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Опубликовано: 15 нояб. 2018 г. 2 637 809 просмотров

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This game is hilarious! Watch The Krew be the silliest gang around!
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  • Ava Bojorquez
    Ava Bojorquez 1 year ago (edited) The ways that I get notifications * Watches Funneh video * * Gets notification * * Clicks * * Breaks fingernail * Who is is with me 😂😂😂😂😂 Like if you LOVE Funneh 😅
  • X_EwItsZai_X Zai
    X_EwItsZai_X Zai 1 year ago Ava Bojorquez that is definitely me lol! I love Funneh as well and potato duh😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • X_EwItsZai_X Zai
    X_EwItsZai_X Zai 1 year ago But I was at school.........
  • Kelly Turner
    Kelly Turner 1 year ago um i broke my fingernail AGAIN
  • Marcus Charles
    Marcus Charles 1 year ago Ava Bojorquez so true
  • christelle112879
    christelle112879 1 year ago Is is..?
  • Music _Box
    Music _Box 1 year ago Ava Bojorquez ME BROKE MY FINGER OOF
  • Amun Rao
    Amun Rao 3 weeks ago Ava Bojorquez me
  • Amun Rao
    Amun Rao 3 weeks ago But I did not break my fingernail
  • yy
    yy 1 year ago Draco: I am the devil king!! falls down on face oh sure....
  • seema gill
    seema gill 1 year ago Hahahahah
  • Sannaunicornwalkers Safi
    Sannaunicornwalkers Safi 1 year ago YY Builds hahhahaha let me do it Draco: i am the devil king!! falls down on face oh sure hhahahahahhahaha that was funny LOL XD
  • The Coffee Cat
    The Coffee Cat 1 year ago Hello, i see u so much we are basically friends
  • Anthony Brooks
    Anthony Brooks 1 year ago Dont lie draco
  • kiwi boba
    kiwi boba 1 year ago I see you everywhere.. :/
  • lil 88
    lil 88 1 year ago Make a fourth floor on your house in bloxburg4
  • Shani Leatham
    Shani Leatham 1 year ago That's what I said
  • Muraya Abdirahim
    Muraya Abdirahim 1 year ago YY Builds job h b!=
  • dewi apriyani
    dewi apriyani 1 year ago Lol
  • Jon Wilke
    Jon Wilke 1 year ago L.O.L
  • bss real Anna
    bss real Anna 11 months ago Dracko: I am the devil King from cuphead me: you are not the devil King Potato Head and funny I'm a videos now and Angelica Hale made a new song called feel the Magic
  • Xeax !
    Xeax ! 9 months ago angelica u r my fave gacha tuber I didn't know even u were a fan funneh
  • kochii rui
    kochii rui 8 months ago Lol
  • Jaiden Sargent
    Jaiden Sargent 8 months ago Lol
  • Dave Appermont
    Dave Appermont 5 months ago love you soo matg 👻👻👻
  • sydney k
    sydney k 5 months ago OMG DID FUNNEH LIKE IT?!?!??
  • Banana Girl
    Banana Girl 5 months ago Draco thinks he is the DEVIL KING BUT REALLY he died bye funneh a million times!!!???
  • Ebony Banks
    Ebony Banks 4 months ago Can people just stop doing this
  • TheBoi 2
    TheBoi 2 2 months ago *laughing sound* Funneh: welcome to silly simulator!
  • JackPlayz
    JackPlayz 1 year ago Funneh: Knock Knock. Draco: WHOS THERE? Funneh: My FisT!!! Draco: gasps flys in the air
  • HoneyHunterGirl
  • C.A.G.
    C.A.G. 11 months ago I made up the whole joke
  • ItzSenpaiSmartz
    ItzSenpaiSmartz 6 months ago @C.A.G. 😑 no you didn't other people did 😑
  • Loan Dang
    Loan Dang 4 months ago @C.A.G. Funneh made the whole joke :)
  • Jose Avila
    Jose Avila 1 year ago 2:42 is the legendary combo XD
  • Hoonah Warrior
    Hoonah Warrior 3 months ago Yes?👐
  • Wacky Laughs
    Wacky Laughs 1 year ago (edited) Funneh: ok guys, we’re gonna hold our punches, 3...2...1... Funneh roblox character: scratches head Me:hahahhahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahha
  • Nicholas Lozano
    Nicholas Lozano 1 year ago Part two of mug man cup head pls
  • Josh Beach
    Josh Beach 1 year ago Nicholas Lozano jhgggfffghffyyhhcnbhvdjdh
  • Yeah Yeah
    Yeah Yeah 1 year ago hey funny cake play jailbreack becuas the a new up date jail breack
  • Nicholas Lozano
    Nicholas Lozano 1 year ago (edited) How did you my Xbox Acountent?????
  • zizo zaitouni
    zizo zaitouni 1 year ago hello funneh :) my neem is rofsyda :)
  • Tyronya Williams
    Tyronya Williams 1 year ago I 💘 you
  • Nicholas Lozano
    Nicholas Lozano 1 year ago Tyronya Williams me
  • zizo zaitouni
    zizo zaitouni 1 year ago Hallo rofayda😍
  • Aly is a great place a If I smail
    Aly is a great place a If I smail 1 year ago How. Love. Funnel. And. 🌈 RainbowsTY
  • chunkymariobros cmb
    chunkymariobros cmb 1 month ago @Josh Beach stop saying weird things
  • It’s Peighten Ay
    It’s Peighten Ay 1 year ago Hit or miss I love funneh She’s my fav I can’t even live with out her Like Sub to her so she can beat pewdiepie
  • Elizangela Da Silva
    Elizangela Da Silva 5 months ago She's totall going to beat him he even swears infront of kids that mean litteraly @[email protected]
  • None None
    None None 3 months ago Lol
  • None None
    None None 3 months ago Elizangela Da Silva WOW YIKES I DONT WATCH HIM
  • eyeless jack the killer
    eyeless jack the killer 9 months ago funneh thank you for playing revenge on the slime's i miss that game
  • 意粉Moon
    意粉Moon 1 year ago In 2:06 Draco just walked into the hole and die XD
  • Nelson Quintero
    Nelson Quintero 5 months ago Hi I miss 5e old days this vid old but who whachin in 2019
  • The Pointless Cat
    The Pointless Cat 1 year ago Early! My family bought your new plushies and the new gacha hoodie for my birthday! Love you guys! ❤😁❤😁❤😁
  • jumpman317
    jumpman317 1 year ago OMG This is sooooooooo funny funneh😂🤣😂🤣
  • EmwyLee
    EmwyLee 4 months ago I searched up itsfunneh reeeeeeeeeeee and ended up seeing this video first.
  • Kylee The GreatBalletGirl
    Kylee The GreatBalletGirl 1 year ago I got a question why did the slimes attack
  • Bubble Tea
    Bubble Tea 1 year ago :D AHHHH! THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE GAME NOW!
  • Eleias Mplias
    Eleias Mplias 1 year ago does anyone else here trys the games after the krew plays it?
  • Melrodi
    Melrodi 1 year ago I do
  • Merlinda Lamera
    Merlinda Lamera 1 year ago Eleias Mplias me
  • Bun HannahBannah
    Bun HannahBannah 1 year ago Me xD
  • Mateen Sheikh
    Mateen Sheikh 1 year ago Eleias Mplias yeah when I find it....
  • Random YT
    Random YT 1 year ago Eleias Mplias I do
  • michael MacLeod
    michael MacLeod 1 year ago Yep............ me
  • Melissa Pryce
    Melissa Pryce 1 year ago Mehhhh
  • Melissa Pryce
    Melissa Pryce 1 year ago I just pause it play it come off start watching it
  • Imani Lee
    Imani Lee 1 year ago Meh a pleb
  • CuteKatMiaKat
    CuteKatMiaKat 1 year ago If the vid looks fun even without friends yeah like soda sim
  • Cake Day
    Cake Day 1 year ago I Play Before They Play
  • Kool Kids
    Kool Kids 1 year ago Me and fortnite
  • Wolfie
    Wolfie 1 year ago I do
  • yin-yang Uwu
    yin-yang Uwu 1 year ago Do i?
  • seema gill
    seema gill 1 year ago Yep
  • Syafitri Adinda
    Syafitri Adinda 9 months ago Hi. Krew
  • Jacob Story
    Jacob Story 1 day ago Me
  • lesly lopez
    lesly lopez 5 months ago I played that with ny best friend DandyBend my phone broke now i can not see his smile😭😭😭😭
  • X Kyxlie X
    X Kyxlie X 1 year ago OMG I know that game but I never played well my bro did he's 7 and im 7 we play Roblox tho
  • Burger Pats Woop
    Burger Pats Woop 1 year ago this video really completed my life, i even watch some of your videos. thanks funneh. :3
  • Derpy Happiness
    Derpy Happiness 5 months ago Funneh i watched Matt and he said mean things about you, that i cried for a whole week!😢😢
  • SMAE peter
    SMAE peter 4 months ago I also saw it too! I got so mad and framing her.😭 So I will always be the krew fam just like the people and you that we will always be there fam. Even if somebody Matt talks bad about them.😔 And thats why I agree with you.💙😪
  • Loan Dang
    Loan Dang 4 months ago I hate that Matt guy
  • Cynthia Perez
    Cynthia Perez 5 days ago Real Matt is such a liar