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Скачать с ютуб Monster School in Real Life Episode 8: Hockey - Minecraft Animation

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Here is the eight episode in CCmegaproduction 's Minecraft Monster school in real life series! Today the mobs are competing in real life minecraft hockey with the other Real life minecraft mob students. Their teacher is Mrs. Herobrine who is herobrine's minecraft real life wife. The series includes the Enderman, Zombie, Creeper, Spider, Zombie Pigman, Slime, and Skeleton and more characters will be introduced as the season rolls on in the real life minecraft world. I hope you all enjoyed the eighth episode of Monster school in real life hockey minecraft animation live action video.
In the rest of the monster school in real life series there are going to be subjects over but not being limited to more minecraft sports, minecraft farming, minecraft building, minecraft mining, minecraft crafting, and minecraft enchanting and about minecraft in real life. So if you have any other suggestion for what our next episode of Monster School in Real life should be let us know in the comments!

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