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Скачать с ютуб UAFX Pedals + Prophet-5 Synth (Starlight Echo, Golden Reverberator & Astra Modulation Machine)

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Universal Audio's new line of stereo effect pedals work with guitar level signals but they also work great with synth and even eurorack levels. In this video keyboardist Nick Semrad came by our studio to play a Sequential Prophet 5 through these UAFX pedals. All three of these pedals have a USB-C port for installing other UA effects onto them and they also have presets.

The delay pedals is the Starlight Echo Station which has tape, bucket brigade and clean delay modes. The reverb is the Golden Reverberator which has spring, plate and hall algorithms. And the Astra Modulation Machine can do chorus, flanger and tremolo sounds.

UAFX Pedals available here:\u0026utm_medium=video\u0026utm_campaign=uafx


00:00 - intro
01:13 - delay craziness
01:55 - funky keys w/ modulation + reverb
03:45 - pad with reverb
06:04 - pad w/ modulation + reverb
08:23 - bass with chorus
09:18 - lead w/ delay + reverb
10:17 - keys with modulation
11:38 - modulation + delay
12:16 - pads with w/ modulation + delay

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