east
  • Gensu Dean
    Gensu Dean 1 year ago R.I.P. Prodigy! Respect from Czech Republic
  • Mochammad Reza
    Mochammad Reza 1 year ago respect from Indonesia
  • notfound .c
    notfound .c 1 year ago RIP from Spain
  • Χρηστος Φαρδελλας
    Χρηστος Φαρδελλας 1 year ago Respect from Greece 🇬🇷 #RIP
  • D G
    D G 1 year ago Στεφανος Φαρδελλας you should all come to new york
  • Χρηστος Φαρδελλας
    Χρηστος Φαρδελλας 1 year ago @D G I'm on the plane rn✈😂
  • tomyoda
    tomyoda 1 year ago (edited) @PeekaBooo08 Yes bro! I was born in 1980. And from the end of 80 years I listen to a rap! I have grown on MOBB DEEP, WU, Q-TIP, NbyN, and many other things, real MC`s!
  • Mantas Janciauskas
    Mantas Janciauskas 1 year ago Respect from LITHUANIA! RIP P #
  • 2005LOLZ
    2005LOLZ 1 year ago Respect from Dominican republic!
  • abdulkadir ali
    abdulkadir ali 1 year ago PeekaBooo08 respect from hel
  • Vitor Ferreira
    Vitor Ferreira 1 year ago Vladimir Kuznetsov vo
  • .
    . 1 year ago RIP from bangladesh
  • Tripathi Descendant
    Tripathi Descendant 1 year ago Salute to real G's From India 🙏
  • Dinco422
    Dinco422 1 year ago R.I.P. and my whole respect from Romania!
  • .
    . 1 year ago @abdulkadir ali dur beta baal
  • dirtydeeogee321
    dirtydeeogee321 1 year ago R.I.P. Prodigy... Respect from Cicero,Illinois!
  • Pablo Bob
    Pablo Bob 1 year ago Respect From Equatorial Guinea..
  • Public Enemy
    Public Enemy 1 year ago (edited) Mobb Deep forever. Classic hip-hop never dies. R.I.P. P. Respect from Belarus
  • Mr. Kartoshka
    Mr. Kartoshka 1 year ago Привет из Рашки. Hello from Vodka country.
  • daniels karklins
    daniels karklins 1 year ago RIP from Latvia!!
  • Ayyub
    Ayyub 1 year ago @PeekaBooo08 this shit is blasting al over the word
  • yonko makaveli
    yonko makaveli 1 year ago algeria
  • Triple Six
    Triple Six 1 year ago Salute from Greece y'all. Much love
  • Marlon Costa
    Marlon Costa 1 year ago Respect from Brazil
  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 1 year ago RIP Prodigy,support from Serbia
  • jah.bathehut
    jah.bathehut 1 year ago respect from denmark
  • Ден Клин
    Ден Клин 1 year ago R. I. P mega respect from Russia🇷🇺. Old school is classic and always on top.
  • Nikos Guf
    Nikos Guf 1 year ago @PeekaBooo08 I am from Greece lol
    II PSYCHO II 1 year ago daniels karklins ruski?
  • Aleksandar Vučić
    Aleksandar Vučić 1 year ago @PeekaBooo08 dude mobb deep reached world. RIP Prodigy, from Serbia.
  • Hüseyin Isparta
    Hüseyin Isparta 1 year ago Respect from turkey
  • GamingWithT
    GamingWithT 1 year ago Rip from Serbia
  • Mr Beina
    Mr Beina 1 year ago Respect from Bosnia. RIP
  • ِ
    ِ 1 year ago Vladimir Kuznetsov R.I.P from Australia
  • Giovanni Puleo
    Giovanni Puleo 1 year ago Respect from Italy
  • Gustavo Correia
    Gustavo Correia 1 year ago @Carvalho ✌
  • Hélio Mariel
    Hélio Mariel 1 year ago Respect from Angola (Africa)
  • مترجم rap/old school
    مترجم rap/old school 1 year ago R.I.P from algeria
  • Black Heaven
    Black Heaven 1 year ago Big Respect to Prodigy and Mobb Deep from Colombia.
    Я БОЕЦ ВАМ КАПЕЦ 1 year ago Russian too. Respect!
  • Gian 12
    Gian 12 1 year ago Respect from Perú 🇵🇪real music is listened worldwide🔥
  • Ali Baba
    Ali Baba 1 year ago R.I.P from Lithuania
    KARA CLAN 1 year ago Respect from Kazahstan !!!R.I.P Prodigy
  • Franxisko Mendoza
    Franxisko Mendoza 1 year ago RIP straight from Phoenix Arizona
  • computerfastrepair
    computerfastrepair 1 year ago Tekashi69 all day nigga
  • computerfastrepair
    computerfastrepair 1 year ago @PeekaBooo08 tekashi69 all day nigga
  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 1 year ago Respect from Italy!
  • Shaker R
    Shaker R 11 months ago @Hip Hop Machine There is no such thing as Kosovo, its Serbia ;)
  • selomun tekle
    selomun tekle 11 months ago Rip prodigy🙏🏿
  • Робинзон Целофан
    Робинзон Целофан 11 months ago @PeekaBooo08 Respect from Ukraine!
  • Pete g
    Pete g 11 months ago this isn't the end.... say what you got to say then move on
  • Dave
    Dave 11 months ago RIP from Czech Republic
  • Steven Hunter
    Steven Hunter 11 months ago Wow didn't know there was a guy hiphop heads in Russia,much love comrades. Fuck Trump and Putin
  • enh diuy
    enh diuy 11 months ago respect from Vietnam
  • Thomas Sankara
    Thomas Sankara 11 months ago @PeekaBooo08 respect from 03 millennial Canada
  • Chase Mcdude
    Chase Mcdude 10 months ago Respect all the way from Boston
  • Dropsy
    Dropsy 10 months ago shout out to Russia. And to health for all.
  • Matej Brblić
    Matej Brblić 10 months ago R.I.P. P... Respect from Croatia
  • John Kitur
    John Kitur 10 months ago Respect from Kenya
  • Tha pethanis sidoma
    Tha pethanis sidoma 10 months ago @Shaker R kosovo is Albania.
  • Shaker R
    Shaker R 10 months ago @Tha pethanis sidoma Are you fucking kidding me? Kosovo je srbija
  • Hmarxis
    Hmarxis 9 months ago Respect from Denmark.
  • helengonzalez60
    helengonzalez60 9 months ago Central America
  • Dylan Simmonds
    Dylan Simmonds 9 months ago R.I.P prodigy from the Netherlands 💪🏻
  • Jeevan Reigns
    Jeevan Reigns 9 months ago @PeekaBooo08 man don't be surprised. People from India do bang this shit💯💯🤙
  • VlandroV
    VlandroV 9 months ago Love and respect from PERÚ. R.I.P. Prodigy.
  • Sławek Majchrzak
    Sławek Majchrzak 9 months ago Fuck Russia
  • Leandro El Machine Almeida
    Leandro El Machine Almeida 9 months ago RIP From Portugal O.G
  • Chris Dunn
    Chris Dunn 9 months ago Vladimir Kuznetsov facts bruh I’m black living in god awful home of the ‘free’
  • Chris Dunn
    Chris Dunn 9 months ago Sławek Majchrzak where r u from asshat
  • antinas antinelis
    antinas antinelis 8 months ago Respect from Lithuania
  • aussie battler
    aussie battler 8 months ago RESPECT from the land down under :) (australia)
  • Punk Gamer
    Punk Gamer 8 months ago Respect from India 🇮🇳
  • Heyo
    Heyo 8 months ago @PeekaBooo08 i grow up on shok once
  • PeekaBooo08
    PeekaBooo08 8 months ago computerfastrepair fuck takeashit69 mumble rappin snitch ass bitch!! Only real Hip-Hop allowed here!!
  • PeekaBooo08
    PeekaBooo08 8 months ago Respect to all global Hip-Hop heads here!! Real recognizes real every time!! R.I.P. Prodigy
  • Халил Хан
    Халил Хан 8 months ago @Geronimo Heavy Shadow because they disrepect russian nation and then they get banged
  • Baritoz
    Baritoz 8 months ago Respect from Sweden!
  • Hehe Beast
    Hehe Beast 8 months ago Fuck you and fuck Prodigy
  • Josip Lovric
    Josip Lovric 8 months ago RIP from Croatia and much respect to all hip hop headzzz!
  • LM10 CR7
    LM10 CR7 8 months ago RIP from Central Asia (Uz)
  • K0nツ
    K0nツ 8 months ago RIP from greece
  • Johnny Jouha
    Johnny Jouha 7 months ago Respect from Finland
  • Fiume Rijeka
    Fiume Rijeka 7 months ago I love old school g-shiat from Queensbridge. Peace from ex yugoslavia. RIP prodigy big love
  • M Dd
    M Dd 7 months ago I'm Russian and listening to this all time !!! Respect
  • Amirul Aiman
    Amirul Aiman 7 months ago RIP prodigy from Malaysia
  • Top Notch
    Top Notch 7 months ago Vladimir Kuznetsov love 🇷🇺 & PUTIN BIG UP !!!!
  • jgra D
    jgra D 7 months ago RIP from Brasil
  • pippalo nuppi
    pippalo nuppi 6 months ago this one is from Finland💀
  • Marcus Åkerman
    Marcus Åkerman 6 months ago Respect from Sweden :)
  • andreeew 4747
    andreeew 4747 5 months ago respect form denmark
  • Gustavo Prado
    Gustavo Prado 4 months ago Respect from Rio Verde, Goias, Brasil.
  • If u read this ur gay /lesbian
    If u read this ur gay /lesbian 4 months ago Respect From The Netherlands
  • Rakhimboy Adamboev
    Rakhimboy Adamboev 4 months ago @PeekaBooo08 from Uzbeksitan
  • PeekaBooo08
    PeekaBooo08 4 months ago Hehe Beast shut up and get you lips back on your mom’s titty baby boy 😂🤣
  • Али Шейхали
    Али Шейхали 4 months ago @PeekaBooo08 ofcourse he is bro,the real rappers from Russia,Ukraine,Belarus and all of old Soviet union country's,knows the real classic,that will never die and will stay on top for all times.👍R.I.P. Prodigy.
  • Bilbo Reppuli
    Bilbo Reppuli 3 months ago Respect from Finland!
  • PlaylistCHElectro
    PlaylistCHElectro 2 months ago 😪
  • PlaylistCHElectro
    PlaylistCHElectro 2 months ago Respect from Switzerland. We living this to the day we die
  • No Caption
    No Caption 2 months ago Switzerland here
  • Sõmãlí Màń Îñ The Wôrld
    Sõmãlí Màń Îñ The Wôrld 2 months ago @Mobillion Black Sow maaha bro waxaan islahaa soomaalidu meelahan. Masoo gaadhee hhhhjj
  • Sõmãlí Màń Îñ The Wôrld
    Sõmãlí Màń Îñ The Wôrld 2 months ago @Richard Jones Mahubtaa inaad soomaali tahay???!
  • Emirstian Grey
    Emirstian Grey 2 months ago R.I.P From Turkey to the real Rapper Prodigy.
  • Dima Saginbaev
    Dima Saginbaev 2 months ago Respect from Kazakhstan
  • Bleim01 Estinto rec
    Bleim01 Estinto rec 1 month ago Respect from Italy! R.I.P. Prodigy
  • Ronesh Mishra
    Ronesh Mishra 1 month ago Respect from New Zealand
  • Халф
    Халф 1 month ago @PeekaBooo08 decades ago
  • mladen jovanovic
    mladen jovanovic 1 month ago Respect from SERBIA. RIP Prodigy ✌️
  • MrAbagaz
    MrAbagaz 1 month ago HipHop in peace big Prodigy.Respect to NYC for this whole culture it gave birth to, from Greece
  • juzef mk
    juzef mk 4 weeks ago lithuania on the line! respect brothers
  • ISOTOP Apex
    ISOTOP Apex 3 weeks ago Кто такой Prodigy?
  • ١٩٧٩ on the line
    ١٩٧٩ on the line 2 weeks ago Another Russian pays respects, peace to y'all!
  • Guy Etundi
    Guy Etundi 2 weeks ago Quarantine ain't got shit on me. Good rap and memories.
  • Johnny Cypress
    Johnny Cypress 1 week ago Guy Etundi same!!
  • Pedro Andres Rios
    Pedro Andres Rios 1 week ago En Argentina tambien estamos en cuarentena, saludos. Nada mejor que escuchar buena musica
  • Guy Etundi
    Guy Etundi 1 week ago @Pedro Andres Rios tienes Toda la razon.
  • Ash 123
    Ash 123 6 months ago Man i remember bumping this as a kid prob like 13 or 14 in my bedroom door locked hanging out the window smoking weed trying my hardest not a trace of the smell remained in my room so i didn't get my ass whooped looking out into the night surrounded by other project tower blocks thinking about how there is a big huge world out there while im stuck in the tiny room.
  • Ahmad Almutairi
    Ahmad Almutairi 1 month ago Ash 123 this shit u saying got me deep bro i feel u
  • fresh like uh
    fresh like uh 3 weeks ago thats exactly what i did too, i was just so in love with the style of 90's NY rap, its so fucking dark and cool
  • Helder Lopes
    Helder Lopes 2 days ago Portugal/Cabo Verde ....RIP Legend🙏
  • Nic Jones
    Nic Jones 5 months ago I’m going out BLASTING taking my enemies with me, And if not, they scarred so they will never forget me Lord forgive me The Hennessy got me not knowing how to act I’m falling and I can’t turn back
  • Queen Wandaful
    Queen Wandaful 5 months ago Nic Jones HARD ASS LYRICS
  • choconelis
    choconelis 4 months ago America is a land of opportunity, where a poor man can become rich, and a pussy can become a tough guy, if he's got a gun in his hand. Now, I'm hopin' you're not just a pussy with a gun in your hand.
  • Simon Wilson
    Simon Wilson 2 months ago That's a real verse
  • Black God
    Black God 2 months ago @choconelis facts
  • Black God
    Black God 2 months ago @choconelis realest shit ever bro for show.
  • Christopher GT
    Christopher GT 12 hours ago We shoulld bump his Hegellian dialect album Rep that gem to the fullest! That was his full light! wanna Remember him go represent that Album!
  • Giant sack of hot garbage
    Giant sack of hot garbage 3 days ago This beat always makes me think of Nazi concentration camps. Pure evil.
  • Maitreya Buddha
    Maitreya Buddha 2 days ago Google “TGSNT”
  • cosmic dust
    cosmic dust 4 days ago "cause ain't no such thing as coronavirus" this songs fits the current situation 😂😢